Omer El-Hamdoon – Purification of the Soul

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The success of Islam is discussed, including the importance of purifying one's soul and achieving success in achieving a "ma'am" status. The complex process of purifying the heart is discussed, including researching natural laws and identifying root causes of diseases. The importance of healthy eating and regular activities is emphasized, along with the need for a clear plan in order to achieve success and achieve the goal of the year. controlling behavior and constantly reviewing oneself are emphasized, along with a program called the dog weighing his weight and giving charity to people as a way to prepare for potential disaster.
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Similar to him

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in Al Hamdulillah don't want to stay in who want to study when amin will be here want to talk kehlani when I will be lovely when surely unforeseen our sejahtera Molina, Mayor de la comunidad y mutilate Ferranti geodyna who wanna Yamashita? Wanna shadow La Ilaha Illa la de la Sheree cara, what am Abu Dhabi happiness Shiva wanna shadow no Mohammed Abdul more rasuluh

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My dear brothers and sisters Salaam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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As with any any action that we do is simply very important that we have and we start our actions with good intention. And sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of an intention. And in this kind of situation, is good to say along my knee in a way to LLM our time alone. Well, if either one is the father was the karate skier. One is actually Attica from Abba to Phil msgid was one away to an akuna fee majorly see the Korean woman Julie see mudaraba certainly Anwar lumen to intend with this sitting, that the person attains knowledge and attains benefit and attains a reminder and to sit in a gathering of reminder where Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioned, and to remain and to have the

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intention of air decaf while a person stays in the masjid. And also to be in that gathering in which Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it a special gathering, a special gathering, which

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if anybody were to actually stay in this gathering, even with the wrong intention, or even with an absence of intention, it's it's so great, so powerful that a person will get the reward of that. And, yes, today somebody I said, Okay, we've heard a lot today, it's been a long day, but let me leave us a panel or sometimes a person might spend a few minutes or an hour or so. And that's our might have such a big impact on his life, which I hope such a lecture would. Because once you are sitting in a gathering like this, a gathering which is encompassed with angels, it's surrounded by angels. And it's not just surrounded by angels, but it's surrounded with angels who are constantly

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reporting back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the summary of the angels is that they will say Allah, we came from people who are sitting, and they will remember you. And you will say, is it just that they were sitting to remember me or whether they have any other reason? They said, No, just to remember you. That's their intention. But I'll say but

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therefore I will have forgiven them everything I've forgiven all their sins, when they leave, depart from this gathering, they are fully forgiven, a clean slate. They'll say all law there is someone amongst them who didn't come for that intention. His intention wasn't for that. He's just there, you know, he had a different reason. Maybe he came to the masjid because he wanted to meet somebody or he had an appointment or he was passing by or something like that. But Allah says, Allah who fought human lives, probably him, jelly sama, even here I have forgiven because these other people, they are the people, no one sits with them will be miserable. And that's why today we're talking about

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very important topic, which is the topic of the purification of the soul is such an important topic that Allah subhanho wa Taala brings to witness some of his greatest creation, to make that reality clear to you, he swears by assurance, and who has the morning light of the shams, and by the moon, and by that night, and by the day, and by the sky and that which has made it and by the earth and that which has established it and by the neffs the secret of soul that Allah Subhana Allah has made and that which has made it balanced by these 11 things Allah swears to say what to say, God Allah Hamza, aka the one who will succeed is the one who purifies his soul.

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That's the success and why are we here today? Why are you here in the masjid today? What is the reason for you coming to here in the masjid to pray? Are you not responding to Allah subhana wa tada when he is may calling you how your island fella come to success. This is what we are here for. We are here to seek success.

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We want to succeed. Because if we are not looking for success and the alpha zero, then we have lost, our efforts would have been a waste. So if we are looking for success and ally saying to listen, this is where success is in purifying your soul, and Atlantica. That's where it is. So therefore the Muslims who say look, I need to understand more about this topic, I need to engage with this topic, I need to engage with this reality. And most of you are probably already engaging with this. But Allah subhanho wa Taala only knows how our level of engagements are. And somebody might be doing some things which he thinks is doing good but he's missing out on so much. Because end of the day,

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we're all going back to Allah subhanho wa Taala we're all heading back to Allah. And Allah is going to stand us in front of him and he will ask us directly.

