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AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of knowing the name of Islam and using " aside" in various cultural and political settings, emphasizing the need for people to affirm their faith in Islam and show loyalty to Sayed. They stress the importance of following Islam and not getting caught up in fear and frustration, and emphasize the need to call upon Sayed's master, Sayed. The speakers also emphasize the importance of showing gratitude and remorse for future victims' actions, as it is used to remind people of obligations to their Lord and to show forgiveness.
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inshallah, in our class today we are going to study the name of Allah a Sayed. A Sayed is a very beautiful, and a very perfect name of Allah, the Exalted as are all of Allah subhanaw taala has names they're all krisna, meaning they're all beautiful, and they're all perfect. And this name a sacred is understood as the master or the Lord. And the name of say it does not actually occur in the Quran. It comes in the Sunnah, meaning we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used the name of Sayed to refer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And before we continue, I want you to take a moment and appreciate the fact that we know so many names and descriptions of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because if you don't know the descriptions of someone, the qualities of someone, you you cannot have, you cannot know them. And if you don't know them, you don't understand them. If you don't know and understand someone, you cannot have a relationship with them. And our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is the most important relationship of our existence. Any if you, for example, don't get along well with or you don't know, your parents, for example, and that happens with many people, they don't even know who their parents are, or you have lost touch with certain, you know, family members. Or, for example, you don't know who the author of a book is, it's fine, you can still

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survive. But when it comes to our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala This is something that is essential for our existence for our for, for for our well being, and for the fulfillment of the purpose of our lives, our our salvation, our success depends on this relationship. And sometimes we take the knowledge of the names of Allah subhanaw taala for granted, right? We think that yes, these are Names of Allah, yes, these are descriptions of Allah. And yes, I know some of them. In fact, I've memorized all of them. And we sometimes take them for granted, we don't, we don't realize what a huge blessing it is to know these names. Because for example, when you refer to, you know, the

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books of the Jews and the Christians, for example, when you refer to the Bible, there are very few descriptions of God. And even there, when you look at the descriptions, you know, sometimes they are not very clear or or they appear to be contradictory, or they you know, that there's that there is lack of of beauty. So it seems as though any really went when you look at the Quran, when you look at the Sunnah and you see any description of Allah, take it as a treasure, take it as a treasure, appreciate it and be grateful for, for for knowing Allah subhanaw taala through his beautiful names, because this is truly an honor that Allah subhanaw taala has has bestowed us with because well are

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you here Puna B Shea in Monterrey mi e Ellerbee, Masha, that Allah subhanaw taala tells us that people cannot encompass anything of his knowledge and one of the interpretations of this is that people cannot know him except with that which Allah subhanaw taala wills, meaning whatever we know about Allah, this is by the gift of Allah upon us in this is Allah subhanaw taala disfavor on us, that he has acquainted us that he has informed us with His names and attributes. So every single name of Allah, every single description of Allah, and he be grateful and be happy about it. This is a treasure. This is your means of, of knowing a lot better. This is your means of worshipping Allah

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subhanaw taala better, loving him more and fulfilling

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The purpose of your life. So today inshallah the name that we will be looking at is the name. A sacred and aside as I mentioned earlier means the master or the Lord. And this name does not occur in the Quran, but it is mentioned in the Sunnah, meaning we see in Hadees, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used this word asay yet to refer to Allah or xojo and this hadith is reported in Muslim where we learn that or the library has shifted, he mentioned that he went with a with a group of people with the deputation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So these people were coming to meet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and when they came, and you can

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imagine it, you know, these people have believed and they are, you know, they have immense respect and love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam So, they said to him, that under say you do now, you are our master. They said this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you are our Savior, you are our master, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, A say you do Allahu tabaka Allah, that a say yet the Lord, the real Master, is Allah the blessing and exalted. So here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inform the people, that the real Sayed the real master is actually Allah azza wa jal. So, the people explain that, you know, what we, what we meant to say

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was, you know, that that you have superiority over us that we take you as our leader. So, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say what you have to say, or even some of the words that you say, but do not let shaytaan make you his agents, meaning Be very careful about the words that you use to refer to me and to show respect to me. Because shaitan Can, can influence you and shaitan can, you know, make other people misunderstand your intent. So, people might begin to think that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is the master of people in the sense that he is, you know, suppose to be worshiped, you know, sought help from etc. So the Prophet sallallahu Urdu Selim did

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not allow people to refer to him in that way. Now, even though this name does not come in the Quran, we see that many companions understood certain verses to imply, you know, to imply the name of say it, for example, even Abbas rhodiola Mourinho said regarding the verse, Allah Allah He abberley Robin wa who are a bucola shade, that ask the people that should I take someone other than Allah as rub when Allah is the is the rub of everything. So even our boss or the loved one who explained that love here means sacred meaning Should I take someone else's My Lord as my master,

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when Allah alone is the one who is the master the lord of everything. Likewise, we see that when it comes to suitable across the aisle, Allahu Samad, that Allah is the absolute one. He is the eternal refuge. We see that even our best for the love Martin who said about this idea that this means in the who say you that he is the master or the camela suit Dudu, who's? Who's Lord lordship is absolutely perfect. So yes, this name does not come in the Quran, but its meaning is absolutely mentioned in the Quran in many verses and this is what the companions also understood. So now let's look at the linguistic meaning of the word aside and what this name means for Allah zildjian. So,

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first of all, remember that linguistically the word Sayed is is basically one who has seen the right car The car the meaning leadership, alright. So say it is understood in a number of ways. We see that first of all, the word say it is understood as Rob and Malik, Rob and Malik, meaning Chief, or Lord or master. So, this is a reason why the word sacred is used for, for example, the master of a household, the leader of a people, a prince, a king, the word say it is also used for a woman's husband, or it's used for the master of a slave. Why? Because, say it means master.

