Aarij Anwer – A Juz A Day (3rd): What is True Faith?

Aarij Anwer
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala, starting again, just making sure

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everything is in sync.

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The third just of the Quran, the theme of the third use of the Quran that one of the themes that I'd like to highlight for you today, there's many multiple, multiple themes of a juice or a surah. But the one I like to highlight for you today from the third juice of the Quran, the third part of the Quran is the meaning of true faith. What does true faith mean? And its manifestations, how does it appear? What does it entail? All of these are, we're going to see very important glimpses of it in this just today inshallah Tada, what we will see in this just today, a quick summary, a quick outline of what we will talk about is a true faith means understanding Allah, Allah, Who is he a

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last panel with Allah, and we have the greatest ayah of the Quran ayatul kursi. That will actually allow us to understand him subhana wa Taala. We will also talk about how the eye the meaning of true faith or you know, Eman in its truest sense, means it's not forced upon somebody we will talk about what this means. inshallah, we'll talk about a very important tenant of Eman which is understanding resurrection after death. And in this in this part of Surah Baqarah. That's in the third juice, there's three stories that are related to us by Alice pantalla back to back to back, that talk about this topic, will speak about what it means

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to spend for the sake of Allah and how spending for the sake of Allah giving charity is one of the truest signs of a person's faith. But there is actually some, there's some, some guidelines for that. It's not just something that's to be done without thought. There are guidelines to it that total Baccarat discusses and it's one of the most beautiful passages of Quran. And don't worry, I'm not doing any fundraising. So these if you hear in fundraising dinners, and other times, today, we're just going to study them inshallah, we're going to talk about ethical business practices. A sign of a faithful believer is that he is a faithful businessman, or a faithful employee or a

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faithful employer. It's not these two things go hand in hand, our life inside the masjid, ie our ritual life has to be in sync with our lives outside the masjid, they have to be in sync. And we will speak about the Quran speaks a you know, about the ethical business practices that are expected of the faithful. In fact, the largest Ayah the longest I have the Quran is I call it today in the talks about business transactions, how to write down

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loan contracts, how to conduct business, like you know, purchasing and selling, how that should be done. All the regulations around it, are in this longest ayah of the Koran. And that's a very important part of what it means to be an ethical, faithful Muslim. Also,

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what we will discuss is the last two verses of Surat Al Baqarah.

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This describes the tenants of faith and the fruits of faith, a very important part of understanding what you know,

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he man is not just understanding, you know, what the pillars of Eman are, but also Subhanallah what it should bring about in us being a person of a man. And that is what the last two books versus supatra will talk about. And they're fascinating, very beautiful. I add, then we'll start early Iran roughly around halfway mark of the Jews, we have early Emraan the third sort of the surah the prophets are some said, along with little Bukhara that these are, you know, like two, Zahara one, like these are too large, you know, like flowers. And they will come on the Day of Judgment, like, you know, these two large clouds, you know, shading the person who would read them, and who would

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live these sorts of panela This is a beautiful surah. And it starts by mentioning Allah's revelations. And that is that article Kitab have been happy, most of the name of a unzila throughout our energy as a free text to the idea that there is going to be a lot of discussion about the profits that are shared between the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians. And that is where the name the pseudo comes early on. Ron the family of Iran in Iran is the grandfather of Maria Maria Salaam. I'm sorry, he's the father of money with Islam, the grandfather of Isa.

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Lisa lamb, so he is going to be featured

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in the story of the family rather of Iran as featured prominently in the story. We'll talk about some elements of true faith again, we're going to select some verses and not have time to talk about other verses. But we'll talk about preferring the life of the next world that's a sign of true faith. Like the priority is to build for the asset, while also building in this world and you know, having sustainability and building not just for ourselves but for our future generations. But the goal always is the next life. Never this life.

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The idea of submitting to Allah subhanaw taala Islam, we will speak when Allah says in the deen and the law in Islam, true faith is following the way of the Prophet Solomon, the son of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He, then sort of Allah Moran will talk about the a truly faithful family, the family of a man, the wife of Emraan, the mother of Miriam, then Maria, then related to that is a career as a career was the

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the the brother in law, the the brother in law firm Iran, like he was the ideal or himself, you know, they both married into the same family, so they're made sisters, and then that he was the uncle of of Miriam. Okay, Miriam's holla he Zakaria was married to Miriam's holla and I'll explain the family tree a little bit there, you know, in order to be like mahalo.

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And then how he also was going through a difficult time in his life.