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He will question us directly ma'am in command, ideally, unless you can remove Rabu as our gem. There is none of you except Allah will speak to him and her, they will be addressed directly les cervena, who they know who taught German you taught Joomla there is no translator, there's no interpreter, there is no middleman. He will speak to you directly. And he's going to ask you, the Lord Almighty, the creator of all the heavens in the earth.

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Who is who is out of his throne has encompassed the whole of the universe with all his galaxies and all that's outside the galaxies of the seven heavens and Allah subhanho wa Taala is mightier and bigger than that, and He will speak to you, small creature

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and he will ask you directly, what have you done? What have you done? Did I not send to you a messenger? Did I not give you wealth? Did I not give you youth? Did I not give you time? Did I not give you blessings and He will give you everything and the person will say Yes my lord you gave me your game. So what did you do? How did you interact with this? How did you use those things that I gave you?

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Did you seek

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this day?

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Do you fear this day that you will stand before me and you will return what tacoman toda una de la la fear a Day that you shall all return back to Allah.

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socket es la Harman Tezuka is about thinking about how will I be on that day? Will I be able to present to a loss of Hanover data? Will I be able to say to Allah, well, I did my best. I did this, this and this. I engaged

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with the message. You told me that success is in purification and I saw to purify myself.

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Well, Did you really? Did you really understand the message of purification?

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Because how many of us come to the masjids.

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The epicenter we can say of purification of purity, how much of how many of us come here to the masjid. But our hearts are full of so much dirt. If there were to be bought in a sea they will turn that see

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and make it dirty.

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misery, jealousy, envy, lost love of dunya hatred of death.

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All these things?

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So much things selfishness, all these diseases in the heart? What did you do to purify yourself and your heart from these things?

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What did you do to purify your actions? Because it's one thing saying I am a Muslim or Allah and I prostrate my hand to you, meaning that I submit myself to you. And even the LMR said when you do record, the the format of record bowing is almost like you're saying this is my head.

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Or law,

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which is a form of urine is a form of humility. That's why some of the Arabs when they they want you to enter Islam, they came and they made they want you to make a condition on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. They said we will enter Islam but we're not going to do this little code

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because they saw that they understood the the mightiness of the humility

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but obviously the Salah has the Roku because you are hungry.

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killing yourself before Allah. So when you are submitting to Allah and Allah is saying to you this is what is halal and what is wrong. This is what is acceptable and this was not acceptable. Are you saying Well yes, this is fine for other people, but for me I can do this. And I can engage in this

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owe a lot. Your Money is full of how Tom Did you purify your money, not just by giving Zakat because the guy is a purification, no doubt, but did you purify your wealth from all the means of haram? of the stealing and the cheating and, and the harem, the Rebbe and and the other things that come with it? Or did you

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engage in those acts thinking that maybe you know Allah subhanho wa Taala will just forgive me all those things. Allah forgives, no doubt, and he forgives everything if you repent to him, but he forgives you if you stop doing the bad action.

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And that's why Toba is part of that journey to purification. Toba is part of that journey. And it's the beginning if you like is the realization, the conscious realization that I need to change, I need to come back to Allah now. Before I am pulled back to Allah, because whether you like you or not, you are going to go back to Allah Hunter. So either you go back like a good slave.

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You go back voluntarily

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and you go back with the good

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aspiration and a good intention and good action to present to a law student or you will be pulled back forcefully.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala and you mentioned all the creation,

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everything prostrates to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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lm Tara and Elias to the low

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Memphis, Mr. White, you can feel all of everything prostrates to Allah subhanho wa Taala the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, the animals, but when he came to the human, he said what can feel mean and us many humans go straight to Allah, or casiotone hakala Elijah, and many of them do not prostrate so on them the punishment has become a reality. But the reality is they will be drawn back to Allah subhana wa.

