The story of the conversion of Amr ibn Al-As (RA)

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a story about a man who was all declared a Muslim the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The man was the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who was a prophet. The the next day and was sent to Abyssinia by a woman who
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Right along without harshness, and usually, a little bit of harshness comes in. When you have a close relationship with somebody, you get the friendship with someone where you can tell him straight and he doesn't take offense. Well, he can tell you something straight and you don't take offense. When you have this kind of relationship with someone. You don't always have to be over soft. Sometimes you can tell that person to your face. You are one. And this is a very beautiful story about this in the serum. It's actually a very fascinating story because this is the only story I know of. We eat. He is responsible for someone becoming a Sahabi. Someone who never met the

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prophets law you saw them and became a Muslim was responsible for someone becoming a Sahabi. How do we go to the story of Joshua

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the joshy or ask him a regular aunt who was the king of Ethiopia at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu it he was Silla, Ethiopia at that time was a Christian Kingdom hub Chateau Abyssinia right it was a Christian kingdom and he was

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interested secretly at the hands of Jacqueline even Vitaly Raji lava. Now the joshy has a very close friendship with one of the leaders of Makkah amor, even us and our eternal as you may remember him from the story, where when jack or any Sahaba moved to to Ethiopia to have to Abyssinia. The Qureshi said, I'm going to try and persuade the joshy to send the Sahaba back. And most of us know that story. But this is a lesser known story, a very beautiful story that takes place over 10 years later.

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So in the early part of the serum, the Sahaba had to run away from Makkah to Abyssinia to escape the carnage. Over 10 years later, the table's turned and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Medina is growing in power, and I'm even on are still in Makkah, still not a Muslim. He tells his friends that listen, Muhammad is going to take over this leg. So let us go to Abyssinia should we can escaping and live safely under the assumption. He doesn't know that Josh is a Muslim because he secretly Muslim. So the same man who Sahaba were running away from to ever Sr. is now running away from the Sahaba jealousy and so on even as he leaves Makkah, and he flees to Abyssinia, where he

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goes to the court of Natasha and the judge is a close friend of his they have a very close relationship. In fact, in the joshy was even friends with his father. So this is like a very close friendship between the two. And when he enters the courtroom, the judge he sees one of the Sahaba and that's the hobby had killed some of our most relatives in one of the early battles. So not knowing that Niger actually is a Muslim Ummah, even asked tells him, he asked him He says, Can I kill this guy? Can I have a junior? Can I can I get my revenge on him.

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And Josh, he gets angry. Among reading the story said he could see anger in the face of the Joshua and the judge, he gets up. And according to some of the regions he slept,

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for, he pokes him in the chest, and he tells you what is wrong with you. This man was sent from the man who received revelation from Allah.

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And at that moment, Mr. Ignace realizes two things. Number one, he realizes that Joshua is a Muslim.

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Number two, he realizes that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is truly profitable. Because here is a man in another continent. It came of the distant land,

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calling Allah who grew up in the same city as the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, that that man from your city is a prophet.

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And our energy actually had this close relationship that he knows that Joshua doesn't lie. He knows that Josh is a sincere person. He knows that Joshua is a truthful person. He knows that Joshua will follow the truth no matter what. And so for someone like Josh to get angry with him about the truth, and to wake him up, and to tell him straight to his face, what is wrong with you? How can you not recognize Islam as a truth by now, that was enough, and there and there on that spot, our even our Ask, takes his Shahada and converts to Islam at the hands of Natasha, a hobby because became a Muslim at the hands of someone who never met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the lesson

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here related to Tao is that for every rule, there is an exception, the rule, be gentle in your tower, the exception when you know it will work when there's wisdom behind it. Sometimes it's better to eat, it's fine to be a little more black as an agenda wasn't even on us. He was a little bit more black. He was a bit more straightforward because he knows he had the close relationship with the

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Joshua, I want to listen to him, and so on even on us returns to Makkah, he meets Holly even worried on the way to Medina, they both enter Medina together, they both accept Islam at the hands of the prophets alongside together to receive the honor to the Shahada twice, first with the junction and deal with the progress along the western and he to become the great commander of the Muslim army. In fact, he is the one who then goes to Africa and conquer Egypt. And he's the one who come to Jerusalem, and these great lands became part of the Muslim world through his efforts. But it all goes back to that moment, when his friend told him straight to his face, what is wrong with you, how

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have you not recognized that should by now. So there's a time and a place for everything. Our general personalities should be a personality of gentleness, but sometimes when he calls for it, sometimes it is fine to be a little bit more harsh, but only when wisdom demands it. And we all need to learn wisdom before we start being harsh. Otherwise we end up doing it in the wrong time with the wrong person in the wrong way. And we end up causing a lot more damage to me or guidance or the people of our guidance or to be a means of guidance to others makers from those who represent this religion. Everything we do and everything we say aloha agenda had your Monday alum agenda had your

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Monday on the agenda howdy My dear.

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Jr. hustler ready hustler Joaquin Alba. Now Robin was watching I was a

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witch on the Kenai Mana shahana. Robin is that the Amaya seafood was Salam ala l mursaleen. 111 will be lightening up again.