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AI: Summary © The propaganda machine is used to portray people as crazy and lie, causing them to become aware of the truth of Islam and mess in the world. The machine is also used to cancel individuals or organizations, influence people through social media, and create conspiracy theories. The conversation touches on the deceptivacy of Islam and the need for independent thought and critical thinking. The speakers emphasize the importance of embracing the differences and making them aware of the potential consequences of their actions.
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will hide unhide the hidden Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or shadow Mori to have a cold desert in vida. Aquila Dalton Bala Akula Bala Latin for now and my bad.

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There is brothers and sisters. I'd like to start with a short story from the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding a man whose name was toffee enamel, from the Allahu Allah. This man before becoming a muslim, there was a tribal leader known for his intelligence and his authority.

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And when he came to visit Maccha, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was in his 10th year of his mission, and the Quraysh are very eager to make sure that nobody sat with him and listened to him. And so when Tofail arrived and Maccha the elites of Quraysh they welcomed him, and they warned him against this man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam claiming that he was a sorcerer. But his words would be which anyone who listened to him

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and is scared to fail, to the point that he took cotton wool, and placed it in his ears, when he visited the carob afraid to listen to the words of this man.

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And when he walked past the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he looked at him, saw him speaking to others, and he thought to himself, I'm an intelligent person. How can I be so silly as to block my ears, surely I should be able to listen to his words and tell for myself, whether he's a truthful man or a liar. And so he sat with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke to him, asked him about the message of Islam. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam explained and then recite the Quran to him. And at that, Tofail became convinced that he's not a liar. This man is truthful. And he became convinced, and it became a Muslim. And thereafter, he went back to his people. And he spoke to his

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wife and his family. And he also embraced Islam. And though his people initially refused to accept the message, many years later, they also all became Muslim.

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Now, what do we learn from this story?

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We learn first and foremost, that in the time of the Prophet salallahu, Alaihe, salam, there was something called a propaganda machine, the Quraysh they were busy trying to deceive the masses,

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trying to

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brainwash the people so that they would not listen to the truth of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And we also learn that though there was a lot of propaganda going on in those days, there were also people out there who were critical thinkers, who said, I will not follow just because others follow, I will ask questions, and I will seek the truth, even if that means going against the status quo. And that is to fade in the armor. Now if we look at our times, we find that there is also propaganda in our times, something called a propaganda machine is working every single day.

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It is comprised of the government of popular media outlets and other institutions as well. And sometimes you find that they aggressively propagate certain messages and ideas, such as the idea has to do with atheism, to do with feminism, to do with capitalism and consumerism, and many other ideas, many of which are against Islamic values.

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The propaganda machine also has the power

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to cancel certain individuals or organizations it deems as speaking against it, or going against the status quo.

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This can happen in many ways. For example,

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the law can target certain individuals, label them as being extreme as being hate preachers

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and even convict them and send them to jail silencing them,

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though I emphasize my word sin, innocent people being targeted, not people that are guilty people that are innocently targeted and we know many individuals in this country in the USA that were sent to jail. Convicted of such things only late

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too old to be released after having much of their life taken away. And the government said, we got it wrong with this person, this person was in fact innocent.

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And there are other ways in which people are counseled. For example, the giant social media platforms

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will sometimes collude together

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to take away the voice of a particular person, or an organization because he's speaking against the messaging of the propaganda machine.

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So these people, often very influential organizations, often very influential, but what they are saying doesn't fall in line with the story they want us to believe.

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And this is also very significant, because in today's day and age, one of the main ways to influence people is through social media. And so if they took away your account, if they took away your voice, you are left, voiceless.

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And so the impact of the propaganda machine is actually huge. Now, if we go back in history, we look at Hitler.

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We'll see very interestingly, in the very first week or two of him coming to power.

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What they did is that they set up something called the Department of enlightenment and propaganda,

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and quickly began to spread messages

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to the masses that played on the weaknesses and the aspirations,

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wanting to convince them of some certain ideas. And eventually, they turned their attention to the Jewish community,

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blaming them for all the failures of that government until they successfully scapegoated them. And what ended up happening was the Holocaust, the death of 1000s, if not millions of people.

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How did the people of that country turn against others who they lived amongst, to exterminate them?

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A slow, perpetual propaganda machine.

