Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L272A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics such as war, force, and money, including Rob Baker, Leah, Kaminon, and Kaminon. They also mention various examples of men making false accusations and false accusations, including Ah reminded, Dr. Hoon, and Dr. Kaminon. The group talks about creating a new home and working on their visa, while also discussing plans to create a new home and work on their visa.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la ciudad Karim a mbarara Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish Ronnie surgery were silly angry, wash Lola melissani of koko de Robin as ignorant.

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Lesson number 272. So to prove I am number one to 49

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translation, what to buy the Mount wakita bin and above Maslow's one inscribed fee in rupt in a parchment, Manchu, unrolled

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one Beatty and the house and not remove the one inhabitant was sacrificed and the ceiling and more for the one raised one battery and the sea and must do the one failed the one ablaze in indeed are the punishment. Rob Baker of your lower care surely want to occur. Man not law who for it. Men from their fear anyone to remove anyone to ward off

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yolmer en de de Moodle. It will sway a summer the sky Mola a definite swing what the zero and it will move on algebra do the mountains say you're a great motion a great movement for Waylon so a big wall yoma even that de Lille mocha de bien for those who deny and levina those who home de fi in Holden vein talk idle discussion, y'all are boon they play Yama on day you the owner they will be pushed ILA two words Natty fire Johanna upheld that a violent pushing heavy this a narrow is the fire allottee which control you will be happy with it to get the boon you will delight

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is first than sexual magic Heather this um or until you all laugh not why don't you all see it slow her you are entered to burn in it for Spiro? Then endure with patience. Oh or let us be true. Do not endure with patience. So it is the same are they come upon you in nama? Indeed not but to the zona, you all are recompensed. Man what control you were Dharma Do you all do?

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In indeed.

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Those who have Taqwa the righteous ones fee in Jeannette gardens when our aim and pleasure sakeena ones who enjoy Bhima with what at home he gave them proper home there was well we'll call home and he saved them for a boom they rub either punishment LG Rahim of the blazing Hellfire

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kulu you all eat wash ah boo and he will drink honey and delicious Lee be mad because of what quantum you were Dharma loon you all do.

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Mata Ki aina ones reclining Allah upon sorauren couches must fulfill arranged in rows was a virgin at home. And we will marry them be sure in with chairwomen remaining ones with large lovely eyes.

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One levina and those who am I know they believed whatever at home and it followed them to do the year to home their offspring. Be a man in which say and Hakuna we made to join the him with them. Lucia yetta whom their offspring warmer and not a lot now whom we decrease them. Men from our mother him their D men from Shay in anything. Conan every every in men Bhima because of what cassava he earned. Little he no one who is held in pledge what I'm done at home and we provided them before he hit him with fruit

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and meat flesh member from whatever yester Hoon they desire.

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Yet another owner, they will exchange from each other with each other. See her in it. Get sent a cup last not long.

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On any idle talk, see her in it, Wallah and nor seem to cause him any commission of sin wire to fool and he will circulate or lay him upon them. Real Man known you young boys, the home for them got a new home as if they look on our pearls maknoon hidden

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Aqua Bella and he advanced he approached by mobile home some of them Allah upon Berlin some of others, yet Tessa alone they will question each other. Or do they said in indeed we can. Now we were published before fi in Elina, our families wish 15 ones who are afraid.

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famine, so he bestowed a favor. Allahu Allah arlena upon us well upon and he saved us, either by punishment, or some of the scorching wind. In indeed we can now we were men fabuleux from before Nether Whoo hoo. We invoke him in the who indeed he who he alone and above the most kind of Rahim, the Most Merciful

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for the kids, so remind some so not under you. Be near mighty with blessing Rob Baker of your rock, beaker him at all, a soothsayer Wallah and nor Majnoon one who is possessed

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or Jaco Luna de se share Iran apport Nutter bustle we wait be here for him rebel monsoon misfortune of the time robber misfortune aluminum of the time

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say terrible to you all wait for in need so indeed I Marco with you men from any motor of between those who wait and or that model home it commands them a slam home their minds behind the with this um or home the common people for whom want to exceed all those um or Jaco Luna de se Taka wala who he forged it, but rather let me know they do not believe failure to so they should come they had a thing with a speech Medley he like it in a candle they were saw the thin ones who are truthful

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and or colico they were created men from lady not che in anything or home the alcoholic or the creators

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or Holocaust they created a semi wet the heavens while upper and the earth been rather lay up noon they do not believe with conviction

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or are in the home with them possess in your treasures Rob big of your or home day al-musawi those who are Lords those who are masters

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or the home for them sold them on a ladder yesterday owner they listen attentively fee in it failure. So he should come Muslim your home one who listens attentively have them be so funny with a proof will be known clear.

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Or the who for him al Burnett the daughters while are calm and for you Alba noon, the sun's um or just a new home you ask them agilon a reward for home so the main from muslimin adapt a fine most Kowloon ones who are burdened

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and all in the home with them a label the unseen for home so they react to Boone they write or Yuri Duna they want they intend Caden a plot for Lavina. So those who care for datas believe whom they unlucky Dune, those who are plotted against or allamakee Dune, those who are the object of the plot

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and or the home for them, either a god

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other than Allah Subhana exalted, glorified, Allah is Allah a month from whatever you shikun the associate we're in and if euro bc gispen a fragment Minar summer from the sky safty upon one that falls yaku they will say sir, have been a cloud Morkul accumulated heaped up further home so leave them hat until you learn who they will meet. Yo my home their day, a lady that which fi in it useless

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Kuehn they will be thunderstruck yoma en de la not unique, it will avail and home from them they do home their plot che anything while and nor home de un saloon they will be helped what in and indeed de la Vina for those who want to move they did wrong or there been a punishment do now valic besides that when I can but Xsara home most of them layer the moon they do not know was there and be patient they shocked me for a decision but big of Europe for inaka for indeed you be our unit in or with our eyes under our eyes what's up and glorify behind the with praise of big off your Shana at time the omo you rise you stand

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woman and from a name the night for Sabir so glorify Him what a double and at turning back a new jewel of the stars.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Okay, DVD

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the blue

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boo boo honey man

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m er

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I'm Kanako sama

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wamena lay

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