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Owner, and this is why the word is used for all of these people. Then secondly, we see that the word say it also means someone who has a superior

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rank compared to others, meaning their status their station their position is higher, right? So it means Alucard them, meaning the one who is above others, right and in the same context we see that the Quran is called say you do Kalam, it is called Seder color because it has superiority over every other speech. And this is why part of the respect that we show to the most half is that when we have multiple books, right and they're stacked up, the Quran should be at the top meaning there should be no other book that you put on top of the most half, because the Quran is to be given superiority, right it is say yes, it is. It is say you will color it is the master meaning it has superiority

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over all other speech. So the words are used, is used for a person of rank someone who has glory, someone who has honor and dignity, someone who is exalted and elevated above others. Then we see the thirdly the word say it also means it's also used for someone who possesses excellence, meaning a Sharif will fall in the sense that they have distinction compared to others. So it's not just about having a status above other people or a position above others. But it's an it's because of possessing certain qualities that make someone better compared to others. So, for example, if someone is extremely intelligent, right or someone is very wealthy, then the word Sayed is also used

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for them. Right and then we see that the word Sayed is also used for Al Karim will help him meaning someone who is very generous and someone who is very forbearing why because they have such great character, that they are patient in response, you know, in responding to people, and they're very generous and and beneficial and useful. Right. So, and these are characteristics that really raise a person in their dignity and in their in their status. So you can see that the word Sayed is used in a number of ways. It's used for master it's used for someone who has a superior rank or someone who is very excellent in certain qualities, or someone who is very generous, very forbearing very

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dignified. And this is why we see that the word Sayed in the Quran is actually used to describe the IRA hustler. Right Prophet yahiro he said I'm a last panel Tyler tells us regarding him and sort of earlier mon verse 39 that was say you then what household run when a bee Yamuna Sani hain that he will be a Sayed right amongst other qualities that he will possess he will also be a Sayed. And the word psychic over there has been described in a number of ways. For example, it has been said that it means that he is very eminent meaning very special to Allah azzawajal because you see someone who has a high status, what does that mean that they're very special? Right? They're going to be

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favored. So, say it means that he was very special to Allah or xojo others have said that Yeah, he earliest Salaam was very forbearing and very God fearing and that he was very intelligent, and that he was very knowledgeable and that he possessed the best character and that he was the best of his people. He was a leader right he was a leader of hearts and and he was a leader of his people in the sense that he was a leader in goodness any any good quality that you wanted to see in people your hair and he said I'm had the best of it. So this is why the word say it has been used for your hair our latest salami the Quran, and then we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said

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regarding himself that enter say, you do well or the Adam, that I am or I will be the savior of the children of Adam meaning on the Day of Judgment, and what it means by say you over there is that I will be their leader. And why did he say that? And by the way, he also said after that well alpha heart and there is no boasting in this meaning he was not saying this in order to boast, but he was saying this in order to inform us that he will be our leader on the Day of Judgment, how will he be the leader, meaning he will be at the forefront. So he will be the first to intercede right and that is when judgment will begin and he will be the first to enter Jenna because the gates of Paradise

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will only open when he will go and knock at the door. Alright, so here it means that he will be the leader of

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People on the Day of Judgment, but then in the Hadees that I mentioned earlier, we see that when people call him say it the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not like that. Why because, first of all the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam did not like that he was being praised on his face. Right. And, and he and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam liked humility, right. So, this is why we have been told that when you see muda hain, meaning people who really praise you and go to great lengths to you know, praise you on your face, then put dust on their faces. Meaning don't don't accept that, that praise Don't let people don't allow people to go beyond proper bounds in

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praising you. Why because this is something dangerous, it leads to arrogance in the heart of the person who is being praised. And it leads to you know, false perception, you know, for for for for other people who are there. So, people might think that someone is perfect, right or that someone deserves to be you know, loved and adored and respected, etc, the way Allah subhanaw taala is supposed to be. So, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is a reason why he did not allow that people call him So, you. Now, remember that when the word Sayed is being used for people

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in a certain context, yes, it is permissible, but only permissible in a way that is befitting for people. So for example, when someone is called Sayed of, of his people, then he is their leader, that's fine. But if if you're thinking that someone is your master leader in the sense that you give them 100% allegiance and you love them and adore them and fear them and strive to please them, then this is where it becomes problematic. Right? So yes, people may have leadership, people may have authority people may even have,

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you know, a lot of good qualities. But but they are still people, right? They're still human. So, refer to them in in that in the way that is befitting to them. And when this word is used to refer to Allah subhanaw taala as a name of Allah, then of course, Yanni it is it is it is in the most absolute in the most absolute and most perfect sense as we will see.

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So when Allah subhanaw taala is assayed then what does that mean? When we use this name to refer to Allah subhanaw taala First of all, remember that it will tell you what a hammer hula said that a say you do either Oakley correlator Allah for hooby Marnell, Maliki, well molar will rub that when the the word Sayed is used to refer to Allah subhanaw taala then it means al Malik Malik, meaning Master, owner, rub Lord, right sovereign molar protector. So, when when the word say you this being used to refer to Allah, it has a very different connotation and it does not give the same meaning. As as it gives when the word is used to refer to people,

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meaning people can be saved but in a way that is suitable for them. And when Allah soprano thought is a say then it means that then it gives a different connotation. This is similar to how Allah subhanaw taala is assumere right and that means that he is ever hearing now people also listen. But of course, our listening is the listening of the creation, right listening that is that is suitable for the creation, our listening is not perfect, right it is deficient is limited in its scope. But when it comes to the listening the the summer of Allah azza wa jal than it is perfect it is in a way that is befitting to the Harlock and only him or xojo. So we understand this name in the exact same

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way. That the way Allah is saying, people are not saying it in that way. So what does that mean? It means that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala is the Lord the Sovereign, the master of the entire creation, and that the entire creation is slave to Allah.

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Meaning all of us, the entire creation, right? The best of us, the richest of us, the most powerful amongst us and the most weak amongst us the most pious and also the most sinful, all people from the prophets to be angels, right to the jinn, ordinary people, any all of us who are we we are slaves to Allah and Allah alone is our master. Right? So he is manly.

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Hulk he is a Sayed meaning he is the master of the entire creation. And he is the only master of the entire creation, meaning we have no master we have no Lord besides Allah or xojo. Right? So remember that Allah is a sacred and also, he is our master and also the master of all of our affairs. Right, he is our master and also the master of all of our affairs. So he doesn't just own us, but he owns everything, things that are happening in our lives, things that are in our control and also beyond our control, which means that everything and everyone is entirely dependent on Allah or zoa. Jen, right as we learn so with Miriam, that in CO lumen for some RP well, oddly enough, it Rahmani Aveda,

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that there is none, right meaning, all of the creation, that is that exists in the skies or in the earth.

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All of them are will come to Allah as a slave, meaning every single creature whether it exists up in the sky is or or it exists somewhere in the earth. Every single one of us our status is what that we are slaves to Allah subhanaw taala we are owned by him. He is our Sayed. He is our master our owner. And we must remember this fact we must remember this reality. Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a sacred This means that absolute sovereignty is for Allah alone. Right? Absolutely sovereignty absolute. So Oda is only for Allah. What does that mean that people although they have some level of leadership, right, or virtue or status,

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our status, our virtue, our leadership is you know, it is deficient. Right, it is imperfect, and it is limited in our in its scope. So for example, there could be a person who is, you know, the leader of his people, but we see that, especially, you know, in modern day, we witnessed this all the time, that, for example, the poor president or the poor Prime Minister is trying to do something, but you know, the people closest to him are not willing to accept, right, we see this, that there's so much resistance, and and sometimes absolutely, it is necessary, it is healthy, because people, even though they may have power, it doesn't mean that they are necessarily intelligent, or that they're

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making the right decisions. So this is why you know, that distribution of power among people, absolutely it is it is essential, otherwise, this world would be

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you know, would be destroyed already. Well, yeah, the villa. So the point is that, that people have limited sudah right, even for example, the word say it is used for the husband of a woman and sometimes we see that the poor husband doesn't have any say whatsoever in anything that happens at home, right he doesn't have any say as to what should be cooked. And he doesn't have any say as to you know, what job he should do even what hours he should be working, because some some wives Mashallah they love to control everything that happens, every single thing. So, being a Sayed for people doesn't necessarily mean that they have authority, or that they have absolute authority. And

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the thing with people is that they are excellent in one way. Right, you appreciate one aspect, you know, of their character, for example, or of their work ethic. And then there are other aspects which really bother you and really annoy you. So in one way, you see them and they're up there, but in another way you see them and they're down there. Right? This is this is the reality of people that we don't have absolute Suda we it's it's limited in its scope and it is deficient. Allah azzawajal A Sayed, he is such that he has absolute sovereignty, absolute right in every way. So even katabi said that, uh say it is one of the names of Allah and that a su and that's the odor which is

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happy but Allah azza wa jal meaning in its absolute form, it is only for Allah azza wa jal. And what this means by extension is that the entire creation is slave to Allah. So absolute superiority, absolute perfection is for Allah xeljanz

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And this means, that all authority belongs to Allah, the creation belongs to Allah and all authority also belongs to Allah. So, he is the one who gives commands and he is the one who gives orders, he has the right to do that, he is the one who gives and he is the one who prevents, right. He is the one who gives something and then he is the one who removes it, he takes it away. He is the one who gives honor and he is the one who brings certain people down. He is the one who gives life and he is the one who gives death. He is the one who gives commands and he is the one who gives prohibitions. He is the one who extends certain matters and he is the one who restricts certain other matters. He