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And how Miriam's devotion her faith inspired. Inspired Zakaria was surah Halima and in this third just speaks about

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interfaith dialogue. One of the most powerful ideas of how we should conduct interfaith dialogue is actually in this surah right here. Now, you know, what's funny is, I've actually used this ayah in, in whenever I've had the chance to do interfaith dialogue, my guiding principle has always been this always whenever I'm like, in the middle of like, questions and you know, there's a rabbi and there's like a pastor and I'm like, What do I say here that will really drive home the point of Islam, this is the I always think back to so I'll share what that is inshallah, with you. also talks about when it comes to interfaith, this idea of stereotyping the other, okay, and this, in this just, we'll see

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a very powerful either speaks about not stereotyping, but we can criticize, we can indulge our, you know, each other in criticism, and we believe to be on the right way, we believe our, you know, Dean to be the completion of all revelation that allows them before, okay, so we're not going to, like, we're not, we're not going to apologize for our, you know, for our position, but at the same time, we're not in the business of stereotyping others. And that is something we'll see it from this

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from this juice. And lastly, true faith. At the very end of the surah. Allah speaks about those who turn their back on faith, probably because of, you know, some life incidences, some trauma they experience, true faith is not turning your back, irrespective of how bad stuff gets. So that is some of the things that we'll study, let us go to as a quick thought that was quick, but took about 10 minutes, to give you an overview of what we're talking about the child data. All right. My recommendation, by the way, is that when you attend these sessions, I my recommendation is that you after we are done, that you read the Quran, inshallah, like you know that the third, just like I

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would say, after we're done, you read it, you know, either just in the Arabic or the Arabic And although the translation, because that will really allow you in Sharla, to kind of like bring all those points together, you will see them in Sharla in front of you, if you maybe let that

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defeat delay that a little bit later. I think the benefit might not be as great while on so that's that's my recommendation, if your time allows you to do so right after this lesson. Read the jurors and if ideally also have the time to read a bit of transition. The judge the third just begins with this beautiful Ayah which speaks again about understanding a lot understanding a lot is part of understanding faith.

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What is true faith first you have to understand what a lot is, it starts by ticker russophone ba ba ba ba ba ba

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Some of these messengers, we have given that given something additional among them meaning, there are messengers that for us, as we will see, all the messengers landofcoder kobina had a middle story, we don't differentiate between them, but the messengers, Allah has made them into ranks. fumbling about the humara about Allah is the one who is, you know, raising some and leaving the others at a different place. For example, Min hueman Kala mala, there are some who Allah spoke directly like Musa and the others who Allah has raised an exalted in ranks like the five mighty prophets, which is in order of their arrival, no, la Salaam, then Ibrahim, then Musa, the ISA then

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Prophet Mohammed salam, but in terms of their rank, in terms of their status, or province, or some number one because he is the last of the profits, and he's the chosen one. And then Ibrahim alayhis salam, and then you have musar, Isa and No, those are the ones that Allah says, what about the hondajet and he specifically highlights in this ayah for artina E sub namanya malba unit, we gave Isa Jesus the son of Mary clear signs and strengthen him with the Holy Spirit that is jabril yet now who will help for those This is all

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describing that Allah is the one who chooses his messengers. Allah is the one who chooses who is His Messenger. Where is he going to be? What languages you're going to speak, what revelation is going to receive. This is the choice of a lost power dialer. It is not a

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an exercise that is done by anybody else. It is truly a last choice and nobody else's. Understanding a law means we look at ayatul kursi the greatest ayah in the Quran, which is Allahu Allah, Allah, who will hire you will call you who Allah known the whom of his sumati mama Phil. Oh, man, the lady Ashbourne de who will give me my main ad him on my iPhone, what are you gonna be showing him in? lobby, Masha was yakushi you sumati Well, oh, Allah vuma olallie Levine, the prophets, some has instructed us, the person who reads this, after every obligatory prayer, the only thing that stands within them in Paradise is their death, meaning once they pass away, that Paradise is waiting for

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them. And also this is a surah in an IRA that were instructed to read, to seek a loss protection to seek his, his his protection from whatever is whatever is evil. This is a beautiful way of seeking a loss protection.

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We are taught to read this before we go to sleep, one of the it's a beautiful way of finishing off your day by reminding yourself of who Allah is. And by being under the shelter of his protection Allahu La Ilaha Illa who will call you, Allah God, there is no deity except Him, the living the eternal, and how you will call you these two, the combination of these two is considered to be the

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a description of perfection of Allah subhanho wa Taala and high, the one who was alive, always has been alive, always will be alive. I'll tell you, the one who sustains you know, the one who

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allows others to be alive, sustains others so they can be alive and then takes away their life when it's time for them to die. And how you are you that is a those two the combination of these two characteristics of a loss Pantera is a description of the perfection of Allah subhanho wa Taala he is that who's in Atlanta, he is unique one and unique, unlike anything in existence, unlike anything else, how so he is number one La Ilaha Illa who the only one worthy of worship number two, he is a high alpha you we might be alive, but we will die right? We might be able to sustain ourselves and sustain others. But that's not an indefinite thing. And the two things together does not happen only

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a law is alive for you. Number three lotta hallucinating wanna know neither slumbers nor sleep overtakes him slumber is where there's a bit of a dozing off. That doesn't happen and sleep is even further away. that's unique about a loss. pata de la Houma for some ottima philippou To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. That

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True kingdom, the true ownership of everything is with Allah. When we all die, everything passes on to the next generation. And when the final generation dies, in national netinfo, Allah Allah, Allah says everything that's on the earth will be then left to be inherited by Allah. So truly the owner of everything would be a lost Pongala. That's one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that whatever we acquire is given to what we acquire by the means that Allah has given us so in reality, the ownership of it is still with a loss putana while we have it is like a temporary ownership a temporary guardianship in reality the ownership is with a loss putana

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Mandela dhfr in the hula V, isn't he number five, no one would dare speak to him on the Day of Judgment, speak to him on someone else's behind us five things right here in this ayah that are totally unique about Allah. Allah He knows Yeah, Allah mama Bina ad Maha phone number six, his knowledge is complete and perfect. He does not acquire knowledge.

