Zakir Naik – Solution to Overcome the Harassment and Oppression of the Muslims in India by the Fascist BJP Govt

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of unity and not competing against oppressed Muslims in India, as well as the need for unity in political parties and individuals to practice their actions. They stress the need for unity in political parties and suggest supporting political parties who do not give rights to minority Muslims. The speakers also emphasize the importance of practicing Islam outside of one's native religion and the need for individuals to practice their actions. They note the potential for political parties to be disunified and the need for individuals to practice their actions.
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The first question that we have that has been selected on the WhatsApp is from Abdul Rahman from India, presently working in Kuwait, as a mechanical engineer,

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you are my favorite in the field of

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your speech is very logical

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and intellectual Alhamdulillah

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I love you, I love you too.

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I feel you are one of my family members. I feel the same. All the Muslims are brothers and to one another better than faith inshallah.

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I am your follower since 2011. I always share your videos to my family members and encourage them to watch it.

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As you know, for Muslims, it is getting very difficult to live in India.

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I feel Allah is testing the Eman of Indian Muslims through the ruling party. The ruling government propagates false news about you and files false cases against you.

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You are a very famous person and you have good links with other countries. So you were able to do his route to Malaysia Alhamdulillah Allah saved you Allah. There are many cases like this. In India against Muslims. False cases are filed

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and false arrests are made under uapa Act.

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The common Muslims don't have the opportunity or the option to do hegira. So what is your advice for common Muslims who undergo

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a similar situation like you in India?

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How Muslims can handle or tackle this type of issue?

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The brothers asked a very important question a very sensitive question.

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Seeing the situation of India, as I mentioned, in the message

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of the Independence Day,

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that since the last four to six years, there is a lot of onslaught against the Muslim minority of India, and you find a lot of lynching a lot of attacks on the Muslims. It has been difficult for Muslims to live, they are being harrassed they're being persecuted, they are being oppressed and so on and so forth.

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So the question posed

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by with Abdul Rahman is that I was able to hijra what should the common Muslims in India do in such a situation

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I can give my advice, it can be in two different categories. One is

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Muslims, as a whole Ummah in India, what they should do, and Muslims on an individual level,

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as far as the Muslims in India as a whole number one, they should be united. Unfortunately, the Muslims are divided in India, divided on basis of different sects in Islam, divided on basis of different organizations divided because they belong to different political parties, they belong to different social organizations. And this is the major problem amongst the Muslims living in India. Allah says in the Quran, in Surah alleman chapter number three was the 103 what the same will be happening Elijah Viola Taku hold all together strongly to the rope of Allah and be not divided. We Muslims should be united, holding to the rope of Allah, the rope of Allah is the Glorious Quran and

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authentic hadith of a beloved prophet masala. If all the Muslims in India, hold strongly to the Glorious Quran, and to the authentic hadith of our beloved Prophet Musa al Salaam, inshallah, we will be a strong force, we will be united and will be a formidable power Mashallah.

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we Muslims, as I mentioned,

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we are divided into different sects in Islam and the different groups, the different religious groups in India, they are fighting among themselves, they're criticizing each other, they're attacking each other. This is totally uncalled for, there is no problem that there are different groups as far as religious organizations are concerned, as far as a difference of opinion is concerned, but as a whole, the Muslim should be united. And the best genetic factor is the Doris Quran and authentic hadith. We Muslims should agree to disagree. They can be many religions organizational problem,

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but we should not fight with one another.

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Allah says in the Quran in surah majda. Chapter number five was number two, that help one another

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in bit and taqwa in righteousness and good deeds.

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Number two, we are divided politically. Some of the Muslims, they support political party a, some support political party B, some support political party C. And what happens? Our votes get divided. And the net result is zero. Do you know that V Muslims are hamdulillah. According to the official statistics of the Indian government, more than 10 years back, it says that Muslims are 14.2%.

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And a few years back, they said that we are more than 200 million Muslims in India. And I'm aware that they are not counting many Muslims in Assam, and many parts of India, actually, according to me, the Muslims will be close to 250 to 300 million in India, actual figure, the government suppresses the figure,

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Indonesia, is considered as a country which has the maximum number of Muslims about 240 million Muslims are according to me, number one in the world, the country which has maximum number of Muslims, it is my beloved country, India,

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minimum 250 to 300 million. But even if you count, and you agree with the government statistics that we are about 200 million,

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what we should do that politically, we should have only one party,

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we Muslims should make another party exclusively, only for Muslims.

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And this party should be a force by itself. Irrespective whichever group of Muslims you belong to whichever sect of Muslim do you belong to whichever Mother You belong to whichever religious organization you belong to whichever social Muslim organization you belong to, the Muslim should only have one political party.

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And this political party should join hands with the other political parties, which are not faced, which are not coming in. Number one, they should join hands with the ballots. The ballots in India also are about 300 million.

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during voting, they are counted as Hindus and the Dalits are not Hindus, Baba SAP Ambedkar had left Hinduism. And he loved Islam, but unfortunately, the Muslims didn't welcome them. So chose the second best, he chose Buddhism for the Neo Buddhists than Hindus, but for the political game,

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these parties, they count them as Hindus, and they take benefit of them, but these delegates are also being persecuted in India.

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So what we should do, we Muslims should join hands with the delegates. So that will be close to 600 million

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more than 40% of the population, we can join hand with the other minorities and then we will be a bigger force.

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And depending upon the situation where you are, even if you feel that we cannot come to power, we should support those parties, which are non communion, those parties which care for humanity, not those parties will divide the country on the basis of religion, not those parties that persecute the minorities, that do not give the rights to the minorities.

