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Quranic Gems – Juz 02

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Quran Weekly

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Episode Notes

Are we remembering Allah the same way as we did in Ramadan? Are we still attending the masjid like we did in Ramadan?

Do you worship Ramadan or Allah? [Juz 2] – Nouman Ali Khan

Episode Transcript

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you really don't know who be como nuestra vida de Du de como la so when he took Milan Ida, when he took up below la la vida como la la como, Rouen, la la mina shagreen, Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly, in I am number 185. We're now on the second just day two of Ramadan. I wanted to take one piece of this long is this beautiful idea about Ramadan that I've talked about extensively on other occasions, but just highlight one thing at towards the end of the ayah. Allah says, Why did I give you these 30 days? And what is what are some of your goals and objectives? He says, Well, he took me like that. So you complete the count. So this count is important. Like it has something to do with

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your your relationship with a licensed slave and your spiritual development, finished the count, it's a target, it's a program and that program to be successful for you. You need to finish this count. So take the fasting everyday, seriously, right? But then he says we need to compute Allah, Allah mahanakhon. So that you declare a lot of greatness based on how he guided you by lama haidakhan, which is interpreted literally as you know what aid we're going, we're declaring the less greatness because as we're going to the prayer, what is everybody saying? Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, we're declaring the lowest grades and says, We're going right. But what's

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really awesome about this is it's not limited to the act of read when we Excel and we do a lot of tech aid, we say a lot, a lot of a lot, but rather, it's actually also something very powerful, that you maintain the recognition that Allah is greater. And the priority of Eliza greater priority than all the other sins and all the other disobedience you're up to now that this count of days is over 30 days is enough for you to establish a habit of obeying the law and being conscious of him and watching your eyes and keeping control of your tongue and all of these things. And if you can even stay away from hollow things for 30 days, then staying away from haram things which should be a lot

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easier for you once these 30 days are over. So at the end of the road, and he says so you can truly declare my greatness. Now that this month is done based on how I've guided you Well, it took a bit of Lucha alhama.com so you can declare a lot of greatness based on how he guided you. So this is this is really the Jew the fruit of Ramadan is going to be you know how Allah becomes a big priority normal done. But one of his purposes is he remains a priority after Ramadan Look, it's inside the IRC, how many helpers you hear about how, you know Ramadan is over. But don't forget Allah. Allah Himself said it. Allah Himself said that when he took a bit of Allah, Allah medical, when I looked

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into Sharon, and so that you could be grateful, you should be grateful you get to make a bigger priority in your life than your own. Your own personal whims, your own personal desires, your own temptations, right you get your You should be grateful that so much of humanity doesn't have this honor and you do a lousy job make use of the Grateful and May Allah make us of those that when these beautiful 30 days are over, that we truly declare Allah greater in everything that we do, and we lower ourselves now humble ourselves before His commandments and before you know and make him the priority in our life. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum Quran Weekly.

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