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you know hamdulillah

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I was setting

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myself up who was studied what would it be like

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to sit down and say at the

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end can level

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or may you live

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in La Jolla who actually

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was Mohammed Abu who are pseudo or Sophia who invaded the country he was a real

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To The Moon Yeah.

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wahala coming has a job.

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In lamacchia garlic McKeever

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salida lucidly useful Ella from American

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Sula, who was an Athena.

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Almighty Lord says,

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America Americana vocally you become the whole new

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when you become

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a new hair, mostly from the first 117 or so rock hood.

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In this verse, Allah Subhana Allah Allah tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that your Lord Mohammed is not or was not or will not.

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will not destroy

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Nations civilizations will not wipe out

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any community

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and this word has two or multiple actually explanations.

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And the two possibilities, one is the most obvious.

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Meaning that Allah subhana wa tada would not be wrong, or will not be any civilization, any nation, any town, any group of people, any individual, then that the recipient of the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala will always be and will only be someone who was deserving of it.

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Allah subhanaw taala does not also panel that will always be and will only be someone who was deserving of it.

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A loss of private data does not destroy the innocence.

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So, rest assured

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that Allah has forbidden himself from injustice, and he declared it to be forbidden amongst us.

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The laws of Hamlet Allah says in the one to one morality, well you have to obey

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Allah tala taller, so I declared it to be forbidding upon myself.

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And it is forbidden amongst you so wrong, not one another. Don't be unjust Don't be unfair to one another.

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So we can

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be certain and confident that somehow no Tyler will never wrong anyone. So kind of with that, well, honey, he doesn't need to.

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Not only that, but the last man for I don't know who they are, that did come in Chicago to him what

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was the loss of habitat and benefit from punishing you?

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What would get lots of hands on with the added benefit from

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or destroying you.

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So lots of hammer data will only punish someone or destroy someone who was worthy of it. Now, the other explanation of this seems to be the one that is intended when locked data I don't have the data knows best. The meaning here actually is if we look into the the word volume, one of the meanings one of the primary meanings of the word would is shift or

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shift means to

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set partners or associated Gods with the Watson paradigm or other deities to claim that a loss of power with the other has other forces or individuals or entities that share

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sovereignty, share control share authority, are deserve to be worshipped. Besides, that kind of belief or claim or practice is shift or curve, which means to deny or reject the loss of habitat and deny the truth.

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A loss of habitat in the form

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says alladhina Ave lblv through a man whom belong to the economic

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those who do not mix their belief with wrongdoing or alone. When this verse was revealed, that the companions came and they said unless you do a lot we cannot

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Why are you like me and this email will be alone.

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None of us you know is safe in the apparent meaning of this versus that only those who do not do anything wrong, they don't belong to anyone. If loom here means wronging someone

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only those deserve safety and only those who have assurance from loss of handling data. So the companions were terrified by this curse, they came rushing This is not what this was was the means here. Have you not heard what look man

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was the man said to his son in law with this was the means here. Have you not heard what look man The suit was set to the sun in a ship Caliban Manali

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that shirt,

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associating partners with the loss of Hallo to Allah, his manifesto is the greatest form of abode. That is what this verse is referring to. You can't mix your belief with shift. You can't have elements of shift in your acts of worship You can't have in your life. You can't dedicate anything that should be only dedicated for loss of anodized or other than a wall you can't worship. Anyone got a watch if you mix any of it with your deeds, then this verse applies. So the companions were relieved and they were happy and they were excited, because they know they were the furthest people from

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associating partners with a loss of habitat, they were the furthest people from paganism, they abandoned paganism got out of it, when they experienced and saw the light of the hate and slump. It was. So those, you know, therefore, they submitted to a loss of habitat or fully, right. So the problem somebody was sitting here tells us that one of the meanings, or the primary meaning of the word floating in the air is what the greatest form of one which is ship or fleeing for their,

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or for their ship.

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The scholar said that cover and sugar, as bad as it is, and what I've been learning Meanwhile,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will not destroy a nation or a town or a people

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below them in a simple and this life, it will not be the cause of a community or

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a civilization or society or a country in this life, it will not be the cause of a community or

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a civilization or society or a country

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to be destroyed or wiped out.

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So long as you haven't slept on, as long as the people of that town, the people of that society

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continue to try to fix things. And they continue to advocate for what is right.

