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Jannah Gems #14 – The Month of Ramadan

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Haifaa Younis

Channel: Haifaa Younis


Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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shahara Madonna lady on zero fee report on the month of Ramadan, the month where does the Ramadan came from the name it's in the Quran. So look at the virtue. It's the month. It's Ramadan is the month that Allah chose from all the 12 months to send his words for the first time in the Navajo field de la tierra.

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We send it down in the night of the power and the night of the power in normal law. That's how the scholars all unanimously agreed that night of the other night of the power is actually in Ramadan because Allah said we send the Quran in the night of power. And Allah said we send the Quran down in Ramadan, we send the twin donlin nasci urbinati min alhuda well for all Why did Allah send the Quran to guide us to teach me to make me sing things clear and to teach me right from wrong for odd right from wrong. Now comes the order Thurman shade me camicia hora Valley Assam

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whomsoever live to see the month

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fat Leah some then they need to fast That's an order in the Arabic language for longer it's an add a verb that comes in with the meaning of order, do it and then Allah gives the the exceptions and finish it. What took me to

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finish the 30 days or 20 days 29 days only to Kabir Allahu Allah Maha Dhaka. So you will always glorify Allah for the near ama he gave us this is another thing I want everyone to feel for lights in him.

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It's a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala sent us a month that will bring us much easier closer to him. Help us much easier to do things that pleases Him. Alhamdulillah well it can be Allah Allah Maha can glorify Allah, that he for what he guided you or guided us, while Allah can touch Kuru and Sue so you may be grateful to Allah.