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Az-Zalzalah-At-Takathur Tafsir At-Takathur 1-11

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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 311. pseudo Korea is number one to 11.

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pseudo Korea is a murky swamp and it was revealed after sort of crush

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it has one record 11 verses 36 words and approximately 150 total.

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This will now have over him a little party or the Striking Calamity manilkara what is the Striking Calamity? wama adelakun malpighia and what can make you know what is the Striking Calamity?

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It is Yomi akuna NASA confirmed Oshima pursues it is the day when people will be like moths that are dispersed.

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Meaning it is the day of judgment.

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So the Day of Judgment is described as a party.

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What does it mean by the word l Claudia.

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It's from the root letters, Cora

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and Cora literally is to knock to hit,

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to knock or to hit very loudly. Like for example, imagine somebody coming in at night and knocking at the door, how will they knock extremely loudly. Similarly, the word car is also used for knocking something like a cane, something like a stick against a door.

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It is that around. So hoobler also, meaning he hits with the ulcer. So cholera, he hit with the ASA. And in particular, Aurora is such hitting such striking, that also produces a loud sound that also produces a clamoring sound, it is to ban one thing against the other so that it produces a clamoring sound.

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Which is why this word also applies to an accident. Why?

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Because in an accident, what happens things they collide with one another, they strike against each other. And as a result, a very loud clamoring sound is produced.

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Many times it happens that when there is a car accident, you hear the sound from a distance even it happens on the street away on the road, but you hear it in your own house.

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So Aria is some fire in one that strikes, meaning the Striking Calamity, that which knocks that which hits. And this is one of the descriptive names of the Day of Judgment, just as an outcome

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of Russia as if I work there. There are many, many names of the day of judgment and all of them, how are they descriptive? Similarly, patera is also a descriptive name. And why is the day of judgment called Aria?

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Because it will make the hearts of people clatter by its diaries, the hearts of people are going to be covered. Why? Because of the horrors because of the terrorists that they will witness because of the terror that will overcome the people. Because when you are overcome by fear, when you see something extremely frightening, what happens your heart, it says, Oh, it's trembling.

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And as a trembles, you almost feel it moving, moving violently.

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So imagine the tremendous events of the day of gentlemen, what impact will they have on the people that it will cause their hearts to be shaken up, it will literally cause the hearts to clamor.

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And it's also called a Korea. Why? Because in its establishment in the establishment of this day,

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everything is going to collide against each other. We learn about the stars and the planets and the animals in the mountains in the buildings, everything that's on this earth in the sky is going to break apart.

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And these are huge structures, huge structures.

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So as they will collapse, as they will finish what will happen, they will be clamoring noises.

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Just imagine if one building collapses, even one building. If there are two cars that bang against one another in a car accident. There's such a huge loud blasting sound. So imagine if all of the buildings are collapsing, and all of the cars are shattering against one another. And everything on the surface of the Earth from the biggest to the smallest is coming to an end. Imagine the loud blasting sounds.

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Just imagine the sounds of audio almost shows the noise, the noise that the day of judgment will bring with itself.

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And it's not just that with the destruction of everything there is going to be the noise but also with the blowing of the trumpet with

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the blowing of the trumpet that itself is also so loud, that imagine everyone who was alive becomes dead, and everyone who was dead comes out alive.

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So Korea,

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but Allah says mitochondria, what is that party? Or what is the Striking Calamity?

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And why is this Admiral Korea? This is intended to emphasize the greatness of this carrier, that don't think of the sound as any other blasting sound of this don't you? Don't think of this accident as any other accident that you have witnessed wama de la Kemal patera and what can make you know, what is the Striking Calamity? This repetition, again, is for emphasis, and also to draw the attention of people the attention of the listeners to what

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do what actually ulterior is,

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because when you're questioned again and again, you know what this is, or you don't know what this is automatically what happens? You become more interested, you become more curious.

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So this is to arouse curiosity. And this is also to arouse fear.

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Well, now I thought I'll come and patera it is the day when Yomi akuna NASA call for ohshima zoos. It is the day when people will be like moths, marks that are dispersed. For ashes, the plural of the word for Russia, and for Russia is used for marks or sometimes even butterflies.

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And if you look at it, these creatures, Martin butterflies, how are they

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extremely light in their weight. And many times when they're flying together, especially mots when there's some fire or there's light, how all of them in swarms, they are heading towards that light, they're flying towards that light

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and they almost seem directionless,

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and they surge into one another, it almost seems as though they're very confused. And MOBAs who's from the newsletters Besa Besa, which is too scattered, what does he have in common? Khalid Abba, Baba suswa rule one that is scattered, one that is dispersed.

