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It has been almost 6 months since Ramadan. Are you remembering Allah the same way as you did in Ramadan? Are you still attending the masjid like you did in Ramadan?

Ethics of Wealth & Money [Juz 5] – Nouman Ali Khan

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que se me Emily lockset Emily Sandhya Kalia Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Quran Weekly, Jews. Number five, I picked an ayah from Surah Nisa today, and this is Ayah number 29. Very powerful phrasing. And it captures really one of the main main ethical principles of Islam. Those of you who claim to believe, yeah, even Latina, amanu, lotta kulu Amala combined.

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don't consume each other's money using falsehood, don't lie on your hours at your, you know, at your job, when you have to punch in, don't lie about it. don't earn, you know, when you're a consultant, and you get paid a certain number of hours, you know, to fill a job or by the hour, and you're just sitting having coffee and chilling or whatever, and you're getting paid for that unless your employer knows that that's what you're doing in that and takuna antibody antigen antibody men come unless it's a trade that's happening or business that's happening with mutual agreement among you. In other words, nobody can be 100% productive all the time. That's not humanly possible. So you

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might feel like okay, I'm going to work nine to five, but I take a 40 minute break. Sometimes I just sit there and talk sometimes it's not okay. Well, if your employer knows that's what you do, and it's acceptable to him, then it's okay, because it's mutually agreed Illa and takuna. To Jonathan Antara minko unless it's a trade, it's a business that's mutually agreed upon. Other than that don't scam people out of money. Don't overprice things. Don't overcharge for your services. If you're a mechanic, don't inflate your price, because you're the only mechanic in like 10 miles. And you know, this guy's got a transmission problem. Might as well talk, tell him his timing belt, and his you

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know, his engine, fluid and all this other stuff is messed up too, because what's he going to do? All he can do is use you, right? Don't overbuild? People as if you're a physician, you know, and charge them more and more and more, because you know, they're desperate and they're coming to you don't manipulate people like that. So don't eat people's money using falsehood, also, talad means that both parties are agreeing to the service or the product that's being exchanged. So if you know something about what you're selling, or something about the service, that you're providing fine print, if you will, that you know that your customer or your employer is not aware of, they need to

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be aware of it, they need to know. Because if they don't know, and you're kind of skimming money out of them. And this is unacceptable to Allah. So most of our cell phone contracts, right? This the fine print, this is the bottom because you get all these fees, and like, you know, inconvenience fee or whatever, convenience fee and this fee, and they don't even know what these fees are for. And you never agreed to them. But they're all tacked on there. And they have a 40 page fine print that you have to sign at the end. And they know you're not going to read that if you're a normal human being. So you know, that that's how they get away with these kinds of false agreements. We Muslims, when we

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go into business, or professional agreements or employment, we cannot consume money based on falsehood. We cannot eat people's money. And it's not just about employees, with employers, it's employers with employees too. And that's what I'll end with that employers, you know, decide to pay a certain amount when you know, your employees working harder, and they're doing more, and they're and you're not paying them more as a result, or you're paying some employees more than you're paying other employees for the same exact work, because you're giving preferential treatment, this is also false. This isn't right. You can't do that. these are these are unethical standards, that you pay

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some the same amount, or you pay somebody else more amount, even though they're doing the same work. You know, this is you're eating their money because it's no longer your money. The person you underpaid, you just ate their money, you know, and the only way you can get away with that is if they both Ensenada, Mexico. And finally, if they both agree to it, and they're both happy with it, that's the amazing thing in the ayah you don't just agree with your consumer because you can get them to agree but if they're not happy in our car sales people get you to agree even if you're not happy and you sign the thing and you regret it later, that you have to be happy. Both sides have to

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be happy and completely content with the agreement and allow them income. That's the beauty of this is that you if both parties are not content, then

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This is not a fair agreement. And once the fair agreement is in place, you have no right to complain, because you're the one who consciously and clearly agreed to this sort of thing. This if we abide by this principle will not hurt our business practices, and our organizations and our, you know, our companies, the companies that we run and us as employees are going to have much better lives. metalizer will help us be fair in our business dealings, and implement the wonderful ethics that are in this beautiful episode of Nyssa barakallahu li walakum wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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