Haifaa Younis – Stories of the Quran Series Ibrahim was Forbearing, Tender-Hearted, and Returning to Allah

Haifaa Younis
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Everything you do may sound excellence, May Allah give you excellence in everything you do. May Allah give you part of your name. So that's the first thing. Let's say even that you Brian, his name Subhana. Allah, his name is special. The meaning of his name is a special. Where was he born?

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In Iraq, right? There's a lot of use when you do your search. There's a lot of different opinion but the most probable lanos appropriate when they said he was born in Iraq in a city called Babel, which is south west of Baghdad at the time of the Colombians. When the timing I did a lot of research and then nobody could give you exactly the they give you usually a time frame. They said 1830 to 220 30 most abroad probably 1900 before not now 1900 What's so special about signet Ibrahim in the Koran, when you read the Quran, what do you what do you think what do you see about Satan Ebrahim different than other prophets?

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That's that's catch your eyes.

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If any

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many things if you said many things is never wrong, many things. And I'm going to share with you a couple and we will not going to finish today, we're probably going to finish another part of his life in the next one inshallah. He was mentioned in the Quran in three

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parts of his life.

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Meaning, think of the Mussa that we shared in three, three classes. So even though Moosa was pantalla, to talk to us about his birth, we went in that in detail. And then when he was a younger man, right, and what happened to him, and then when he got married, and then when he was Prophet, he sent up and then when he is challenged with Shira, and when you think of Moses, what comes to your mind? Usually,

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strength, challenges, how he stood up in front of the Pharaoh, right? And was a strong body. Sydney, Brahim, Allah mentioned him in the Quran, in his three parts of his life, as a son.

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And as a father, right? This is extremely interesting, the two sides of a man's life as a father, and as a son, no timing, if you read in the Quran, the timing is not an issue. You know, how old was he? How old his father were? Did he live with his father, this is not the issue. The issue is he was his father, and he would his son to And third, as a member of the community.

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Because always what should strike your, your attention. When you read in the Quran, the name comes in when comes with Ibrahim Abhi, he will call me

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he speaks to his father and his people. So he's part of a community and in a different ways. But these are the main three things. And the fourth one, as of now as a servant of Allah, how Allah praised him.

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In the Quran, Allah gave him or Allah described him praise them in the Quran, no other nabee period no other Prophet, or rosu, known to be no rosu in the Quran, was described the Waseda Ibrahim in one of his descriptions. And I've come to this so Hello, I'm trying to make you even more interested in it. Because we all read the story or the one we mentioned Satan Ibrahim, we don't feel this is something we don't know. But I'm going to take you deeper so we can live with him. Live him in our life. And then what will I learn from the life of Satan Ibrahim in bring it to my life? Or where do I need to aspire to be?

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He was mentioned in the 69 places 69 places his his name is a story came in.

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He came in different ways.

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A little bit more. Yeah, yeah. Second time, but amazingly roswaal is thought to sit down

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only for Allah. Right? Now. Remember numbers in the Quran. It's not something I should pay attention to. Right? Because the numbers is why 69 not 70 Allah has a reason. But he didn't explain it to me. It's not going to make a difference to me. The difference? The main thing is what do I need to learn from the story of seed net.

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From these 60 nights this color scheme and says these are the following criterias or incidents that are most popular chose Satan Ibrahim and made him do

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from all the other prophets, the first thing Allah gave Satan Abraham, and he didn't give it to anybody else. No one, including the roswaal. He sort of said

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he was the one who built the Kaaba. Don't go Don't go deep, just what you will know. But you need to think of it. The only one he and his son, right and Allah said this one sort of all right with your father Ibrahim will power a dominant beat. Right? What is my evil Robin at Aqaba? Mina canta semiology very clear if there is no more than one meaning your file Ibrahim will Allah Ada Min elbaite Ibrahim build or he is elevating the foundations of the Kaaba, he and his son and then made his famous drop Rob Burnett

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your Allah accept from us in the cemetery. This is only for him.

