Omer El-Hamdoon – D21 Duaa for Laylatul Qadr

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming release of a laser cutter and a disturbing disturbing picture. They also mention a disturbing disturbing image of a woman wearing a dress and a shirt and encourage people to be mindful of their behavior.
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There are four today as we have been mentioning laser cutter and we already mentioned the DA already and that is the two hours the prophesize lm taught I show the alignment. A lot of my nikka 4121 Alpha five one ni o alumni nikka one carry on to Hipple Alpha Phi Phi Nia Karim. Oh Allah, you are the one who is the pardoner you are generous you love to pardon so Pardon me.

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And this draft is a very simple one. Yet it's a very powerful one. It is acknowledging who Allah is and that is part of getting the answer this to ask a law with his Beautiful Names when he law he smiled Hostnet for the rule will be happy Allah has the beautiful name so don't make up with it and ask Allah through the Beautiful Names and say,

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you know come closer to Allah praise Him magnify Him, because He is the king he loves to be praised subhanho wa Taala and so here are saying alemannic awful you're praising him you love to party and this is what you do. This is your you know this is what you have written on yourself. rahmati decandido Robbie My mercy will always prevail over my anger. So my Lord forgive me Pardon me. I've done so many mistakes there you know there's an admission of guilt as an admission of, of sinning of shortcoming. So pardon me Forgive me and that's why you see this die is a beautiful powerful dice small word simple and very easy to to memorize and to learn and to increase. Fill in all your voids

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on these nights with this alarm in the car for one 200 Alpha five, one

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