Make use of these precious days

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We're here again at this blessing junction in the year once again, and that's the junction of the beginning of the hedger those 10 days, first 10 days of the great time great opportunity to plant the seeds to harvest that was there in the last panel attalla swears by these days when he said well he nationalists, some of the people have to say this refers to those 10 days in the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu iclm he was such a powerful inspiration and motivational instruction to make use of these 10 days when he said Mammon aka mean, Allahu Sila houfy hubbel illallah mean had he Elijah, there is no days in which the actions are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days. So it's a great

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opportunity, great

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junction in our lives, especially as we have just

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a couple of months ago

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to try and make use of

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by doing as much as we can.

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So what can you do well,

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in any other time, so try to fast

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the first nine days especially

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try to read

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try to do acts of righteousness

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