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Second only for him.

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And this was actually a suggestion of saving to Roswell is sort of set out in a lot of formats in the

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where do you pray after tawaf?

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behind him, right, what does he do when McCarney Ibrahima masala and take from the place my own is his place? What is Muhammad Ibrahim? It's actually his footprint. So when they were building, as it became higher up, he needed to stand up. Now he was these days, those days, the human being was much bigger than now much bigger and heavier and they lived longer, much longer than No. So he left his footsteps that footstep is Muhammad Ibrahim, that's where we now call it Ahmed Ibrahim. Now you see it when you go to Macau you see it rounded and you see the gold. There was none of this 15 years ago this was not there. The place was there. But we pray behind it. It's one of the center of power. The

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only only Navy only Navy that there is a place by his name that we pray behind and it is not something we invented something Allah subhanaw taala order does get saved Omar todo Rasul Allah is autosar Why don't we pray behind this place? And Allah how to build the eye with ami Ibrahima masala third, that Allah subhanaw taala gave it only to say that you Brahim not even order Swati Sato sir.

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And this is a name we all know one of his kunia one of his names is a bill ambia the father of the prophets are Bill ambia, father of the prophets. Why?

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Why he is the father of all the prophets.

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Satan, then what was before him,

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he he from his lineage from his generations, all the prophets came in,

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except Satan and Satan, then what was before.

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So Satan that you brought him, everybody Prophet, you, you know, you read about him in the Quran came from him. So he's the father of the prophets, Abu ambia. Interesting. He has an outcome to his life but from his help Isaiah, the Jewish nations and the Jewish religion came in and all the profits from his summary.

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Only say neurosurgery sort of center. So every prophet came from him and Allah said this is sorted and, and Allah mentioned them by name. ticker project, Athena Ibrahima, Allah ob not founder Jatin, Manisha norumbega hachimura habenula now this

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is her way and we gave him his help and Jaco that's one generation is how we aku hulan had Elena we guided them. When ohana dynamic and news we guided him comes to the generations, woman very Yeti Hema is how konnyaku performed their lineage came the following and Allah mentioned every Nabhi the Buddha was a man are you but were you so for Moosa waha was smart either what is when?

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What is smart either? Well, yes, sir. All of them there was about this is one of the hardest I had to memorize if you're memorizing the Quran, because all the names of the Prophets comes in. So one of the status that Allah gave to

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So you didn't you brought him that all the profits came from him and I'm going to end up and saying, Why do you think Allah elevated him in this? So that's number two. Number three, or that's actually number three. So number one, he built the carb number two,

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ami brought him on masala is his footsteps. Billions pray behind and we fight what is the the most crowded place when you do it off the place that you say Allah make it easy, white it's once you get to the huddle password. And then once you get to my dismay, you call it huddling. This is the most crowded area Why? Because it's one of hudgell So this year, but then Mocambo Ibrahim is here and everybody wants to pray behind it. And you get the goddess says Move Move, right? Because everybody wants and everyone wants to see it. So that's number three. Number four.

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And this is beautiful Allah described him in the Quran insulting me sir. What the * Allah Ibrahima Hari.

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Allah Subhana.

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Chose Ibrahim to be is a special beloved one. It is not a single word to translate Tallinn properly in the English language in the Arabic language you right away, you're gonna say Oh, Holly. Wow. So what did he do to become a Khalid of a wasp Ponton? Holly is and I looked at it too, so I can translate it even more properly. For all of you. The Holly is the one who is not your best friend only is the one who knows everything about you.

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And you trust him with everything.

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And one of the poet's

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said the poem is talking about a woman he loves.

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Right? He talks about a woman he loves and he was saying something like this, you have penetrated my body, like the soul penetrate the body.

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And that's why you became my family.

