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similar from the results of a summons and complaint about Katherine's inshallah to Allah will be giving away lots of prizes

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true prize prizes will be on the 28th inshallah but today I'll be giving away my sister's sister Pfizer please. There is I gave you a bunch of very nice hijabs in Word for the sisters in jobs and I have a big gift today for somebody who was getting worried. I have a brand new show what kameez somebody gave it to me, and I want to practice the area what ALLAH SubhanA says no

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Buddha says You shall not gain bill until you get from that which you love. I love my close, but I'm going to give you a link somebody has to be brand new. So what a nice for me right I'm going to give you the one shot this is custom made, by the way, all the way from the land, the land, green and white.

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Pakistan sound like that. Alright, so pay attention some of that. Even the house can wear this. I wear this all the time. He's very comfortable. So here Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam we're gonna start with Sora Joomla

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I want to give this away this is just tickling me I want to give it away who can tell me either brother or sister so that the Joomla why there was only one reason why it was revealed what is the reason why softer Joomla was revealed if you don't know the answer the Raise your head on if you know the answer why it was revealed December the reason why so it was revealed Do you know yes Bismillah

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abusers abusers

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All right, stay there. Who can tell me you're almost this is not immune serious and it's not about somebody else? Why consider

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of your questions

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so what kind of prayer

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was Juma? So you missed that it was Zuma and the Prophet was not praying. He was given the sermon just like me, I'm giving the sermon and some people stand and they go 14. All right. And then Allah,

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when you tell them about Isaiah says, where the route is out, and

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then when they see some amusements, some theology was a convoy. Some people they came to Medina with, like a lot of camels, carrying lots of food. And then the prophet has given the whole bunch. It's like here, I'm talking and talking and then they just stood up and left the province and Savannah just left me talking. And they went for whatever they went there for. And then they let the Prophet talking. You know, so it was June June. So Allah azza wa jal. So she was right. You're right. I'll give you the so while she gets the bunnies.

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I don't know how to do this. Sister. You're right system. Give her feature. Give us his app. I'll give you this.

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I'll give you the

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mistaken challenge. This is what

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all right, who knew the answer?

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Here when you're the answer?

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can't lie is only chocolate who knew the answer?

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All right, Mr. Mahoney the answer? Ergo, fake. This isn't solid Jamal. It's a myth that he saw. Right? It's like of course because it happened in Medina and Allah subhanho wa taala. Now we saw the hypocrisy. So for that record, it also meant that he swallowed the hypocrites. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, The the ayah, the son of the hypocrites are three or four. In what heavy is three in one in one another narration is for he says, either helped as

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well either, either when he speaks he likes this is one of the sons of the prophets. When he speaks he lies when he makes a promise, promise he breaks his promise. What to me the hand when he makes a promise, he breaks his promises, one of the signs of the hypocrites and the Prophet Allah surprises that the hypocrites will be in the lowest level in their fire. But there's something interesting about the head of the hypocrites in Medina, his name is

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the love the obeyed know yourself, oh, there is only one man on earth. Listen to this. This is interesting. There's only one man on earth who happens to be a monad and the Prophet knew he was someone else. And the Sahaba they all knew he was his son was a very righteous by iSavi. But the father was the end of the hypocrites. Only one man on earth who is buried in Medina with the eyebrow of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah.

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The Prophet he buried him with his

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Catherine, Catherine honey, obey of the Prophet notice them because his son came to the Summa Yahuwah give me another prophet took the app and gave it to him and then he rubbed his father and he buried this other people Chris, but he chose the mercy of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allahu Allah He was right.

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And when I feel condemned, assaulted DevOps, so DevOps is a medical

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instrument and so Allah subhanaw taala says verse number 14, you had Medina and I know this is interesting. For those who are married for those who have kids, Allah Subhana Allah says you got 100 enamel enamel as long as you can, why would it come? I don't want to come further along Allah says oh you will believe from your spouse's some of your spouses and children are enemies to you alright our enemies to you? What does that mean some of my my children are enemies to me my spouses are enemies to me what does that mean that enemies to you how can they be enemies to you? How can you children be your enemies? How can your son or your wife or your husband sister how can he or she be

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your enemy

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because they complain

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because distractions or distraction you're my enemy.

