Yaser Birjas – Asking Allah to judge for you

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of history and the need for people to make decisions based on their beliefs and agendas is discussed. The "fitness club" is discussed, where individuals should be fair and make decisions based on their beliefs. The "fitness club" uses AI to judge behavior and prevent arrogance. The "we are the best of those who give the best decisions" concept is discussed, where individuals should obey a commoner to make the best decisions and be ethical. The "we are the best of those who give the best decisions" concept is also discussed, where individuals should obey a commoner to make the best decisions.
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Longer kind of

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settlement statement cathedra mama but another dua that we have in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah is teaching us, which I believe is one of the most important that that we need in our time, the time of our trials. In the public sphere and public arena as we see the confusion, and the faith and the trials that we'll see that it's been bombarded upon us and about our children. One of the most important that either we need to keep in mind the shallow Tyla which is from the word of nebula and spine or the nebula shrine, from the Prophet tribe, and solotaroff.

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Number chapter 789, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks on

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from the words of Dr. And his people are cardif Turina Allah Allah He can even in order Nafi magnetical by the Edna Jan Allahu minha. And we would have invented against Allah Allah if we returned to religion after Allah has saved us from it. When I according to an older viewer, India sha Allah Hora buena and is not for us to return to accept that Allah Our Lord should work. And then he said was our buena Kula che in Elma because we do believe our Lord has encompass all things in knowledge. Robina Allah hit our Kelowna on him on our Lord subhanho wa Taala is our reliance. And then the DUA comes in or benefit by in a webinar comin will help to enter herbal fatty Hain our Lord

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decide between us and our people in truth, and you are the best of those who give decision.

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So this will help us today specifically, as we see, there are a lot of agendas being pushed upon the population, society and Muslims specifically as well and conservatives in general, like the LGBTQ, for example, agenda being pushed in everywhere, every public sphere, every public agenda in schools, everywhere we go, And subhanAllah people fall for it. Some of our youth are already falling for these kind of like fancy liberal slogans. And as a result, they get really confused. And we don't even know what decision Should we make on these matters whether it's in a matter of matter of faith, matter of practice, matter of public affairs, or even personal even actually family issues. There's

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so many of these confusing matters and the other two are that comes to us Robin after buying an albino comment I will have your Allah you'll be the one who gave us that fat. Now the word efter means to the literal meaning of FTM is to open but what does it mean when I say here Roberta Biden Albania commendable, hakea Allah open away open a pass between us and our people and that which is true, it means your Allah give us that fat that means given the sermon give us the criteria give us the the insight by which we will be able to make the right judgment, judgment that your Allah is coming from you and pleasing to you. One Two chiral fatty Hain because you are the one who gives the

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best of this strategy. You're the one who gives the best judgment, the best way of judging the best discernment and the best insight that is the meaning of this. But just to put the AI in perspective, we need to go back few I had before that

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in the insert insert era for ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he spoke about the prophets and their people. So he spoke about no Allah Islam he spoke about

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shall I be spoke about

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thermo and calm Salah and add and hood and then eventually it came to shine over. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada speaks about the tribe of Scheibe Carl Miller Allah DNSSEC Bartleman Coleman wouldn't tribe came to invite them to Allah subhanho wa taala. He brought him some they they were not used to it. Or it just asking them to change their way of life, which is considered sinful, consider wrong. And now when someone bring them something righteous like this, people just like to stay where they are. They want to be following their desires. And that's what happens in our time. Because this society is all about desire, fulfillment of desires, everything's about fulfilling your desires, the liberal

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agenda is all about that person. And eventually when you do that, you allow people to do what they want and say what they want. So when someone comes to them, This is wrong.