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Did you see the point so he's talking about a woman he loves that you have

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penetrated my body in every part of my body and that's why now you're my family. A lot chose save me brought me to be his colleague. And Allah said this assaulter Nisa was the one who Ebola hemophilia and a lot chose Ibrahim to be his they literally loosely translated to friend. It's not a friend. Sadie is a friend Holly is much deeper. And I wanted actually did a search is like why did a loss pantalla specifically chose this evening blocking for this. And in the sooner or roswaal he saw to Sarah said about himself also lacking the Sahaba Kumar leadoff man, they asked him, Who will you choose from among us to take him as Holly? So how the Astra Swati Assad was they wanted the answer.

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Maybe you maybe you as they asked him, Who will you choose from us? To be your Holly didn't say fund Sahaba? No, no, no Holly higher level? And he said if I would have chosen a hurry, if I would, who would be

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so you've been Abu Bakar when Akina Sahaba, Kampala, Rama but he said Your friend is talking about himself how the site was set up is the is the holly the most beloved special without last pantile. So you look and you look and I really look did a search. It's like why is he hurried over? What did he do? Specifically special that Allah gave him this honor?

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Yeah, actually, he they, they they say because he actually had a pain in his heart

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that no one had it.

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He had a cane in his heart. And Allah increased his yuping by showing him how Allah as a resurrect human beings.

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So here you go. This is very interesting when you understand when you say, I love cake.

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And we always talk about food because easy for us to understand, because we see it right. So you say or you say if I had a child, of course I love my child.

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But it's very different. When you have a child

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and the child come out of you. The feeling is way different because now you are

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feeding it now you're seeing it. So save me Ibrahim asked alongside and Baccarat some of you may know the idea what he said is part of the blame Rob theory wiki for to heal motor saving the blind talking to Allah says, Allah Show me. How do you bring life back to the devotee? Right? And Allah asked the question which of course Allah knows the answer. And I'm totally

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having to believe.

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Of course Allah knows the answer. All the better. Yes, what I can do to my email?

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I want to have the real now your pain. Yeah, they call it an angel. Your theme is it's mentioned in the Quran. I know Yaki you've seen it, you've seen it, no doubt. So Allah showed him, this, showed him and you know this story Allah told him, bring the birds custom put each part of the board on a mountain, keep the head of the board in your hand or your own call the parts comes to you and they become backbones.

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Allah showed him this, and he chose him as a Hadid because before he saw that, he has, he has seen this, you know, this is a true and no doubt. He was the one only all his life chose no one. But

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this is what what chose to him specifically. And this is one of the reasons why Allah tested him the toughest test, the hardest test that a human being can be tested. And we probably will talk about detail in the next part of this of this series. But in general Helene because he in everything in his life. Allah was first. He was the father of Islam, but not Islam as the religion as we understand it. Not only that, he is the father of what is snom when it comes to Satan a brine

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submission to a lie.

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Literally every time you are on I am faced with a challenge to submit to Allah, which we face this lady.

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What helps me to do it is remembering segments.

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And this is all one word describe them in the Quran. hanifa Hanif and muslimah Look at his description the Quran hanifa watch hanifa Hanif What is happening?

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What is happening?

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straight, but that's not enough, straight is mystifying. Also, it's part of it is a straight

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hanifa you don't go right. You don't go left. You don't move. It stays on the same path.

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hanifa is not only it's not a steadfast, but as you are going as you are going no right nor left. It's like you're on a very thin line. hanifa always, when you when say the driving name comes in one of the things comes to our mind hanifa he never changed. He never went a little bit this way a little bit this way. Now remember the stories that you know, not necessarily the Quran as it is. But the stories you know, think of him was hit with his father. Think of him with his son. Think of him with his people. Think of him in the hellfire. No change. Did you see what I'm saying? No change. Nothing changed, whether it was a fire, whether it was my father, and my father was very unhappy

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with me and go out live. leave the house. He didn't change, son kill him during change, slaughter, not kill slaughter, even harder, didn't change. Leave your child and your wife in the middle of nowhere no change.