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So imagine all mankind, and all mankind, they will be called for shall not be Zeus.

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Why are they described as Why are people described as called for Russian mob suits on the day of judgment?

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Because first of all, they're great numbers. They're great numbers.

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Because from the first man to the last man, all will be present, all will be brought alive.

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So for those because of their great numbers,

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and then secondly, not just because it's a great numbers, but because of their scattering. And they're dividing, they're coming and they're going, as if they are bewildered, they're shocked, they're confused. They don't know what's going on. You know, when there's a huge disaster, that what happens, people spread everywhere, those who were in a building, all of them come out and everybody's running in order to save his life. Each person is running in order to save his life, running in confusion, running anywhere, any place where he thinks there could be security, where he thinks he could save himself.

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And we see that people become so selfish at this point, when there's a disaster, that they don't even think about others.

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Many times that happens, they cannot even bother to think about other people. They're just running to save their lives. And this is the state of people on the Day of Judgment, that although people will be so many all of them together, but yet they will be divided. What do we learn? yo maya field will not mean he will only he will be people will run away from each other.

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Just like moths, they appear to be together but in fact, how are they running away from each other?

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Each is confused each is lost.

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So you may akuna NASA call for Russia with those and people will be confused lost. This is why we learned Wakanda in Santa Monica. We call it internal anal muffle. Where is the escape How can I save myself?

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What are Kunal Jeeva Lucan, originally when foolish and the mountains will be like Whoa, that is fluffed up.

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Just imagine these huge solid firm mountains, towering mountains. What will happen to them they will be gallery minimun foolish or hidden from the root letters are in her noon. And is used for wool and is used for such wool that is of different colors.

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In Indonesia, think about white will only but think about well that is of different colors. natural colors, like a darker shade of brown, a lighter shade of brown, baby

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pale yellow white off white such colors.

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So what the Kunal diabolical aim and element fouche elements from the root letters known fashi, Natasha and Natasha is to puff up something to ruffle something. Now fascia is also used for spreading or scattering something through with one's fingers. Like for example, person's hair, they spread their fingers through their hair and they spread the hair. This is what Natasha is, we have learned earlier is never shared, ohana will come in,

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when the sheep of a people what happened to them, they never shot they dispersed they went into the field of another and what happened they destroyed the field. And this case was brought to who that would only center

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so what a corner diabolical original man foolish mountains will be like a hidden meaning like wall and this wall that is fluffed up. world that is fluffed up. If you ever take for example, a cotton ball and you fluff it up. If you squeeze it, once you make it wet, or you press it, it becomes very small in its size. But if you fluff it up, then what happens?

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It becomes much more bigger in its size. Yes, it appears to be bigger, but how is its weight? It's very, very light.

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So why are the mountains described as a gentleman foolish in terms of their likeness?

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That how they will be blown up and as they will be blown up. The dust will appear as like fluffed up wool floating in the air. Just imagine

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when they will be blown up in terms of their likeness. They'll be up in the sky up in the air and floating in the water cooler diabolical or foolish.

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You may have seen that if ever there's you know a building collapses or there's a huge disaster or something like that. You can see the dust in the air. And what does it look like?

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exact description that is given over here. Aleman foolish, and the color is also like that pale beige Brown, orange. So color gentleman foolish.

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We learned in sort of lacquer I have five six. What was settled by Luba sir, for Canada and Mombasa

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and Mombasa scattered. So on that day, when this will happen for a moment sokolova was you know, who then asked for one who scales are heavy?

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As for one who scales are heavy. What is this show that when these events will take place, then people's deeds will be weighed

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and when their deeds are weighed, for a moment SOHCAHTOA xenu. As for the one whose scales are heavy? What does it mean by the heaviness of the scales, meaning his good deeds outweigh his misdeeds?

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his good deeds outweigh the bad deeds. My Waze magazine is a plural of Misa, and what is meezan? scale? Which shows that there will be different scales on the Day of Judgment, different types of scales. Why?

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In order to weigh different things, because we learned that on the Day of Judgment, what will be weighed?

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Is it just the deeds? Is it just a scroll, it's just the books in which the deeds are written, they will be weighed Yes, however, along with them what else will be with

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people themselves will be weighed.

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Similarly, we learn that the records will be weighed the deeds will be weighed. For example, with regards to people we learned that on the Day of Judgment, a fat man will be brought forth but he will not weigh with a lot equal to the wing of a mosquito.

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A man who is so huge in his body, huge in his body, very tough, very strong, mighty in his body. However, he will not wait even equal to the Wink of a mosquito

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he will not have any way to follow up with me oh well pm it was.