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And speak against what is wrong, especially, especially wrongdoing. They continue to advocate for what is right.

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And speak against what is wrong, especially especially around doing

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a loss of cattle without them and not destroy them.

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And the scholar said to me and others said, and this shows us that

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sins or violations people that the types of violations are people committed against one another, the exploitation of the weak

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thronging women

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looking down or taken advantage of minorities.

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Anything that leads any group of people or any individual or any family or any clan,

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to wrong any other part of that community or society. If that becomes rampant, if that becomes prevalent, if that becomes widespread, and nobody's speaking, guess it, nobody's fixing it, and nobody's doing anything about it. And even the good people who are not engaged in these kinds of actions, they're hopeless, they're helpless. And they say there's nothing we can do about it. And they give up.

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When nothing, when these people cannot do anything, or they decide not to do anything, and nobody's changing anything, and nobody's speaking against anything. Guess what, that's when divine intervention takes place. And that's when the forces

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when a wants to manifest his ultimate

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And when that comes,

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then it leaves no one behind pause, look, study, read, reflect,

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go back in history and see what caused civilizations or nations to perish. Lots of different causes. And I'm also gonna tell this profit and its companion, that people have had one of the money of civilizations that ever existed on the face of this planet, for those of us who bragged about a few 100 years or a few 1000 what happened.

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A loss of habitat is an element of our case. What can we add?

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Have you not seen with your Lord has done to add years of power or history means nothing.

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It means nothing, nothing in the eyes of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And the question that you should, where are they?

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Where are their armies? Where's their technology? What happened to them? They left behind great side, ask yourself or we should ask ourselves is what happened to those ancestors that we find pride in? And we say we are the descendants are the children of such and such and such and such? Where are they?

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Where are their armies? Where's their technology? What happened to them, they left behind great signs

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of their minds

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and their power.

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That's everything that they built behind them. That's all of their wealth, possessions, everything behind but they were gone along somehow to wipe them out what happened to them.

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They're not in charge anymore. their descendants are not

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In Charge anymore, what happened?

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We have to ask ourselves, Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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that of the causes of the four nations or communities to be destroyed is why either Arjuna

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and amapola. Who trophy her? Well, first of all, we have a half body even older for the modern limited meals.

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What we require of us there are a mandala with raffia.

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A loss of habitat that tells us that when we give commandment, to those whom Allah Subhana, Allah blessed with wealth and power, to the elites of any society, we put them in charge. And automatically the elites of any society are in charge. Or if you're in charge in any community, or society, or country, you automatically become the elite.

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So that's given a loss of patents. Allah says, we give our commandment to the leaves.

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But what do they do? They believe that they're above the law.

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Whether the leads are a particular family, or a particular clan, or a particular ethnicity, or a particular skin color, or race.

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elites are different, different societies are different. They have different

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so whatever it is, that makes them the elites, they when they start acting and behaving like they're above the law,

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when they start behaving like they're invisible, and nobody can stop them or speak against their wrongdoing, or correct their corruption or fight their corruption, what happens

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in justice,

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intercede or intervene.

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When a criminal case involving a woman from shouldn't even if it's a nation of non believers, so long they uphold justice.

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And I'm also paddle dial and may and will destroy a nation even if they're made of Muslims or believers. If they compromise justice,

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the problem so a lot more I'll even send them such as companions. Remember, when someone came to the problem solver love while he was setting them

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and wanted to

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intercede or intervene

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with a criminal case involving a woman from a very respectable

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client clap from courage, but he must assume.

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But he must know for those who don't know, they were the tribe or the clan. They were the clan of Abuja had people like Elijah has had you know what he

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and his father will lead him in the memorial. These were

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the elites have of Polish,

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a member from that a female member of God clan, committed a crime for which she was going to be punished.

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And they went to one of the companions of the province of a walker legal center, who was very, very close to the province of Alberta, he was

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the son of zaytoven had Ethan who used to be at some point, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, adopted son before adoption was applied.

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So they went to Sam and they said, Nobody can speak to the Prophet sallallaahu send them about this case except you. Were asking for clemency.

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Reduce the punishment letter of that we'll do anything we can have one of our own, receive a punishment like this.

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And one of the problems on the long run even second the Prophet was furious.

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And he made that very famous declaration of his he says, If you hadn't even alluded

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to it, teammates have been told

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wonder the UFC big.