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is the one who guides people and he is also the one who sends other people astray. He lets them go as trade. Right? He is the one who gives richness and he is the one who gives poverty. So all command belongs to him. Dominion belongs to him. And all people are slaves to Allah. They're owned by Allah or silvija

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then thirdly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a Sayed This also means that he is the one whom everyone is in need of rugby in neelima and Zelda la Yemen heightened for keys. Yeah, a yohannes and Tamil fukada Oh, a llama all of us are in need of him. So uh, hello Amy said that a Sayed is Elmo la he will o'clock meaning in the absolute sense everyone is entirely dependent on Allah subhanaw taala. Because when you look at you know, the meaning the linguistic meaning of the word and how it was used, in that society, in the culture, we see that the say the zoo, the, the leader of a people, right and for small communities and tribes to survive, they needed leaders, right? They needed for

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example, it patriarch, right, someone who, who, who they would consult someone who they would refer to someone whose orders they would obey someone, you know, who's whose opinion or whatever he said was taken as, as command as evidence. Right, if they had if they had an issue, they had a problem, they would refer to their leader, right, they entirely dependent, they depended on on their leader right on the patriarch. So, this is how people work. So say this whole, someone on whom his people depend upon, now when Allah subhanaw taala is a say it that means that all of us, right, all people, and not just human beings, all creatures, the angels and the gene, and the rest of all the creatures

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all of us, depend on Allah azzawajal any, there is never a moment when we can be free of need of our master. He if he did not create us, we would not exist, right? If he did not give us life, we would not be alive. If he did not sustain and nourish us, we would not continue to live. Right? So our existence our survival depends on Allah azza wa jal, right, so he is really most worthy of being our master.

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And we see that you know, in many, you know, societies or cultures there's that understanding that you have to have a a leader, you know, someone whom you whom you whose whose word you take as a command, someone who you are absolutely loyal to you, you trust them, you believe every word of theirs. And this kind of thinking is very unhealthy. Why? Because people are deficient, they're not perfect. The best of leaders even can make huge mistakes, right? They can, they can make huge mistakes. Now, of course, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is our leader. Right? Absolutely. However, we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never presented himself as

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an absolute leader, in the sense that even the verses that were revealed to him in which he was corrected, the Prophet sallallahu early was in and conveyed that to us. Right. So when he found Allah subhanaw taala revealed Arbus or with our law, he found and he turned away when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam gave permission to certain people, and and they weren't and he should not have Allah subhanaw taala asked him are for Allah who are Anka Lima as intellia Allah has pardoned you But why did you give permission to them? When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made honey unlawful on himself just to you know, approve or just to please his wives. Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed that Lima to hurt him

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Hello hulak Why do you have prohibit what Allah subhanaw taala has has allowed for you. So the thing is, that truly our real master is who it is Allah subhanaw taala right, he is the one whom we are truly in need off. So our religion teaches us that we should depend on Allah, and that our servitude should be for Allah xojo.

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And then when Allah subhanaw taala is assayed This also means that he alone is worthy of being saved. And therefore He alone is worthy of worship. Because when he He alone is the one who created us who sustains us who, who guides us and our life, our existence depends on him. And no one else has a share in that, then this means that we should that that Allah alone is our master. Right? And when that is the case, this means that he alone is worthy of worship. So in circle Aronoff, I have 191 where asked, I usually call Nirmala yakushi and wahoo, mula Koon. Do they associate as partners with Allah, that which has not created anything?

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And the fact is that these beings whom they worship are actually created themselves, right? Meaning they have been created by Allah, they belong to Allah. So the fact is, that Allah He alone is the Sovereign, the master, He alone is the one who is worthy of being the sovereign the master, and this means that he alone is worthy of worship. Why because he has a say yet and remember that a say it also means the one who, who has excellence, the one of eminence, so he is a Sayed, who's so older, who's whose authority who's whose lordship is perfect. Right, he is Aleem whose greatness is perfect. He is a haleem whose forbearance is perfect, he is a loony whose richness is perfect, he is

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eligible whose mind is perfect, right? He is Alon him ally Lee whose knowledge is perfect. He is a Hakeem the wise whose wisdom is perfect, right? He is any, he is perfect in every way. So there is no one else who who deserves to be saved the way Allah subhanaw taala does. And that is why He alone is supposed to be worshipped. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is a saint, you then remember that he is also the forbearing kind, merciful master and Lord. And this is something that really fills our heart with gratitude and with love that you see sometimes, when it comes to people, right, the more authority they have, the more difficult they become to deal with. The more power they have, the

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more rank they have, the more arrogant they become. Right? And they begin to belittle you and they begin to treat you differently. And sometimes they make you feel like you're nothing before them. And it's it's so difficult to even have a simple conversation with them. Right? There are people who, as soon as they get promoted at work Subhanallah it's, it's as if they they have become a different creation now, so everyone is beneath them. They even speak to their family members as if they're nothing. Right? So we see this in people, that the more status we have, the more knowledge we have, the more money we have, if you know if we're driving a better car, if we're wearing better