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Similarly we learn about our beloved most rudely learn him that he had very thin legs. He had a very thin physique. When the people saw his legs they laughed at him because they found it very strange. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Do you wonder at the thinness of his legs? Are you amazed by the thinness of his legs?

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By he in whose hand is my soul? They are heavier on the balance than mount or hurt.

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Heavier on the scale than what mount? Even Why? Because of his he man because of his sacrifices.

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Then besides people what else will be with the record of these will be wait as

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for example, we learned that these dates that a man will be brought forth and 99 scrolls nine

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Nine scrolls containing sins and mistakes and errors will be placed on one side of the balance.

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Just imagine 99 scrolls and all that they contain is what? sins errors mistakes.

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And they'll be placed on one side of the balance each, as long as the site can reach, meaning the scrolls that will be placed those 99 scrolls, how long are they? How big are they? how huge are they,

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as long as the site can reach, so just imagine the number of things.

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He will then be brought a card, a card on one hand or 99 scrolls. And on the other hand, one card and on that card, one piece of paper on that it says La ilaha illAllah.

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He will say, Oh Lord, what would this card weigh against these scrolls,

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Allah will say you will not be wrong.

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So the card will be placed on the other side of the balance and as a messenger of a lot of a lot of them said, Behold, the 99 schools will go up as the card becomes heavy.

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As the card becomes heavier,

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this is the weight of

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this is the weight of EMA. And

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then besides the scrolls, besides the records, the deeds themselves will be weighed.

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Like for example, the words that a person says the actions that a person does, for instance, we learned about Kalamata hafi for 10 analysts and sa p, Latin fin Misa two words two statements and they are very heavy on the scale What is it show that these will also be weighed on the Day of Judgment.

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So, for a moment circle Atma was he knew who so as per he whose scales are heavy, they are heavy, how are they heavy, because of human because of righteous deeds,

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for who are fear Isha devaglia So, that person will be in a pleasant life, he will live a very happy life resha alive that is lovely, what is Asia,

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Asia is such a life I mentioned to you earlier, that is enjoyed, or that is fully experienced by the one who is living it.

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Like for example, a table also has a knife, your computer also has a knife. Similarly, your clothes even have a knife, meaning a certain time period for which they exist. And after which they cannot function anymore. But the life of a table can it ever be compared with the life of a human being? No, because the table wherever it's put whatever is done on it, it's done. I mean, the table cannot do anything, it doesn't feed anything doesn't experience anything. However, a person he gets to see he gets to listen he gets to eat, drink, enjoy talk, experience. So, Asia is such life that is full of experience. So he will have an Asia a life that is lovely labia, meaning satisfying, pleasant,

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happy, he will be happy with it, he will be satisfied in it and where is this life? This life is only in gender. This life is not possible in dystonia. Are you shattered labia is only in gender, why? Because it is only in gender, that a person will not suffer from any fatigue

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that a person will not suffer from any exertion, any pain, any difficulty, any sadness, any fear. This is only possible in general, for who are fear Isha devaglia

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on the other hand, what a man and Hufford mozzie know who, but as for one who scaled their light half at half alpha hoppy, what does it mean? To be light and wait? So as for he who scaled our light, and by the way, the word magazine is a chlorella, Misa as well as Mozu, because mozcon is what? That which is weighed.

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So what is going to be weighed on that day, people themselves their deeds as well as, as well as the records.

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So as for the one who scales our light, what does it mean by this? What is it that makes a person's scales light on the Day of Judgment,

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that when the bad deeds outweigh the good deeds, so the good deeds basically are not enough?

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They are not enough or they are canceled out by the sins of the person. They're canceled out by the sins of the person.

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So this is one cause. Another causes that a person does not have any good deeds to show.

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A person has no good deeds to show which is why his skills are late.

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Why is

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That he doesn't have any good deeds to show because all of his good deeds are not considered good deeds.

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They're not accepted as good deeds. And what is it that makes a deed qualified as a good deed?

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To condition right even

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meaning Islam and secondly, according to the instructions that Allah soprano God has given according to this and of the prophets that a lot is on them. So if a deed does not fulfill these two conditions, it will not carry any weight on the Day of Judgment, no matter how many there are, no matter how many those deeds are,

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which is why we learned that the deeds of the disbelievers will be brought and what will happen to them.

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There'll be turned into ashes, dust dispersed.