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And if you see in Islamic history, the best religious group that ever give rights to the minority or the Muslims,

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the minorities in a Muslim rule, get all the rights

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and they're protected by the Muslim rulers. And even today, you see that in Muslim majority country, whether it be the Gulf country, whether it be other Muslim countries, the Hindus are there but they are being persecuted, then be forced to sell on birth. So we should support politically, those non Muslim parties, we can join with them. Our Muslim party have a coalition No problem, but individually all the Muslims of India should be united. What happened nowadays that one Muslim joins political party a the second Muslim joins political party B third Muslim joins political party C. Fourth Muslim one political party D. One Hindu comes and stands alone in a Muslim majority area

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which may be having 75% Muslims, the Muslim voters are divided. And this issue comes in when the election in a Muslim majority area Why? Muslims are divided.

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We are foolish. So if we Muslims are united

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And we are one force. Unfortunately, unfortunately, we don't find a single good Muslim politician in India, who we can say that he really cares for the deen of Allah and the Muslim more

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than his personal gain. So we Muslims should be united under one political party, and should keep our differences aside and keep our personal preferences. Today what we find that one non Muslim political party makes a Muslim as a member of Rajya Sabha. So he supported the political party even if that party is against the Muslim who supports them unequivocally. Without any condition, it's a shame. These Muslims are selling the Muslims of India.

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The major problem is that we Muslims don't have a leader in India.

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We have lack of leadership not only in India, throughout the world.

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So my suggestion would be that the Muslims should join together, forget our differences. Like if you see the history of the whole of Russia then when they ruled when they were Halifax, they were first interested in seeing that they did not disappoint Allah, they were least bothered about the personal gain, about the benefit of the family about the luxury, they were more bothered about. Are they pleasing Allah or not? Today? Unfortunately, we don't have such politicians.

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If we follow Quran and Sunnah and stick to it, and the Muslims are united inshallah, no one will be able to trample us in this country of India. This is number one requirement collectively as a Muslim.

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Number two, individually as a Muslim, what can you do in such a situation? What can you do? When the Muslims aren't joining together? When they aren't uniting, when they are divided? What is your individual Muslim? Who cares for the deen? Who wants to follow Allah and His command? What should you do? Number one, as a Muslim, you should see to it that you are doing your fries. You're doing all the facts, as much as most of that you can, you are doing it freely. and India is one of the few countries in the world with mentioned the constitution that every citizen of India irrespective of whichever religion he belongs to, he can preach, practice and propagate his religion and admit that

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for more than 25 years

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only in the last few years as I mentioned earlier, that when the new government came the faces government came and the chain the full scenario of India

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to see too that we get back

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where we had the freedom

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so number one, a Muslim should follow his Deen.

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If you feel that you cannot practice your fries. You cannot do most of your Sunnah. Then Allah clearly mentions

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in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was nominally seven, that you have to do hijra, and I've discussed this in detail in my earlier answer.

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It's the fourth

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hegira can be of various types. Number one, if you have the means

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and the possibility

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to go to a Muslim majority country, that would be the best.

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And the person who has the question himself is living in Kuwait, which is the Muslim majority country.

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You can do his job permanently, you can do partially you can do temporary depending upon the situation. Number two, I don't expect and I've given this in my earlier answer, the Muslim should leave India, I don't expect that. And you have individual case that if you are a die, and if the prosecution gets so much like it happened in my case, that's a different situation. I don't expect all the Muslims of India to live in or not at all, that's not the solution.

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The solution is number one, politically we should become united, we should have one force join hands with Dallas and the other people who have more human values and see to it that we follow the Constitution of India of equality.

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If you cannot enter and expect people to leave the country,

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what you can do is you can shift or do hegira to a different state, which is more leaning towards Muslims. And one of the best example that I can think of, amongst all the states of India, that we have 29 states, the best that I can think of it is Kerala.

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Kerala Alhamdulillah has about one third Hindus one third Christian and one third Muslims and the people of Kerala

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are not

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communal nature, the people of different religions live harmoniously. I've been to Canada many times there is no friction between different religions, they have their religious activities and all of them can propagate their religions peacefully and this government doesn't have much hold in the state of Kerala.

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So, one of the best options that if you want to go to another state, I would say Kerala

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there are some states which are less convenient, they are but less as compared to some states which are very commonly the less commonly would be Bombay where I come from or maybe Hyderabad or some other some out very community like up etc.

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So, depending you can reach out to another state or maybe in your state to a different city, which is less community or maybe in your city live in an area which is mostly like in Bombay, one of the safest place to live is normally it is byculla all these areas have got 90% 95% Muslims on my wedding Bibles in Muslim. So depending upon the situation, if collectively the Muslim Ummah is not coming together and they are not

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doing the job, they aren't following Quran and Sunnah you as individual Muslims should follow the Quran and Sunnah and see to it that if it's difficult we are living, you do hegira to another state or to another city or to enter the area in your city itself. Depending on situation I know doing here and not easy, may have to go to a new place you may have to sell your house we are living and go to a new house. But this is the advice given to us in the Quran.

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If you are really a very famous personality and the government will come after you in any state, then the best is to do hijra outside the country.

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If you cannot do permanently you can seek a job in a Muslim country in the Gulf country depending upon the situation but Allah is very clear cut in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 9798 9900 that if you are living in a non Muslim country and you cannot follow your deen you have to do a job

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unless if you don't have the power if you don't have the capability and the capacity then Allah will forgive you if you're among the weak and the oppressed

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This was in brief and I prayed for a smile that made the Muslims of India the unite together religiously the unite together socially the unite to get the politically and become one united force. inshallah we will get back our past glory that we have inshallah, Hope that answers the question.

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