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Episode 27 – Surah Al-Ikhlas – Nouman Ali Khan

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Hello Jean

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Myrna Joakim all who Allahu Ahad Allah Samad me a little while um you want me Aquila whoa when I had rubbish, surely Sunday were silly Emily Ragnarok that Emily Sandy of the Hong Kong event handling level salatu salam or another Sula. rather early. He was a huge marine from about once again everybody said I want to live with a cattle. I want to start introducing sort of the class to you. But first of all by saying that the prophets I said I've had a special love for the solar, the most beloved of the prayers, it seems in the Quran that's highlighted like no other prayer is the fudger prayer Allah calls it or another word, the word called is not attributed with any other prayer the

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way that fudger prayer is, that's why it's called called the Koran of pleasure time. The prophet SAW Selim in the Sunnah prayer of fudger, would regularly recite Soto last and Sultan, sort of sort of caffeine. So both of these sutras he will recite very, very regularly. On top of that, there are several not one several occasions in which the prophets lie to them in one way or the other described the sutra as a third of the Quran. This is important not just because that's a reinforced concept. In other words, okay, find its value reciting it once. It's like you recited a third of the Quran. It's actually also important that the prophecy kept re emphasizing that he kept saying it

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over and over and over again, this is a telling thing, because the prophecies have doesn't do this regularly for so many other suitors. You don't find lots and lots of narrations about a sutra over and over and over again. But you do that. Do you find that for this surah in particular, and it's perhaps because of that emphasis that you find this curious belief that will read on to you

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that the prophet SAW a solo came across a person Canada clodius, Habibi Salatin for Justin Cole, who Allahu Ahad phenomenological, dakka, dakka. Susana, there was a man who used to read lead the prayer and every record he finished he would finish it with hula hula hula had like he would pray kulula word all the time. And so salutely he is now with Alec the proposition said go ask him why does he do that? For what purpose does he does he recite to the class all the time, for godly

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man. He said because it's the its attributes. It describes the Most Merciful. Even though the word man is in here, this man saw the source of the class has the the mercy and the love of a light encapsulated in it similar to mine, for another one, I cannot be her. So that's why I love that I read the prayer with it remind people of the love and care and the essential qualities of a man of Allah for colada sudo, La La La Jolla for them blue and

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the province I said Go tell him Allah loves him. Tell that person Allah loves him. So his love of Islam has led to Allah loving him. So we should have a special love for social class. So the question arises What's so special about social class? I mean, it seems like it's teaching a really basic lesson. One, he doesn't have children, nor was he be gotten done. Nothing can be compared to him seems like very simple, basic concepts of tawheed. So what's the big deal of that sort of class, you should understand something here? The Quran teaches three fundamental beliefs. The Quran teaches about God. The Quran teaches about the afterlife. And the Quran teaches about revelation three

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things. Basically, every other belief falls in one way or the other under these three, you know, a Mandela, Mandela, Mandela, Salah faith and faith in God, faith in the afterlife faith in Revelation. You know, even if we say we believe in angels, it's the angels who deliver revelation it's the unseen, right? We once once we say we believe in a light, all of his names, all of his attributes, all of his doings. When we believe in the afterlife, it includes what happens in the grave judgment, they haven't held all of it, right. So if you look at it that way, one third of those is just belief in Allah. And that belief in the lies summed up better here than anywhere else in the Quran. If you

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understand what this what I saying, then you're good to go. you've, you've accomplished one third of those essential feats. And actually, the other two are only a necessary consequence of this first one, you will only truly believe in the afterlife if you believe in God. And you can only truly believe in Revelation if you believe in Allah to begin with. So the other two are actually spawned out of this faith, the faith in Allah.

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That's one thing. And the other thing that I feel is equally important is its placement. You know, when people start out on a project on a task, and they've been struggling to accomplish victory, and get somewhere with it for a long time. Along the way, as you gain more and more victory, it's easy to lose sight of why you started, where you started and why the Muslims have had many battles with the operation. They've gone to conflict multiple times.

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They've gone back and forth. And now finally Islam is going to be victorious and one day when it's victorious, you might lose Why were we fighting? Was it for territory was it so we could break idols because I became us versus them, not us for a cause, or causes not versus them our causes something much greater. And our cause was, is and always will be the unique fate and faith in this unique unparalleled God. the oneness of Allah. Why are we trying to liberate the Kaaba so at last is established to Allah, people only and only worship Allah. So after describing Elijah is reliable After opening the doors to that victory by getting rid of Abu lahab now Alice has never lose sight

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of your goal. Why are you believers to begin with? Why are you struggling to begin with? What is the entire life of the prophets I said, I'm culminate in it culminates in instilling this sincere love and loyalty and worship to Allah. In every human beings heart. That's why the Goblin was liberated. And that's why social class is so so important. And that's in a sense, why the Prophet nation would keep reminding the believers of this law because it reminds them why they are Muslim to begin with, what this Deen is all about. It's about their relationship directly with Allah from a you know, if I was giving a lecture on this surah out, I would describe to you the remarkable linguistics of this

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surah I mean, it is absolutely fascinating from a grammatical point of view, that the word Allah is followed by the word I had done, you know, and then the word alleged repeated again, Allah summit, and then there's no lie, there's no XML. So instead of saying Allah has to let the llama breaks off and says let me live while I'm EULA, but that's for another time inshallah Tada, for now, all I want to share with you is, you know, why is it consultant class, the classes in the surah the word class is not in the sutra. This surah is actually about refining your faith in God and purifying that faith and what we're learning is, the more you're in your mind in your heart, that concept of a less

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refined, the more sincere you will become in everything that you do. So just grant us all sincerity in everything that we do. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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