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Don’t condemn other Muslims who are committing sins to Hell. We don’t have such authority and Allah will definitely ask us why we abandoned them, condemned them, and why we did not try to advise them.

Don’t Give Up on Others [Juz 9] – Nouman Ali Khan

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I've been hearing min ash shaytaan Raji what is called

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min homely meta una Khomeini

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Omar the Boo neither Shadi the

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con una de Ratan bee comala Allahumma

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salli wa calacatta melissani Cali al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam alaikum Quran Weekly, I wanted to share with you I number 164 absolute of our life now we're in the ninth Jews of the Quran. And it has to do with the story of the people who violated the law of the Sabbath that they used to go and you know, on Saturday at least attempted or tested them by allowing the ship the fish to actually jump out of the water shelter and they would come out and make noise. So the the fishermen who were not allowed to fish on the Saturday were tempted by it. And they violated the law of the Saturday. And there were some among the Muslims who tried to avoid, you know, try to warn them try to give them advice. So there were two camps. There were people who

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didn't care about what's Hallo Rahman, they were just outright violating the Saturday. These are Muslims of that time. Keep that in mind. And there was the people on the religious side who didn't violate the law. But even they were broken up into two further groups. Those two groups were one group of people said we should there still are brothers. So what if they're not that religious? Which is still go talk to them and say, Look, you shouldn't be doing this. It's not right. And the other group said, No, those people are liberal. Those people are, you know, progressive, whatever they are, forget them all is gonna destroy them. Anyway, there are a bunch of hypocrites, why do you

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even bother talking to them? Don't even bother with them. So this ayah deals with that conversation between these two groups of religious, the religious, the abiding, those who are actually obeying the law of ally not violating the Sabbath, about whether or not they should even bother talking to the corrupt Muslims, right? Again, Muslims I say Muslims, because these were the Muslims of that time. What is called Amato mean home when a group among them said Liberata Guna COVID Allahu Monica home. Why do you want Why do you want to bother? Your Why are you counseling a group of people that Allah is going to destroy the Bahamas avintia Dida or he's going to torture them some really intense

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torture, look at how hypocritical these people are. They are condemned to hellfire. There's going to be a group of Muslims who look at the sinful among the Muslims, and just they want to just condemned condemned them to hell, that's what they want to do. Like these people are just Alize written them off. They were just made for the hellfire. That's what they're gonna go to don't even bother giving them down. These are, these are not really truly members of our oma. And so they even come after the people who try to go talk to them. And now even the people who go talk to them, they don't go tell them your By the way, what you're doing is how long you're going to burn in hell, etc. The word uses

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Lima. Ivana Coleman, that even word actually means advice and counsel that is soft enough that it penetrates the inside of the heart. In other words, the people that were talking to the corrupt Muslims, were talking in a way that was actually appealing to those who were engaged in corruption, they were trying to reach their hearts before they would slap their hand and say, don't do this, right. They were trying to appeal to their senses. And they're a reminder about a lot that was soft in the heart, which is really important to note that that one isn't you tell someone not what not to do that sometimes may be that you're trying to get them to, like, meet you. And you know, you have

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to answer a lot. You have to be grateful to Allah just thinking about a lot. Sometimes you didn't even bring up that somebody is doing harm, you just reminded them of a lot a lot. And they came to the conclusion that they were doing the wrong thing all on their own. Sometimes all people need is a reminder of Allah, not of what they're doing in front of, you know, in front of you, so they just get defensive about their behavior. So the group of dismissive Muslims religiously, but they're dismissive of others, said, Why do you bother giving these people advice, Allah is going to destroy them or punish them with some intense kind of punishment. See how confident they are about what it

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was gonna do with them? Isn't that amazing? Like, like a lot told them? This is what he's gonna do with these people. Well, how do you know they're not going to make Toba? How do you know they're not going to come back in the in one of the previous sessions in this Ramadan? I told you, you could be suffering from hypocrisy and you can still come back. Right? So Who are they to just pass judgment on people like that? Now the people who did want to make Dawa to them go and talk to the people who are insane even if they're Muslim, but they're insane. They said one word

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response. It's so beautiful Coloma Villa 10 because we're going back, we're gonna go talk to them. And here's our rationale, Margiela 1011. Become it will be an excuse before your master Yala, I couldn't stop them from doing this. I couldn't forbid them. I didn't have power over them. But they were my Muslim Brothers, at least I try to counsel them, at least I was sincere to them and spoke to them softly. At least I tried to connect you back to them, at least I have an excuse in front of Allah that I did something that I didn't just sit back and condemn them condemned them to help that I wrote them off. This is the attitude you and I are supposed to have towards the people engrossed

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in sin among the Muslims. We can't write them off. And we can't condemn them to hell and say, forget these guys. And the only time you talk to them is to let them know how sinful and evil they are. No, no, no, you have to do what I have to them. And the logic you have the motivation you have to do after them is because Allah will ask you, why did you abandon your brother? Why did you abandon your sister? Were they not Muslims? So what if they were corrupt? They were violating one of the most important laws given to the Jews, the Muslims of that time the Sabbath. It's not a it's not a small problem. It's a big problem. Something I've mentioned several times that they violated the Sabbath

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because he's offended by that. But still, you don't give up on them and you give them counsel and this will be an excuse for for a lie, like at least I did my part. You called us an oma. And that means we don't leave anybody behind. Matthew Latina, ihlara become otaku. And here's my second motivation. Maybe they're going to be people of taqwa in the future. Maybe they're going to become good people. How am I supposed to know? How can I judge? So there are two motivations, right? And this is what I leave you with. This is real food for thought, I hope I'm able to clarify what I'm trying to get across here. The first motivation to remind people who are far away from the religion

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and to try to counsel them in a soft, sensitive way. The first motivation is that you are the one who is reminding them has to be able to justify their concern to Allah, they have to be able to say to Allah, Allah was a concerned citizen citizen of the soma. I was concerned about my brother or my sister, because Allah will ask you why why did you care? That's the first motivation. The second motivation is who knows they might turn around. So the first motivation isn't even about them. It's about yourself. Think about that. You know, magilla gorilla become Lana Jani, we will have the excuse. Well, I love the poodle. Maybe they'll become good people. Maybe they'll become people of

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taqwa. May Allah help us understand the courtesy and the love and the patience we have to have with those among our own that have fallen into sin. And may Allah help all of us come back to his way of Taha barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum Quran Weekly.

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