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So purification by their respective brothers is to make that conscious decision now that I'm going to go back to Allah subhanaw taala I'm going to repent, I'm going to make a start now today by making that intention. While you're sitting here. In your own minds, nobody needs to know you don't have to move your lips even. You don't have to announce you don't have to write it. You don't have to sign anything. You make the intention that I'm going to stop all the hair and i'm doing i'm going to record rid of all this anger that I have in my heart. I'm going to have to get rid of all those things I have which may be are deterring me and pulling me down so that even your Salah becomes

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pure your Salah becomes acceptable.

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You know, like Imam, I think he's Mad Magazine. He said You know, sometimes a person might prostrate to Allah.

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But his frustration only increases him distance away from Allah. They said how is that he said because he frustrates to Allah His heart is full of the dunya the love of the dunya love of the material. His heart is full of that not full of the love of Allah.

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And the Arabs, they have a poetic,

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poetic symbolism or a good beer is also reality over somebody called Majnoon ice. Magellan and he was in love with Leila. And he was so he was so in love that he was so detract detached from anything else except the love of Layla. And once he passed by he was walk he walked and there were people praying in the middle of the space. And he just walked in front of them. He wasn't he wasn't paying attention. He just walked off until after the Salah the people they came to him and they were telling him What's wrong with you. You What are you? Are you absent minded? Are you mad? He was this you walk straight in for our engineering. You didn't really care about us. You even think of us. He

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said well you know what i was so detached. so in love with my beloved I wasn't even aware of those things. But where are you? You are you you claim that you love Allah and you are supposed to be in Salah you are thinking about me. You can see you're observing me and you're seeing me you're in Salah you should be you should be attached to a law you should be focused on a law

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This was him giving them a lesson in how they those if you love Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, are you focused on a law? Or are you focused on other things?

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So repenting back to Allah subhanho wa Taala, so that your heart and then you have to start the process of purifying the heart, starting with your heart and the actions inside. And today, I mean, this is just an opening because we cannot cover such a topic in in not just hours, but we need hundreds of hours to talk to her because purification of the soul is not a lecture is not a talk. It's not. It's not a halaqa it's it's a way of life. And this is why it was that one of the more broadest missions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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who will lead Dr. Salafi and will lead Dr. Salah Philomena rasulillah who led by Sevilla Amina Rasulullah Menon it is he was sent amongst the unlettered a messenger from them what was his role yet to allow him to recite unto them his verses secondly, why use a key him to purify them. And then you Allah Mohamed Kitab al hikma and then to teach them the Kitab member hikmah.

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So it's a it's a system of life. And you have to therefore make that work, you have to be on that road, that journey. So you have to go and then investigate and read what the LMR have said about all the diseases of the heart, all the things that are affecting your heart, all those things are making your heart dirty. All those things are weighing you down from getting to a loss of Hannah Montana.

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And I mentioned a few. And then you have to work on those things. Some people are afflicted with one disease more than others.

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You know, some people, some people, they they have no problem except that they are just liars, obsessional obsessive liars. Other people have no problems with Islam is that they are afflicted with desires and lusts, they have to look at how long they can't, you know, they can't keep away from it becomes like a others are obsessed with just loving money, you know, they just have to and everyday they're looking, again, their mobile apps and mobile banking and just checking how much money they have, and how much you know how many pence has increased in the last minute or two or whatever. And there are people who are obsessed with, with, with, you know, with other things

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competition, they want to be higher, they want their status to be higher, they want more likes, they want more followers, they want more this more that different people have different things, you have to identify what's wrong with you. Because if you don't want the identify the problem, you're not gonna solve it.

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And purification of the soul and hamdulillah you know, the human is made of body and of spirit. And it is one of the natural laws of Hanoi, Dally through the material realization of what the body is about, we can understand also the spirit. So like, we understand that the body becomes ill and has problems. And we go to the doctor, and the doctor will have to make a diagnosis and have to think what is your problem? What is your issue, and only after you have a correct diagnosis, you can again then get the medicine.

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And so it is important for us to do that as well. So we can see what what is our problem, and therefore we can start to clear it up. And our problem might be with with many things.

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And even though they speak about these different issues, things that are always that things that can poison our hearts, things that can make our hearts bad.

