Do I Get More Reward For Following Literal Sunnahs Of The Prophet ﷺ

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Do we get more reward for following what the Prophet ﷺ did during his time? Is there a difference between what the Prophet ﷺ did and what he commanded us to do?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi clarifies.

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Do I get more reward for following the literal Sunnah like using a miswak, or eating on the floor?

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Anything that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam commanded us to do, it does become a sooner the things that he did, because that was the culture and time of his people. That's not necessarily as soon as the reason why the profitsystem sat on the floor was because there were no chairs and dining tables in his time. That's how people sat. That was the reality of the timeframe for us to think that somehow it is more rewarding to sit on the floor. That's not the case. That's not the sooner that is legislative, there is sooner that is cultural, there's certain that that is legislative, our profit system at a certain cuisine, it's not soon enough for us to resurrect that cuisine. He

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dressed in a certain garment, it's not soon enough for us to resurrect that garment. He lived in a mud house with certain it's not soon enough for us to resurrect that architecture. What is soon that is when the Prophet system said, you know, pray five times a day or do this or do that when he commanded us and especially the rituals that becomes a part and parcel of the *ty app, what he did because of the culture and time and place that he lived in and he did not necessarily command us to do that is not the type of Sunnah that we should cut and paste and then replicate in our lab.