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clothes, if we're if we have a more expensive handbag, if we have a better phone cover for God's sake. If we have more followers on you know on social media, if we have more friends, etc. Any something happens to us we become so horrible. We become so nasty, right? So, so ugly, many people just want to run away from us. Allah azza wa jal, he is the most powerful, he is the one who has absolute sovereignty, authority power. Yet he is so kind, so merciful, so forbearing Subhana, who with Allah, Allah subhanaw taala tells us in sort of closely that I have 46 that woman Rob Booker, Beulah, Lammy lobbied and your Lord is not at all unjust to word the slaves, he is not unjust to

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words his slaves at all. And you think about the difference between Allah subhanaw taala and and his creation and complete absolute difference, right. And if Allah subhanaw taala wish to you know, if he intended to do something to us, let us undo a Maya file, he is not to be questioned about what

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He does. And he who could question him who could object who could fight who could resist? Right? Nobody can. Yet with all that power and might Allah subhanaw taala he is kind and merciful and forbearing he does not punish us immediately, right? Because remember the word siete is also used for someone who has haleem forbearing, meaning they don't inflict revenge instantly. And if you think about it, the more power we have, the more vengeful we become. We want to discipline people right away, we want to teach them a lesson immediately. And Allah subhanaw taala he is a saccade and he is an haleem and Kareem at the same time, as zoa Jo, so when Allah subhanaw taala is a Sayed,

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then what are we supposed to do? How is it that we should change our our thinking and our actions and our speech? While while recognizing the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is assayed? What influence should this name have on our lives? And remember that when we're talking about this influence, this is at every level? What influence should it have in our heart? Meaning what beliefs should we hold? What influenced you to have on our actions? meaning how should we be dealing with people? What kind of things should we be doing? And what influence should the understanding of the sname have on our speech? So what because remember, that knowledge is supposed to be be

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transformative, it's supposed to be internalized, and it's supposed to be lived? Right? So when we are given the this, this honor of knowing this name of Allah subhanaw taala, then don't let this just sit in your mind as as information. Alright, this is Lee, that little loop, the knowledge of the names of Allah is supposed to be nourishment for the heart, alright, and what it what reaches the heart, influences your entire life. It influences the way you think it influences the way you do things. And it influences your your speech as well. So when we know that Allah subhanaw taala is a sacred, then what are we supposed to do? First of all, we are supposed to believe we should believe

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that he is our master, and that we are His slaves. And we should remember this fact on a daily basis. Because sometimes, you know, when we have

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no control over certain aspects of our lives, we think that we are our own boss. Right? And yes, you should have, you know, that assertiveness and you should have that sense of independence. That's good. But don't think that you are in control of everything. You are not, it is Allah subhanaw taala associate who is our master, he decides, right? He decides what is supposed to be done, what is supposed to happen. So we should remember this fact, you know, this is similar to how, when you own your house, right? You have the right to decide what you want to do in each will on each wall in each corner of the house. And if you're, you know, in laws come and start criticizing you, oh, why

00:38:19--> 00:39:03

have you done this? And why have you done that? You'd say you know what, mind your own business, this is my house, I can do whatever I want. You tell your own children, right, that this is my house, my rules. You you you know you you assert this all the time. So we should remember that in this world, in this universe. What is our status, our status is that we are slaves to Allah, we belong to Him. So it is His will and his decision, his decree that prevails, and we have no right to object, we have no right to object. So we should this means that we should accept the decree of Allah and we should think good of Allah and we should realize that we are entirely dependent on

00:39:03--> 00:39:09

Allah subhana wa Tada. We see that Ibrahim alayhis salaam into the Sharla verse 75 to 85.

00:39:11--> 00:39:59

These are such beautiful verses in which we learn about how Ibrahim artists Alam spoke about almost a panel Tada. Right, he said, olevia Kulkarni for Hua Dini, that Allah azzawajal, who is the Lord of the worlds whom I worship, he is the one who has created me. So he is the one who guides me and he if he has created me, he has the right to guide me and when he has offered guidance to me when he has shown me the right path, then what am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to follow it. Because if I don't follow Him, then what am I doing? So a lady Halekulani for who I add, since he is the one who created me he has the right to guide me. One lady who a yoke or emoni when you're spinning

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

He is the one who gives me to eat and he is the one who gives me to drink. So I am entirely dependent on Allah because sometimes we think we are only dependent on Allah on you know on the big things but he are alone My heart is broken so guide me yeah Allah I don't know who to marry guide me. Yeah Allah I don't know what job to take guide me. Yes absolutely we do that but remember we are dependent on Allah in in you know in regard to even the food that we eat. You cannot swallow a morsel of food without the will of Allah. You cannot drink a sip of water without the will of Allah will levy Who are you are a money were skinny what either mareel to for who is Feeny when I fall

