Mohammad Elshinawy – The Priceless Little Things – Jumuah 05.08.2020

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of recognizing blessings in people's lives is discussed, including the use of "immaterial" to describe culture. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of opportunities presented by the culture and the importance of being aware of rules. A brother in the community who was sick and unable to touch his face is also mentioned. The segment emphasizes the importance of being informed of rules and the need to be aware of them.
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In a couple of modules on the screen will give us the arrow on the left side and we'll do the

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main people

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the left

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or that will lead to anything that was going to have to do whenever you're sort of used for the last half of the party whatever username now on to the soon. Yeah, you can ask for

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the next thing working for other companies as well. Let's

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for example bothers me

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a lot I can

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Yeah, you can let him and a couple of law who called him and said either you submit

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whatever you'd like to do, or manual paragraph or so the whole purpose as far as it goes, you

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well phrase more useful above the fact that his help and his guidance and his pleasure, his forgiveness and he testified and and is worthy of our worship of Allah, Allah alone, without any partners, to a supreme King, the proper permits of a law abiding

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prophet, and he certainly is messenger.

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After myself, and you all have been tough on the laws of logic. The reminder this afternoon

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is regarding the most

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incredible moments in the life of Mousavi.

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Mousavi CERAM, who is arguably the greatest human being to ever live after the Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah, I used to say that because there would be extended debates between him and about the management setup.

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A lot of the Dead Sea focus meetings when he met with the Saudis set up and preferred a for chose, privileged him with a direct conversation, something he never allowed, anyone else speaks about it in the format. And it says it actually resides and that needs to be appointment. And a law. So again, began by first introducing himself to Saudi setup, and setting in the first statement, the relationship between the creator and the creation, and then the animal event that hey, you guys are putting me Well, you saw that when you hit me, I have a lobster tonight Obama is already working for me. So worship Me, I established a prayer to be able to remember,

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there used to be something that the scholar stopped that and you should stop back for a second.

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He said to all sides, what about it at the end? So what you said in your your handlers?

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You would think like why is this important in a random conversation like this? What is that, you know, right kind of elusive step is walking set.

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But the WHY WOULD Allah I suppose in essence, the scholar said, perhaps it is as if Allah was trying to turn his attention away from the tenseness of the moment that senses of the encounter, you can imagine what this must have been like to be addressed via live zone again, it could be something that could perhaps strip you of your of your week, certainly of your of your stability would shock you so much that you may not be able to recover.

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And so he has it changed the subject for him to do one second, your right hand donors, but also all levels within his right man. And among those who fail to respond to pretty much from Lusardi center. And perhaps of the wisdoms of this question is to show us the mentality of the prophets, the psychology of the gratitude, the psychology of gratitude, if you will, the mindset of gratitude, because Musa alayhis salam responded, and Allah knew how to respond, we did so and this is myself. As you know, this is my set, but he didn't do that. He said the outside yet this is my staff. And I work quite well. I mean, I use it to lean on. So when I'm walking, I lean on somebody tripped up, or

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I'm exhausted, or when I'm sitting down, and when I want to get up I used to lean on. And then it didn't

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mention another benefit of receipt. He said, Well, I wish to be there other than me, and I strike with it over my feet. Well, that means that they go to a place for example, and there's nothing to eat on the ground. So we take the sheep over into a tree and straight over them the tree and the leaves would fall onto their sheep and be able to eat that Bush would be as straight with it. I love I'm so pleased to call upon my team to be able to come on the ground. And then then stop there either we listen to another open ended one say one thing at a time and move on. And I have a mix in this state other needs other utilities as well. Other benefits as well.

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Who could be able to pull out benefits from a walking stick on human life that perhaps is or the law itself and wanted us to show Perhaps this is why it was so important to

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After that, part of the discussion in our brand for us to recite was an act of worship, the ability to notice the blessings in the little things in the city.

