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Allah will never give us a challenge that we cannot overcome. Every difficulty we face is custom tailored to our capacity to handle it.

How to Attain Goodness from Allah [Juz 4] – Nouman Ali Khan


AI: Summary © A representative from Muslim Central talks about the importance of not reaching a destination until you spend time on the desert and not finding the land that you love. They also discuss the idea of a "immature" word used in Arabic to describe survival. The representative encourages viewers to consider donating to help reach their desired to reach their desired barakallahu bul.
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and hamdulillah salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Quran Weekly. Today I want to share with you Ayah number 92 episode on Iran, this is the beginning of the fourth Joseph. And in this Jos Allah azza wa jal says you will not reach Lenten Alabama, you're not going to reach goodness, until you spend that on fecal matter. But until you spend from what you love, very famous, people call it all the time, the new ones I wanted to share from this ayah is nallah is used actually, when you're traveling and you can't wait to reach your destination. That's what Neil is like something becoming accessible. Finally, and the Arabs were familiar with this idea, because

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they traveled in the desert and they're desperate to reach your destination. And not being able to reach your destination can be lethal, because there's nothing for you to survive on in the desert. The same is true of a sea voyage, right when you're traveling in the sea, in the sea and you're lost, or you can't find the land that you're supposed to reach. Obviously, the supplies you have to get by water, especially, you know, drinkable water is very limited. So you have to reach in a particular time for in order for you to survive. So Allah says, you know, he uses the word that is used for surviving a journey and getting somewhere safely in time. But what he adds is really

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awesome. He says the word

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elder as opposed to Allah hire other words used for goodness, and build in Arabic is closest to the word I'll borrow. And borrow actually means land. So when you hear non, then you immediately think but you're not going to reach land. Right? But Allah says you're not going to reach goodness. And the idea of words that are similar in phonetics to use them in this way, this kind of wordplay suggests that Allah wants us to think of the imagery, right? They the idea of it think of yourself as on out on sea, unstable waters, storms, and you don't know when you're going to reach and you finally reach the island where you're safe. And what is that safe island called? Bear, Alba, nl

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there are similar reaching land is like reaching goodness, oh, it's good stability, being insane. And being in a time in your life, which is not good is like being out at sea or living in a turbulent lifestyle. So you will not reach that safe land had that don't feel Oh, Mr. Boone, can you imagine a boat that's leaking, or it's too heavy, or is taken on too much of a load? What do you have to do for the ship to survive, you have to drop the excess, don't you, in order for you to survive? Allah says you will not reach land, in this case, goodness, until you spend from what you love, you might have to drop things off this this ship that you love. And the less that you have to

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spend things that you love. And it doesn't just mean giving sadaqa to the masjid. It means you might have to spend on relatives you don't like, you might have to give up, you know, some of the luxuries that you have in life. And think of your neighbors and think of other people that are in suffering around you. And you might have to give more and more and more of the things that you love, not the leftovers, not the secondhand clothes, not the stuff that he learned taught middle fee, you if somebody handed it to you, you would squint your eyes before you took it. Like not that stuff. But the stuff you really want for yourself is going to come soon, you're going to go shopping, when you

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go shopping, and you buy that shirt and those clothes or that jewelry or whatever you get for yourself or for cousin get the same kind of thing that you would have loved for yourself to give in South Africa. That to give in South Africa that is real birth. That's when you know you've attained some kind of goodness, what a beautiful iron What beautiful imagery to explain to us, that we in this journey. We think that we everything we need is on the ship but Allah selling us for you to survive this journey. You better let go of some of these things that you really really love. If you're going to get all the way to goodness me Eliza will help all of us reach goodness and make us

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of the people that are called and abroad. While Matthew Cuban che in fact in the lobby I live anything you spend. Allah knows really well about it. You don't have to announce it. Allah knows what you spent. So keep it as a secret between you and Allah. And don't post on Facebook. You know, after listening to this lecture, I donated my favorite shirt or whatever. Don't do that. Keep it between you and Allah because Allah says whatever you spend, Allah knows about it in the law Howdy. May Allah make us of those who reach that goodness and reach that safety barakallahu li walakum wa sallam

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Monaco Corona weekly. This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate