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Mohammed Hijab
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What's the best way to lose weight?

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The fastest way now the fastest way?

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I would say one meal a day. Yeah. Let's say you're not super active. Okay? if you're if you're an athlete if you're in the gym twice a day, you know, eat, eat throughout the day. However, most people tell me coach, I can't train I have this have kids. Okay, so then do one meal a day. Just wake up, don't eat.

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Have your dinner, one regular meal, and you'll lose weight and you won't you won't have any health problems. You won't have any any deficiencies. Just eat a healthy meal at night, one meal. See what happens after six months. You're not going to be hungry until lunchtime. Sorry, dinnertime, you won't be hungry morning lunch, you won't be hungry, fasting, maybe fasting? Absolutely. Some some people fast 24 hours, some people fast 48 hours. Fasting is extremely healthy. For instance, in 2016 they gave the Nobel Prize for the discovery of autophagy autophagy. Look, I'm not a biologist. But in layman's terms, I've tried to do it as much justice as I can. Basically, if you don't eat for a

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prolonged period of time,

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your body will start to eat the bad cells again, I'm not gonna I don't know the I don't recall the exact term but basically there are cells that are replicated that are replicated.

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Not exactly okay. They're they're bad cells, okay. Again, please forgive the terms.

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These cells are digested eaten by the body, they're destroyed by the body if there's no food coming in for a prolonged period of time, so the body will start to destroy eat those cells first. So I really recommend the work of Jason Fung. Jason Fung does a tremendous amount of

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did a tremendous amount of work on on research on fasting. And he mentions autophagy in his work and he even believes that curse cancer

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No, yeah. What do you think of ketogenic diets, ketogenic diet is good for for somebody who's not very active.

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So ketogenic diet, for those who don't know is you really limit your carbs to about 50 grams per day, that will be the average, okay, so 50 grams of carbs per day. So basically, you're eating greens, fats, and a little bit of protein.

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You're not eating even fruits.

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Now, it's not bad because you're never spiking your insulin. So you're going to start losing fat. I guarantee you if you do ketogenic diet, you're gonna lose fat however,

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muscle as you lose muscle, you won't be bulky. Okay. So for instance, a lot of people you see on Instagram, YouTube, these guys are on steroids, okay? They're telling you a ketogenic diet, this and that, but they're on steroids.

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They don't tell you they're on steroids, but they're on steroids. They're on they're on. You know, they bulk up, because the thing is, when you eat carbohydrates, and you do spike your insulin, yes, it makes your fat cells bigger, but it also makes your muscle tissue bigger. So for instance, a lot of ketogenic diet, people on the ketogenic diet, they'll also eat carbs at the right time. So before they go lift, body build, or their sport, they'll eat rice, they'll spike their insulin because they need to feed that muscle. And even some will do it afterwards. If they feel they need to bulk up even more. So they eat rice before and after. But because you're exercising intensely, you're

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burning those carbohydrates very quickly, and then you're back into your keto burning phase. So for instance,

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to put it simply, when you eat carbohydrates, let's call it rice, bread, potatoes.

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Your body fills your glycogen reserves your glycogen reserves and think about that.

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The carpet the carbohydrates will go into your muscle directly into your muscle, okay?

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Now, if there's an excess of carbs, then those carbs after all the muscles are full

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of glycogen. Your body's gonna turn that into fats. Okay, forgive the terms. I'm not a biologist. I'm just giving you guys

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in a nutshell, okay. Where he was so many nutrition experts. This Okay, look that's converted to fat. If your reserves in your muscles are depleted, you have no glycogen in your muscle. And you eat rice right before

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and then you go train your body is going to prioritize that carbohydrate for the intense training you're about to do and to increase the muscle mass. So it's called carb timing you time your carbs just right club timing. Now look, my opinion this works. I've done it, it works. For me doesn't fit my lifestyle. So what I do is I eat my carbs in the morning. I eat my carbs at lunch, I go train and then I go to bed. I don't need I don't I don't eat any foods. I just drink water. So at the end of the day, my carbohydrate levels are depleted.

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When I wake up in the morning, I replenish them and I go to train and then eat carbs in the afternoon. So me I eat my carbs in the morning and yes, front loading. front loading means I'm having my food early in the day. Why am I front loading because I'm active during the day? Yeah.

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If you take two groups of people, one group that eats one meal a day at night and Jason Fung did this experiment okay. He says look

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One group ate their meal at night and one group ate their one meal. So they're only eating, both groups are eating one meal in 24 hours. One eats it in the afternoon, the other one eats it at night, the one who ate it in the afternoon,

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they lost more weight. Why? When you eat during the day, you have more energy.

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So you're going to be more active. So if I give you if I give you they've done this experiment as well take two groups. One group, we give them carbohydrates, one group, we don't give them carbohydrates. We put them keto. Both groups work out.

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The keto group spends more energy.

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They're far more active. So if we ask them to do any exercise, they're gonna have more energy.

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The keto group is like lagging behind and they need that's why even the keto practitioners will eat carbs before training.

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They see the importance of carbs. The way I strategize it is to make it really simple and make my life more simple because for me, timing my food right before practice, it's too complicated.

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I eat my carbs in the morning, I eat my natural foods in the morning. I eat my carbs in the morning, then I have my lunch.

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And at six o'clock I stopped eating so I eat from 10 to six. Don't be in carbs or any altogether just water. Uh huh. That's why today I just in drinking water, right? Now, if I want to lose even more weight, let's say okay, now it's time to trim down a little more.

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I'll stop eating at three. So eat from 10 to three

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for a while, not forever for a while. And then okay when I lean up, okay, now I start feeding from 10 to six again.

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If I have a wedding or a family get together, I will need 24 hours before so I can when I sit down when they offer me food. I won't be like no, I can't eat. So this diet, it fits my lifestyle. Yeah, so I have like when I go see my mother I have to eat.

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When I'm when I take my family to see my mother she's gonna cook

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more than I can eat. You know, like she's gonna My mom is incredible.

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You gotta eat. You can't go there now and say, call us I can't eat You have to eat. So I know this is only 24 hours before so I can eat and I won't change my body composition. That's pretty straightforward. I think a lot of people would grasp that. Because it's very easy. Yeah, I tend to six or one meal. Yeah, if you have a special occasion. Yeah. 24 hours don't eat before. That's it. On that note. Does that mean no for your insights on so many issues.

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