Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L135D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the differences between the Bible and the current culture, highlighting that the Bible is considered to be a source of happiness and joy for everyone, while the current culture is focused on negative outcomes. The discussion touches on the importance of finding one's body and looking for the god's "any thing you do" to avoid becoming "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to avoid "any thing you do" to
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I was a bit of a genius

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over him.

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That's the number 135. Sort of.

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I am number 30.

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Work Isla de la Vina taco, it was said to those people who feared a law, matter, mother and a lot of bukem. What has your Lord sent down?

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On the one hand, the arrogant ones, they're questioned, what is it that your Lord has sent down? And their responses as athletes are winning?

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And on the other hand, the people of taqwa Allah Dena taco, those people who fear Allah, when they are questioned, what do you say about the Quran? What is your opinion about the Quran? What do you think about it? What is their response?

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How do they say hi, Ron? Good? It's all good. The Quran is all good. If you notice the response has not I believe in it. The response is not or it's difficult, but it's beneficial. The response is not that it is indeed true. What is the response? Hira, it's all good.

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Because this response, it encompasses every positive comment that encompasses every positive comment in it.

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So when they're questioned by people, that what is your opinion about the hole? And they say, Hi, Ron, it's good. And when you say when you describe the Quran, like this height, everybody wants good, isn't it?

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Everybody wants good for themselves.

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So if you describe the Quran like this, automatically, people are going to be more curious, they're going to be more interested in the Quran.

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And remember, the higher what is five, higher is that which is good, that which is beneficial. And it is every good and beneficial thing, something that a person likes something that a person would find beneficial for himself.

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So they say the Quran is good, it is beneficial. You just come and study and you will benefit in some way or the other. This is a solution to your problems. This is the answer to your questions. This is what is going to take you out of your worries out of your problems. This is going to fix your life, Carlo. Hi, Ron.

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Because if you look at it, people all over the world, they're looking for peace, they're looking for answers, they're looking for something that is going to improve their lives, there is going to fix all their problems, which is why people pay so much money to one course after the other course attend one seminar after another one. Why? Because they feel something is missing. They want something good. And where is all of this good in the Quran?

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So Allah says lilina Arsenal for those people who did air San, where he had the adonia in this dunya for them is Hasler for them is good for those people who do air sign in this world for them is good, where in this dunya also for them is Cena in this dunya and what is Hassan? Hassan is every blessing that a person gets in his life, whether it is physical, or it is in circumstances, any blessing, any goodness that a person experiences, whether it is physical, or it is intangible, whether it is in one's body or in one's wealth, or in one's mind, in his experiences, in his circumstances in his family life. So for such people, there is happiness in this dunya and what is this Hasina? A good

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life, a happy content life. It doesn't mean that their life will be free of problems. Because many times it happens that a person who comes closer to the dean, their problems increase.

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Recently, somebody was telling me about a doctor who had mentioned that most of the patients who come to him whose children suffer from like major diseases, they are such people who are very strong in their religion. And I was amazed when I heard that. I think because Allah subhanaw taala tests people who come closer to the deen how through their children.

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One child has a skin problem another child has a breathing problem. Another child has another problem. Why? Because parents are being tested through their children when they come closer to the deen when they try to come closer to Allah soprano Darla

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so hasn't that does not mean that their life will be free of problems. has an A means that no matter what they're going through, they're happy. They're content they have peace of mind. They know that this is also a test. They know that Allah subhanaw taala is testing them and they know that insha Allah there is a job for all of this.

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We learned in the Quran that men are Amina sila hunt mean decadent own Sir wahama Menon fella Nuria now who hired

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Have you ever won an agency and no eduroam B as an American we are Malone. Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, whoever does something good, whether a man or a woman, but the condition is that while he is a true believer than Verity to him, we will give a good life. Such a person will be given a good life to live.

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And we shall certainly reward them in proportion to the best of what they used to do where in the hereafter.

