Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #192 – The Importance of Sharia

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The Sharia is a crucial part of Islam, as it is the key to incremental happiness. The importance of guidance is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieving the ultimate goal of partnering with others to achieve their goals. The Sharia is seen as a tool for achieving Halal life, rather than just food and water.
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The Sharia is more important than everything surely is more important than your life and food and water and air. Obviously this is speaking to Muslims who have already come to faith. Why? Because you know if if you die tomorrow, okay, you knew you were gonna die, right? It was going to be over anyway. But the Sharia is your key to Jannah your Sharia is your key to eternal life and eternal happiness. Right? What is the shadows is a big bad thing? No, it's what Allah wants from you. Right? How's Allah want you to behave? Allah has expectations, right? He, he gave us the car and the keys to it. That's the that's the metaphor, right? He gave us the creation and he gave us the keys to it

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meaning the theta for the responsibility to take care of it. Okay, and there's, there's a drivers manual and that is the shittier here's what to do. Here's what to not do. You want to make me happy. This is what you do. You want to make me not happy. This is what you this is what you do. And so we're much more in need of that guidance than we are for food, water, shelter, anything. And this is reflected on sorts of Fatiha because we asked for one thing and so what the fat Yeah, and it's not food, it's not water. It's not a spouse. It's not children, though all those things are okay, they're fine. They're Halal but permissible even ask for it. But we asked for guidance, if they

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don't say about almost a theme, because guidance is more important than all of those things combined. It's not even close, temporary life in this world ETERNAL LIFE IN THE NEXT

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