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Episode 28 – Surah Al-Falaq – Nouman Ali Khan

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find out regime similar man and Joakim on our automobile a bill feller Shani mahalo

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Chablis. hos you can either walk up one shoveling in the first 30 feet of odd woman shall the house he didn't either said, rubbish actually somebody will Silly me. Dr. Millis any of our poly for hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Honda and he was suffering from that my bad sort of follow up is a slide that describes the potential evils that exist outside of ourselves that we cannot see that we must seek refuge from. There are lots of narrations about the sutra. They're all very beautiful. So let's go through them in shallow diner and Chateau de la jolla and Hong Kong. And also leisler Salim Khanna is a is a stock if he'd been more aware that Bill Maher with that well, young

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fellow, my fellow Mr. W who come to UCLA on a well I'm suburbia de la vaca Tea House of Harlem Ah, she says that when the prophet SAW Selim used to get sick or be in pain of any kind, he used to recite all our old available Fanuc and put our older Filipinas between us and then he used to blow upon himself and then do massage over his body. But he said when he would get really sick and he couldn't even move, then I used to actually recite it onto him and I would use his hands to do the massage and do them on myself to hoping that I would get some of the benefit the Baraka and I shall de la putana Bisa Khanna is an hour illa falacci Kula Leighton Gemma aka fakie manifester FEMA for

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Cora FEMA coup Allahu Ahad vocal Falak vocal Ruby robinus. The prophet SAW them every time he returned to bed, he will tell you time would come to go to sleep. Every single time he hold his hands together, he would blow into them three times spitting without releasing spit like that. And then he would do this for the Nevada FEMA or at least once and then he would recite a class Falak and NASA last two thirds of the Quran and then he would wipe those hands over him from Leon Sahabi Hema Mustapha I'm in just a D, as much as he could over his entire body, you have the OB Hema, see he he would start both of his hands over by his head, which he then his face will not be here and

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what is in front of his body will follow danika Salah sama Ratan and he used to do that three times over every single night the prophets I seldom used to do that. I imagine how much more we need it if the Prophet needed it solid arsenal. So now we're learning that he does this when he's physically in pain. We also notice that he does this every single night as a spiritual protection for himself as well. So Panama, then you read Colorado Sula, his alarm solemn lambda and I'm Tara iottie. Ooh, la la la, la mula Miss, sorry.

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Zenit La La, la Mira, Miss Luna cut.

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Venus. Now we're learning the both of the sutras sort of Allah casselton us actually came down in one night, they came down together. So he says to the companion, didn't you see the ayat that have come down in one night, the likes of which have never come down and that he recited both of these solos. So the Prophet himself is describing these two sutras as in comparable to the rest of the Quran. And in the vessel Allahu

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Allah, Miss Luna, who are a little bit of business in Africa Sudoku, I was a bit a bit fed up.

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And then the prophets I saw them said, you know, Allah has revealed to me today the likes of which have never been seen before, and you know, and never been experienced before even you could say, and he recited Nason, Fennec and then finally, a beautiful Hadith Rockabye Mohammed journey kala, kala, kala Li, Li Salaam.

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Aqua says the prophet SAW someone they came to him and said, say, and he says mama called and what should I say? Say what? And he said, All who Allahu Allah,

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of a bit of business recited all three IR in their entirety for Cora hoonah Rasulullah sallallahu is not God. Then he recited all three of them and then he said, let me attack I was in NASA we miss lee Hannah Elia was a natural. We miss Nina as a new different statement before it was nothing like this has been seen before. Now he says, the people have not sought protection like this ever before. The kind of protection that is given in this laws has never been given before. These two schools are a protection of a believers heart. The heart is the most valuable faculty we have. Why? Because that faculty secures our faith. That heart is in trouble from entities from dangers from the outside of

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ourselves and inside of ourselves. So to follow up protects us from the dangerous

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That hit us from outside of ourselves from jealousy from people that mean us harm from people who do propaganda against us. People that are you know, even trying to, like, you know, engage in magic or call on genes and all this kind of crazy stuff people, all kinds of harms are wished upon you by people, and in ways you know, in ways you don't know. And this surah will protect you and shield you from all of what's happening, and all of the ill will. And in this world, we're also learning so hard Allah Subhana Allah, that the jealousy from people is a real evil, it can really hurt you. In ways you may not realize, and you need protection from jealousy. You need protection from jealousy

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and that's why you should respect us or I'm Eliza Jamaica's diligent and reciting these surahs these three of them every single night and seek protection and May Allah make us of those who are healed and protected by means of their blessing. barakallahu li walakum salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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