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So, little Athena or Sanofi had he dunia Hassan, Hassan refers to a good life,

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while Adele

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and surely the home of the hereafter it is higher on it is better, better than what better than the reward that they will get in the dunya Yes, and adonia they will have higher complejo but, but the reward that Allah subhanaw taala has secured for them in the hereafter that is much better, while an air medallion looked again, and how excellent is the home of those people who have

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previously read how evil is the home of those people who are arrogant. And here we read that how excellent is the home of those people who have DACA.

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So we see that DACA and is tikvah. They are complete opposites. A person who fears a lot cannot be arrogant. And a person who is arrogant does not fear of law. This is the reality.

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Because the person who fears Allah knows that he is small, and his Lord is the greatest.

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And he knows that if he has to give up something for the sake of Allah and because of that he is looked at as someone who is very small in the eyes of people, then he knows that Allah will elevate him.

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So the arrogant one and the God fearing one are completely different, completely different,

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their ways apart. And this difference is visible in their behavior, in their words in their speech, because when the arrogant are asked what do you say about the Quran? They say a little early. But when the person who hears Elias question what do you say about the Quran he says it's all good. So arrogance is reflected through speech. And duck also is reflected through one speech. A person must acquire he will say that whatever ally is revealed is good because he has revealed it and he has more knowledge than us.

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Jen that are the guardians of eternity Yoda who Luna they will enter it Daydream and tactical and how underneath which rivers flow lagoon fee her Manisha own for them in it is whatever that they desire. gadalla kya de la homotopy in dusters Allah reward those people who have Taqwa again you see the motto cleaner mentioned previously he was being mentioned Mr. Greedy now Motoki, gallica de la homotopy. If you notice, what has mentioned over here, that in general, they will have whatever that they wish, whatever that they desire.

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And if you notice, the home fee have may have shown it hasn't been said lahoma Sharona fee fee have comes first. And v hair hair is what Jenna love. And when the places mentioned first, what does it show that this is the only place where wishes are granted?

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Where a person's desires are fulfilled. This is the only place

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if it was at lahoma Sharona fee her if he would come later, that would show that there are other places as well where you can fulfill your desires. But when fee has mentioned First, it specifies it gives meaning of hustle, the agenda is the only place where your wishes will truly be granted. You may wonder that Indonesia also people desire many things and their wishes are granted. Okay, they are granted however, they're limited, isn't it? Whatever they have is limited. And a person's ultimate wishes What? That he should live and enjoy forever.

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And this wishes granted were in Jenna, because Alec ages 11 with the cane, the Moto teen who live their life in the quad, staying away from what Allah had prohibited controlling their desires, controlling their wishes. In general, how will Allah reward them that every wish of theirs will be granted because Indonesia, they live the life of caution. Because sometimes it happens that Indonesia something you wish you cannot have it something you want to do. You cannot do it something you want to eat. You cannot eat it,

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isn't it? Like for example, you really like this dessert, you go to a particular place and you see it and you just want to have it but you see the ingredients and it's clearly not Hello. Now at that time, don't you have to

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suppress your desire? What is it that's going to make you suppress that desire? It's the fear of Allah.

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And on the other hand, if a person is arrogant, what is he going to think? So what? What's the big deal? completely opposite, right? One is a person who fears Allah, and he controls himself. And a person, on the other hand, does not fear Allah is arrogant, he knows what should be done, but he does not care.

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So a person who lives a life of taqwa Allah will grant his every wish in gender.

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And who are these people with the hand and Latina that are fair, whom Allah equal to those whom the angels take in that? Meaning, when they take their souls in that? What is their state? their state is after you've been once pure, once being very pure, being good and pure play you've been is a Florida and what is

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that, which is good that which is pleasant? That which is nice, agreeable. So what does it mean by this, that when they're sold or taken, they are thought, this is understood in a number of ways. First of all, it has been said that, like you've been meaning clean and good in their efile, and they're

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in their actions and their statements in their behavior, their manners, their words, their speech, they're good.

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Previously, what did we read that when those people who are arrogant, they're questioned, what do you say about the Koran they say, a set of warning.