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we acquire knowledge we learn stuff a lot patola He knows everything his knowledge is perfect and complete.

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Whatever we learn from Allah knowledge, well are you gonna be shaman,

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Masha, it is only by his permission, whatever we acquire of knowledge, whatever we discover whatever we build upon, that is number seven. Only by Allah's permission, and that is something that's unique for him.

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What's the accuracy you will somehow it will out.

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Number eight, is it cool to see extends over the skies and the earth over the creation, it's translated here as throne, this is actually not an accurate translation. The more accurate translation of cracy is the

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it is

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a, like a footstool. It's the throne of Allah is the arch of Allah. Okay? the mercy of Allah is something that's smaller. But the smaller thing the arch of Allah is the most majestic creation of all creations of Allah. But the good to see which is much smaller and much more, you know, much less significant. The the foot pedal, or the footstool, that is so grand, that it itself extends over the heavens and the earth. While I do have Luma who Allah Allah, Allah Lim and upholding the skies and the earth does not vary him number nine, and number 10 Well, who Li Li You love him, he is the sublime, the Almighty, Allah Allah allow him again, this combination is a combination of perfection

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allottee the one who is exalted in rank and in, in where he is in, in the presence, okay. And Alvin, the one who is the source of might, the one who has power. So advocacy and is very, very quick, you know, skim through advocacy is an amazing description of a lost patos grant your His Majesty, and most of all his uniqueness. And that is why, when we you know, like for us part of our belief is Allah is what I'm Yoku and there isn't anyone like a lot. And that is why we worship Allah, Allah. And thus, as we will come to in this juice, a human being can't be a god, a human being cannot claim divinity. A human being cannot take the attributes of God, the attributes, or God of God, are

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exclusively for God and God alone. No human being can have that neither the Prophet solemn nor Silas, Sally's alum, nobody, it's only for our last dollar. And that is part and parcel of our belief, and very important that we understand that

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part of true faith.

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Part of true faith is that it's not forced the extra half a dean, right, the right next I after adequacies, they showed me no compulsion in the religion, but the universe to me of a true guidance has become distinct from error. What this ayah is referring to is two things. Number one, that faith true faith isn't ever going to come about, by compulsion, by force. There is creating of habits that's required. For example, we have to create, like these

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routines, for ourselves, for our families, so we can become established in the practice of our faith. You cannot have just like anarchy, no routine

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People just do whatever they want, and then hope that they will acquire faith. That's a very difficult, you're setting people up for failure. The idea is you have routines, that is something we put in place, and with our kids, for example we enforce. But the true faith is born out of conviction that comes over time, or by study through Dora through experiences, and as a result of those routines that were in place. So that is number one. That's what the is saying. That true faith comes when a person

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understands a loss patola and it cannot be born out of compulsion, just like gravity. The second thing that is about this ayah is that it is in it's a in the books of the sea like nobody mentions that desert hunting if you told me a minute on sort of your logical main home, Canada home olade but however do home owners or home bulama

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john Lovell, Bill Islam urato ikura, whom Allah he found a home along lines Attica Hakuna home

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Runa the hula Islam authority says this ayah refers to the people of Medina, people of Medina before the Prophet came, some of them had

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had made their kids or had had accepted Judaism or Christianity and had made their kids also Jews and Christians okay. But then they accepted Islam the parents accepted Islam and they wanted their kids to also accept a stamp so they were trying to force Islam upon their kids. And then this was something that Allah prohibited them through this ayah so it tells you something very interesting about the reality of faith is that you can force someone to become a Muslim. And number two, real faith comes from conviction within inshallah Allah does

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not matter. But others, please try to if you have something to add, please add otherwise Try not to, you know, like, say things in the chat that are not

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relevant to each other. Okay.

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The third part is understanding resurrection after death, understanding the idea of alberth bardahl mode, coming back to life. There's three examples that Allah mentions back to back to back. Number one is the example Ibrahim and the man who Ibrahim was arguing with this was a great king, a king of great kingdom. And his name in the books of the sea comes as nim rude Kim Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was explaining to this man This was a tyrant who was actually tried to kidnap his wife. But then Ibrahim Hassan started to give him power. So panela and he was trying to explain to him that Allah is the one who rub blnd usually when you meet a lot is unique. Understand how unique he is? He is the one

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who gives life and brings death, okay? This man did not understand this. So he says, Well, I can do that as well. And he brought two prisoners, one of them he said free the other one he killed and he said, Look, I give life to that one. I give that to that one. Then they Brian Willis alarm continued to maybe like offer a different explanation. And he said, for in the lie at the machine, signal machine, effectively ham in another room. God brings up the sun from the east. So bring it up yourself from the west, okay? The sunrise from the east. Why don't you make it rise from the west? The idea is Allah is the one who has made this system for us a lot popular, he's the one who has

