How COVID brings us back to sunnah

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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato some masajid have started to reopen, and others are on their way to do so. And as you are aware, there's lots of instructions of how to manage this new reopening. You know, some societies have done some nice infographics about what to do and how to come to the masjid and etc. A lot of the things, obviously we're not used to, but some of the things which are being highlighted, I thought were very interesting because actually they are teaching us to go back to some of the sooner practices some of the things that the prophet SAW said them

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encouraged us to do and I think that's good in many ways. So we can at least take those aspects and try to practice them and use them in our day to day life on a day to day life and also hopefully adopt them on a longer scheme. So what are those things? Well, first of all, the encouragement is to pray or Sunnah at home, don't come to the masjid and start praying all your soon and there and I thought that was quite interesting, because obviously when you look at the hadith of processes, the recommendation is to not make your houses as like graveyards, why are they Why is he saying like graveyards, because graveyards usually are places which are abandoned graves are places where people

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exhibit dead, there's no life there.

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And also people don't pray there. So he said, Don't make your houses like graveyards, and that's why you should be praying, you're at home. So it's like a reviving of this important practice and tradition of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And indeed, not only that, but he went out to say that, you know, the best prayers of nanofiller should be prayed at home. By doing that your family also, you know, there is an encouragement for the family, but also to bring that light the light of Salah into the home. So that was one advice, which I thought was was very interesting. second one was the advice of making mobile at home, don't come to the message and then make a try

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maybe although at home first, when in fact you will have to because they're going to close all the window areas in the masjid. And again, that's a beautiful son of the prophets. I said and because he said Whoever makes will do and another generation whoever purifies himself and does the bulk perfectly or, or excellently and I send us to do the best we'll do. Then the wolf who will atone all his sins. When you do although you're going to remove the sins from your face, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your hands, your feet, everything is going to be washed. It's a cleansing process. So he said, that chill act of doing will do at home purifies you. Now. When you go to the masjid and walk

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to the masjid every step that you take will either be something that raises your level or something that removes a bad deed from you. And then he said was Salah to Nashville after that the slides gonna be like extra so Salah is not it's not like doing the cleansing process because you already cleansed yourself with your law with your steps to the masjid excetera. So again, something that is encouragement coming out from this whole COVID practice. Let us try to learn from this practice so that we're keeping it in Sharla in shape and in line for our future practice. Obviously without doubt there are some people who are unable to make will do at home for certain reasons.

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That's a different whole lot of advice, which I'm sure can be addressed in a different way. I hope that's been useful. And I hope we have greatness in reviving this one and getting the reward there in some way.