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This is specifically for him. Hanif and muslimah.

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This is number four or five I don't know you probably some of you have had the number. He was the one that Allah described and also in the aura, another description. Only him as sort of last page of sort of Allah said Ibrahim Karna Oh my time on Eton. Linda. Well, Amir coming and mushrikeen let's translate worldly Ibrahim now Who's speaking? Allah. Allah. Ibrahim wehrli. Surely no doubt you bought on him. Karna was Ma

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and what is

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Money, translate usually as a nation. That's not the only one. Alma and you look at the meaning of it in the Arabic language is the person who always bring higher

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always bring goodness, that's one meaning always and a leader offer people in every step of his life, a leader not only by speech leader by actions,

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in that you brighten my kind of

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leader lead like anything he was one person but his influence and impact on people like he his nation. question I asked everybody

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where are we as an influence with people?

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Can you imagine this, his influence on not only people but on the humanity like he was a whole nation. He was one person

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saying boy, he had so influenced I and you are now Muslim because of Satan.

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And you can imagine mutton and then he described him on eaten linea Hanif and kanita. Linda, these are usually three descriptions comes together, what's on it?

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quantity is the person who is always in an act of worship. But with submission. Who was the woman Allah describe that in the Quran, in this description,

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see, the Miriam can smell or anything on it is the one who's always in worship of Allah, even not necessarily in action. Meaning always Insider, not your heart, always in a state of worshipping Allah with the humility, humbleness, crying, Sedna, Ibrahim, Pani not well I'm your chameleon mushrikeen he never look at this. Allah said lemmya could he absolutely removed, never, ever associated anything with a law? This is his corner, stone description. Never. You know what, never me. Neither a child, nor a father, nor a wife, nor a young baby, nor people. No one at all. Anything equal to Allah, even close lemmya coming and that's only for him. And I'm sharing with you other

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descriptions in the Koran. This is Allah The one who created a neighbor and he is talking about for the criteria and the same is in Abraham I cannot. So now we talked about like a nation in his influence on it. Always submitting to Allah hanifin straight, never right never left. Fourth.

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Shakira only an ami even look at the word Allah use Shakira. Shakira is not grateful. Only

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por resistente can continuously as he is living was always grateful. And if you know the story of Satan at your Brahim, there is a lot of challenges. Very hard to be grateful

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in our understanding, right? So how can I be grateful Allah send me slaughter your your son, Pamela described him shark you're on meaning persistence is like this shopko there's a Shaku Shakira, the annual only look at the word Allah said to all the blessings Allah gave him

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and somebody you and me will say what a blessing is your Allah? Look how many times I moved. This is one of other criteria for look what happened to me. I'm 86 and I have no children.

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Shakira only and only another special for him Egypt about

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a lot chosen. Don't you want to be chosen by a law?

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Not a law, but to be chose by a law you have to be hanifa

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always let me acumen and mushrikeen never nothing equal to a law nothing even close. No doubt

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it turbo Hawaii wahoo Ilan said often was stuffy. Then he talks to Roswell a psycho. So in the same idea, this is unsorted natural end of thought and then Allah gives the order to Roswell is sort of set up. And this is another elevation elevating status of saying that Brian tomorrow hyena lake is talking to Tara Swati santosa. Now we are ordering you. And we have revealed to you today a middle letter Ibrahim

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roswaal. He sought to sell

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You follow his, his path to wealth? That can be a real letter Ibrahim hanifa. Willem yaku Minimus. Ricky twice Allah in this three lines, four lines of the Quran twice, he absolutely removed from him any possibility of, of associating anything with Allah. Now look at you and me and all of us, right? Do we associate something with Allah? Something something? Right? Can I say with confidence lemmya Coleman and Misaki Makana Milan was tricky.

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So this is this is the board that we need to look at. He said that he brought he, one of the things also Allah gave him that he's the only prophet than the three faiths

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the three religion or not.