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created this beautiful universe for us. And the universe around us tells us about the uniqueness of Allah tala. He made that point for Louie de la Vega for the disbeliever was then confounded. Okay. That is one example. That's the first point here but the thing that here, one of the things that's highlighted here is that Ibraheem alehissalaam when he was explaining who Allah says, he was trying to explain, that Allah is the one who gives life and takes life away, and will give us life after in the next life as well. resurrect us after this life as well. The second example is of a person Olga Levy, Mara, Allah Korea tin, Bahia Javier tuna, Allah OSHA, or of him when passing by a town, the

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roofs of which had caved in explained, how will God restore it to its life after destruction or restore it to life after its destruction? This is according to the scholars of the fear, a profit from money extra eel by the name of Warren said he was looking at you know, he was he was, you know,

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Maybe not questioning in the sense of how is it possible, but he was more like,

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saddened by the demise of a city that was a city of faithful. Okay. But a lot of times I wanted to explain to him how resurrection would happen, and how over time, you know, cities fall and then cities rise. So Allah Allah, you know, caused them to die for 100 years and brought him back to life, asking him how long were you you know, asleep? or How long have you been around? Come lavista said, I have remained in the state a day or part of the day, a lot of play. No, you have been in this state for 100 years. Now look at your food and your drink. They have not gotten bad they have not rotten and look at your this is talking about a timeout, which is a donkey. All right, we will

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make you a sign to mankind. Look at the bones,

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how we set them together and then close them with flesh.

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Look at how this donkey of yours your writing animal had died and basically decomposed. Now watch as we bring it back to life. Watch is how we put the bones together, and how we close those bones with flesh. And now this donkey is a life. It's a miracle that Allah showed to this prophet, to show him how resurrection after life, or excuse me, resurrection after death will happen. Also to show him and show us that, you know, in life, you know there's like a this is referring to about Jerusalem. By the way. 2018 is referring to Jews Jerusalem, according to the majority of historians. Jerusalem was the city of the righteous for the faithful for millennia, but then tyrants destroyed and

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completely like annihilated it.

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And then over time, it was back and flourishing and reestablished and re repopulated by the faithful again, right. That's the nature of life. So last popular is pointing out both things, resurrection afterlife, you know, like it's in its true meaning and also, like, sometimes the faithful lose power, they lose strength. They even are annihilated, but they're resurrected, or their causes are resurrected, not too long afterwards. And that is the way the last pump Allah does things. And to panela history is the is the evidence of that. The third story is Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam again, featured prominently in Surah Baqarah he asks a lot of very interesting requests he says to Allah,

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Oh my Lord, show me how you revive the dead. Okay for to heal Mota, Arnica to heal Mota, Ibrahim alayhi salam to make sure that we don't misunderstand his question Allah, Allah asks him, I mean, do you not believe all of Allah? He said yes, indeed I do believe 100% There is no doubt that Ibrahim Assam believed and had no no sort of shock any type of doubt in him. But well, I can the ultimate in applebee to reassure my heart just to reassure my heart, this tells us that we are it's okay for us to look for explanations are okay for us to look for reassurances when it comes to the practice of our faith. This is something that all of us need. The Quran provides that for us the example the

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Prophet son provides that to us. The example of our you know, piece of great people on our history provides that for us, whatever there are many many means of finding reassurance in faith and this is a very important point, right? Understanding resurrection after death is also you know, gives us assurance that this is indeed the true faith a lot more that tells Ibrahim take forwards and train them to come back to you meaning that if you you know train the birds and you call them the bird will come fly to you. then place them

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separately on on each hilltop you know for sure hoonah Lake so much Allah Cooney Javelin Hoon juice, then you know sacrifice these birds and mix up the meat of each bird. Okay, and then please on top, you know of a matter of a hilltop a bunch of this meat. Okay, so now the meat the meat of these different birds is mixed up. Don't mother Oh, now again call these birds back. These birds are now dead. In fact they're dead and their meat is now all mushed together with the meat of the other birds. But as it did that last month or brought those birds back to

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Life as a miracle, and they all came flying to him. What I love and aloha season Hakeem, know that God is almighty and wise, again the example. This is a miraculous example miraculous incident for Ibrahim in Islam, miracle being something that doesn't happen to other than a prophet, something that breaks the laws of nature. This is not normal, this is given to a prophet only. And we are told of it as an example. And the example highlights two things. Number one, just like a bird, like just like this mixture of meat would not be a detriment for Allah to bring the bird back into its original form. Allah was not hampered by the fact that this bird and its meat is mixed with other

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words meet because Allah Allah is the one who created these birds. And he knows which DNA is for which bird, and when he wants to resurrect in the Unruh, either Aurora Cheyenne, a akula, who couldn't fire Kuhn, he says Be it is. So when he wants to resurrect, it comes back like this, and is recreated. And that's for us an example that that's how we will be recreated to after our death, on the day of judgment, brought back in flesh and soul just as quickly, as we were made, instantly will be brought back to life. The second thing that we learned from this is, of course, seeking out assurances is not a problem. seeking out assurance is very much encouraged. What's not encouraged is