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They don't want that. They don't want anyone to guilt tripping them about what they do. So therefore they reject that. So when Dr. came to us people with the message of Allah subhanho wa taala. And he asked them to be fair, and they just and making sure that they want to do that. How can they do with the best? How can the best judgment and that's the biggest fitna of CompTIA was and what did you mean anyone knows what was the biggest fitness club? Sure, I cheated in one

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measurement, which means it was financial activity, corruption, Schreiber's corruptions as our tribes actually come as people that corruption was financial corruption. And he was asking them to look out for Kayla when Mazon when you fulfilled when you measure with people be

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First, make sure to bring that justice and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to be the one to rule between them and then they they said you know what you don't understand.

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Just like an interesting thing in our time today because our financial system is also corrupt is based on one of the most heinous crimes that Allah I mentioned the Quran, what is the regimen? River interest? The other day I was speaking with someone non Muslim talking about the concept actually of Riba and why Islam prohibits you know, Riba and we can't you know, deal with contracts with riba we cannot borrow money because Andreeva all these kind of things. And for them, it was just a completely foreign concept.

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completely foreign concept. And they say, but, you know, growth comes through this

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that's what they think. And that's exactly what Allah says about it in the Quran because people think they're growing their money with interest when reality what they're doing exactly they're creating a bubble that bubble is a deceive them that it's growing. But there is nothing to fill that that bubble anywhere when a burst or the beloved and collapses. That's the problem with the river. The same thing will come stripe he came to them says Be fair, do do right to to the people measure properly. And for them, they don't want anyone to tell them not to earn money the way they want. What are you trying to block us from you know, become rich or getting more money you have access to

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wealth and so on. And that's what the fitnah for them call it melodious tech bottlemen comment so the people who are arrogant from the people who strive and obviously Allah use the stack borrow from the for the people have come sure I've why? Because arrogance is befitting people of what

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so much well, when people are rich and wealthy, they become so arrogant. So Allah says, look that those arrogant ones, those who see themselves so powerful because of their wealth and their money, their talent now sure I've got an origin Nikesh Ribolla then I'm gonna mark listen, if you don't stop this, you and those who follow you're going to cut you out of that town.

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And subhanAllah nowadays, this whole again, liberal agenda and LGBTQ things and so forth through the elections that the same thing taking you out of, you know, office positions and school boards and all that stuff and so on, like basically trying to take over our to Odin, a female Latina or you follow our way.

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Whether you join us or get out ahead, Cara, our Hakuna carry, like forcefully, you want to force us to do that? Is that what you're trying to do? Then he says, if we do and if we listen to you, and we follow you and we agree with you, God, Allah He tatoeba we will be attributing the lie to Allah subhanho wa taala. Like as if we're saying Allah accepts that Allah is pleased with this, No, Allah is not pleased with this kind of thing. But in ordinary military combat Energen Allah Homina after hamdulillah Allah has saved us from this Hamdulillah we don't do these things we don't follow these. We don't believe in these things. You want us to go back to this. So God

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was out of Buena coalition Alma. We trust Allah's judgment, because he has all the knowledge, the ultimate knowledge belongs to him. So why do we Why do we go with we go with the one Subhanallah who knows everything. And then they said God Allah He Turkana, our trust is in Allah subhanho wa taala. We rely on Allah azza wa jal, so if he judges for us to follow this path will follow it. But he's asking us to follow a different path. And then he says, and that's what makes it, Rob benefit. Banana, verbena, coalminer will help ya Allah, You be the judge.

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You are the one who will show us the right way to follow. So we say Robin after buying and obeying a commoner will help one to help refer to him because you're the best of those who truly give this fat. So in the translation of the DUA over here, when we say that we say Our Lord decide between us, as our people, decides between us and our people in truth, and you are the best of those who give decision. So whenever you come to a debate, you come to a conversation, you deal with people with different views and so on. That's appropriate to make Robin after by now but in a commoner will have to enter qualified. Yeah, Allah, you are the one you're the one who give the best decision. So we

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ask you to judge between us and our people. So every time you have this kind of confusion, or maybe worrying about something that will be a debatable, just make that dua for our benefit by obeying a commoner will help the one veteran even if you say that silently, like you're about to have an engaging in a conversation and debate with someone. So in your mind, this has been attacked by an albino commoner we'll have to refer to Allah. Show us the way your Allah help us make the best judgment because you're the one who have all the knowledge and you have the best judgment. So you ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to help you make that sound judgment in these times of confusion.

