Ismail Kamdar – Summary of Juz 26 – Surah al-Hujaraat

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker gives a recitation of the Quran on the importance of good character, including the surah, which focuses on the importance of not following rules and not being suspicious of others. The surah also highlights the need to reconcile between two cultures and avoid being racist. The speaker recommends studying the verses of the surah and advises individuals to make laws for their own communities.
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So, today's recitation includes the 26 Jews of the Quran. And this Jews is made up of many different suitors all of which have their own teams and their own topic. So I'm just going to choose one surah to discuss tonight. And that is one of my favorite students in the Quran, Surah Al who gerat Surah jurati 49 chapter of the Quran is a short Medina in Surah, made up of just 18 verses. And another name that this surah was known by amongst the early Muslims was surah o'clock, the chapter of good character, because in these 18 verses are the primary principles of good character, what do we need to do in order to have the afterlife and the adult the characters and the mannerisms of a true

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Muslim. And this is something that often gets lost. You know, when we talk about Islam, we tend to talk about the laws we tend to talk about the beliefs, but we ignore very often we ignore the character side of it, which is just as important. And so this entire surah focuses on what is good character. So for amongst the lessons in the surah. Number one, the surah begins by talking about our character with Rasulullah sallallahu I think he was setting up now for the Sahaba this was something they had to practice with the Rasulullah saw some in person where they had to lower their voice in front of him and be humble in front of him. For us, this should be our relationship with

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how we talk about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, but also how we deal with the Hadees. When the ratio about what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said or did that we should also have good character for interacting with the sources of Islam as well. Then the surah goes on to discuss the importance of not following rumors and slander, where Allah subhanaw taala is in the sooner Oh, you will believe

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if a if a person who is of doubtful character brings you any information verified right to this to this ruler tells us to verify information. And in this day and age, the age of fake news is so important that we verify information almost every day, we have the same story, somebody forwards something on WhatsApp, somebody else is fake, right? If we just verified first, then we would avoid that. Then the surah goes on to talk about the importance of reconciling between Muslims who are fighting each other. And if two Muslims or two groups amongst the Muslim, the two Muslim countries get into a war with each other, or a fight with each other, or anything like this, our job is to try

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and make peace between them. And these verses say that the Muslims are equal to their brothers, and so make peace between your brothers. And then there are two verses that highlight in this of prohibition in terms of what we say about each other, right. So these two verses prohibit things that we should say the things that we should never say about each other or to each other. So from the things prohibited in these verses is do not use vulgar nicknames, do not call people by nicknames that they find offensive from the things mentioned in these verses is do not backbite each other from the things mentioned in these verses is do not even think bad about others without a good

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reason. Do not be suspicious of others. Right and do not spy on each other do not look into each other's faults. And this is something also people don't realize as a part of our religion, our religion values privacy, and is haram to look into other people's private lives to try and find out what the secret sins are. This is something that's her Amina allowed to pry into somebody else's private life to do so is itself isn't wherever somebody doesn't secretly between them and allow for somebody else to try and look into it is actually essential in this surah Allah tells us Do not think bad about each other, do not spy on each other do not back by each other. And in verse 13, the

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most famous verse in the sutra, Allah subhanaw taala condemns racism and tribalism and all types of feeling superior to somebody else, saying that Allah created us into different groups and nations so we can get to know each other, and that the only criteria for who is better in the sight of Allah is once hired. So if we had to follow the verses of the surah, we will be able to eliminate many of the problems in our communities. Because most of the community problems we deal with fall into one of the categories mentioned in the surah. Whether it's spreading false information, whether it's racism, whether it's unique ism, or whether it's backbiting or whether it's spying on people,

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whether it's thinking bad about others. All of these things are the core causes of problems and fitna in society. And so this is why I highly recommend every Muslim family take the time to study the issue right only 18 verses study these 18 verses would they have seen in details apply to your life and inshallah then we'll be able to live a better life more in line with the character and teachings of Islam and you'll be able to avoid many of the fights that occur in our communities. Before we enter the mind to everyone in the last few nights please make law for the people of Palestine. If what is going on here. This is the time it was answered. And we don't know who's to

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our may be answered unless you want to assist our brothers in Palestine and in China and anywhere else to do something or press release

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Mr. Su punto Salama mousseline Welcome to you.

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