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So among Horford mallozzi nuvu Why are his scales light? What are the two reasons that first of all,

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the bad deeds outweigh the good deeds? And secondly, there are no good deeds

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for Moo hoo, heavier than his refuge will be an Abbess. For omalu ha, we are his own is going to be here we are hellfire. On what is only

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mother and how here is from the root letters how well yeah, how are young we literally means to fall when najmi either Hola. from the same root as the word Hauer which is used for desires. Why? Because even they make a person fall when a person pursues his desires and what happens? He falls in the sight of Allah. And how are we? This is one of the descriptive names of hellfire. Why is it described as how we are? Because Hellfire is very deep. It's very deep.

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So for on mobile, how are we? Now what does it mean by this, that his own is going to be heavier? If you think about

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the mother, or his mother, the mother is someone who a child goes to for shelter for comfort.

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Meaning when he can go nowhere else or he's not comfortable anywhere else when he is rejected from everyone, every place for whatever reason. What does he go to?

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Who does he always go to his mother? For example, a child if he gets hurt? Who is he going to run to his mother? Yes, there are other family members as well whom the child loves, but at that time, who does he want? The mother?

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So for own mobile hardware, what does it show that a person will be rejected from everywhere and is only a vote, the only place he can go to

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is Hellfire for Ooh, hallelujah.

00:22:44--> 00:22:51

There is no other shelter for him. There is no other abode for him. No other home for him except for hellfire.

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He cannot say finish me, he cannot say I'm walking out of this. He cannot say no I'm not going to help I know for all halia he cannot avoid the Hellfire that is his place. For Omaha we are His refuge will be an Airbus and this how we are Allah says woman a de la cama here. And what can make you know what that is man here, here. This is a combination of here

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and who so and this has at the end, this hat is a sector it's not a pronoun, but rather it is a sector meaning you stop over there this is very similar to how we have learned earlier that hella carnie su pania

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so am I other aka man here? What can make you know what that is?

00:23:42--> 00:23:51

It is known Hermia it is a fire that is intensely hot. This is what are we is this is what Hellfire is now on Hermia.

00:23:52--> 00:24:05

hammy from the root letters have name Well, hello, hammer and hammer is to be hot. So it's a fire that is intensely hot. Now if you think about it, fire is already hot.

00:24:06--> 00:24:14

It's a source of heat. It's already extremely hot. But when it is said that noun hammy, what does it show?

00:24:15--> 00:24:28

That it is extremely hot temperatures. It's beyond what you can even imagine. It's not like the fire that you know. It's much much worse than that. Now don't Hermia

00:24:30--> 00:24:40

and it is narrated from Abu Dhabi to learn that the prophets of the lotus Adam said the fire of the children of Adam that you all can do is one part of the 70 parts of the fire of hell.

00:24:41--> 00:24:52

One part of the 70 parts of the fire of hell. Just imagine how intense that fire is. How extreme that fire is now on homea

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Miss Miller, you

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Yo, man,

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shih tzu

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What's the lesson

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that we should not belittle any deed, whether it's good or bad, meaning if it's a good deed, don't belittle it. If it's a bad deed, again, don't belittle it and make sure you stay away from it. Because sometimes we think, what's the big deal.

00:26:19--> 00:26:26

So don't belittle any deed. Because you don't know which deed might cause the scales to tip in your favor.

00:26:27--> 00:26:27

What else

00:26:29--> 00:27:07

that the deeds we perform, we should make sure they're actually worth something, that if we're doing something, don't do it with the intention of showing off just impressing other people, because then it won't be acceptable. And if it's not acceptable, then it will be a waste. Similarly, if it's not done in the right way, in the proper way, then again, it's not going to be acceptable. So our focus should not just be on increasing the amount of deeds we perform good deeds, but it should also be on performing quality good deeds. Because on the Day of Judgment, it's not just the quantity that matters. But it's also the quality that matters.

00:27:09--> 00:27:20

We see that Hellfire is described again and again in so much detail, so many different ways to really make us imagine what it is and think of it as something real. It's as though you can see it before you.

00:27:22--> 00:27:42

And why is so much detail given so that we can strive to save ourselves from it, it can now fear the fire, save yourself from the fire. So all of this detail is given so that we live consciously, and we also have the sphere of El fire so that we can stay away from the wrong

00:27:43--> 00:27:48

that every time there is a temptation a person should think is it really worth it? Is it really worth it?

00:27:50--> 00:28:02

That in a way summarizes all that we have been learning in the Quran, that how there are two destinations in the Hereafter, how deeds will be weighed on the Day of Judgment. A person will be recompensed for his deeds very justly.

00:28:04--> 00:28:10

So it summarizes the entire belief that we have about the hereafter all that we have been studying in the Quran.

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Okay, let's listen to the recitation again.

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This mill