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And usually they summarize it into four things. And they are all excessive things because Allah Subhana Allah, He created the balance. He created Amazon, the moment you disrupt the marathon, that's when you go into problem. So they talked about excessive eating, eating too much is a poison for the heart. And we have so much ahaadeeth but the summaries of the prophesize lm is like he summarized when, when Elmo called us the head of the Egyptians he sent he sent to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a doctor, a medicine doctor, as to advise the prophet to help them with the remedies. The Prophet sighs him said we don't need a doctor. We don't need a medicine because we

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know our mon Lana kulu Hatton, Andrew Wade canal Anushka we don't need a doctor because we are people we only eat when we are hungry.

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And when we do eat, we don't fill our stomachs. And today, the nutritionist of today say these are the essence of health today. You know, have a healthy intestine you have a healthy body. And there are many

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Howdy, ma malabu. Adam. We are in shaba, Minh Barton, the son of Adam has not filled any vessel worse than his own stomach.

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And then they spoke about the excessive talking.

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Excessive talking too much talking.

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The Sahaba, one la haleem. And indeed the prophets before them, they were people of action. They were not just people who just talked. You know, we have people who will give you speeches and talk and say and things like that. But this will have our action. There were people who acted on their own or they did. And when you talk too much, you're going to make so much errors, so much mistakes. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he summarized everything for my eyes, my eyes is a nice hadith of Morocco, the Alemany came asking the prophet SAW Selim about many things. And the prophet SAW Selim told him about how to the things that the keys to entering an agenda to be pushed

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away from the fire and what what atones the sins and, and how to come closer to aim. Beautiful, highly. But then the recital said, shall I not tell you, the what encompasses all of those things, and it's almost like the crown on all of this advice, he said, but I also tell me, of course, he and the processing took hold of his tongue, and he said, MC gallega, hold back this, hold back this, that is that that is the summary of the advice. So when you talk too much, you're going to fall into all the problems that come with the time. And again, time is short to talk about these things. Okay. So excessive talking.

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excessive mixing,

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mixing too much with people, mixing too much with people is going to, again, lead you to engaging with people, usually, there's going to be problems with engaging with people.

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Again, there's the talking aspect of there, there's how you make sense of competition, there's people's people will actually affect you and affect you with their different problems. You know, because end of the day, the the friend or the companion he will impose on you directly or indirectly, his own behavior and his own character. And you can just try this. See, when you hang around with people who are bad mouth, you start to becoming better, you become valid enough, when you start to engage with people who are righteous, and people who just remember Allah Subhana, Allah, you remember Allah with them, because you have to do it, it's part of being with that

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company. So the excessive excessive mixing with people actually lead you to that kind of problem. So you have to engage in a balanced way as well.

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And lastly, excessive looking. And we're not just talking here about looking to the harm, but also just looking around. Because when you start looking at people and examining what they are wearing, and how they're what they are driving and how their houses look like and the different things, your heart starts to become attached to that. And it starts to becoming too one, you know, I could do with a nice watch like that, or, you know, the nice mobile or a nice, this or nice, and that also affects the heart.

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So these are also poisons of the heart, which we need to learn and again, find how we can get ourselves

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and also in the path to purification. We have to like the body needs food, we have to also be nourishing ourselves with food.

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And we have to be nourishing us with all the beneficial food that's out there. And that's what the message of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was there to teach us about the nourishment of the food, what you will benefit, what is good for you how you will because that's the key.

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So the re citation of the Quran,

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the remembrance of a law, to invoke and to send the blessings and the praise on to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Patience, fasting,

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all these things, all these acts of goodness and the LACMA salejaw, good deeds generally, all these things are beneficial for the heart, because they will strengthen the heart because they will make you continuously engaged with the message of purification.

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And here it's important for us that we don't remain static. We're starting a new year in a couple of days, and it's a good opportunity.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us both the sun and the moon as indications of time.

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Yes, we know Muslims have the Hijri calendar, but also the sun the solar calendar is also a calendar which Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran, when he said the * Laila and the Hara I attain. And then in the Andes and Lita Allah made the sign for the night, the moon and the sign for the day, which

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The sun and then suddenly Dynamo added the scene when he said, so that you will know the calculation of the days and the years and, and the count. So there's nothing wrong with using this new year that we're starting as a time for us to put a plan in place. How much do you remember the last panel?