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props are seldom swears by loss of handling talent. If father the mother, daughter of Mohammed, he doesn't even say faulted. My my daughter said a faulty mother, daughter of Mohammed.

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Once you have committed that same offense, she will be punished. She will not be spirit. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a very clear point and reminded his companions and everyone he said in Nevada coming up you know that what caused those who are before you to be destroyed? By Allah subhanho wa Taala is the fact that under homie that startup company who shed evil

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Don't worry that sort of available. But

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the issue with those who were before me was that when someone from the leads when someone from those who are famous and rich,

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or someone from from you know, that belongs to a particular family or a particular clan or a particular social class, when anyone commits an offence, they will let them off the hook.

00:20:29--> 00:20:33

They will, they will not punish them. They're above the law.

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However, with anyone from the masses from the lay people from the riffraff the problem says this is exactly what destroyed him.

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So this is one of the reasons why lots of data destroys a nation or a civilization commits an offense, then that person is brought to justice, and that person is not even justice anymore. So that the justice is not justice anymore.

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The problem is that this is exactly what destroy them.

00:21:03--> 00:21:15

So this is one of the reasons why loss of data destroys a nation or a civilization. When this becomes widespread. When justice becomes a matter selected,

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we'll only do it when it's convenient.

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The other reason why a loss of power data will destroy someone. And by the way, sometimes the destruction can be partial doesn't have to be, doesn't have to be the entire civilization or society.

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And sometimes, it's partial. And sometimes it's also partial or, and gradual, gradual destruction. And sometimes we will think that some aliens are gonna come and just, you know, take over or destroy

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or hijack.

00:21:53--> 00:22:00

No, not necessarily, it could be from within. As a matter of fact, one of the worst forms of destruction is self destruction.

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from within, when a community or a society or a system or a regime starts with floating.

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Next thing, you know, collapses.

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Especially when they feel that they're invincible, that they're safe, that they've got it all under control of us. And as the crisis went along, to mess with the foundation of any structure, what happens a lot of private assets,

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both in that the ceiling, the roof, the ceiling collapses on top of them.

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They don't even see it coming.

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This is what happens. And that's why people have to really, you know, we need to, to wake up,

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we need to wake up.

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And the other reason why you have animations in the crowd is when people stop when people stop speaking

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against corruption, or when they start

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fixing things.

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You know, we need to, to wake up,

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we need to wake up.

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And the other reason why you haven't animations is the paralysis when people stop when people stop speaking against corruption, or when they start

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fixing things, when they stop rectifying matters.

00:23:24--> 00:23:28

When when people have solutions stop providing solutions.

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Or even worse is when they stop caring. And all they care about is their own personal safety in their own worldly prosperity, and happiness.

00:23:41--> 00:23:45

Whatever it is, brothers and sisters that sometimes chiffon comes in deceives us

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with the illusion of saving or preserving whether it is our own safety or our own wealth, or prosperity or status, or whatever it is that we're trying to say, right? People say, Well, I can't do that, you know, like, I can't, I can't risk everything that I worked so hard for. You don't know what happens is that when everything around me falls apart, and you think by being silent, right, you're going to be safe.

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This is one of the most foolish things that we as human beings do.

00:24:21--> 00:24:22

Because the fire is going to get to you.

00:24:24--> 00:24:34

It's going to come to you. And if it's not you, then your children are going to suffer the consequences of your silence of your inaction, of your passivity of your apathy.

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And that's why we have some kind of data calls upon us.

00:24:40--> 00:24:43

A loss of habitat, especially as Muslims,

00:24:44--> 00:24:53

a loss of habitat has come to be omitted over the last you you need to be in the forefront because of loss of contacts and we brought you out for mankind.

00:24:54--> 00:25:00

Humanity needs you. You can't just be like everybody else you can try to fit like that.

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You know, fit in and be like everybody else. You can't. You're not supposed to be. You're supposed to lead. You're supposed to be a better example. You're supposed to outdo other people you're supposed to be, you know better in every sense.

00:25:18--> 00:25:41

So as Muslims, we're required to do our best to call ourselves commit ourselves to the truth and to justice and to what is right. And but it doesn't stop there. We have to also we're obligated by loss of power to Allah, to set an example for other people and to call other people as well. to that which is right and forbid that which is evil.