00:40:48--> 00:41:42

ill, he is the one who heals me. Healing she fat comes from Allah, one lady, you need to need Summa your Haney. He is the one who will cause me to die and then he is the one who will bring me back to life. Well of the of tomorrow, I feel really happy at Yama Dean. And he is the one from whom I hope that he will forgive my sins, on the day of judgment. Any this is, this is what it means to believe that Allah is my Rob and I am his slave. So this is the first thing that we need to remember and we need to live this reality. Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a Sayed, this means that we should depend on him and seek his aid. Because if we don't seek the help of our master, if we don't refer

00:41:42--> 00:42:26

to him, if we don't call upon him, if we don't ask him, then we are really depriving ourselves. You know, for example, when it comes to the creation, we see that that hierarchy and people is not just for the sake of you know, saying that some people are better than others. No, that's not the that's not the point. The point is that someone who is superior to you should be able to assist you. Right? So for example, at work, when you have a question, when you cannot figure something out, you go to your boss, you go to the one who is above you, right? And if you try to figure everything out on your own, you could be exhausting yourself. Right, you could be really harming yourself over there.

00:42:26--> 00:43:14

And you will begin to resent what you are doing. So anyway, les methyl arella. The point over here is that when Allah is our master, and remember that the master the leader is supposed to guide right his subjects, right, then this means that we should seek Allah subhanaw taala is help. And this is so amazing. You know, sometimes we are struggling, struggling and we are spending hours trying to do things and they're not working out and we are drowning in our you know, fear, our anger, our frustration, but we are too weak to make God to Allah. That is the time when we must call upon Allah subhanaw taala so remember whether it is your big life dreams, right or the little little things in

00:43:14--> 00:43:38

your life, call upon Allah call upon a Sayed. Your master asked him to help you because he is your master you have no other master beside Allah. We see that mumble Hari Rahim Allah when he was compiling his book. So he had a body in which he was collecting, you know, all the most authentic I heard, he said that he had knowledge of

00:43:39--> 00:43:49

he prayed istikhara before entering any, any Hadith in his collection, can you imagine he prayed to God and he made

00:43:50--> 00:44:37

so why why did he do that? Because he was doing something significant. The any this was a big deal. You are, you are writing words, right? And you are saying that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the one who said these words and you're presenting evidence of that. This is a huge task. So you don't want to make a mistake in this. You You want to make sure that this is this is being done correctly. So even Buhari made his taharah any for every single Hadees. This is amazing. And sometimes, you know, we don't praise the Hata for months. And in the meantime, were struggling, struggling struggling we think this data is only for girls who get a marriage proposal.

00:44:38--> 00:45:00

That's it, which is why is the hot is only spoken off. Typically, when you know when someone is about to get married. That's we have limited the benefit of us to Canada to marriage, whereas istikhara is related to every single decision important decision of our lives. So the Prophet sallallahu earlier said we learned that he would teach the companion

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

Is the heart, the DA of istikhara. So when we're struggling, right, whether it is with, you know, preparing food or or, you know, teaching your children trying to communicate something with your spouse, right, trying to figure out how to, you know, put your essay together even, right how to find the right resources, it could be little little things, but they're not little for you pay are significant for you, which is why they're causing you anxiety and stress. Right? So at that time, take a moment to call upon Allah subhanaw taala ask a seiad your Master yarrabah helped me he or Allah helped me write and it doesn't have to be you know, some long dog that you read in a book once

00:45:46--> 00:46:33

upon a time so you spend like half an hour trying to find that book and then try to read that Dora? Call from your hearts right midol to Allah from your heart that Allah assist me. Yeah, Allah, I don't know what to do. You you assist me in this I am desperate for your help, please show me the right way. So this is what it means to depend on Allah subhanaw taala. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is a Sayed, this also means that we should be loyal to our master and we should live by his command. Any Allah is you know when we say that Allah is a Sayed, this means that he is our master and a master is supposed to be obeyed, supposed to be followed. So, you know, sometimes we think

00:46:33--> 00:47:20

that you know if we have given our word to certain people, we cannot disappoint them. What about our our allegiance to Allah subhanaw taala right we should show loyalty to Allah by obeying him on on a daily basis. And when Allah subhanaw taala has a say you remember a say it also means the forbearing kind, merciful master. So we should always think good of Allah. Because Allah subhanaw taala is not unjust towards his slaves. He is the best who is perfect in every way. He's not unfair. So think good of Allah, no matter what happens. And when Allah subhanaw taala is a Sayed when he is the best. He is the Lord the master. That means that we should love him most more than our families. And we

00:47:20--> 00:48:09

should fear him most more more than we know we fear certain people. Allah alone is worthy of that. And then also show gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for his kindness, his kindness is ever extensive. So a sacred and he is our master who didn't just create us and leave us to fend for ourselves. He has created us offered as guidance shown us the way sustained our bodies given us nourishment for our soul. So show gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. And also remember that when Allah is aside, then if we are ever in a in a position of leadership, that if Allah grants us a certain level of authority above people, then let us be humble. Let us be humble in the sense that

00:48:09--> 00:49:01

we are always humble to Allah xojo before Allah xojo that we should not be fooled by our status and our power. Because no matter who we become, no matter who we become, Allah subhanaw taala is still our Sayed. He is still our master. So never think that you know what, I have so much power. So I'm above any mistake, right? I am above any correction, I have so much power so I can do whatever I want. No, Allah is the one who has given you that authority. So stay humble before Allah. And part of that is that don't be little people. Don't be little the people whom Allah subpanel Tata has put you in charge over. Because, yes, their status may be lower compared to yours, right? their