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How much do you recite for on a daily basis? How much do you fast voluntarily? How much do you give off charity? How much do you do this and do that and do that

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the majority of us don't have any plans. We just live our life like this. And the loss of Hannah to Allah on the mouth of lokman said walk CDFI machinic have a purpose in your walk. Even when you are walking, you should have a purpose. Don't just walk like this dazed and gaze you don't know where you're going.

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Where are you heading our sense, you don't have a plan in your life. You don't know how much crying you are reciting. You don't know how much Vicar or I'll just remember a little bit after the Salah. And the first thing that happens after the Salah is the shape and comes the shape and comes in distracts you you don't even say so Pamela 33 times Alhamdulillah and allow it so you should have a plan

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and a plan which is excessively increasing. So that by you know by the end of this month, I'm going to I'm going to my aim is to fast these many days in this month and finish the recitation of the Quran in these many days. And every day I'm going to be saying La Ilaha Illa la 100 times and I'm going to send a salon to the Prophet 100 times and I'm gonna be doing a stepfather 100 times. And the professor used to do this. You know, he used to have these will these as cards that he was continuously engaging in, but then to increase on that so that you're always increasing. And even the Salah on the prophet SAW licen and the prayer just praying on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is a

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great benefit for you.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:06

Even in Nakayama he counted 44, zero benefits of sending a salon to the prophets Allah lies.

00:27:08 --> 00:27:45

Again, time does not allow us. But in your quest to purification, you will find that out that information you will say okay, let me find that information now because I need this. And these are beautiful things that you can do. sadaqa you know, even when you're giving charity, don't make your charity a lump sum. Some of us today, we have lots of money. And we say you know when are you going to give our brother You know, I'm waiting for Ramadan. Ramadan comes in I can give some charity in Sharla because Ramadan is such a great month, isn't it? It's a great month I can give charity What about the rest of the year, you know, giving sadaqa the prophet SAW cinema was the most generous,

00:27:46 --> 00:28:03

most generous, all the but he was most generous than any other time in Ramadan. But he was generous to the year it wasn't just stop being generous. So again, but have a continuous, you know, have a continuous charity, maybe say okay, I'm going to give one pound every day.

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Or get you know, and then I'm going to up it a little bit. And then I'm going to do this and hamdulillah there's Baraka in doing all this.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:53

So my dear is very good brothers and sisters, a topic like this is such a big topic. But this topic isn't about knowledge. It's not about here for me to give you You know what, what will happen if you do this, or what will happen if you do this and how much reward you will get if you pray this, and this I can't give. But this is something that you have to give. Because when you are seeking success, and you know that success only comes through purification of the soul, you have to make it your job, you have to make it your business to go and find out how do I purify myself? And how do I make it part of my daily routine that every no day passes without me feeling that I am better. Not

00:28:53 --> 00:29:37

in an arrogant way or a pride way because you're not going to come and boast it in front of there's no charts here with you know abdomen and Mohammed an alien you know, just writing who has done this and who's done that isn't although there is benefit in competition in a in a good way. You know, that's why I said those people will give their charity in secret but they give out loud as well. But we're gonna talk about that. So it is your mission in sha Allah to go and find out and to learn about all the things that will make you better all these actions and how you can make them part of your plan to get rid of all the bad deeds and to come closer to the to the loss of Hannah Horta

00:29:39 --> 00:29:54

and end of the day Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to control of your neffs This is the end this is the sort of the summary because when you look at the Quranic text and the Sunnah, it's like you now the individual,

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you are three people, if you like you are the body, the fish

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You are the neffs. And then there is you, the controller. Now, you have a duty to yours your physical body, you tell your body what it eats, you are the one who puts putting the food in your mouth, you're the one who was playing the exercise, you're the one who is moving, you're the one and your spirit you are in you're in control or you should be in control of your spirits, you are the one who will feed it, you are the one who will give it the poisons, you are the one who may put obstacles in its way, and so on so forth. So you have is almost like you are you have to be in control of these. So this spirit, the soul, the neffs, whatever you call it, it's a complicated

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situation. But this thing out here, which if you do not control,

00:30:52 --> 00:30:56

like I mentioned before, this neffs is like a dog.

