Naming of Quranic Chapters #12 Chapter of Repentance

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Similar Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. My dearest brothers and sisters, I hope you're all well. And we Today we're going to look at sorites, one of the sower which and the naming therein, and that's all right at Toba. Now, sort of the Toba has more than one name, but let's look at this name first, which is a Toba. Why is it named a Toba? And the reason why it's named the Toba is due to some verses a towards the end of this war, which talks about a loss Santana mentions the toboe of his allowing and accepting the repentance of the people, including the prophets, Elijah lamb, the soul or the Maha Jerry and etc. But more specifically, he singles out

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three people who are lost pantallas accepted there, Toba, and these were the three in which there is a long story related to that. But basically, these were three who were left behind, they didn't join the army that was going towards tabuk to meet the Romans. This was in the year 10s. After the Hydra, the prophet SAW said lamb he invited everyone and in fact commanded everyone to join that army to go and attack the Romans, Romans being a superpower the time needed all the force and the powers. So nobody had any excuse. Uh, well, nobody should have should have stayed behind unless they have proper excuse. Now from those there was three of those Sahaba, who they didn't have excuse, they

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just, you know, time just passed by and they couldn't catch up. And so they didn't. They didn't go there were many others. There's about 80 or so others who also didn't attend, but they were amongst the hypocrites. And that's why this surah talks extensively about hypocrisy as well and about the characteristics of the hypocrites and that's why another name of the surah is at file they have exposer that which exposes the characteristics of the hypocrites and how they behaved and how they acted and so on and their, their line so to speak. So a loss of Hannah what I like named the surah tell where to show that even though they had committed a very big major sin in Islam for disobeying

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the Prophet size, the prophet had ordered that they be secluded from society and that seclusion went on, until Allah sent down the repentance that took about 50 days of seclusion before that was lifted from them and their repentance, their acceptance of their fences came down from the sky. So imagine what kind of relief they had after being secluded from society for 50 days, nobody would talk to them, nobody would greet them, nobody would speak to them. It was really quite a difficult time. But the bigger picture of the surah is that and this is the beauty amongst, as we said, the surah is about the hypocrites. And in that surah during this time, the head of the hypocrites dies, I will do

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law even obey even sooner. Well he was known as being the head of the hypocrisy. He was known for his outspoken opposition to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and criticism. And so when he died, it was the relief but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam dealt with him in a very unique fashion and that is he went and prayed Salatu jenessa over him

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even though he was known to be a hypocrite and a major hypocrite, so basically it was a Kaffir he wasn't, but he was showing outwardly that he was a Muslim. So the prophet SAW Selim went and prayed for him. janazah because our last pantalla had given the general permission when he said to the prophet SAW Selim is stuck for Allah home, the stock for Allahu Allah to stokfella home whether you make forgiveness for them or you don't make forgiveness, Allah is not going to forgive them. So the Prophet signer said, well, Allah has given me the option I can ask forgiveness for them or I can't so I'm asking forgiveness for them and whilst obviously this guy has died is a careful and he was

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known as for his hypocrisy, the act of the prophets Eliza lamb was very powerful because many of the other hypocrites who are who are who are also of the same

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camp if you like of Abdullah even obey. They saw the Prophet and his mercy towards this guy who was known for his criticism and opposition to the prophets. iserlohn they saw how the Prophet treated him His mercy was also

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Quiet prevail and they're so they actually turned away from their hypocrisy and they became good Muslims following this incident and some people say that was like about 80 or so of them. So the Toba over loss of hantai see the bigger picture of the toboe of how dealing with people in in a way can actually result in changing their minds, their attitudes, and so on. And no sin is beyond repentance or loss. pantalla opens the door of repentance, as we have mentioned before, and that's why this surah is called tau, but it does have another name, which is barah innocence, and that is related to the very first word of this word, which is Bara and sometimes we see that the chapters

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are named why their first word because if you think that, as you imagine this surah came down towards the end of the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It documents some of the events of the Battle of tobacco, as we mentioned, which didn't turn out to be a battle that they didn't end up fighting.

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But it documents this and it documents the end of the the Association of the mushrikeen their leadership and they're heading and they're custodianship of a harem that ended because the Prophet sizer lamb defeated them. And so it was an innocence. It was an announcement of innocence that the mushrikeen were not to have anything to do anymore with the Kaaba with the holy sites, they will not to do Hajj again, after this, and they would they should turn away from their ways.