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Give us

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give us give us Asia

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when they asked you to do something haram and the enemy yes when when Nam she keeps on bugging you until you maybe you buy a house that's enough from rebel whatnot isn't that an enemy now I'm so the Prophet Allah as you say

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there are some of your spouses or your children they can be enemies to you. So be careful sola Tala

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this is one so I'll talk about divorce Allah subhana wa Tada says Yeah, you heard in the video either on up to 230 or your profit when you divorce and women divorce them the entity hinted to him is the waiting period okay, it's a question for the sisters. Now, what is the depth of the mortality? And what is the reader of the one who loses her husband that means the widow there are two types of enter here the two types of waiting period the waiting period if you know the answer, you will get here and you will get

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there is a form of how many days

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for the for the divorced one yes okay.

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Give a half

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have given given who can give me the full correct answer. Then what the for the for the for the the widow the widow for the widow? One was what brought the 2014 days

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if you went next to me on

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the bald head

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for who said that? Who said four months and 10 days four months? How about the eight hour waiting period for the divorced woman?

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Three Three nights three months

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three months

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we said it we said it we said we said it

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was three months and for the past four months

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give chocolate sister the indoor little chapter in

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than one Allah is talking about the horse he says something interesting what doesn't lie so she says verse number two what my

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mother was

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one minute tequila

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shot was so cool.

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Well my husband right when Allah talks about the horrors and he says and Whoever fears Allah, Allah subhanaw taala shall providing from Western avenues his never thought wrong. He's talking about Bala and he's talking about the field of organization. You see the connection right there? Well, my husband and whoever is Allah, Allah is sufficient for him some kind of data and that's what he saw the hidden is interesting. So the headings like making something happen, why it was revealed. It's interesting, the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, they plan a little plot against from Oklahoma that is not to sit up who knows the name of the wife that the Prophet Muhammad used to go to and eat

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but did

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best to show

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Do you ever it has been of interest or so what happened from from families to go to say they've been rejected and he used to eat honey from you know in her house

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and and

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they teamed up they said one prophet Muhammad comes that's telling him that he smells you know these bad smells this thing like a citrus thing and then if he goes to your home you tell him the same thing and then Prophet Muhammad gate but I just smell

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like a plant that's got this weird smell and then it's it's not just went to a house this woman I ate honey and then he went I mean I went to Zealand this morning when I ate it and then he went to house us home and then I was actually telling him same thing so the premises I shall never eat honey again from her home. So they got what they wanted but Allah How do you feel? Yeah.

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Hello loaded. Oh you profit Why do you make something Heather that allowed me to make it haram so they wouldn't try to plot something but Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and if you had that plug in that sister did she answered the question one Okay, so I'm going to give up the

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Yes she did. Okay, so I have your

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So it can work also will be covered 10 minutes so that can work. And man Yeah.

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So it's a Mickey soul, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada talks about the days or what happens in the heat after it's kind of without it talks about the dominion of Allah subhanaw taala and by the way, the Prophet Muhammad says, Whosoever resigned so that we work every night sort of will come and accompany you in your grave. Tomorrow I can wake up in the morning or whatever you know, in the grave and get some companionship so that would come in the form of a person to accompany you in your grave, recite it, memorize it, Masha, Allah,

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and then so unhappy, unhappy, it's a murky soul.

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A pattern you're not

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So it'll kind of depend ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla by the way, the promises of what Allah had

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the hook to how they were meant to follow up to Metallian in a younger piano, the problem concerning him says, the very first thing I like reading is depends and it depends, right? It depends on what you like, right? The pencil and Allah says, right, everything has to happen at the end of time. And then we have sort of, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, kind of verse number four with regard to the Prophet were in as a Holla Holla can have indeed you're of a great moral character. Brothers and sisters in this Ramadan if you don't earn this quote, When are we going to learn learn it and earn it? You know, an act upon the heart of the Prophet Mohammed because he says, After much this

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year, my piano hasn't gone to those who will be close to me the day of judgment those who have good moral characters would martyr characters brothers and sisters is like a smile.

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No, smile. Yeah, it's a good quote. Because the perfect is to have this, you know, smile. They say here smile is sunnah. Just smile, it's full, and be nice. And then sort of to work one minute and have a heritage. You have an adage, though, both are Mattia, whereby Allah azza wa jal talks about the angels of war, the Yeoman kind of incredible comes into such a very scary with soldiers penalty notices. That was one of my medical motto for Yomi. Allah is talking about that gentleman during the resurrection, when one day will be equivalent to 50,000 years. Everybody is standing the sun on top of the head waiting for the he said so that was on system May Allah save us all. Today is what today

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is the night of

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what easiest was going to be what

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we stand for 20 Like I write all of us and I'm staying all the way until you can make a ticket and you have your ticket. The best ticket we stand is of course but you can do part time and ticket so you can stay with the intention here praying the whole night until first was our to do that but a couple of incomes a Kamala hair

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like I don't want to catch up