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Episode 29 – Surah An-Nas – Nouman Ali Khan

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Raji smilla Myrna Joaquim

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I've been mannequin

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Allah letting us we Sophie's pseudocode in

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Matthew one. Obviously somebody were silly Emily Wagner loksatta melissani of cocoa leaf and handled LLC that was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was happy he banned from Ahmedabad once again everybody. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The last rule of the Quran sultanas. First, I'd like to tell you something about its placement. It's actually it's sort of a class where so called hula hula had where the goal you know, what should be entered inside the heart of a believer was described the unique sincerity to Allah, that sort of a loss, and then that sincerity should be protected. And the one that protects it from outside evil, the sort of follow up and sort of protects it from evil that

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can come all the way inside of your chest, is sort of the last things you hear that penetrate all the way inside of you. Right, so that's the outside protection and inside protection, both of them are mentioned. Much like you know, if you're sick, or you're afraid of getting sick, you might dress because you want to protect yourself from the elements. And you might even take some protective medication that can protect you from within from the weakness that lies within you. So that's the relationship between sort of Allah consultant as the other interesting thing, there's some unique qualities of the solo that I'd like to highlight to you. And that is that you know, instead of just

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saying that we seek refuge from devils that whisper in the chests of people, you know, unless he was a Sufi, saluting as the one I was watching canasta whisperer, the ones who the one who means harm, and disappears, who whispers in the hearts of people, unless has this kind of Whisper belongs to Jin and human beings. How in the world is an invisible whisper from human beings, you know, people who do propaganda, spread lies, tell you stuff that lingers in your mind, and you think about it over and over again. They're also actually worse, worse. alkalinize Be careful what you hear from people. Sometimes you hear hurtful things lies, evil things, and they don't let you go like they stay inside

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you like scars. And this is actually something that we have to be mindful about in protecting our faith. The other beautiful thing in the surah is that this whispering it happens in the chest of people but not in their hearts. Allah didn't say Filipinas he said the Salinas, a southern the southern is the entire chest. The heart is the small entity inside of the chest. Allah didn't give these people access to our hearts, yet he gave them access to the chest. In other words, these evil whispers are hovering around in your chest, trying to make their way into your heart, until you open that door, they won't go the chest, they have access to the heart, they don't. And that's the mercy

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of Allah, the only one who can give them access to that heart is you and me. And once we do, then the trouble begins, then it can get so bad that you know lahoma shaytaan, Milan and you can even do evil deeds, and your heart makes it look beautiful to you, as a bad state to be in. And so we we seek a less protection from that. Now finally, the thing I'd like to I love about the solar is how it actually creates an entire circular relationship with the rest of what the entire quote on In other words, you would think you've reached the end of the Quran. But if you study carefully, you'll notice that there are some remarkable parallels between this surah and sort of the Fatiha. SoTL

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Fatiha began with a positive word Alhamdulillah Praise and Gratitude belongs to Allah. This one begins Ooh, ooh, Filipina seeking refuge refuge is coming at the same problem from a negative connotation. So you could say one is proactive and one is defensive. reactionary, this is a reaction. Now, there Allah said molecule Medina molecule and herbal alameen. Here is an openness, there is a molecule MIDI is Americanness, there is an ear canal Buddha. And by the way, the master of all, all nations and all people have been asked the same phrase again, there was Moloch, the Master of the Day of Judgment. Here's the master of people there we said we only worship you. And

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here we say Allah had not the only one to be worshipped by the people, the God of the people. There we mentioned two evil influences to collective evil influences alamelu bother him and abundance societal influences that can mess us up as much as the ones who earn anger and the last Don't be in their company because you'll become like them here. Another two evil influences, but they're not collective in nature. They're personal in nature, and that he was a Sufi saluting Nasmyth virginity, whatnot, the jinn and the human being the ones who whisper individually. In other words, that's what are protected us from misguidance at a collective level, and this one protects us from misguidance

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at an individual level, this completing the entire circle of the study of the quarter

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Elijah Wood will make us lifelong students and beneficiaries of his book and bring the barakat of studying this book into our lives barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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