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But even if you come closer to home, and not that many years ago, in this country in 2003,

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the UK Government joined the coalition to wage war on Iraq,

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a wall that resulted in the death of somewhere between 174 to 207,000 people.

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Imagine that number of people that have lost their lives, we ask Allah subhanaw taala. But of all the muslimeen that died as a consequence, and Allah accept them as shahada and that they are given justice on the Day of Judgment, Allah Amin,

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did you know that in this country, UK, Gov, polls show that 54% of people are in support of that wall. That's half of everyone in this country

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was supporting our government to go to war. Now, obviously, people realize after the damage had been done, that they went to war in a pack of lies.

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It was made up. Evidence was not real.

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But it's very interesting, that even after the war, and even after finding out what really gone on,

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only 37% of people recall supporting the wall,

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though it was clearly much more than that.

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So they ask, well, are these people lying? Only 37% 37% people confess to supporting it, even though is much higher? They say no, actually, people cannot accept that they would ever have supported the wall. But they did how so they were duped by the propaganda machine. The messaging was so strong,

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and so continuous, that people felt that the threat of being harmed by that man in that country was so imminent, that we must go to war.

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And so they supported it, even though it was illegal. And even though it left such tragedy in its weak

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that what do we learn from this? What we learn from this, my brothers and sisters, is that we are always being influenced by such message by such propaganda and it has the power to shape our views, our beliefs, and the big decisions that we make in life.

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But as Muslims, what should be our stance?

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How should we understand this reality that we are living in? Well, first and foremost, do not think that you saw

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How are immune to such propaganda you are affected just like everybody else.

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So what needs to be done?

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As Muslims, we should be critical thinkers. What that means is we don't we do not accept information

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without verifying it without asking for evidence without asking the tough questions to get to the truth, especially if it is about something significant, especially if as a result, some lives could be taken.

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This is something that we find in the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala. In Soto gerat He tells us that you shouldn't just take information passively, without checking it first. Allah says yeah, you're living

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in Java confess it will be never in fact Albanian until Cebu calm and be Johanna believers, if a wicked person were to bring you some significant news, check it.

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Check it before you accept it. Otherwise, you may end up harming people. Subhan Allah, I think about that. How often is it the case that you receive a message maybe on whatsapp on social media? It seems amazing. And what do you do you pass it on? straightaway? You follow it on straightaway? Without bothering to say, Is this really true?

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There seems to be something to do with the deen of Islam. Have I even bothered to check whether this is authentic or not? You've just sent it on.

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The you know that the scholars they say that passing on information without checking it

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is almost like lying.

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Because people will think it is truthful because you said you pass it on.

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So when it comes to hearing things, from the media or from the government, what I am not saying

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is that we should disbelieve in everything that is said to us that we should become conspiracy theories. We don't accept anything.

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No, what I am saying is that we should ask for the evidence first, or to her to BronyCon in quantum Saudi plain, as Allah says, say, Bring forth your evidence. If you are truthful. This is a culture to ask the right questions before you accept significant information.

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And having this type of culture makes you an independent thinker, makes you a critical thinker.

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Not sheep that go with the flow. And this is something that we learned from Ibrahim or Islam.

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Look at this man Subhan Allah. Did you know that for the longest time, Ibrahim alayhis salam was the only Muslim amongst his people. Everybody else was steeped in idol worship, immorality and indecency. And yet Abraham and Islam he didn't go with the flow. He criticized people.

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Allah says that he would say,

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God a terrible dude. I mean, dude in law, Himalayan Farrakhan, che what y'all do RhoGAM

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Oh, fella, come buddy, my dad, we're gonna be doing it learn. FL adapt, you know, he would say to do you really worship beneath Allah things that have no power to benefit or to harm you. Shame on you, and that which you worship besides Allah? Do you not have any understanding any sense? One man, Ibrahim realism

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would not accept the messaging of everybody else when it came to something as significant as what we should believe in our life.

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And not only that, he had the courage to say I don't accept this. I questioned this. Is this really the truth? And this is how we should be. We should be independent in our thinking and critical when it comes to accepting messages that sound very dubious and is especially against the values of Islam we ask Allah subhanaw taala for understanding our whole holy Hello stuff for Allah you welcome Melissa must mean first off we will go in number one above all Rahim.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sugarfina Myanmar decylene Amina Muhammad in while early on Saturday at 9am About

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oftentimes in society things begin to trend certain ideas. Those ideas seem to be pushed more and more aggressively, sometimes done off

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wrote, one of those ideas

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is called feminism.

