Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 02 – L032A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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neshama una sala de su de HIV Karim Amar borrowed for rubella him in a shave Vanya rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rashly surgery were silly unreal wash network data melissani of koko de probenecid in

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Lesson number 32

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to 34 to 242 Translation

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one Medina and those who use our phone they are recalled fully or they are given depth with our phone First of all, they are recalled fully. Secondly, they are given that they die

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men come from you what

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yeah the ruler they leave behind as virgin wives yet a person they shall wait be unfussy him by themselves with themselves. Oh Baraka for a shooting month, wha? And Asha 10. For either so when but now, they have reached agenda hoonah their appointed term or their appointed time? Further, then not, do not have any sin or lay come upon you all.

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FEMA in what for under pleaded. Fie concerning in and to see hinder themselves then maroof in the manner approved in the manner recognized or law who and Allah Bhima with whichever Dharma Luna you all do hobby run always aware

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whether and not to not have any blame anything. I lay come upon you on FEMA in what are what don't you want displayed? You want hinted be with it. Men from clip Betty proposal of marriage. me sir. of the women. Oh, or a conundrum. You all hate your concealed fee in unfussy calm yourselves. I Lima, he knew Allahu Allah and acoem that indeed you settled Karuna hoonah you will soon mentioned them soon. That Karuna you will mention them were lacking, but let do not to worry do we'll let you all promised them. Seven secretly in there, except

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that Toku you all say I will learn a word a saying meroofer when approved when recognized.

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Why not? And do not Thursday, will you all resolve you all determine broke data, not die. And nikka he of the marriage. Hector and do you Beluga it reaches al Qaeda boo, the written the prescribed term agenda who it's appointed time it's appointed term.

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We're on the move. And do you all know and that Indeed, Allah Allah, Allah Moo, he knows ma whatever. fee is in unfussy come yourselves for the rule, so you all be cautious of him. fear him for the moon. And you are no unless that Indeed, Allah Allah was a foreign power resolved forgiving palaemon always or forbearing

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law not gonna have any sin, any blame or may come upon you on in if for noctem you are divorced.

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Missa the women man as long as or mark in order to be translated as if man as long as secondly, if

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not the muscle would you all touch them out or definitely boo you on fix you will specify definitely will you on fixed or you will specify lohana for them for you button for the Oba or something obligatory

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observation bracket, bridal gift well and mighty aroona you all benefit them either upon and most theory, the one with capacity, the rich one either who his means, his capability, why Allah and upon and mokhtari the one without capacity, the destitute one or through his means, or his capability

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matter metta and a benefiting Bill maruf in the manner approved How can a duty or the upon and mursaleen those return those who do but most good

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or in and if for luck to move in? You all divorced them? men from probably before and that the sooner you all touch them? were called and in fact forgotten. You all appointed the hoonah for them for your button for your

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appointed chair or bridal gift. Finance full then half. Man of what? For you all fixed for you all specified in there. Except on that you're a foreigner they pardon.

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Oh, or Yeah, for he pardons and lady who? via D he in his hand

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is not a nigga he of the marriage. One and that theraflu your pardon, you all forego. Accra boo is closer, is near the taqwa to the taqwa to the piety, or a low consciousness, wonder and do not fencer Whoo. You won't forget. And favela, the Father, the graciousness or kindness and father can be translated as graciousness and also kindness by nickel, between Yuan in Indeed, Allah, Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do bursledon or results in

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half you will you all guard, you will protect Allah upon a silhouette, the silhouette, the prayers, was salinity and the solar and was for the middle, the central

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waku and you all stand the layer here for Allah carnitine as ones who are obedient for him, then if Clifton you all feared victim is past tense, you feared Freddie jerilyn then on foot, region on foot out or Brook Bannon, as writing for either so when I mean, you were in peace, you were secure. For guru, then you all remember, Allah, Allah, gamma just as I lemma come, he taught you all math what love is not the kulu you all work for you all are down the moon, you will know when levena and those who use our phone, they are recalled fully or they die. men come from you. What and yet aroona believe as virgin wives spouses will see a 10 a will a bequest Lee as well as you him for their

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wives matter on a benefit either two or two and hopefully the year vajura without the

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sites other than encouraging, expanding, turning out for him. So if corrigenda they go out further than not, do not have anything or they come upon you on fee in MMA, what? For under they did fee concerning unforeseen themselves. Men from my roof in a manner approved, Amanda recognized Allah who and Allah rz isn't always Almighty hacky one always always

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what and limited la carte for all the divorced women. Mata a benefit Bill Maher roof in the manner approved. How can a duty either upon and clean. Those who have Taqwa those who fear Allah

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the vaniqa likewise, you obey you know, he explains clearly. Allahu Allah Luckily for you all it is vs. La La come so that you don't you all understand.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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One lady

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will be

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enough for me

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to be mean

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Well, no

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going to move

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la habima.

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have you

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on 18

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Joe see Italy as

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a fraud in

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long was a hockey game.

Al-Baqarah 234-242 Translation

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