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When a person was acquires question, he says, Hi, Ron. Good. So when they say it's Hi, Iran, what does that reflect that this person is good in his speech, he's giving a positive comment, as opposed to the other one who was giving such a negative comment. So those who are who are good in their speech in their actions, they die in a state when they're involved in good deeds, when they're involved in saying good words, the up.

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You see, many times it happens, that a person dies. And his last word is what? La Ilaha Illa.

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It's good words coming out of their mouth. They're reciting the Quran, they're doing Vicar of Allah. But on the other hand, there are those people who die, but they cannot say anything good from their mouths, what comes out of their mouth, a swear word, something that is foul, something that is evil that comes out of their mouth. How does it happen? It depends on how a person has lived his life. If a person has lived his life, during an acre of Allah, then at this time as well, what's going to come out of his mouth, they could have Allah. If a person has spent his life saying bad words using foul language, then when he is in pain, what's going to come out foul language foul words are going

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to come out.

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So thank you before they die in a state when they are doing good things when they are saying good things, the up.

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And there incidents where we see, I'm sure all of you have seen videos in which there is a person who is giving the lecture, who is speaking in the masjid sitting on the member. And while he is delivering the hook, but he passes away. Does it happen by chance doesn't happen by chance? It happens when a person is used to doing these things, when he has spent his life doing such things.

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Similarly, a person is found that in the position of such that how does that happen, just by chance randomly he went into surgery, once upon a time and the angel of death came? No, it's when a person is used to doing such things. So alladhina thorofare Herman Miller Ecotopia up.

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So first of all, but you've been in there for a while and they're acquired. Secondly, flavien has also been understood as spiritually clean, spiritually clean in what sense that in their Eman they are cleaned from shake

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in their thinking in their hearts, they are clean from arrogance, in their character in their behavior, they are clean from foul language, foul behavior. And also thirdly to you been has been understood as physically, physically clean, because remember that up to who chatroom

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cleanliness is half of it. It's a major part of it.

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It's very, very important to play up and they die in a state when they're physically clean.

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And we need to analyze ourselves over here. Are we really physically clean our bodies, our hair, our skin? Our amount? Our nails? private areas? How are they like, are they clean? Or are they dirty? We need to check ourselves like you've been clean.

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So allatheena that our farewell melodica to tie up your coluna they will say the angels will say to them, Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you. Earlier, we read

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Those people who are calling me and forcing him When the angels come to take their souls, what do they do? The people in our Salah they try to say Salaam. But over here what's happening the angels are saying Salaam Salaam Alaikum. They were told for the Hulu abueva Johanna, they are told over here are the Hello Janata. Bhima Quantum tomoloo enter Paradise because of what you use to do. So what do we learn that a person who is righteous he is admitted into Ghana, right after his death,

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that his grave becomes a garden of Paradise, a window to Paradise is open for him.

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And we have learned earlier about the Shahada, that their souls are in Jannah in the forms of green birds flying everywhere in general eating of the fruits of Jenna resting on the chandelier is of gentlemen.

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So, immediately, they will be admitted into agenda immediately, they will be given a reward

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and the fact that they are told Auto lagenda Quantum Time Alone This can also be taken as good news that is delivered to them.

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Good News of reward and paradise.

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Allah subhanaw taala says Holly and Luna, are they waiting? Who? The disbelievers

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meaning what are they waiting for? Why are they not changing their ways?

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When a person knows what the truth is, and he still does not accept he still does not change you wonder what is he waiting for?

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Like for example, if a person knows that he should be praying Salah if a person knows they should be giving soccer, if a person knows that she should be wearing hijab, many times people are waiting waiting for what? When I study that I had then I will do

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or sometimes when people are waiting that when I get married, then I will do it when I turn 20 then I will do it. I'll also parents are saying what are they waiting for? Life is too short, Holly and Luna, are they waiting in there and to whom will Mila Makoto except that the angel should come to them meaning the angels of death.