00:49:01--> 00:49:45

qualities may not be as great as yours. But that doesn't mean that you think extremely highly of yourself. Because Allah subhanaw taala does not like people who are more than and for whom McDowell is someone who, who thinks very highly of himself. You see, hail is a horse. And McDowell is someone who think so highly of himself that it's visible in his body language in the way that he's walking in the way that he is referring to himself. And for who to someone who is very boastful because for her is is is the is the clay of pottery. And and when something is made of clay, right once it is dry, you tap it and it makes a noise. So some people are like that, they just need to be tapped a

00:49:45--> 00:49:59

little bit. And then what will happen they will start boasting about oh, I did this and I am like this and I am like that. Any Be humble, and you don't need to belittle people. And be careful about you know the language that you use to refer

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

to yourself, and also the language that you use to refer to other people, meaning it should not show any arrogance. We see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lay up a hairdo comb or agua de Amati could nakoma obey the law. He said, none of you should say, my slave and my slave girl, my slave woman, because all of you in fact, are slaves to Allah. Any if someone owned a slave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told such people that do not refer to your slaves as Oh, my slave, right? My slave, no, don't don't don't use that terminology. Why? Because all of you are actually slaves to Allah.

00:50:44--> 00:51:30

So be careful in the way that you refer to people you don't want to come across as someone arrogant or someone who is exerting you know, a great deal of authority and control and superiority over people. And then another thing is that we see over here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said cotulla Kumar, Viva La, all of you are our beads to Allah. And it's any mind boggling how sometimes people will use this term or be, you know, to refer to certain people in order to humiliate them and ridicule them. And any This is extremely racist, right? That just because of someone's race, you you, you give them the label of slave stuff, it'll lay any what kind of arrogance is this? What kind

00:51:30--> 00:51:48

of arrogance is this, that you think that because of your culture, because of the color of your skin, because of your race, or because of the your heritage or the language that you speak, you are, by definition superior to someone else. Honey, this is extremely, extremely roughly any

00:51:50--> 00:52:24

pathetic behavior, that you think that you have superiority over someone because of your race. And so you call anybody of a certain race a slave, he, how dare you remember that you are also a slave to largest as they are a slave to Allah, and you have no superiority over them, just because of the language you speak. And just because of the culture you have, and just because of the color of your skin, any we should we should free ourselves of such arrogance. Will it Riyadh the Billa. And then

00:52:26--> 00:52:48

also, it's important that at the same time when Allah subhanaw taala is supposed to be a Sayed, then this means that we should not exaggerate the status of certain people. Any Yes, certain people, certain individuals, they are great Allah Subhana. Allah has given them greatness. It could be their piety, it could be their knowledge, it could be their position.

00:52:49--> 00:53:33

You know, in a certain organization, it could be their their status in the family. Right? It could be the fact that they're very influential. They're very famous. Remember, no matter who somebody is, they're still a creation, right? They're still a slave to Allah. So view people as people, right as as creation as slaves to Allah and as imperfect. And and people who have faults, right? They're not perfect in every way. This doesn't mean that you don't acknowledge the status that Allah subhanaw taala has given someone, right? So for example, you go to your mom and you say, Mom, we're all supposed to be slaves to Allah. So you call your mom by her name, right? And you treat her as if she

00:53:33--> 00:54:09

was your sibling? No, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, yes, you have respect for your mom. And yes, you do love her. And yes, you do, you know, treat her in a good way. But that doesn't mean that just because of someone status, you think that they're perfect in every way, and that they're above any mistake. So you defend them unconditionally, and you obey them unconditionally, right and you and you adore them unconditionally, this is where it becomes unhealthy and problematic, right, because when it comes to you know, for example, certain

00:54:10--> 00:54:59

even when it comes to you know, as a scholar, we think that you know, the scholar that that I have studied from there perfect. So nobody, you know, even say that they have a mistake. And sometimes we go to the other extreme, where if we find out that someone of knowledge, you know, made a mistake, then we think that they're not worth you know, listening to so cancel them completely. You know, this, this culture of 100% unconditional support, and the other extreme of completely canceling people. This is coming from a place of arrogance, and this is coming from a place of unhealthy love and adoration. This is coming because we don't recognize who the real a sacred is.

00:55:00--> 00:55:36

So Allah subhanaw taala is a Sayed, which means that we should view people as people, right? We should not exaggerate their status. And no matter how good and great they are, they're still slaves to Allah, so do not exalt people above their level. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam demonstrated that to us when I know people came to him and they said unto sayyiduna, you are our Master, the Prophet sallallahu aureus, and I'm sad to say you, Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is a sacred right? Meaning

00:55:38--> 00:56:21

meaning the Prophet sallallaahu word ism did not allow people to exaggerate his status. We see that the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm also said letter to Rooney led to tharuni comma, authority, nisab memoriam do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians did to the son of money, meaning they kept you know showing their love and admiration for him until they said that he was a son of God and then they began worshipping Him. So the Prophet sallallahu Urdu son forbade us from doing that he said, for in the marinara Abdu, I am only Allah slave. Therefore you should say our Buddha Allah He will assume that referred to me as the slave of Allah the worshiper of Allah and the

00:56:21--> 00:56:22

Messenger of Allah.