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Who can be and then when you do that, what happens, and why. So then, as I said, elsewhere, whatever it is, that says that when when you are faithful, you are grateful, I will increase you that seek became the source of men and opportunities late you strike with the stone and what are ruptures for when was ready to drink from, you cast it down and swallows up. the sorcery of the illusions of the Sorcerer is a crown, he activated the blessing if you will. This is not to say that if you recognize the blessings in your household items, they will have supernatural powers. But you will begin to benefit more from the little things once you recognize that once and it's kind of like you don't

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want to hold on to them. Without us catching us. We have been given such a golden opportunity right now to notice that this dunya is not really about what Allah gives you up in terms of quantity. He doesn't some people like have so much, right? They're just so miserable, that they don't see that they have so much. Like right now we realize that

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traffic that we get so upset about actually it wasn't wasn't so bad that I came to see people thrown out into traffic. And otherwise, you know, there's one brother mentioned, I realized that throwing out the garbage is election.

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Like now I throw out the garbage. I wonder when I touched the doorknobs and the bag and the cap the cover in the garbage bin, I go and wash my hands over and over and over again. Another brother in this community told me I didn't realize how many times I scratch my face, I touch my face, literally your face now has to be calculated.

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For me, what were who thought of touching our face via listening?

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You know, I was looking at when I heard that I came across your reflections on this I use on any set up. I remember looking at my knife or thinking about the knife or having a phone having a knife. It's such an app. I remember seeing a movie to be honest. 20 years ago, a man and a shipwrecked on an island. And he couldn't touch something. And then gas his whole hand open because of that. And then later on, we rescued him and he saw the whole thing for the party that they put together for him. You realize, man, it's not that easy to get all that food on the table. It's not that simple. This will take in six hours what they do on cue when they watch him.

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And so to be aware of realization while Allah's Grace has become automatic for us, is a huge factor for us. We even like that before we come back to his house before we get led back to our jobs in the Muslim countries one brother says because you know the rest of us are locked down. But they still call them even the phrase the color band for people to do their events and the minarets to the end of it. He says them will admin came to me and told me I actually got sick today can you go make an event for me

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and he said it was the first time in my life for me to feel for me to realize that I have led a series of mistakes by someone's permission.

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This is the idea of like only the one that is allowed only because they will have been put it and then you tell me you can go in my place and getting me

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to realize that every time we enter our last house these by these permissions kind of go back and may Allah grant us a real incentive for us to

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upload uploading other stuff cool, but anyway

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a lot of people that said he cannot watch it on YouTube whenever you also

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there is a brother in the UFC

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who, like everyone else is locked in.

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But this brother was the brother that just got out of writing for parole and 15 years in prison.

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And we were with him throughout those years planning for his release. He was wrongfully accused of some national security issues and 15 years. So many of them were before he was even allowed to be with general population and he was in solitary confinement. He wasn't allowed to stretch even when he used to do push ups to get his blood so that they would report to mainstream to attack the guards. He was like well, you know, when you put the night that he's been reflected on all your friends will see that he's emotionally distraught and a person really cannot imagine.

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And he was released and then

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The lockdown happened and I began to think

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what it must feel like to be in a hole of multiple rooms and to realize what hopefully we can begin to realize that we are talking to the world

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that we have. There are people that have been intense who see the good causes and lucky money for them on the internet. They've been intense in the winters barefoot for six, seven years, right? I haven't been on lockdown for six, seven leaves for a few months. You realize that the prophets of love or hate to send them said something that you've heard before? Was Natalie's opportunity. Tasty. When he says we're not stuck, I mean to me and he said pick whichever worker who wakes up this morning, to secure his home, more often than any pardon in his body allowed to make use of his legs, his body itself or body or health, or any of that will go to the army he has today's meal, but can

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never he said listen to me, we had a feeling that this person, this entire neural has been selected for

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its farthest corners has become acquired by them.

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And so may Allah Allah Subhana Allah allow us to realize that allows us to see the big lessons and little little things because whoever does not see them in the little things will not see them in the big things will never see them in the big

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May Allah guide us to the guidance of the Prophet as well as those that read the Quran carefully and transform the some of them connect with things and they'll guide incredible ways. May Allah never make us ungrateful or desensitized to the huge subtle blessings that fill our minds and our needs.

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A lot more filling our hunger a lot more filling our dilemma his analogy that will help us

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but couldn't have done it. I mean that Allah nostril No, no, but I couldn't.

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I was in Ghana. So bravo.

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I want to have a marketing department and now Allah matters probably right now a lot of magic are following there

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was some Allah who sent me a rock RC

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hola como live

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