Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from Hajj The Muslim is the one who responds to Allahs callsubmit

Mirza Yawar Baig
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And then I'm very low salatu salam ala shuffelin below it he was heavy human well, about

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my brother's the I want to remind myself I knew

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the Hajj

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is the epitome of Islam.

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It is it is the most powerful symbol of Islam.

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Because Islam means a Muslim is the one who submits Islam is the meaning of submission

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and submission is to respond.

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That's gonna tell us a bit about Ibrahim alayhis salam

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is called Allahu Rabu Muslim, Kala Aslam to the rebel Alameen.

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Allah said

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when his Rob said to Him,

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submit, he said I submit to Rabbil Alameen.

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So, the essence of Islam is submission.

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The essence of Islam is to respond to the call of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is what the * does.

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And the caller was Renata has given for Hajj. The * responds and says love bake Allah Humala bulk.

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He says, Oh Allah, I am here. I am present Oh by Allah, I am present lebryk Allah Sharika kala bake, I am present, there is no one worthy of worship except to there is no partner, you have no partners. I am present in Alhambra or near Metallica, we're

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all praise and thanks to you, and all blessing and glory and majesty to you and all sovereignty is yours,

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Shadi Kolak, and there is no

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part in your,

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in your, in your in your being worthy of worship and in your sovereignty and in your power and glory.

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this is the response to the hedge that your response. Ibrahim Ali Salam responded when I was one of the told him to construct his house, he constructed the house. And Allah subhanaw taala, then made that the symbol of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and the symbol of Islam itself. So the Muslim is the one who responds.

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The most typical and simple response of the Muslim on a daily basis five times a day is the response of the Muslim to the other.

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And therefore, it's not just a matter of saying, You celebrate when you go for Hajj, what do you do? And the machine is calling higher Asara here, and

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I was saying yesterday in the DUA, that somebody in Australia was there recently, and somebody was telling me about the time they used to live in some Muslim country. And they said how wonderful it was, and we used to hear the Zonda. Salatin failure as an we hear almost for 20 minutes, from all the massages around we hear the sound of yoga. So I said mashallah, very nice. And then after that, what do you do?

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That is a question, what is the good of listening to the other for 20 minutes after that you go to sleep.

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Or even maybe you don't go to sleep, maybe you pray Fudger in your house, you still don't go to the budget. The purpose of the Asana is not to wake you up to pray father in the house, the purpose of the Asana is to wake you up to go to the masjid supervisor.

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So the question is, are we responding to the call of Allah subhanaw taala This is the most simple, most basic of the cost and then of course, there is the call of Allah subhanaw taala to obey Him, in the whole of our lives, everything that we do, all that we say all that we do, how can we be aware of Allah subhanho To Allah Jalla Jalla Lu, of what he wishes and how can we be aware of our DIA and the near of the Muslim is to please Allah, there is no other near and that's why you

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know, we have to learn in his book, Reza salah, in in the introduction chapter, he opens it by saying, describing what is near

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and he said Alizarin, near fearfully a man of equally acquired of equal Johann Alberto to a coffee, he said, The is half the awareness of the near

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the awareness of why you are doing something the awareness of intention, in everything we say, in everything we do, and all the conditions that we find ourselves in life frequently.

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Albear is that well coffee, whether some whether any of these are visible and open and allowed or whether they are hidden. So condition of the art, whatever is happening there. Are we aware of Allah subhanaw taala and what pleases Allah and we're in our business, in our families and so on and so forth.

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All that we say all that we do every single thing I imagine if somebody I ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable all of us to live our lives on this way, but if somebody can live his life with this awareness, that is Allah subhanaw taala please with me or not, and he carries this awareness in every single thing he does. Now imagine what kind of a beautiful life the person will have, you will have a life which is full of baraka and full of blessing because he will never do anything will disobey Allah subhanaw taala and he will have a life which has the which has the help of Allah subhanaw taala with him Inshallah, because of the same thing because he's doing it with the

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intention to please Allah. So therefore the help of ALLAH has to come. And obviously this Nia also prevents the person from doing anything which is wrong because you can't say I'm doing this to please Allah and you are open to doing something which is Hara. You can do can be going to a bank to to borrow money on interest, and you say I'm doing it to please Allah No.

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So the just the awareness of the NEA itself is protection from sin. This is the beauty of Islam. That is why in the Malama, Lavinia

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The deed is dependent on the intention whatever is the reward for the deed is dependent on intention because if the intention is clear, that obviously, a person cannot be doing something bad with a good intention, it's a oxymoronic thing, it's obviously not possible, so to have a clear and good intention, and then for the Muslims, there is only one intention, does it please Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that's why it's very important for us to keep this in mind that Islam means to respond. Islam means to submit and the Hajj is a symbol of this ambition.

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And that is not only for restricted to

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to Arafat and to the

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monastic of Hajj, but it is to be carried forward for our all our lives. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to live with this awareness and to die with this awareness and to bless us with this awareness that we only need to please Him Gela general who was some of the hara Anna Vil, Karim, Allah Allah He was abused member hortica

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