00:56:24--> 00:56:30

And when Allah subhanaw taala is a Sayed, then how is it that we can call upon Allah subhanaw taala.

00:56:31--> 00:57:12

There I could not find a bra in which the name of say this mentioned, however, there are many laws in which we admit we confess our servitude to Allah. Right We admit the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is our master and we are His slaves. So we should make these doors to remind ourselves of of this reality and also to show humility before Allah subhanaw taala. So for example, earlier Ile de la Mourinho, he narrated that whenever the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would stand for Salah, he would say meaning when he would begin the Salah, so Allahu Akbar, right? And typically we say

00:57:13--> 00:58:04

subhanak Allah homo be handy Kota maracas mukava Allah, Luca La ilaha ladoke and there's other dogs Aloma buried by neo abena Jolla. So the Prophet sallallahu artesan would also make this throw and what is this the raw it is what jet the wedge he a little lady for a summer worth? He will auto hanifa warmer and I mean and mushrikeen in masala tea we're not okay, well mahiya Well my Matty dilla here a blonde amin lasher ecola hobby Delica omit to an amine and muslimeen Allah whom until Malik La ilaha illa Anta O Allah, you are the master, there is no god worthy of worship but you and Toby, you are my Lord. What an Arabic And I am your slave. Welcome to Neff see Walter off to be done

00:58:04--> 00:58:52

be fulfilled Lee the newbie Jim era in the Himalaya. fluido nobody lanta, Europe I have wronged myself, I admit my mistakes my sins therefore Please forgive me. Forgive all of my sins because no one can forgive sins except for you. Why do you need the axon hillock? And yet Allah guide me to the best of luck because laya Dr. Sania illa Anta no one can guide me to the best manners except for you will slip I miss her and remove all the terrible the bad qualities for me the bad luck for me because in the hilariously for a nice illa Anta no one can remove that for me except for you. And to be catabolic. Tata arleta esta Furukawa Toby Laker. So it's a long door, but it's a beautiful door

00:58:52--> 00:58:54

and in this dies a portion where we

00:58:55--> 00:59:38

were where we say that Allah is our master, and we are His slaves. And then of course, another law, which is the psyche, that is the heart and this really helps us understand the meaning of the word say you as well. Say you though is the heart meaning the chief of all prayers of seeking forgiveness being the best of them, the best of them, so the side of people is the best of them. Right meaning the one who has a who has certain significant certain qualities, right? Because of which they have superiority. So anyway, so you as the Father, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Should I not direct you? To say you though, is the far meaning the best girl for seeking forgiveness? And

00:59:38--> 01:00:00

that Dora is Allahumma and Thornaby. Oh Allah, you are my Lord. La Ilaha Illa there is no god worthy of worship except for you. Hello kutani you have created me what an Arab dog and I am your slave. Well, nr Allah had become a word become a star and I am I am upon I meaning

01:00:00--> 01:00:44

adhering to your covenant on your promise to the best of my ability meaning I am trying to do the best that I can are all to become insured email sonar to I seek your protection from the evil of what I have done. A Bula company aromatica aleja I confess all of your blessings on me meaning I admit that you have truly blessed me you have not wronged me. You have only given me blessings. What a Bula COVID Mb and I also admit all of my mistakes before you fall fiddly. So yeah, Rob, forgive me for inner wilaya fear within Oba illa Anta because no one can forgive sins except for you. So we see that in this girl we say that he or Allah that we're hon duck, you are anthropy You are my Lord what

01:00:44--> 01:01:00

an Arabic And I am your slave and the Prophet sallallahu earlier sent him said about this thought that none of you says it when he reaches the evening and if he dies before the morning, except that paradise will become obligatory upon him meaning if you say this before motive

01:01:01--> 01:01:56

and you die in the in the night right? You You will inshallah enter agenda the same thing you you make this thorough before 5g enters and you die during the day in sha Allah, Jen nice for you. So this is why this dog should be a part of our morning and evening of calf. Alright, sorry not before frigid enters before sunrise. Okay, before sunrise and before sunset. So the best time to make this draw is when any anytime after you pray awesome. Until the sunsets meaning Maghreb enters at any time until you pray fudger from when you prefer it until the sun rises. So make it a habit, teach it to your children, remind one another and you will see that you will feel better and feel lighter

01:01:56--> 01:02:05

because the burden of sin and the burden of trying to be perfect is really that sum is really something that

01:02:06--> 01:02:35

you know, wears us down. So this Dora reminds us that we are forever in need of Allah Yes, we are faulty Yes, we make mistakes, but we also have a sacred our Lord our master, our robber who is forgiving and therefore we seek His forgiveness. So inshallah we will conclude over here for today. So panic Allahumma Behanding a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta esto Furukawa to buoy Lake wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh