Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L237A

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As-Saffat 75-122 Translation 75-122

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim,

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Sidley Emery Washington, Dr. Millis Ernie of koko de probenecid. And

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lesson number 237. So to solve that by a number 75 to 122. translation, one of us and certainly now Donna he called us new home new

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felony Irma, so surely how good Alma de boon, those who respond when a Jane Eyre who and we saved him, what Allah who and his family, men from alcohol, the distress and Aleem the great what you're on there and we made the realtor who his offspring whom they elbow pain, those that remain those that lost What are up there and we left I lay upon him fee in an effort in the later ones. Select one piece Are there new him upon new an insulin filler I mean in the world's in there indeed we have alika likewise, New Jersey we recommend and more saline those who are most good in the hood indeed he men from a bad dinner our servants meaning the believers so more than our acuna we drowned and

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her in the others were in and indeed men from sheer it he his group, his kind, labor on him surely Ibrahim is when he came to his robe be called in with a heart Selim in sound pure is when Allah He said Lee to his father will call me he and his people, Mother, what is that? That boom you will worship

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is if can a fabrication, if can a fabrication, le Hatton as God's doing Allah besides Allah to reduce your desire, you will wish firmer than what one lukewarm your thought will be about rub Allah Allah mean of the world's finest Allah then he looked nevertheless then a look a glance fee in a new Doom the stars for Karla so he said in me indeed a surveymon sick ill fatawa low so they turned away on who from him motivating once turning their backs for over. Then he turned then he secretly went either do earlier to him they're Gods for Karla then he said Allah do not the Quran you all eat. Malecon what is for you all laugh not dumb. tekun you all speak for her? Then he turned or laying

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him upon them? bourbon striking billion with the right hand with the strength for aqua blue. So they advanced. They came forward.

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lie to him. Yes, the phone. They were running.

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Carla, he said a terrible Luna do on worship. Man. What can he do? You will carve one law who while Allah Hanako He created you woman and what Dharma loon you all do. I do this at uno you all build Lahu for him banana and a building for elk Ooh, then you will throw him fee in algea him the blazing fire.

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Photo do so they intended be with him. Caden a plot further unknown. So we made them a spelling the lowest ones were color and he said in the indeed I there have been one who was in our ob towards my route. Say a teeny Sony will guide me. Robbie O'Meara have grant leave for me. Men from a Salim the righteous ones.

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Forever Shatner who so we gave him good news below lemon of Oh boy. halimun forbearing

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find a muscle when Bella he reached Mara who with him, a Surya the age of striving father he said yeah Buddha Yeah, all my dear son. In indeed I borrow by sci fi in aluminum the sleep or

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The dream I need that indeed I as battulga I am slaughtering you fonzo solak mother What is that? There are you see? Or you think,

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Father He said, Yeah, at all my dear father, if I do my whatever to not you are ordered said that you do need soon you will find me in if sha Allah, Allah willed men from a submarine, those who are patient, fellow man then when a slammer they both submitted what Allah who, and he laid him. He put him down. Lil jabeen on the forehead. One day now who, and we called him on that? Yeah, Ibrahim or Ibrahim, but in fact, South Dakota, you proved true.

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A lot. Yeah. The dream

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in there indeed we gallica like that magazine. We recompense and we're singing those who do utmost good in indeed Heather this Lucha surely it albula the trial and moving the clear. What are they now who and we ran some dim, be the behind with a slaughter. Aleem great. What are aachener and we left la he upon him fee in an acid in the later ones. Salaam on peace Allah upon Ibrahim, Ibrahim, gallica like this new jersey we recompense and we're singing those who are most good in who indeed he men from arriva, Dena, our servants, meaning the believers, well, by shall know who and we gave him good news because of his help to begin as a prophet Minnesota hain from those who are righteous,

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about okna and we blessed Our Lady upon him, wherever there is help and upon his help women and from virtually yet email offspring of them to more than one who does utmost good. Will holliman and one who does wrong lean FCV for his self moving clear,

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one occurred and certainly my Nana, we favorite, Allah upon Musa masala Salam will heroin and heroin and insulin.

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When a Jaina Houma and we saved them to walk Alma Houma and people have them to men from alcohol, the distress, the affliction arleen, the great one so know whom and we help them.

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So they were home they Alhaji been those who are victorious. What attina Houma and we gave them to Al Kitab the book, and it must have been the explicit one.

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What are they now Houma and we guided them to a set off to the back, almost the theme, the straight one, what are aachener and we left la uma upon them to fee in an effort in the later ones. Salam would be nice. Allah upon Musa masala Salam will heroin and heroin at a salon. In indeed we gallica like that Niger z we recompense and more sinning those who do utmost good in the Houma indeed the two men from rebadging, our servants,

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the believers

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that listen to the recitation of these verses

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Nevada, Nevada

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Obi Wan

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