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Walking through Qatar the cultural hub of Doha, Qatar on my last day, I was reflecting on this unusual and unique festival of football, as it all been about money goals, political gain, or have some shared and received something more fundamental to human experience. This World Cup like no other had another surprise for me a chance to virtually visit the start of the mission of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. A VR experience being given to non Muslim fans

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once a city packed with idols were infant girls were buried, slavery and inequality were widespread, but it would all change in the night of the first revolution. Gibreel would carry the words of God to our beloved prophet of God, he Ron, Islam will come to correct the ills of our society and become a mercy a journey through time.

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It was yeah, it was like being there and you felt that you're in the cave here

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it's really beautiful mashallah Well done, guys. How you feel after dinner, I just feel a bit overwhelmed honestly overwhelmed. Just you know, you just want to be with the prophet that someone just stand with him. And you know, thank you grateful, grateful for being Muslim and grateful for knowing these truths and and electrical.

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The impact of the event on World Cup travelers was playing to see all around me in Doha.

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Fans were mostly from South America that I met. Why? Because Europeans have been denied this beautiful experience. By bias media reporting over more than a decade, the most controversial World Cup in history. And a ball hasn't even been kicked category, society and cultures based heavily on a strict interpretation of Islamic law. However, I have been told by sources that Psalm 1000 People have taken shahada in Doha, and the number may be much higher. They've been embracing not just a family atmosphere of an alcohol free event, but the time, the peace and the safety to look into the meaning of life. And then of course, well, there's Morocco was the best feeling in my whole life of

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this. Muslims. Join us join us

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join Islam to

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come to the peace come to the wit

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Qatar 2022 felt like a virtual reality trip where the Muslims well we waged beauty on our visitors.

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We have to now continue this work sharing the truth about our way of life

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till next time, salaam aleikum