Taraweeh Reminder #16 – Be Mindful of Allah

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Rila wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so heavy on Manuela

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by the respective brothers and sisters, salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. And here we are in the middle of Ramadan. Half of Ramadan has already gone Subhana Allah, isn't that gone quick. And now we're in the second half of Ramadan. It is very important for us while we are here to reflect on where we going and where we are heading. And that we are taking the right direction in trying to achieve our ultimate goals.

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Very often,

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we might be

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engaged in doing things without really thinking about our actions and where they are heading towards, you know, where are they taking us. And this is why it's important that we also always continuously review our status and our station.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah wants us to be aware of him who he is and to know his qualities, his names, his attributes.

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And what a beautiful definition. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when he was asked, in the famous hadith of puberty,

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what is Islam? What is the man and then he asked him what is Han

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and taboo de la kaneka Tara fell into Quinta Rafa in Iraq, to worship Allah as if you can see him

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to worship Allah, as if you can see him. Just imagine that for a moment. How would you be now if you could see a loss?

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How would you be bad?

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How would you be? How would your words be?

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What kind of person would you be?

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Just think about it for a moment.

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I'm sure you'd be a whole different person. Someone who is on there not top behavior, but top top behavior.

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You'd be aware of how you how you conduct yourself, without going into too much detail.

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Think about your soul as well. How would your son happy when you know that when you're standing inside are you actually seeing a loss of habitat in front of you, as you recite the plan as you do the Roku as you do this route?

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That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam want us to reach out with our hearts were used. I mean, we're material beings, we're used to using our senses, to see and to hear, and to smell, touch, taste, all those kinds of things. But Allah Subhana Allah wants you to do all of this with your spirit inside, to see with your heart, to listen with your heart, to hear and to understand with your heart, everything.

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That's why in the Hadith,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a person stands up for prayer,

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Allah Subhana, Allah sets himself in front of that person.

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So as long as you are facing Allah,

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Allah is facing you.

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Man me so

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as long as you don't turn away, the moment you turn away,

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not with your head, or your heart. You turn away with your heart, or low or turn away.

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Imagine the beauty of how the prophet SAW Sam describes all that fit in their citation.

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He said either Khalid Abdul al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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Allah La hamadani Abdi when you say at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah says, my slave has praised me.

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And when you say Rahman r Rahim, he says s now Lee I'm the my slave has spoken highly of me. And so on the third the haze of dialogue Allah is responding to

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So just imagine that. See, that's why you have to live that with your entire census

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That's why someone might say, even when you read that,

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you know, don't read the fact

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that it's like a, you know, like a race or something, read, stop.

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And that's how the citation of the process and I'm used to elongate the words, and used to stop at the end of every verse. And that's almost like a pause, it's almost like you're waiting for the last paradata to apply.

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So Allah has wants us to have the son, the son of doing things, as if we can see a loss of Hana data. So to make a law present in our lives,

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in the way that we act, and this exam from the intricate detail of this lesson is that when you practice exam,

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everything in your life, everything in your practice, becomes so linked to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That even when you are dealing with the animals, you will also have the SN as well.

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You will also have that kind of ascent in you're dealing with the animals because how you deal with the animal, how even the slaughtering the animal, you know, you will do it to the best because you're not Ally's watching. And you know that Allah is there. And so you want to do everything to the best of your ability. That's the beauty of the definition of the Prophet slicin. And this whole concept of what we're talking about today is called maraca

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is morava. Meaning to watch, and to monitor. And to be aware,

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watching yourself as if you are in the presence of a loss of Hannah water.

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And that you are doing everything to the utmost.

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Panama today. I mean, I know it's happened to me, I'm pretty sure it's happened to her. If you know now

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that you're praying, you're standing up some other massages are open, you're all back in the masjid, you're praying. And as you're praying, before you pray you say next to you. There's this big big island, shall

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I say? Mufti mink? Somebody that you know, so familiar name nowadays?

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And he's standing there next to?

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How is your slide deck?

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How are you going to change your

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stuff for the law? Yes, start for law, because you're going to change your Salah. And you're going to make it better because you are conscious that the guy standing next to you who is a scholar, he's going to be watching your son.

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And you're going to be worried that your son maybe is not up to scratch and he's gonna, he's monitoring you.

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Which is we have to say stuff realizing it because because he's standing next to you. Or I don't know some famous

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shareholder, famous shaper, or scholar standing you sit next to you, sister, you're doing that because of them. Whereas Allah Subhana Allah is already watching you, why aren't you perfecting the Salah, knowing that lies watching you.

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And it goes for everything else, you know, the way that you conduct yourself the way that you are, you know, the betrayal of the eye that you know the words that you say here the messages that you might write, which are you know, whatever all these things that you try to sneak in because you think that nobody's watching you.

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And when you when you when you do that, you see and that's why they even some of the LMR said this I know this is might sound like a comparison but it's not a comparison. They said that you shouldn't be shy and you shouldn't be ashamed

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of your act. When you're when you're by yourself with regards to a lot similarly as if you would be shy or ashamed from a very, you know, noble and respected elder from your tribe. You know if there's an elder in your tribe and he's aware of you and what how would you behave would you conduct yourself you conduct yourself in a silly fashion or in a fashion that's not befitting? Would you be doing all these things that you know you try to sneak around? I'm sure you wouldn't. Tamara Kava is about hiding that consciousness. And to me much more and and the more you become cleaner in your heart The more you become pure with their you know with reducing the food reducing the drink, the

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more you can be Sharla be enlightened in this regards, la vida