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That's the meaning of this dua for all of us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala show us though, which is right and follow with your Bananaman. We ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to give us the ability to see that which is true and follow it and that which is wrong and stay away from it. So we're going to make design shell out of Oracle data or BANA

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if the Hebei Nana

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webinar Colombina will help

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what antiviral fatty hen

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are benefited by in Anna

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whereby in accounting I will help

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one to Hyrule 13

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Robin after a banana

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whereby in a coalmine, I will help

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well antiroll 13

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or bene Loretta Jalna al comas volumen

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Rabbana, the alumna and fusina.

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While I'm Topher, Lana,

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what are Hannah? Then Hakuna nominal costs in

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Ravenna of Regina, Manhattan Hill Korea.

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A violin AHA

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watch Alana Mendonca Walia.

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Watch our learner. Mila drunkeness zero

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Robina masala Katha Bartylla

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Subhanak for kina other Banagher

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Robina in Nikka man to the Philippines

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for the Alpha Zeta

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one murder Viola me and I'm an unsolved

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Robina in Santa Ana monad. Ian United Eman

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an Uber a baker become famine

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or Birna Furlanetto nobuna

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what Catherine say attina

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What often I'm Al Abrar

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Robina will attina my word allah Rasool it

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while I took Zina Yeoman Thea Amma

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in Nicola, TOEFL me add

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Roberto for Lana.

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The novena was Rafi and Marina

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was a bit awkward Domina

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one SORNA Allah Coleman Catherine

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of bene mana

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Bhima and Zelt

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what Ivana Rasul

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factorable banana Masha headin

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta semi Aladdin

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Allahumma Inanna odo Vika

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whether Rihanna min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Rabbana have Alana Mendonca the RE yet anti Eva

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in NACA semi or da

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Allahumma Marechal move to the milkman. Tasha

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what ends your moral commitment Russia

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what was the man Tasha?

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What are the Luma Tasha?

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Be ethical higher.

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In Nicola coalition studied

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to the July left in the heart

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or to the heart of ln

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autocorrect will high E m and l made

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for Tokyo digital mania Terminal High.

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Water is Okoma Aquaman. Tushar will be ready his

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Robina in mana,

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fall for Lana de Rubina.

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Joaquina other Banagher

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urbanna LA to Zuko lubaina

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Bad had Atana

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will have an enamel loom Kurama

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in Nikka Intel Wahab

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Robina in Accra Jamia nas

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laomi Lara Buffy

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in Nicaragua California

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Urbana Santa Ana Wattana

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of Rana qurbana

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for electrical merci

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Robina LA to Sedona in Siena, Astana

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Robina wala Tamil Allah inna Israa

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comma Hamilton who

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Adaline M and COVID Inna

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Robina water to Homina mana catalana.

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Wa for Anna work for learn our Hamner

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and Tamil learner.

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From sadhana Coleman, Catherine

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Robina afraid eyeliner Sabra

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with a bit of a Domina

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one sunnah Adela Coleman Catherine

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Robina. Tina for dunya Hassan

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fulfill authority has an

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Joaquina other Banagher

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in Allah for in LA here Adriaan

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Allah Madonna famously Bettina

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work love Lana Hi Ramona

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Robina Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta semi alim.

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Rabbana wa Jalna Muslimeen allOK

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women the RIA Tina

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Amata Muslimah Turlock

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Arina, Manoj Sinha,

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Otto ballerina, in the web Rahim.

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Robina wa jal, fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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yeah take while you are live on Al Kitab al Hikmah

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why use Akina

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in meta analyses of Hatim.

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Robina H al hurdle Bella the Amina

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was O'Connor, Minister Murad wa sallahu mana, mana Minam Billa he will Yeoman

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Allah Medina Serato Mr. Team

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Serato Lavina and I'm Tallinn.

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I a little Malou b I am

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