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Must one lead motor committee

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and he's a question. Allah knows the condition of those individuals. But he's saying isn't there in your

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abode for those who are arrogant.

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Yanni it is a given thing, that the people who are arrogant that people do not feel alone. They have their place in Jahannam when

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we're calling

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from a new turn in our solar workshop, a toughy. For

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zone for

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unknown fears Allah subhanho wa Taala who fears Allah and obeys the law and fears Allah? Those are indeed indeed other successful ones. Subhan Allah here, what if

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you are in

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Nova Cerebro How can you?

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How can you

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work on Culbertson SNA Comanche which are on the Shokin.

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Era for Indian Jeevan, Amina Hassan.

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He's saying to us and to the rest of the

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bandits sin

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shows the minor and the major of the sins and B as a show such a person who's walking on a land

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that is the carpet or thorns on the cabinet on that man. And then he's Rahimullah not going to nursery Do not ever deliver the status of minor sin

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for enum Jeeva Allah

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He said the mountains that you see

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there's a huge mountains are nothing but a small rocks. Yes, you live this one here and you leave one or the other one behind. But on the day of your multicam these will come as big as a mountain so be careful with that. Because what if it now

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come forward May Allah reward you?

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If what if

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there was an Allah Azza wa today you were sitting them upon

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God we're into Amara can be somebody will call we're into Amara then we're in and then have a share with you the wire we're into a Marathi command within have a Shia

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and he says Allah Ronnie he was salam. Listen and obey the orders of your rulers.

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Those of you who are in charge of you

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these individuals that we freely talk about

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your own body you are sending them.

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Every person whom you do not you did not like becomes in charge of your affairs.

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Then your responsibility is to obey and to listen to that individual.

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We're in Canada and then have a shear. If that person is a person that you don't respect, or you don't agree with him, is still you must obey that individual.

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The other day you're homeless Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He saw Al Bukhari, one Muslim What have you done with taco when are they with you soon in this? I wouldn't imagine you're going to some

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men out UCLA, whoever whoever obeys me along Ronnie he was he indeed obeyed Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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Women now Sani *a nos Allah and whoever disobeyed me disobeyed ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Woman

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he did not say a particular I mean, woman upon Amir pani.

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If you listen to your ruler, is as though you listen to me Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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a woman Arsal Amin and also ever disobey is that a near *a Dasani. You ndds Obey

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at this time, your rasool Allah now at this time

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and the situation in this situation. You're also

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they are hours of the kuffar.

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They doing so many wrong things. We don't agree with them. What should we do? He says Allah Raja he was in them

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in the Muslim,

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it is imperative. It is necessary. It is essential, mandatory, obligatory for a Muslim as somebody

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that he has to listen and obey the rulers called Athena have Bocchetti Okay, for the things that you like, and the things that you don't like Makala sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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ala Illa and you will muddy Marcia, unless this ruler owns you chinnu haram

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then you say no. Goddess Allah Allahu alayhi wa salam first somehow

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in this case, if he tells his okay to sell alcohol then you say to him No.

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And he tells he is okay to issue a license for the evil women who like to sell their bodies for business then you say no

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your only your Makaha wish will however this then this statement the artificial after the two Paralia

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your follow him on ma

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listen to this you're gonna Rahim Allah. God oh my

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God, Allah Ignacy O'Meara Anna, what are the Marina we will not disobey our rulers and those who are in charge of our affairs. One another either him or we will not make dua against those individuals.

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Mentor and mentor at him and we will not withdraw our hands from their obedience on wonder Otto hottie him in karate lane as origin

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in Moby Marcia, this is a nurse of imminent to how Euro Hema hula. He's Allah are we consider their obedience obedience that we give to them from the obedience of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. We listen to them, because of Allah subhanho wa Taala not for any other reason. Therefore

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those of us men I call the men of the West

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who when they are saved and their families are saved,

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and they come to UK or Canada or America, when that ruler cannot reach out for them, or get ahold of them, they start talking about the rulers. If you are met, you will be talking about them when you were there with them. Now when you come out, and they come up on the quick to call the Hadith and resolve Allahu alayhi wa sallam in our world you can imagine how and this will fungi so here but you misunderstood the Hadith

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Rasulullah sallallahu

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that in the Hadees your own and your own.

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And so fungi liaison super ninja none of him know in his presence in front of him. We're about the ruler when the nut out when they cannot reach you.

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So let us feel Allah concerning this elements because rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allah he was saying he is the one who was telling us and the last Hadith

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that I call that is Miss for a movement to listen to the O'Meara insei has Mohan even Muslim and the fourth Sunon Hakuna Matata master for one year the cost of the room in November for Rahim.

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wa Salatu was Salam ala SUTA hidden Karim so you don't know wouldn't it be you know Muhammad wa early he will be a Jemaine

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they're also Allah is Allah Maharani he will send them upon for in pneumonia Ishpeming combating first year I did happen Kathira

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and whoever lives

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long enough after I die, he's talking about himself some Allah Allah USA

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wherever it lives long enough. After I die, he says some Allah

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