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And I'm talking about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And that's why they call Abrahamic faith. Like when if you are involved in interfaith, that's what they tell you. Ibrahim McPhee, why his name Look at his name continuously, persistently is mentioned in everywhere. Why Abrahamic faiths,

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and especially Judaism and Islam, Judaism they absolutely honor it's a rhyme like we do.

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Like weed.

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I'm sorry.

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Right? But the reason I used I didn't use monotheism, I used Abrahamic faith, because it is related to him. It's related to him and they honor Him, like, like we do. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Only prophet. Look how Allah how many things Allah chose for him. something very special and dear for all of us. Maybe sha Allah. If not all of you are be suit when you go to Hajj, which footsteps you follow.

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Save Brahim, why do we start out the animal?

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Why do we cast the pebbles?

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These two specifically why saving Ibrahim a hedge all hedge all all the steps of the hedge is we are out of the following the footsteps of Sidney Brahim especially the to the slaughter the animal, and then the catch the couple. One of the criteria Allah gave him repeated in the Quran. He was the first human being on this earth that have migrated outside his town.

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First one ever see how many first logging. So where was he born? We said he was born in Iraq in Babel, right? And he got married to his first wife. And his first wife name is sorrow, sad disorder. Who was she? His cousin. Right? No children. Till age, he married her she was 65.

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And he was 10 years older than her.

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Now, again, you have to imagine the time and age these days lots of us, people live the way longer right say Daniel how long he called his people to believe.

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How long? Not right once you say the way our Quran said 1000 minus 50. That's how Allah said fascinating. lumps. hamsey nam 1000, TN minus 50 just calling people. So people used to live much longer. So 65 was Sara when she married say that you brought him he was 10 years older. Then what did they do? They moved. That's the first he drove. Where did he go?

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Where did he go? He moved four places. Palestine in water Palestine. Right. Now I need to just imagine how long is that? from Iraq to Palestine walking. Of course, it was nothing these days. Right? And he went to Palestine. Then what's happened? So you dasara did not have children. could not bear children.

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She had a helper. Emma. Who was it? Sad harder. So she told him marry her. You need to have a child.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:42

So she married her and she got pregnant. And she delivered save next married right now after she delivered sadness, my woman.

00:29:43 --> 00:29:45

So of course you start to have

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00:29:48 --> 00:29:56

uncomfortable. Now she has a child from her. So she said you know what? This is very tough to live together.

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

We need to move you need to move

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He moved second hidrive second time he's migrating. Where did you go now? Without sudo? Joe, we'll see you next night. Where did you go? backup? Nothing, nothing.

00:30:15 --> 00:30:21

Not like there is some places and then there is desert. nothing, not even Kaaba at all.

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There. What happens? You all know the story I assigned you to lead to live it left, left her laptop, baby, baby. And the mother looked at us and they leave us now outside we get so scared. Right? And this is all around us. Panama was one other level. This is why in lacquered canopy of course also human a bulletin union and BB a loss of use of the and after the beautiful story of use of which we were going to come to it for sure one day at the end blast I have not said isn't there stories there his explanation. And his lessons for those who comprehend the stories in the Quran not just a story. Like look at that. So he left when he went back. And where did he go now?

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They go to Egypt, because there was nothing left in Palestine. They went through famine. So he went to Egypt, from Egypt, back to Africa, from Africa back to Palestine.

00:31:27 --> 00:31:28

And why did he die?

00:31:30 --> 00:32:19

Well, probably nobody knows for sure. But they think most probably he passed away in Palestine. That's when Hebron is there. why it's called the holly. Medina to Holly. This is the name and out of the Hebron is in the English and the Hebrew but in Arabi it's a hurry. Why? Because his name is his nickname as Holly now why his name is Ibrahim Ali. Now you know what the what the *? Allahu Ibrahim Khalid. So he was the first one who actually traveled, migrated and he said it's in the Quran. Allah Maharaja, don't you know be I love this idea. In me mohandro in RBC Eileen, I am leaving you. I'm gonna go to my Lord. He's gonna guide me. He didn't know where and what and what

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will happen. Just left. Left. Yes, sure.

