Reflections Ramadan 2023 12 – To Allah belongs all praise Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today we're reflecting on a beautiful ayah number 36 of Surah to jatheon Chapter number 45.

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This idea is simply the conclusion of the study of life.

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sha Allah, once the believers and may Allah make us among them settle in heaven, they will say this is so the IRS as ferry law he'll handle rob this summer. It will rob dill out of the bill and Annie.

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And it means so belongs to Allah all praises the Lord of the heavens, the Lord of the earth, and the Lord of everything that exists. This idea comes as the year before the last of Surah progetti

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and simply crowns the story of the Hereafter, like you find in anumber 30 Then anumber 31 Allah Almighty has simply concluded the fate of the believers and the fate of the disbelievers. So the Almighty Allah says, I'm Melina I'm Anwar, I'm, you know, Saudi hottie for you the filo whom fear for you, the fellow humara boom fear. Zenica? Well, first of all, the as for the believers who believed and did good righteous deeds, the Lord will admit them into his mercy. And indeed, that is the ultimate success that is the greatest success may Allah make us among them. Then in the following I a lot of my thesis for Emelina Cafaro as for the disbelievers Flm Techwin. At

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first Akbar to Macoun tomb common module remain. Allah will blame the disbelievers when they settle in hellfire. They didn't my verses come to you weren't my verses being recited upon you but you are arrogant and you're criminals. So when they believers take a glimpse over the disbelievers being an Hellfire being tormented and finding themselves in the greatest joy in the gardens of Paradise. Allah is pleased with them they are pleased with the word of the Almighty Allah. So they say Alhamdulillah and that is also in surah Fatah which we've studied before in surah Fatah Allah Almighty said after he said about the believers Jana to add in year two Hello now how are you Hello

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nephew. I mean, sir, I mean there have been well Volibear shouldn't fear hairier.

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Allah make us among them. When the mod mean

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Enter Paradise and they will be adorned with brush this of gold and peril and their clothes will be a pure silk. They will declare the following were called will hamdulillah higgledy habra has an in a banner a love of

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shampoo, what will they say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah for removing the sorrow and grief from us, who are making us enter paradise for saving us and given us salvation in Benalla Shaco watch this, indeed, our Lord is all forgiven. And he's appreciative, most appreciative. What does this mean? And why would they choose these two names of the Almighty Allah they said Alhamdulillah Hill, the other habit hasn in our burner lava forum Shaku simply because Nabil SallAllahu sallam said,

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None of you shall enter paradise simply because of your good deeds and the amount of the good deeds you've done. Because no matter how much good deeds, one will do, it is not sufficient to give thanks and appreciation for a single namah blessing that Allah bestowed upon us.

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But we enter Jannah because of Allah's mercy, so why do we good deeds? Why do we do good deeds in order to be eligible for Allah's mercy? Otherwise, our good deeds, our acts of worship, are not enough to catch up. Remember how much sins we do. But since Allah subhanaw taala saved them, and admitted them to Jana, they're very appreciative. And we realize that had it not been for Allah's Mercy would have been ruined, would have been with these guys. And that's why they say Indeed, our Lord is for lack of foreign alarm is like an oath. Indeed, more certainly, we swear Our Lord is all forgiven. He forgave us. And that's why we managed to enter Jannah because of his forgiveness, and

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he is most appreciative. He appreciated the little bit that we've done, even though it is not sufficient, but he rewarded for it and magnificent reward. And this is how we ended up here. So they say Alhamdulillah. And that's why, in the ayah that we're studying today, we'll say, fairly low hill handle, or our Besana yt, or our bill RV, or Bill al Amin. So indeed, all the praises belongs to Allah, the Lord of the heavens, the Lord of the earth, and the Lord of everything that exists for Santa Monica.