Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ #106 – Is it Allowed to Euthanize A Sick Pet

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © A woman from England and her cat has been diagnosed with cancer and is hesitant to casualize her cat's health. Her sister in England is asking the question of "can I be with him and Jenna?" They discuss the importance of animals being treated with caution and caution people about killing them. The woman is encouraged to get to Jenna and get to her gender, and the sister is encouraged to keep her gender.
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Sister Iran from England says

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my cat has been diagnosed with a type of cancer, and the vets are saying to euthanize him for his own good. I think our sisters, perhaps a young sister, she's saying I love him a lot. And I want to be with him and Jenna, but I also want what is best for him. So am I allowed to euthanize him? And will I be with my cat in general? So our sister

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is asking the painful question of euthanization. And then the theological question about Jen and pets in general.

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out of seven,

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poverty in Asia? No, he him first.

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Lake Erie.

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The response to this question is that it is completely forbidden in Islam to torture animals for no reason. It is how long it is sinful to torture animals for no reason. We all know the Hadith of the lady who went to jahannam because she starved her cat to death for no reason other than she was a nasty person. Okay, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cursed the one who tortures an animal. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that anyone who takes an animal as a target practice, this is something that is sinful, and how long we do not tie up an animal like it is done or even like is done in some countries, they do a bull fight and they, you know, kill the animal for

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entertainment. This is completely how wrong and it is one of the major sins of Islam and our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Hadith is a necessity, that whoever kills even a small chicken, little bird, even a small bird, or much less a bigger animal without just cause Allah subhana wa tada will question him on the day of judgement about that is a threat that he will have to answer to a lot directly for killing an animal without any just cause. They said O Messenger of Allah, what is the just cause he says that if he wants to eat an animal, he may sacrifice it, and then you know, eat it, he should not just kill it, and then let it on the side of the road for entertainment, that's

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not something that is allowed to do. So the Hadith is very clear that any animal that you're going to kill, there must be a reason to kill it right? Based on this, you are saying that your cat is basically suffering is going to die very slow and miserable death because of cancer, and the doctors are saying to euthanize it. In this case, there is a reason you are not torturing, you are not wanting to inflict pain. the sanctity of an animal is not like the sanctity of a human. This is the key point here right? We are not allowed to use this ruling on a human being because that is murder. A human's life is not the same in the eyes of Allah is that of an animal, we do not bring about life

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and death for human beings, we leave it to Allah subhana wa Taala there is no mercy killing when it comes to human beings. However, when it comes to animals, they do not occupy the same level of kurama of sanctity of nobility as that of human beings. And if the owner of the animal out of mercy for the animal wishes to get rid of the misery of the animal and take the life of the animal, then the Sherry or I should say the majority of scholars give that right I know there's always dissenting voices, but the majority of scholars would give that right because it is the right of the animal owner to take the life of the animal for a legitimate cause. Our chef Damien, he said, in his

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fatawa, that an animal if it becomes sick, and it is not one of those animals that you're allowed to eat, let's say a donkey, and you are not thinking that it's going to be cured. There is no sin if you kill the animal, because to keep the animal alive is actually spending extra time and money and it's going to be painful to the animal. There's no point in doing that. So if an animal is killed, that is terminally sick, there is no sin in this and as for the animal that can be eaten, then it is permissible to actually expedite Of course, in this case, obviously in the cow is slightly sick or whatnot, you will expedite and then eat the animal as long as the the meat is not going to be

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obviously spoiled or rotten because of that disease. And of course others call this as well the famous mother, Maliki scholar, a dead deer, he says in a shadow of the Muslim Brotherhood, he said that it is allowed to

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sacrifice that which is not eaten such as a donkey or a mule. If it falls sick and it is about to die, then it is allowed to do that. In fact, he says it is encouraged to do that in order to save the pain on that animal. This is a classical scholar in you know, medieval Islam and he is saying that when the animal is sick and it's about to die, it's in pain, it is recommended to get it out of its misery and to expedite this process, and so inshallah tada you are encouraged in this case, the doctors have said that it has cancer. So you are encouraged in this case to eliminate it from his cancer and you know, these days they have such a humane way of euthanizing it's not like in those

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days in those days it was a knife and that's how they would get rid of it. In these days. It's so much more humane and the animal not feel any pain and ask for your question about Jana. Dear sister in Islam, our young sister in Islam, you work to get to Jenna and inshallah when you are in Jenna lahoma Sha una fi ha they will have whatever they want in Jenna. So all of your desires and all of your hopes and all of your wishes will be satisfied in gender and this animal of yours will be with you. The goal is we have to make it to gender we have to work to to get there. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of the people of Jen and with this we come to the conclusion of today's q&a. It will

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continue surely next week, Zack will look at saramonic Mara to lie about a catch

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