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Let's say named Brian. That's a no Moosa.

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So he married, I see the sorrow. And then he made the thing to her job. After she delivered isma A within a year, say the sorrow got pregnant.

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He was at six, Sydney Brighton, and she delivered his help Isaac, who from his, his son is Yaqoob Jacob, his son. say they also saw all the other prophets came this from this line. Satan smile came from hajah after se de Sora died and see the hijab died. He married in one IRA one in other places, too. And he had eight children afterward.

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But from only these two, the whole Prophethood and profit scheme. These two panela Look how Allah subhanaw taala choose saving alone. What was his relationship with St. Nick Bryan,

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nephew, see in the loop as his nephew, it should bring now and hamdulillah now you're gonna short low when you read the aura when you see Satan a lot once almost always pay attention when the story of Satan Ibrahim is mentioned. Next is evolute. Right? And then when they when the

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angels came to say he brought him What did they say? We are destroying the people of Lord. Why? Same time, same time. One of his names and characters that are lost Potala, also honored him with he was extremely generous.

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Kareem he was very generous because of his generosity. Who were his guests.

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Now you have it in the Koran, right the angels and the angels when they came on last panatela wanted us to learn many lessons but one of them is his generosity. through what what did he bring them for food.

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But what kind of alarm and what kind then small, semi big and this is more than one time in the Qurans panela scheme semi came honey

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So Pamela big, huge, brought it roasted, gave it to them. He didn't know them. generosity. Think of you and me. Someone knock on the door. You don't know the Muslims. They don't know the your neighbor, why did they knock on the door? What do they want from me?

00:35:20 --> 00:35:29

So Pamela, and he didn't know them. Right? He didn't, almost macaroon. And this is Allah said this is what your people I don't know.

00:35:30 --> 00:36:23

They said, Don't worry, we came to give you the black tiding that you will be a father. And he brought the lamp. That's when Sora say the solder was given the gluttony she will have seen his help. And was at this in the Koran, also something special for him that he was generous, something special for him. His art was always Mr. Jab. And there is a famous draw in the Quran is what a shout out. He turned to Allah says, which I live in Santa Fe will actually make me after. After later generations, they always remember me. lisanna said, meaning people when they speak about me, look at us now. This is 1000s years later, when they speak about me, they always praise me and praise me

00:36:23 --> 00:36:27

truthfully. Truthfully, that's also a legate

00:36:29 --> 00:36:31

saying that you brought him somehow.

00:36:32 --> 00:36:39

I'm coming to this and now you just said it. Exactly. Exactly when we do our solar.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:52

Right and it is one of the can have the solar right along Musalia Muhammad Ali Muhammad, Allah Allah, Allah Mohammed in Abu kawara, sudo kamasan later Allah Ibrahim.

00:36:53 --> 00:36:55

In the comedo module, the only NaVi

00:36:56 --> 00:37:14

from everyone mentioned in the Quran, and the others who are not mentioned we don't know how many prophets there are. They were a watch or wisdom or Salawat specifically for what that's now you can probably start feeling why he was a nation,

00:37:15 --> 00:37:19

nation. Then you look at this and you say,

00:37:21 --> 00:37:30

his goal in life, you look at him as a father, you look at him as a son, you look at him as a color to Allah he had only one goal.

00:37:32 --> 00:37:42

And he did not ever in the Quran when you read he the way he speaks to his people, always rational and calm.