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letting things linger that bother you about the practice of our faith, because that can then become like a ticking time bomb, okay. Whereas seeking assurances now and seeking understanding now is going to be you know, that's the right course of action. And there's countless examples of countless, like instance of, you know, Sahaba and others seeking reassurances, asking again and again, because they wanted to understand, and until finally they got it finally, the explanation made sense to them. That's when they're, you know, faith was now the commitment and devotion to it was magnified and was increased. Now, the next thing that's mentioned here is spending for the sake

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of Allah, that is a sign of true faith, the prophets have said that a soda bottle or hand giving charity is a burning sign of proof. So here, Allah, Allah mentions a beautiful aspect of our faith, a true sign of a believer is that they are able to give money

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for the sake of helping somebody else.

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Give money, usually we give money. In return, we get something back, either a product or a service. When you give money for the sake of helping someone or a charity, or for the cause of a lot, you don't get anything back immediately. Okay? You don't the tax receipt is not necessarily something you if it's something for your taxes later on, but you don't get any material object back or anything that will fit you know that that you have purchased, that is a difficult thing to do. That's hard thing to do to give money without receiving something back. And that is done when someone is able to do that. That is a sign of true faith. And understanding that my money is

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actually the money of a loss final thought I am just in charge of it. temporarily. This has been given to me by Allah. I am its Guardian temporarily. So when I spend it in the cause of Allah, I'm really spending it you know, in the place where it's supposed to be spent. methodology. Una Bala houfy Sabina la casa de habited Um, but at savasana be left equally Subala Tamia to have those who spend their wealth for God's cause maybe compared to a grain of corn with sprouts into seven years. And with 100 greens in each year, meaning one grain of corn that's planted

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is going to yield 700 years. Okay or 700 excuse me grains. One e one green will yield 700

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grains that's you know, an example to show. That's what happens when you give sadaqa if you give $1 its effect is multiplied so drastically down the road, that it is like $700 in reward will law who You are a fool Li Manisha and Allah subhanaw taala He grants manifold increase to whom He wills he is infinite and all knowing was the early meaning. Don't ever think that your charity is meaningless

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was a loss while I will multiply it. What matters is how sincere a person is what matters is how, how pure their intention was when they're giving it. And what matters is did they make sure that their charity was done to help someone not to curry some favor down the road, la todo de leeuw

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saw the article bill money while other believers do not cancel out your charitable deeds with reminders and hurtful words. Okay, charity cannot be done as a favor.

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So that down the road, you get something out of it, it can be done to create leverage. That's not true charity, that could be like a person parting with their money. Okay, people make charitable donations to political causes all the time.

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But quite frequently, if not almost entirely, that is done to build leverage, create leverage.

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Charity, in its true form in Islam is meant to be to help the one who needs help. And the mindset of the one who's giving charity is I am helping myself here. I am the one who is the recipient of the goodness, even though this person got the money and their needs will be fulfilled. But the one who got helped is me because my asset is now being built. That is the mindset can be done to create a favor can be done to create leverage can be done so that you can remind people Hey, remember I gave you charity, now you do this for me, can be done. The one who does that Latinos are the hajikko has canceled out the good of their charity. In fact, Allah says if you can't give anything, what's

00:36:48 --> 00:37:26

better is use say something kind. And be forgiving in your attitude. That's better than someone giving money and then talking endlessly about it. or trying to use that to to create leverage down the road. It can't be that watch better than that is your just hold on to your money and say something good? Because we're lovin you and Halima, Allah is self sufficient. He actually does not need our money. This is the key point of this passage. Allah doesn't need our money. We need the money that we spend in the way of Allah. That's what that's the reality of the matter.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:28


00:37:29 --> 00:38:16

charity cannot be a PR stunt. Okay, charity that after this is a couple of examples of how people are using like the gift charity for the sake of public relations, like you know, just show this is what I'm doing and this is what, this is who I am right, but charity is to be done for the sake purely of a loss patata an example Allah gives here is, you know, the one who is like an old man, okay. And his his garden is like struck by a fiery whirlwind and is artfully scorched. Is there anything left for this person? Can this person ever rebuild their garden again? They can't. That's the example of the one who gives charity for the sake of PR. Right? Right now you have money, but

00:38:16 --> 00:38:23

eventually, that money that charity will mean nothing in the eyes of Allah, and there's no way for you to build it up again.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:38

So it is to be done for the sake of pleasing Allah for the sake of helping those in need for the sake of helping the one who's donating the donor. This is my salvation. This is my me building my Hazara

00:38:40 --> 00:38:42

not for publicity.

00:38:44 --> 00:39:25

Allah mentions a very important principle of charity that Satan threatens you with the prospect of poverty and commands you to do Felton's shavon we are looking for that we will come will fashion. Satan is saying you give charity, your wealth will decrease. Allahu era Dooku muffet and mouth are the men who have fought law by law says is that he is promising forgiveness. You give charity a level forgive your sins. And Allah is promising more formal is what's remaining like it's more than what you need. So allies promising you'll take care of you and will give you more than what you need. You will have luxury and access. That's what allows promising.