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The angels of death can come at any time you don't know. So if you keep delaying, if you keep waiting to change yourself to improve yourself, to start doing good stuff, how do you know you will get that chance in that 31 melodica to the Robic or the command of your Lord comes. What is the command of your Lord refer to? It refers to the command of death. It can also refer to the command of punishment the decree of punishment and destruction

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karateka ferula, lynham and khopoli him likewise did those people before them also do the people before them? They did the same thing? What did they do? They said we'll wait. We'll see. If really the interest of DEF CON.

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We'll see if really this punishment comes. They did the same thing. They kept procrastinating the cabling. They knew what the truth was, but they still did not accept. So what happened eventually, that overtook them. Eventually, the punishment came upon them. And when they were finished, a las panatela says well mountain mo Allah did not Ronda, a lot did not do any little munden.

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When their time expired, when they had no time left, it wasn't an allowance invest towards them. What I can cannot enforce over meals anymore, but they themselves were doing so they were wronging themselves.

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It wasn't that Allah did not give them a chance. It wasn't that they weren't given a long enough life to live. It wasn't that they did not No, no, Allah subhanaw taala did not run them in any way. They run themselves how, by making wrong choices. by delaying by procrastinating. And over here, we also need to reflect upon ourselves that there are many things that we must be doing. But we keep doing

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that by for example, just reciting the Quran every single day. Again, not the lesson, but reciting the Quran to improve your treat to reflect on the ayah where we keep delaying on the weekend, next week, next month, we keep delaying we keep deferring. And if we keep delaying like this, then we should be fearful that our time can expire any time the angel of death can appear at any time. And we have to see that if the Angel of Death comes what will be my state? Is it a doing limb on myself? Or is it a flare up? Because the way that I live, that is the way that I will die.

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So if I want to die a particular way, I must live like that

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for asaba home, so it reached them. It hit them. It struck them what struck them say to my army to the evils of what they used to do me the evil consequences of the actions that they committed that struck them so he ads refers to the evil consequences of their acts.

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It's just a so for asaba homesafe, ultimate amilo meaning if they were punished with something, it was a consequence of the actions that they had committed,

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while helping him and envelop them, what envelop them, McCann will be Yes Does he own what they used to market? The previous people, they used to mock at the messenger. They used to mock out the punishment, they would say, bring the punishment. This was mockery, and that same punishment that they used to mock at it surrounded them, they were unable to escape it, how often the routers have off, and what does it mean? When something in circles when something surrounds and descends upon it, corners it and descends upon it? And whatever is encircled, there is no way of escape for it. Well, how can we how can we be used as the own they were in compass, they were encircled, unable to escape

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Well, Carla Medina Shaku and those people who do shake, they say lauscha Allahu, if Allah had willed marva, dynamin dooney human Shea, we would not have worshipped anything other than him. This is another excuse that people present for not doing good.

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One reason is, I'll do it later. They keep waiting.

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Another reason is, follow wanted, I would never have done this. If I wanted, I would have gotten the trophies now. I would be doing it already. So if I'm not doing something good, it's because Allah doesn't want me to. And if I'm doing something wrong, it's because Allah wants me to the machine. They said the exact same thing. They said, wirkkala Xena, shako lauscha. Allah, if Allah willed Maribor dynamin duni min che, we would not have worshipped any being other than him.

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the wishes of Makkah would worship many gods. And they would say that because Allah wants us to do it. That's why we're doing it.

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And if Allah wanted, we would not have worshipped any of these beings. National we will not have that will not nor our forefathers, because when they were questioned, why do you worship these idols? What was the response? We found our forefathers doing? So they say, we worship idols, our forefathers worship idols, why? Because Allah wanted us to.

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And if Allah did not want, we would never have done this, we would never have worshipped idols. Similarly, we would never have will have on them in Dhoni human shape, and we would not have made unlawful other than Him mainchain anything at all, meaning other than what he commanded, other than what he prohibited, we would not have prohibited anything else.