00:37:44 --> 00:38:15

talking to his father, and his father got so upset with him, calm and rational. Talking to with his son and telling him I am going to slaughter you. Right? Calm and rational. talking to his people. Right? Very calm and very rational. Spend a lot and focus this is how I see focused on one thing. What is the one thing he's focused on? hanifa

00:38:16 --> 00:38:45

hanifa the focus in life is Allah is my priority is not my priority is Allah and only for Sydney Brahim, you and me we're struggling to make Allah priority save Neva hemos Allah and only nobody else. Everything else was different. So evening Brahim. I will probably start little bit mentioning the him as a son. And it is where to sort Merriam

00:38:47 --> 00:39:02

after our last Pantera talks about Zachary as a nessecary talks about say the Merriam comes to him. What was chlorophyl kitabi Ibrahim, two criteria. Two criteria in the whole corner. So do on nebia

00:39:03 --> 00:39:15

no wehrli he is now see how many criterias are described him. This is a sort of Maria so d on Sadiq Khan. Think of Sydney Abu Bakr so do what sauce special when you say somebody is

00:39:16 --> 00:39:19

always truthful, that's true, but that's part of it.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:22

Actually, this is second

00:39:23 --> 00:39:59

he always believed a Sadiq is the one who believed without singing. Why? Why Satan Abu Bakar His name is a sub D. His name nothing is kunia. Why? Why? Because he believed in everything Goswami sought to saddam said and he didn't see you know the famous statement one day after Islam one mirage. They came there Mr. King came to him and saw saw Hey buka your friend. Look what he's saying. You know, like, do you need to feel this? Look what he's saying no. Now he says he will end the night.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:51

was moved to Jerusalem and then he went up to heaven and then came back. Can you think of this? Like before planes? Why soloqueue aside now boubakeur very calmly, he said, I believed him when he said on last Sunday in the Quran and Jabri, of course, I believe he went to Jerusalem and what you have is a callback. This is why he's saying that you brought him so de aneri. Why Sunday, because he believed in Allah before anyone. And he felt always nothing, made him change, move weaker, stronger, straight. You know, like when you when you when you put think of this, if you ever see if you if you listen to something, or you're taping something, and you see the voice go up and down, right, go up

00:40:51 --> 00:41:22

and down. That's not saying hey, Brian, save netvibes a flat, didn't change, nothing, nothing goes up, nothing goes down. It's already a B. Now the discussion with Father and this is actually scholars teaches you if you want to learn how to call people to Islam, study deeply to India, in the Quran. So you know Moosa his discussion with Iran, the one I shared with you and sorta Shara and so you brought him his discussion with his father.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:38

His father, Kalia Betty, number one Yeah, but my dear beloved father Kapha. Right. And rationale. Remember I told you rational Lima, taboo, man is smoke. What are you observe? What are you?

00:41:39 --> 00:41:56

Why do you question in fear isn't true? Like why do you eat? Why do you like tea? I'm asking. You say I love it because Yeah, but you Why do you worship? Something doesn't heal? doesn't listen does not benefit you does not harm.

00:41:57 --> 00:42:18

One, two. Of course he can do his father. So what do you think the father would say? Imagine you're talking to your parents. Your mother tongue elderly person. The next feeling that person elderly will say so what do you know? Like how old are you? The I delivered you 10 years ago? Why?

00:42:19 --> 00:42:33

Immediately here response save me Brian. Yeah, but in a jar any minute. My Lumia Attica. Daddy, Daddy exactly like your father. ability in the Arabic language is when you really are loving someone. Like you say,

00:42:34 --> 00:42:42

Bertie. Yeah. Yeah, but in the journey when I came to learn something who don't know.

00:42:43 --> 00:42:51

He didn't say you're ignorant. You don't think you're mushrik? You're Kaffir you're going to join them? Right malami Chicken factory and you follow

00:42:52 --> 00:43:01

it just follow me. Exactly. When you read it. This is exactly how you read it and you can as if you can hear it. Yeah, but in the punja and email me man, I mean

00:43:03 --> 00:43:04

just follow me.

