Riad Ouarzazi – The World of Jinn #13

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses ways to prevent paralysis and negative experiences, including using marily placed amusement panels and water to remove black magic from homes and buildings. The process involves burning amulets and creating a vessel of water through various methods. The speaker emphasizes the importance of preventing harm to the environment and offers tips on cleaning and maintaining a safe living environment. They also briefly mention a class on hawala and briefly touch on the magic of black magic.
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He would go and jump from a cliff, a blind obedience you know, maybe that person could you know need to check himself or herself.

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imaginations and illusions maybe that person makes them you know, start

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having illusions

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front of his wife, she looks ugly, she has a bad smell and whatnot. Or when she sees her husband, she sees him you know as ugly or or, or weird or strange, you know, that person starts having some sort of illusions and imaginations

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excess laziness, somebody who's really you know, feels like he's always lazy with all these signs could be together and they could come together or could be separate as well. Excess laziness, somebody who's really lazy like like being alone all the time.

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Excess headaches, likes to segregates and just stay by himself or herself for a very long time, you know, without doing nothing could be it could be a sign or

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a sudden paralysis of in one of the organs

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sudden paralysis is one of the organs and this happened I'm telling you by experience with people that Mashallah with okay but all of a sudden they you know, one of the organs gets paralyzed or maybe the entire body gets paralyzed, they you know, do seek we tell the you know, the people who go and do seek professional help, but if professional help cannot help then of course, we could also help with the with little pr shaiya to distinguish or to at least do some analysis and see if this person is maybe hit by some sort of black magic. So this Southern palaces in one of the organs could be could be from from from black magic

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rejecting marriage for no reason.

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Now, there is you know, and I also again from experience

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from the people that we've we've, we've known before and we went to help

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a sister who wanted to get married and she worked so hard to get married but Subhanallah every time somebody comes in gets kicked out for no reason as soon as they approach the door either they leave or they come in and something happens then the the there is no connection you know for no reason and then you just leave maybe maybe that that person is that the is it by black magic or maybe the house or maybe something is really happening so they need to perform the opia and then we'll talk about the okay inshallah tada later on

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and fertility

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could be

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that's why six seek professional help first when somebody comes and says I cannot you know, have kids it's all this is in the presentation. And in fact my my sisters and my brothers will This presentation will be online the brother he will upload it inshallah tada next week, so that you can maybe download it and share it with others

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do seek professional help.

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But sometimes it could be from from black magic from witchcraft, that somebody you know, cannot have children for years and years. They find they go to sick doctors, they see they know they Everything is fine. Maybe that the licensure is testing them, maybe putting them under trial. Maybe there's some some spell maybe some some some black magic, some witchcraft in Allahu taala. But we could do the opia to be on the safe side.

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There could be other reasons as well.

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Well, the cure, let's talk about the Kuma brothers and sisters, and here the killer will be

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by sections First, we talked about the cure for separation.

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If somebody is hit by this witchcraft thing, you know, the black magic that separates between husbands and wife. So let's talk about the cure of such sort of, of this separation. First of all, you need like I said last week to remove all kinds of amulets

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and prohibited things from from your home.

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Right. The move all these mumbo jumbo things write these letters that are written in such a weird thing. You know, these Amethyst Abbey's, as they call it, right? remove them from your home.

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Where do you check him? You go on burden? Do you bury them? What do you do with them? If you don't know what to do with them, take them to somebody who knows.

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Because you can just go and you cannot just go and burn them. There's a certain procedure that has to take place. There's a certain procedure that has to happen, you know before burning these these

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amulets, right mysteries, so you have to take them out from your home, first of all.

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You take seven green leaves from the largest tree or actually in Arabic called What are considered

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water co acid. Remember acidity or Lotus? I don't know what you call it in your language.

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Who knows Sarah?

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Okay, you go to any

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store that sells, what do you call it?

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scents and perfumes and stuff, they could have settled or maybe don't they have like Bombay bizarre, any bizarre kind of bizarre things, they may have something called settle the the stores that sell black seeds and stuff, they could have them, it's very you can find it, you find them a lot actually, in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, there is this, you know,

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tree called acidity. So you take seven leaves of this of this tree of this sudden, it's better if it's no fresh not green, they could be also dry, that also could work. Right?

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car f2 915 for the headlights are on. If you want to stay here and spend the night you can stay. If If you're not, if not, then please go and turn your lights off.

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Take this green leaves, my brothers just sit and ground them.

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Okay, ground them, put them into some grounding, and then just ground them and put everything into a vessel of water. Put this bucket of water, right? How full you know, put just whatever, put some buckets and then fill it up with water and then put this water

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you know, and then mix the way the other this is actually based on a Hadith of the Prophet. As I said, I'm not opposed to that. And we'll talk about the health data. Right? So you you take the water and then you put the ground leaves or the water onto this water and then you you mix and then you recite you're bringing your mouth close to the water like like this, right? Here is the water. Right? This is water now. Right? And then I put the water setup. And then I mix it

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mix right and then I blink my mouth very close

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so that the dry air not comes out, you know from me to the to the water. And then I recite the following are these verses

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you decide if you could see

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if you don't take notes, I'm not going to upload this on the internet.

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Still take notes. I might say things that you might not you know, it might not be here in the on the on the presentation. So don't take notes. Or maybe your wife's not taking notes. They don't take notes.

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All right. You're the site I will see.

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You know what is

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so crazy.

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Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah who was hired

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by and then you decide to pour your caffeine

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or you have caffeine.

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And that's what a class what you saw a class

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on hawala had, and then you decide

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when I open up Venus

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so that's an Aleph from verse 117, to verse 122 117, to 122.

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Well, how you hyena, Illa, Moosa and ultrasoc. It starts from our hyena, Illa Moosa and ultrasoc for his otaku myfico.

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will be a Salah to surgery into the end to from 120 from 117 to 122, rF 117 to 122 to ltsr oh two says Jean Carlo Amanda para el amin, Robbie musawah

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Bobby Moosa Juan.

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And then you decide so that Eunice 8182

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Carla Moosa magic

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in the last

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look at this. All these, this, this they talk about?

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They talk about magic of black magic. These verses talk about black magic. So here in Salt Jonas 8182

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