00:30:57 --> 00:30:58

It's like a dog

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and a dog. Even these big dogs you see these people walking out with they have these big dogs, but they control their dogs say the dog said they will sit, okay, it doesn't matter how big the dog is. But that dog if you don't control it properly,

00:31:14 --> 00:31:22

by controlling what it eats, by controlling its behavior, by making sure it knows who's boss, that dog will control you.

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And if that dog controls you, you start to become a follower. And what's the dog gonna do? What's the next going to do is going to take you to the Shahada, the lawsuits and the desires because the nafs does he likes it. He likes the free life, the luxury the house, you know, these things that come and you're trying to prevent it, but now it's overtaking you. So there are ways to do this as well in the path of purification too. So how do you control your nerves today? You might have seen a program called the dog whisperer or something dog Whistler dog whisperer, the guy who goes out and teaches people how to look after their dogs. And there's people who train you know, people how to

00:32:02 --> 00:32:27

look after their dogs how to control and the nest is no different. You need people to sometimes you know, you say my nephew is taking control of me how you come to people like the Imams and the shoe. And you know the llama and ask them for advice and Sharla they will give you that advice. And that is the summary. And that's why last panatela said, Remember I said to you at the beginning, we're all going to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the beginning.

00:32:29 --> 00:32:34

And I ended with controlling the nest and Allah subhanaw taala summarizes this in Surah nezhat.

00:32:37 --> 00:32:39

While I'm on half a Nakamura

00:32:40 --> 00:32:48

y neffs and in our and as for the one who fears a day when he shall stand in front of his Lord

00:32:50 --> 00:33:03

because he knows he's going to stand in front as well. Why not? Enough Sanyal how he prevents the neffs from the desire for in an agenda to heal ma He is the one who will reside in agenda. So simple as that.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:12

Fear Allah, fear a Day that you will stand for a lot and prepare for that day and prevent the nest from the desires you will be successful.

00:33:14 --> 00:33:54

I hope these few words have been useful May Allah subhanaw taala benefit us and you with these words MLS monitor give us the opportunity to change our lives for the better by planning our test key planning our purification, so that in sha Allah Allah, this time next year, one year later, if we're going to review ourselves in one year later, but although we should be reviewing ourselves continuously, but when we die, we can put pitstops for our review, when we review ourselves because Al Hamdulillah we are better now we've achieved something better, but not to be proud as well. Be careful. Don't be proud that you are under the law. Because that's what the shaytan wants you to be

00:33:54 --> 00:34:08

to think that you've reached your goal. And then once you've read when you think you've reached your goal, then he'll give you a slap in the face and then he'll put you back in. So make sure you are always reviewing yourself and never deprived the man I met.

00:34:09 --> 00:34:13

Even you know when I met was a great man. He wasn't even on his deathbed.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:52

He was dying. And they were saying to me, mmm c'est la ilaha illa la se la ilaha illa La la la encouragement for the person who is dying. He was saying La La No, no, sorry. And then he went and then he would faint. And then you wake up and then lo now and after a while they when he regained his consciousness, what would you say was him to say la ilaha illa la? And you say no, no, he said when you are saying like Allah, the shavon came to me. The shavon came to me appear to me. And he said to me oh I met

00:34:53 --> 00:34:57

the Joe Tammany I met. You have escaped me. Oh

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

you got away from me.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Because you're dying, and I say I can't do so I will say to him No, no, no, not not yet, and still is still there. Because the shavon wants you to have that false hope that yes, helaas I've achieved, I purifies my soul. I've reached there, I'm reached the top. And once you think you're there, you change into a whole different atmosphere, you start to rethink your pride, you start to look at others, and you start to dictate as if you are the pure one, and everybody else is worse than you. So be careful of that as well. That's also part of the journey of the purification to be aware of that inshallah to Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala bless me and bless you and may Allah Subhana Allah

00:35:39 --> 00:35:42

accept from also from use of Hanukkah longhand, decrescendo Lyda Hill and Mr.

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