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Now, this is something that many of us must have learned about when we were in school. And it's very interesting that initially feminism was about the suffragette movement,

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where women we're trying to win the right to vote, a noble goal.

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And it's interesting I remember learning about this in school, and I said to myself, Subhan Allah the right to vote, and basic rights are now fighting for was already afforded to them by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam more than 1000 years ago.

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But in today's day and age, feminism is not so much about that, than it is about other things, that are becoming even more extreme and militant. The most extreme messaging we find, from people espousing to be feminists, or the most extreme strand

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is this idea, that is basically pure hatred of men and all things male. You find such people saying things like all men are, and you can fill in the blank words that cannot be repeated from any Muslim. All men are like this, all men are like that, essentially, degrading men, and the creation of men.

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No Muslim could ever say such things.

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No Muslim, even a rational person would know that stereotyping.

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All creation

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is absurd.

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But then there are levels to this.

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A more popular strand of feminism, which I believe is affecting many Muslims, is this idea that there is actually no difference between a man and woman they are the same, there is no difference whatsoever. And anything a man can do, a woman should be able to do, and anything a woman can do, a man should be able to do.

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There is no difference whatsoever. And anything, anyone who says contrary, is shamed as misogynistic.

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The problem with this idea is that it's not in line with reality.

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There is differences between a man and woman

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that has started the womb SubhanAllah.

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They are physiological differences between a man or woman.

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They're all also psychological differences as well. The emotional makeup of a woman is different to that of a man.

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And even on a neurological level, the brain that Allah has created, there are studies to show that it is different in men as compared to women.

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And so there are many differences between men and women they are not the same.

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And Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, while he says they can call lonesome that the man is not like the woman. They are different.

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But what is very interesting is that Allah subhanaw taala also says wala determined Noma football along be bound on Kumada. About literally Jardine Acebo min max testable one in Nisa in Acebo min, max seven. Listen to this, Allah says do not crave what Allah has given some over others, men will be rewarded for what they have earned, and women will be rewarded for what they have earned Subhan Allah

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don't try to compete with each other's roles. Allah said that in the Quran.

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Why? Because you will not create it to do certain things. In Islam, the man provides not the woman in Islam, the man goes on jihad, not the woman. But then women are supposed to do certain things that men don't have to do. Why? Because that is how Allah created us different dispositions for different roles very simple.

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As Muslims, we should be embracing these differences. Because these difference if you think about it, this is what makes a woman attractive to a man or what makes a man attractive to a woman. It is these differences.

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These differences are what make us need one another. If we were all the same men and women, we would not need each other. And if we didn't need each

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Other, we will not marry one another. And if we didn't marry one another, we would have no family.

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There will be no future Subhanallah Whoever understands this will be able to see the evil in such ideologies, that they these are designed to disrupt the family.

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And the beauty of Islam is that it teaches us that you are different and you have different roles. And you should embrace that. The more you embrace that

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the stronger your families will be, and the more productive children you will have, that will set a brighter future for the rest of society.

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This, my brothers and sisters is a lesson on being critical in your thinking. Because what they want is for us to be sheep, listen and obey. But the only one we listen and obey is who Allah subhanaw taala nobody else

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we will not be passive. We will not go with the flow. We will ask the right questions to follow the truth because that is what Muhammad Sallallahu Ellison taught us to do. Ask for the evidence, ask the right questions and follow the hat. Whether it's for you, or against you, and we ask Allah subhana wa Tala to purify our hearts and our minds from these corrupt ideologies. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us critical in our thinking, just like Ibrahim Ali salaam, we ask Allah subhana wa sallam to purify our hearts from these ideas that are taking us away from Allah subhanaw taala these ideas that are destroying our families, and in its place we ask Allah to restore it with

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the teachings of the prophets that Allah who is the teachings that will bring us closer to Allah and make us happy in this dunya and the asker Allahumma Amin Urbana what I'm known for Santa well in London, water Hannah that uku Nanda middle ha serene or Bannerghatta zoo, but bear they had they eat and our habit and Tamil Nadu Kurama in neck and del Wahab of Bunnahabhain dynamin as wodgina was