00:39:26 --> 00:39:59

And that is from wisdom you like meta minutiae. That is something the one who understands that truly is a wise person. And that's a sign of understanding. That's That's a true sign of faith. Understanding this idea of charity is best to be done secretly. Right? If you do, give charity, if you keep it secret, and give to the needy in private, that is better for you. When to how to * for karasawa highroller calm, no problem if you were to give it openly to inspire others.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:10

That's actually a good thing as well. But don't let it ruin your ego. Or don't let it corrupt your ego.

00:40:11 --> 00:40:22

Because it's very easy our egos our souls are easily corruptible. Don't let charity be the thing that corrupts it. So it's best to do it in secret in private, and

00:40:23 --> 00:41:03

the one who you help in secret and private, the door of that person will change your life, I guarantee you that when you help someone who's truly need, and you do it secretively no one found out about it only they know and only you know, there will transform your life because it will be the most heartfelt, most meaningful to our that they will make. And that is something that a last part Allah wants us to, you know, attain from our charity as well as ethical business practices. After this passage, Allah speaks about alladhina yagoona. Reba, Reba, which is

00:41:05 --> 00:42:03

interest, basically interest on debt based on on debt contracts, debt contracts in Islam are meant to be done without any interest without any gains. business transaction and partnerships is where there is profit and loss. Okay. But debt contracts are meant to be just, you know, exact like, amount in is the same as the amount out the amount given is the same amount received. So this is something that the Quran warrants very, very, very, very strictly against, because what it does is that it makes the powerful, more privileged, and generally the powerless, you know, more underprivileged, the system, it creates, not the anomalies, you have the anomalies, you have people

00:42:03 --> 00:42:27

who go through the system while paying interest while being in debt and come out fine on the other way, on the other side, but the system that it creates is a system where the powerful and the rich are privileged, and the one who needs money is underprivileged. And that's not a system that's healthy. And so I love to see the the signs of discontent in you know, in this

00:42:29 --> 00:43:11

in this matter, especially in these days, and at the disparity of wealth, how much, though ultra wealthy are wealthy and how poor, the ultra poor are? That that's that disparity never really existed in the history of humanity. And that's a byproduct of a system. That's whose economic engine is interest. We didn't want this forever. This is a favorite topic of mine. But alas, pada very clearly warns about this and says, Yeah, you're Latina De La Hoya de Roma, Bahia Mina Reba believe what it is due to of usury if you are true believers, and if you don't do so, and know that you are at war with God and His Messenger, but if you repent, you may retain your capital. Do not wrong

00:43:11 --> 00:43:16

others not the moon Allah to the moon, this is a principle don't wrong others

00:43:18 --> 00:43:23

and you won't also be wronged you won't be wronged either.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:51

This ayah is number 281. According to the scholars of the series, the last IR revealed to the Prophet Salaam before he passed away, which is what the whole Yeoman told Jonah Hill Allah fear the day when you will shall be made to return return to God, then every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned, and they shall not be wronged Subhanallah like the business transactions we make the stuff that happens in life

00:43:52 --> 00:44:42

is gonna it makes us forget about the big picture the big picture is remember the day when we stand in front of a law that is true understanding that that is the understanding of what true faith means either Dane is number 282 the idea of loan transactions or debt 10 transactions is here the longest iron Koran as you can see is very long Mashallah. This is where when Tara Tara, we used to happen this is where all the files would get like stuck and Masha Allah, May Allah help them. No getting stuck. But this is an ayah that's so beautiful. It talks about clarity, clarity in business transactions, be clear, fuck to move, write it down. Okay, you can write it have a scribe write it

00:44:42 --> 00:44:58

down with fairness, okay? Don't create an oppressive system where the powerful can force the scribe to write something wrong or force the witnesses to provide false testimony. Don't do that. Voila. You Laura Kathy Boone wala Shaheed

00:45:01 --> 00:45:01


00:45:05 --> 00:45:49

lead no harm done with either to the scribe or the witness again, alas potluck keeps trying to remind us that the powerful must be kept in check, because they will abuse their power and trample over the powerless. Well are you Lord Roccat even while he will interfere, I know for no for supermicro if you do that, it will be a crime on your part. Okay, what the law Be mindful of God, he teaches you a lot we could be sharing a limb, this is our religion. The true understanding that the understanding of true faith is that in all aspects of our lives, in the way we practice our prayers, the way we fast the way we do Hajj, the way we live as a family, married, divorce, the way we do

00:45:49 --> 00:46:32

business, all of those the guiding principles with Aloha, understand that Allah is watching, be mindful of Allah subhanahu wa taala. Okay, and that is a beautiful, the ethical business practices. One of one of the scholars was asked, Why don't you write a book about Allah? He said, I did write a book about a slug. The people asked him what's the book that you're about to fluff his head is called kita will be your is the book of transactions of business transactions, meaning, the one who is able to ethically live as a businessman and practice as a ethically as an employee or as an employer, right? That's a man or a woman of a flock. That's a matter of understanding. So Pinilla

