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AI: Summary © A representative from Muslim Central discusses the importance of praying five times during a day to achieve good health and success in life. They also mention the use of the word god for one or more of the three main commandments of Islam, and the difficulty of achieving them. The representative encourages individuals to use their own experiences and experiences to convince themselves that they can do the right thing for themselves.
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we learn a new regime.

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Now you can leave for more who never send in wasa ha ha ha America Sabbath.

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Sabbath obon Allah to keep in nesina

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robina wala Mila is one comma hi mentor who Island Edina Minn COVID ina banner wala

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po Katara, Nabil wildfly

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Phil Nana

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Tama hula tamela

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Coleman fury published recently unbelievable author tambien desenio Coco de poder de la salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah he was on his mind Salam Alaikum Quran Weekly, I wanted to share with you from the third just just to last I just something from the last I have sort of recorded so long, I only be sharing with you just a few reflections from the first part of this ayah which is locally full on Epson Ilsa, the word tech leaf in Arabic means to be burdened with something and Allah says Allah does not burden any individual, Allah will not burden any single person in levels Haha, except to that person's capacity, which actually means any trials you and I go through in life are actually

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custom tailored to our capability to manage them. what somebody else is going through may not be something I can handle. And what I'm going through may not be something they can handle, the gifts we enjoy in life and the difficulties we suffer in life, the hardships and the trials we suffer in life are actually each of them custom tailored to our own individual personalities. So Allah says he does not burden anybody more than they in particular are capable of bearing that you can live long enough and a lot was haha. The other thing that's remarkable remarkable about this is there are some things that all of us are equally responsible for. Right? So there are commandments of Islam, that

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you can't say, Well, I know you can do it, but I kind of understand my personality, like five prayers, for example, you can't say well, Mashallah, I know you pray five times, but I could do it in Ramadan. But usually, it's like impossible for me, I'm not able to do that. You can't make that excuse. Because these are a few of the commandments of Allah are ones that Allah put on every knifes, he put it on every individual, but you have to be able to do it. Right. And there are very, very, very few few few exceptions to those that are that have to be in very minute cases. And even then there's like differences of opinion. But there are pretty much universal laws, you know, and

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the major things that are forbidden and the major things that are obligatory on Muslims, you cannot make the excuse for yourself that Allah will, you know, Allah understands that I'm not exactly the prayer type, or I'm not a morning person. So I can't really do further, that's not going to be the case, Allah will allow burdened us with these responsibilities, knowing that every single human being is actually capable of praying five times, every human being every Muslim is capable of staying away from harm. you're capable of doing these things. So when you tell yourself you can't, and when you convince yourself that you can't, then you're actually denying something Allah said

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about you that you actually can, that you are capable, and that Allah would never have given these things to for you and me to do if we weren't capable of doing it. So you have to ask yourself, Am I being true to myself when I say I cannot? Or is a lobbying true? And he says that? Yes, you can. But I wouldn't have given it to you unless you could have handled it. This is the really honest to yourself question you and I have to ask ourselves, especially when it comes to the major commandments of Alonzo church, and now you can live long enough send in love us haha. And finally, the hamaca sobre la hamaca simple I'll take half a minute just to share one beautiful thing with

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you. Allah says a person will benefit from whatever they earn, they'll have for themselves whatever they earn, and they will get whatever they earned in terms of sin will go against them. So there are some things you earn that will go for you and there are other things you earned that will go against you. But in the Arabic guseva which is easier was used for good deeds, what you what works for you, and it does about which is actually harder to earn was used for bad deeds, which is weird because we think sins are easy to earn and good deeds are hard to earn. But Allah is actually telling us in this is secret seems maybe easy to earn in the short term, but what you pay for them in the long

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term, bring about so much difficulty in what you've earned in terms of problems and difficulties in your life.

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So much hardship because of that disobedience to Allah, that it actually doesn't count as something easy. Like stealing may be easy, but doing time in jail and heavy pretty hard. So what you did as an act of stupidity may have been really easy on you at the time. But the price you paid for it made it a very difficult and bad thing that you did for yourself. And getting a job and working hard and earning money the right way may be really hard, but the hardship you save yourself, compared to that what you're doing is pretty easy. The alternative is pretty easy. That's the view Allah wants us to have of good deeds and bad deeds. Good Deeds may require a lot more work. But Allah will make them

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easy, and bad deeds may be much, much easier to do, but you will pay the price and you'll realize how difficult how much difficulty they actually put you in in your life. So don't overestimate the burden that Ally's put on you as far as responsibilities. And don't underestimate the weight of sin. Don't underestimate and don't think that it's just something I do, who cares? And now think about the burdens and the trip troubles it'll bring you tomorrow and especially when you and I stand in front of a lot barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Allah will never give us a challenge that we cannot overcome. Every difficulty we face is custom tailored to our capacity to handle it.

Understanding Trials & Difficulties [Juz 3] – Nouman Ali Khan

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