00:43:06 --> 00:43:58

And then that ability in the hospital I'm so worried about your masakadza bombing a rough man. It's very interesting. The word the rough man. I'm so worried that you will be punished by the Most Merciful. Did you see what he's trying to say? Allah is merciful, but it's also a component right? But occasionally shaitan God then you will be frightened of shaper force for ways of calling his father till now the father didn't respond next to the Father will respond if you read the Quran no response yet. Yeah, but yeah, but Elijah Buddha chaupar do not worship so far. In the shaitan Akan Neeraj Mani also Yeah, you're all my dad. Daddy. Please don't worship shavon shavon He didn't say

00:43:58 --> 00:44:12

she thought would curse you. Your life will be miserable it's all related to Allah Remember I told you he is hanifa initially find a candidate little rough money so yeah, nothing about to me. It's not about me Allah.

00:44:13 --> 00:44:23

Yeah, Daddy shavon is the enemy of Allah. See there is no Ibrahim in here. There's no me. There's no i. What does the father says?

00:44:25 --> 00:44:25

what is says

00:44:26 --> 00:44:34

the lamp tanta here, Ibrahim, if you're not going to stop this nonsense, this is exactly your German. I am going to cost you

00:44:35 --> 00:44:40

like Jordan, you marry you leave. Leave. This is his first move. We've got

00:44:41 --> 00:44:44

What did he say? Okay, I'm leaving and you're going to go to China.

00:44:46 --> 00:44:56

So act as you do. Come on. metabolome Indonesia. I'm gonna review. I'm gonna leave you with what you are worshipping with Allah. What are what I do Robbie

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

Robbie, and I

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

I'm going to pray to my Lord, what? What?

00:45:04 --> 00:46:01

So he can guide him as Allah upon your ambition. And I pray to Allah, that he will respond to my door, that he will respond to my dogs is a nice way of saying your law, don't not respond to my da Don't make me miserable by not answering my door. That's the sun. That's the sun with the Father. And he kept making jokes for him till he died when he died, but I'm not a billionaire who I know I do want to borrow money once he died. That's it. Because when you die as a wish to die, when you die as a calf, as a real person who doesn't believe in Allah, nothing will change afterward, then no more drought and the loss of this later on the Quran from metabo when he came to know that he is the

00:46:01 --> 00:46:04

enemy of Allah, what do I mean? You're not my father anymore.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:28

And the 100 Allah who will end up with this the most beautiful description of Surya Ibrahim in the Quran, which is the title of the class was today in Ibrahim, that one Halima Ibrahim, the honeymoon a wa harmoni Ibrahim A word on Helene Allah said it in different places haleem forbearing

00:46:29 --> 00:46:38

Sabra does not lose his temper, always patient but what is the beautiful one? What is our

00:46:39 --> 00:46:41

a wha when you say ah

00:46:42 --> 00:46:45

ah if you repeatedly say ah You're

00:46:47 --> 00:46:49

right, but what do you say ah

00:46:51 --> 00:46:58

Now normally people say when they are in pain or when they are going through difficulty, right? No, not say nay Brahim. hongfa.

00:47:00 --> 00:47:40

When, when he remember Allah, when he's in his Salah, when he is in his private moments with Allah, he's so much in passion, and so much in feelings and emotions, that it starts coming out. You know, when you miss someone, when you're in love with someone's like, Oh, I miss them. Or Wow, that's how Allah described. Panama. What a human being was he? What's a human being was he Superman? That's what and this takes me to what are Roswell is Tucson was a race to where he is number one is a neck Brahim number two

00:47:41 --> 00:47:53

male las panatela, makers of those who Latin lead, learn, listen and follow and learn and practice your nbme does that come along here is panic alarm, I'll be handing a shadow

00:47:54 --> 00:48:03

stuff it'll cover today so a louder signal. Whether it was Harvey testament, Casio will continue Part Two inshallah not next week, the week after the

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00:48:10 --> 00:48:16

shift comes up and he I will introduce him only he will talk about keys to successful marriage.

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