00:46:32 --> 00:46:48

very, very important idea of what true faith is. After this are the last two out of sotto Baqarah which a last part Allah has sent. Like according to the prophets, Allah, this is an ayah Allah was there was a

00:46:49 --> 00:47:33

a door in the sky open that never opened before and angel came down that had never come down before and that angel told the Prophet Salaam that you have two special gifts from Allah would be more rainy outta Houma, la mujer de Houma la Vu public number one, two special lights, no one no prophet before has ever received number one, sort of in fact to have number two, the last two Ayat of Surah Al Baqarah. And the Prophet himself said, Whoever recites the last two Ayat of Surah Baqarah kapha, who they will take care of him. That's all he needs. What are the two I am another sudo vi mountains La La hemara v one moving on, the messenger believes in what has been sent down to him from his

00:47:33 --> 00:48:17

Lord, and so do the believers. All of them believe what is an AMA Nebula hear from Allah eager to hear good to be God? These are the tenants of our faith. These are the pillars of our pillars of Eman. The point of this journey or the thing that I'm trying to highlight to you today is what is true faith. This these are the pillars of faith, believing in Allah, His angels, the revelation he sent before the the messengers that he said before they say Llandovery, pobeda had him midosuji we do not differentiate between any of his messengers, that is our aqeedah that's what we believe. All messengers were from last patata all scriptures are originally from Allah subhanaw taala we accept

00:48:17 --> 00:48:44

and believe them, we hold the Prophet so we are role models. This last IR says la you can live long enough sunny la was our how God does not charge a soul with more than it can bear. The fruit of a man is understanding life will never get too hard, is going to be hard. tests will come Well, it will never be impossible. It will never be unbearable. A lost Papa has said this locally for long enough son in law was

00:48:45 --> 00:48:54

the religion will never become unbearable. If things is getting if things are getting too hard in the faith. There are exceptions. There are there's like a

00:48:55 --> 00:49:39

release valve for the pressure that's built in the religion at all costs. If a person is sick, they can skip fasting. The person is you know, tired because they're traveling. They can shorten their prayer and make up the fast later if a woman is pregnant and she's feeling you know, very difficult time of fasting, exemptions are made. exemptions are made throughout the religion because now you can live alone absent in Llosa is you cannot be certain whether your clothes are clean or not. Now you can live alone Epson levels are high you will need to as much as you can. The rest you are not responsible for try your best to keep yourself clean. If some you know splashes of impure materials

00:49:39 --> 00:49:59

are on your codes, you can control that you can you know, change that. Don't worry about it. The religion does not overburden and overpower us life will never overburden and overpower us. That is a understanding of true faith and do our is the fruit of the faith.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:13

Rub banana to hidden in nesina our foreigner Our Lord, do not make us do not take us to test if you forget or make a mistake. Our Lord Do not place on us a burden like the one you placed on those before a banana.

00:50:14 --> 00:50:21

Jimena Elena this one gamma Hamiltonian venum Kadena Robin, I would love to have Minamata HaNavi our Lord Do not

00:50:22 --> 00:51:09

place upon us a burden that we do not have the strength of beer while our foreign partners well Filipina, forgive us or Hamner Have mercy on us, and the molalla you our Lord and sustainer. And so not only caffeine, help us help us against those who deny the truth. Beautiful Dora, I encourage you to make it. The next surah is Surah Al e Imran Ali Imran begins with the same statement that adequacy began with Allah Allah, Allah, Allah who will tell you, there is no day to save him the living the Sustainer the two glorious names of a lot, but then he mentions his revelations nuts that are illegal keytab the book, okay, which is the Quran, it fulfills. It's the it's the truth. And it

00:51:09 --> 00:51:27

fulfills the predictions that are in a total while in jail, or in the scriptures that came before the Koran is a verification of those scriptures, the Koran is coming to tell us what those scriptures lost that originally they had

00:51:29 --> 00:52:00

or unsettle for on the Quran is alpha corn, the standard by which to discern the true from the false. This is a very beautiful intro to the surah because as I mentioned before, the surah is going to talk about other faiths. Like especially, excuse me, especially the Jews and the Christians, those who we share the tradition with the Abrahamic tradition with this surah is going to talk a lot about them. Let me go to that passage. m. This

00:52:02 --> 00:52:54

Surah Surah Allah is a beautiful surah it actually talks about things that are very, very beautiful in the world very attractive, the desires of the world. Are there are are easy or accessible. But what's better than the desires of this world and the pleasures of this world is just not true Johnathan tangerine and to learn how to call in a few How is the gardens, in nearness to their look to their Lord, with rivers flowing through them, meaning true faith is preferring the life of the next world. That's what true faith is preferring the Acura not the donia we build in the dunya Of course, but we all we prefer the Arthur, okay. True Faith is in Edina in the law Hill Islam is

00:52:54 --> 00:53:07

number 19. True Religion in Allah site is complete submission to Allah and that is Islam. That is what Islam means submission. without compromise.

00:53:08 --> 00:53:26

We try we mistakes are, are to be expected missed. It's impossible not to make mistakes. That's why we have the idea of repentance making up for our mistakes, saying sorry, making rap giving reparations, asking a lot for forgiveness. But

00:53:27 --> 00:53:34

commitment without compromise is the attitude. And that is what Islam is in denying the law Hill Islam.

00:53:35 --> 00:54:06

True Faith is following the sooner like the Prophet Solomon is told here, when in control to have one a lot of autonomy early. If you love God, follow me and God will love you and forgive you your sins. God is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Obey Allah and the messenger. This is not like the Messenger of Allah. wa salam is not just someone who was sent and you live in a time and that was it. He is a role model for us at all times falassarna and his way is the way to salvation.

00:54:07 --> 00:54:18

Now the surah turns to the family of Iran okay. And the last on my time is almost up but I will try my best to get give you a bit of a summary inshallah of this, okay.

00:54:19 --> 00:55:00

In Morocco, the family of Emraan starts here in the last of Anima new Han, Allah Ibrahim Allah Allah imraan Arlen, I mean, God chose Adam and Noah and the family of Abraham in the family of Iran. Above all his creatures don't return back to home in bulk or low sum in the offspring of one another and God hears all and knows all. This is if all of them are with quality. muratore maronna Robbie in order to look at Murphy, botany Mohan Robin, but the humble mini remember when the wife of Iran said, My Lord, I have dedicated what is in my womb entirely to your service, except this from me. You are the one that

00:55:00 --> 00:55:31

Who hears and knows all. But then when she gave birth, she thought she was giving birth to a boy who will become dedicated to the worship of Allah. But then she found out in Nicola to her own thought I have given birth to a girl. And God knew very well what she had given birth to a meal is not like a female this female is going to be very special. In these are made to her Maria I have named her Mary and have placed her and her children in your protection from the rejected Satan.

00:55:32 --> 00:55:51

This is a very beautiful intro to the family of Iran. These were faithful people, they wanted to devote their lives to a lost power. They wanted to worship Allah, a moron is married to this lady here in Ramadan witches, and in the books of

00:55:53 --> 00:56:41

Iran and zaccaria. They're married to sisters, and neither of them had kids, neither of them had kids. Then finally, Ron's wife is pregnant. And she gives birth to Miriam even though they were expecting a boy. They wanted their children to become monks who worship Allah, without any commitments to the world. And that's how, you know, in the Christian Christian tradition has these idea of a monastery, a person who's dedicated only to the worship of Allah, and not to the world in any way. And usually those were men. So when Marian was born, this was like a surprising thing. How can he girl be in a monastery, but she was someone who was so incredible and so special that Allah

00:56:41 --> 00:56:49

says her Lord graciously, graciously accepted her and made her grow and goodness and entrusted her to the care of Zachariah, her, her.

00:56:51 --> 00:57:34

Her Hulu, basically the husband of her holla. Every time Zachariah visited her in her chamber, he found that she had this. She had a provision she had food, and he would ask who brought you this food because she wasn't working. Remember, she's dedicated to the word human will love. She's not even going out to purchasing anything. A monk would stay in a monastery. So this was shocking to Zachariah. He's like, how come you're getting where's where's this food coming from? And she said, who I mean I in the law, it is from a law in the law. piezocone your shirt will be lady sub. You see the incredible feat of our of Madame alayhis salam that she's telling him this is a miracle from

00:57:34 --> 00:57:53

Allah, Allah has provided for me, and a law provides for whoever he wants. That's when Zucker Zakaria realized it came to his mind when Alexander as a career robber, he said, My Lord, grant me by your own by your own grace, virtuous offspring, You are the hero of all prayers or law if you can give money and

00:57:54 --> 00:58:26

fruit and fruit miraculously, you can also give me a child miracles because he was too old, he was actually a point where natural birth would be impossible. But alas, pata miraculously gave him the his son for another two melodica to work on him when you suddenly feel anila how you wish you Luca biaya. Allah is giving you the good news of john, who shall confirm the word from God and shall be outstanding among

00:58:27 --> 00:59:07

men and utterly chaste, and a prophet from among the righteous. What we'll do is inshallah, we'll stop here, and we'll pick up the story of Elijah Moran tomorrow, and finish it be in the light as well. My apologies for going a little bit over time. And we spent a little bit more time in the beginning of the of the Jews especially because, of course he was there. And all these other beautiful students were there. When shantala from tomorrow, we will pick up from the story of the family background because I really don't want to shortchange their amazing story and the lessons from there barakallahu li comb does akmola hair and I will see you all in Sharjah tomorrow Same

00:59:07 --> 00:59:13

time, same place. Monica Loma, we have the Ganesha Delilah highlanda stuffers will be like Santa Monica Mara la here.

00:59:20 --> 00:59:21

No yaku

True faith is…
– Understanding Allah (Ayatul Kursi)
– Not forced
– Understanding Resurrection after Death
– Spending for the sake of Allah
– Ethical Business Practices
– Pillars of faith (2nd last ayah)
– Fruit of faith (last ayah)
– Preferring the Life of the Next World
– Islam, submission without compromise
– Following the Sunnah

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