Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call Juz 13 – The Self-Sufficiency of Allah

Abdullah Oduro
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Hill but a catch him in the Peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be upon you all. Allah subhanho wa Taala. One of his names is Eleni and elven, he means that he is self sufficient, meaning that he is not in need of anything. Rather, if there was to be anything that would emanate from him, it would be giving and not in need of anything, meaning that he needs any thing from his creation to give him to where if he didn't get it, it would be some form of deficiency on his end, but we as human beings are in need of something and if we do not get our needs, then we'll there will be some deficiency within our characteristics in some shape, form or

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fashion. And that's a beautiful name of a lawsuit kinda withdraw that based on the fact that he is self sufficient. He deserves praise. And the praise that he deserves, is in all facets in all angles, in all shades in any way that we think about Allah. It deserves praise so any name that we think of him outside of lol honey, this self sufficient, he is praiseworthy, because of that characteristic, which is based on perfection, a loss of kind of what Allah says in the 14 Jews chapter number any 13th Jews chapter 14 verse eight,

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where Moses Ali Salaam was told to tell the venue Israel he to tell the people who've been to Israel in something that was very important for them to remember that if they were to believe or disbelieve a loss of kinda what dialect taala does not change his status in any way. It doesn't

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lessen his status in any way, his greatness in Anyway, after loss of power with Allah mentioned it to attend Allah Buddha and Shackleton as a Danna kumala, in converting in either below shady when he mentions in the seventh verse when your Lord proclaimed that if you were to be thankful he would increase you and if you were to not be thankful to be in Britishness, that his punishment is severe. He says, After that Bala Moosa intek furu unto mannville ld Jimmy and for in Allah Lavanya Yun, honey. And when Moses said when Moses said, if you were all to disbelieve, you and everyone on this earth, for in the life of Verily Allah is self sufficient, worthy of praise. This is important for

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Firstly, for Firstly, the statement of Moosa is to show them and teach them about the greatness of Allah, that Allah is the one that gives and does not need anything he gives out of his virtue, love, mercy, honor of you and for you, but he does not need anything from you. As a matter of fact, this shows the reality of the relationship. So firstly, Moosa is teaching them the reality of tawheed the reality of the relationship between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. To the degree that if you were to disbelieve me, it is not that I need you, because I am here for an ultimate message, whether you believe me or not, does not diminish anything from me at all. And that is the is of the Muslim, the

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might an honor of the Muslim is that they tell people about the message and if they disbelieve that is on them, which secondly reminds us about the reality of sin. As we know the worst sin is to show partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala, to prefer something over Allah or other than Allah subhana wa Donna, but to know that Allah is not in need of anything. Therefore, when you believe you are not doing something for Allah, it is only for yourself, for the betterment of yourself, for the strength of your heart, for the strength of the relationship with Allah. But if you were to sin, it is upon you, it is going to come back upon you. It is not as though you have less than the status of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala only within yourself and your perception which will be a detriment to you in this life, and in the next. And thirdly, Allah subhanho wa Taala is Eleni, Allah Hamid, that Allah subhana wa Taala is free of anything, he is not in need of anything or anyone, because he mentions here if all of you, and everything on this earth was to disbelief, hypothetically speaking, that does not diminish the dominion of Allah at all. does not diminish his dominion does not diminish or lessen his power. It is only harmful to you. It is only harmful to you. And as a matter of fact, when you pray something in this earth other than Allah, you're indirectly praising Allah, whether

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you like it or not, just as we were to talk, if we were to talk about

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an economic aspect of the government, and we do not like the way that it is functioning, and we want to talk badly about it. But realize either way it goes you're paying taxes, you are paying the government that you happen to speak badly about.

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On a daily, monthly, weekly, hourly basis, you are still giving to them. So in any case, when we look at a loss of kind of what data when we disbelieve in him or don't show thanks to him and show thanks to other than Him, you are ultimately thanking and praising him, whether it whether you like it or not, but it's your responsibility to voluntarily make the choice to ponder, to think and upon that preponderance, you think him voluntarily, and that's we're held accountable for what we do voluntarily. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala is Eleni and Hamid, just to remind you, that that relationship is built upon you needing him, not him, needing you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make

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us of those that need him and only him and through expressing that need of him, in actuality gives us might empower on this earth that he has created us and I'm why they come to light. We're better cats. Thank you.

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