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We learned earlier and so to honor the machine, they had made many things unlawful on themselves. And they had made many unlawful things lawful and themselves.

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Like for example, of the animals, they had made, the behera and the Sabre and the ham, and there was sealer, they had made many animals Holloman themselves.

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Similarly, they had these beliefs, that if there is a particular animal, and if it is pregnant, then this fetus cannot be eaten by our women. It can only be eaten by the men, they would say such things. We have studied a lot about that. So they would say that well, I have Romney. I mean, do you mean Shea if we have made these things unlawful? It's because Allah wanted us to where do they get this evidence from? That we are doing this because Allah wants us to you see in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says instead of dead I 30 Amata Sha una Illa insha Allah,

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you cannot will except if Allah wills,

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meaning you cannot do anything unless and until Allah allows for you to do it. So they say that if we're able to do this, it's because Allah wants us to do it. And many people have the same excuse today. If I don't wear the hijab, Allah doesn't want me to. If I don't pray, Allah, Allah doesn't want me to. If I don't give the cat, Allah doesn't want me to. If I drink alcohol, it's because Allah wants me to. Because nothing happens without the will of Allah. And if I'm doing this, it's because Allah has willed it. Allah says Cavalli parallella dinniman

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likewise did the people before did meaning they said the exact same things for Allah Allah lucidly so is upon the messengers in there except Allah who will be in the clear, convey meaning, the duty of the messenger is only to convey the message. And at the end, the choice is left to to the people.

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So over here, we see that the machine, they used to present this as an excuse as a justification for the wrong things that they used to do. And many people present similar excuses.

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

And what is that excuse? What is the justification that alone

00:25:00 --> 00:25:09

wants me to do it. You see, we learned earlier about the difference between what Allah likes and what Allah allows.

00:25:10 --> 00:25:23

If Allah has commanded something, what does it mean? He likes it, if he has commanded it, like, for example, Allah has commanded us to pray. Allah has commanded us not to do shake.

00:25:24 --> 00:25:27

So if Allah has commanded something that is what he likes,

00:25:28 --> 00:25:33

but if Allah allow something to happen, then it does not mean that he loves that thing.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:41

Allah has given freedom of will freedom of choice to people, why because this life is a test.

00:25:42 --> 00:26:20

And Allah has allowed everyone to do whatever they want. People are allowed to do shape people are allowed to kill one another people are allowed to lie, people are allowed to cheat, this freedom, this freedom of will is there in this dunya. And if there was no such freedom, then this life would not be a test, isn't it? This life would not be a test, then we should not be questioned in the hereafter as to why we did whatever we did. So if Allah has allowed something to happen, it does not mean that he necessarily likes it. It does not mean that but when Allah is commanded something, that is what he likes.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:35

So people in order to justify the wrong things that they do they say, I am doing this, because Allah wants me to do it. How does Allah want me to do it, because he has allowed me to do it. And this shows that he likes that for me. And if Allah did not like that, for me, I would never be able to do it.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:46

And it's very strange, that when it comes to dunya, when it comes to worldly matters, if a person has less money, he doesn't say, I have whatever Allah has given me. What does he do?

00:26:47 --> 00:27:15

He strives he tries to make more money. Similarly, if someone is being unfair, he doesn't say, oh, Allah likes this, for me to happen. Allah has allowed for me there's no a person will go, he will take revenge, he will yell, he will argue he will fight, you will do so many things. But when it comes to the religion, people are so accepting, they say, Oh, this is what Allah wanted from me. And therefore I am doing whatever Allah wanted me to do. It's very strange. We have double standards. And this is hypocritical. This is hypocrisy.

00:27:17 --> 00:27:43

And if you look at it, at least at this, when he did something wrong, what did he say? For Bhima awakening, you lead me astray. He blamed Allah subhanaw taala. So if a person says that if I'm doing something wrong, and Allah wants me to do it, this is following the footsteps of the police. Because this is not taking responsibility for your actions, instead of blaming others for the choices that you're making.

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