Naming of Quranic Chapters #16 Names of Judgment Day

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Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hua ala alihi wa sahbihi wa ala as we

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look at the concept of the naming of the swore in the Quran, today, I want you to look at quite a few names, and they all share one theme is quite important, but there's 114 verses in the Quran. And from those 12 of them 12 of them, which is a constitutional number 12 of them are names of the Day of Judgment, and Allah subhanho wa Taala hautala chose different aspects of the Day of Judgment, and gave the sower those names to emphasize the importance and the reality of the day judgment. So, how long you think about it,

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it is such an important time is such an important event is such as important happening, and a lot of pantalla wants to emphasize it wants to bring your attention to it wants you to be alerted to it, that you does not skip your mind how great is this time is it's a day was much is going to happen. And that's why when you look at those sort of 12 of those who are have been given names, which are obviously have different names, but all are intended to increase a person's attention to the reality of the Day of Judgment. It's going to be such a such a you know, horrific day in all aspects you know, imagine this such intense long day 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years

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we will be standing there on a plane you know there's nothing there it's just a plane and the sun is very close you know there's there's intense heat everybody's sweating everybody's naked the counter booth is taking time you know everyone is there all the past and are old and you know new everyone's there all the animals are there all the creatures that are lost to everybody is there such a horrific event the last panel wants to hammer this in to us early on. So that's why last names of the Quran of the sower are considered considered the jazzier the kneeling, everybody will be brought down to their knees, nations will be brought down to these all those nations that thought they were

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arrogant in the land and they could tell you know others what to do when they can dictate to them their terms, and you can have this and you can't have this and you can, all those who who wronged a corruption in the land all those nations that you know, we're starting fires and wars and killing others and plundering and stealing, they will be kneeling before Allah Subhana Allah and that is Surah number 45 surah number 46 the event it is the event and while that is going to happen is going to be what from what means to fall down. It means is going to definitely happen is the Day of Gathering and Hashem is the kiama the resurrection.

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So the hash of 59 of the AMA 75. Also that day Allah Subhana Allah describes lots of things that are going to happen the sky which when you look at it seems so perfect, there is no cracks in the sky, I was palletizers challenges you look at the sky, can you see any cracks? Can you see anything a split any cleaving anything that no but on that day, things will be different. So that's where you have sort of an infobar either semi on corporate surah number 82 with a cleaving the skies are going to open a wasp fantasies most of us like the like they like their gates or like their doors and you have sort of an issue caulk the splitting asunder, again, the sky will split asunder the taquile

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this this sun which is so powerful, and is giving us all this energy and we're relying on it for for for lots of things before we were relying on you know through the photosynthesis and the chain there now we're relying on the sun for solar power and solar energy and all that sun will wind down and it will lose its light it will lose its its you know, its loses its class it will become it will become restrained under the control of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's sort of the career at one this thing that's going to happen is going to be true. Not only is it true is going to make everything true all the things that you thought maybe you know all the questions that you you or whatever you

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wanted to know you know, those hidden questions those X Files, they wanted to you always asked about they will be known and hacker you will be made true you will be made clear everything nothing will be nothing will be conveyed concealed everything and I said how far 69 on that day people you know, would have we're gonna are gonna be in in different statuses you know that people are going to be lost that people were going to deceive each other. They will see the deception it will be clear to them that the day

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Okay, people wanted, you know, that guy who told me this, this now look how he's behaving, etc. So that's one. And Allah Subhana Allah also named Li Shia something which will over, you know, look, it's like it's like a big cloud that we're just gonna cover, you know, it's not gonna be a cloud. It's like a cloud in a metaphorical cloud is gonna cover us, everything's overwhelming. And he says, FileZilla is going to shake, the Earth is going to shake the whole, the whole matter is going to shake you and they are pounding on your head. Sora number 101. So 12 verse 12. chapters from the client are named with the names of Sora tell pm the Day of Resurrection. So to give you the

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emphasis, and the importance is a big day and we need to prepare for it, shall we?