Zakir Naik – Did Muhammad (pbuh) Author the Quran for Uniting the Arabs

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various theories about the Quran, including the idea of the unity of the Arabs and the importance of the unity of men and women. There are various verses in the Quran that dispute or add to the idea of unity among the Arabs, and the importance of the unity of men and women is emphasized.
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Some of the critics they say that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him knows Biller, he attributed the Quran to Almighty God because he wanted to unite the Arabs. It's known as the Arab unity and liberation theory. The various theories propounded by the critics and Orientalist. There is not a single verse in the Quran, which fingers out and speaks exclusively of the Arab unity, not a single verse

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exclusively talking about the Unity or the liberation of the Arabs. The Quran has the concept of Amma. There's the nation, of the whole humankind.

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the criteria for any human being, to be superior to any other human being. It's not cast. It's not color. It's not wealth. It's not *. But it is Taqwa. And this is mission the Quran in surah, chapter number 49, verse number 13. Allah says, ya, Are you a nurse to enact Lucknow, comienza con Sava Jana Schoenbaum Akbar Allah Allah Tada foo in Nakamoto, in the lawyer coffin in the law limit forbid or humankind, we have created you from a single pair of male and female

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and have divided you into nations and tribes. So that you may recognize one another. Not that you may despise one another, and the most honored in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is the person who has Taqwa

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the criteria for judgment in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. It's not cast, color, creed, * wealth, but it is taqwa It is God consciousness. It's piety.

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It's righteousness.

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There are many verses in the Quran.

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In order to stand for truthfulness,

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it even says, you can do that even if you have to go against holidays. They can be a dispute between the father and son,

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but husband and wife,

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even bitter relatives, if your fight for the truth, Allah says in the Quran in surah Tauba chapter nine verse number 24 Girl in Ghana abou come say that before fathers

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who have now come or your sons

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were one to come or your brothers

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was why'd you come or your spouse's?

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What she did to oil relatives for Anwar Roenick third of Tula but the data doesn't track Shona casada Masahiro timezoner Ha, the wells that have amassed the business need to deal

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those in which you live.

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Allah says that if you love all the things, the fathers, your sons, your brothers, your spouses, your relatives, the business image ideal

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those in which you live the best ever must. Allah continues.

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By Aleikum mean Allah He was truly what you had in feasibly, if you love all these things more than Allah His Rasul and doing jihad striving the will of Allah subhanaw taala Allah say for Tara Basu, wait, Hatha Yoga, the Allahu Emery wala hola Deuteronomy fasigyn Wait and Allah brings his decision to you.

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And Allah brings his destruction to you, and Allah guides them the first people. So if the Prophet wanted unity amongst the Arabs, why did he mention such a verse in the Quran?

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It further mentioned in the Quran in surah Al Imran Chapter three was the Mandarin three. What the same will be Abdullah Jamia Well, Africa, hold to the rope of Allah strongly and be not divided.

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So here, the prophet is talking about the unity

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of the believers. He's not talking about the unity of the Arabs.

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And if you wanted to unite the Arabs, he could have easily taken the leadership

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and become the leader and the king and read it Arabs easily.

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There are verses in the Quran which are contrary to this theory.

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Its mission the Quran in surah Al Imran chapter three, verse 243. It says, Why scarlet letter Malayaka to Yama removed, and behold, the angel said Oh Mary, in the last of archy, what the hierarchy that Allah has chosen the and purified the and purified the above the woman of all nations.

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Imagine the Quran says that marry the mother of Jesus peace be upon him who was addressed. She is chosen as the woman above all the woman in the world.

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If he wanted unity among the Arabs,

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he could have chosen his mother

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or his wife, or his daughter, any Arab woman, as the woman above

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all the nations, but he goes out of the way

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To say, mother, Mary, was the mother of Jesus Peace Be Upon Him is the woman chosen above Domina, fallacious?

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And the reason is, it's immediately mentioned the next verse in Surah Imraan chapter three, verse 45. That it is nothing but an inspiration from Almighty God, he has no choice.

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He has no choice to agree or disagree, because this is where he from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So surely, there are various other verses in the Quran several times including Surah Baqarah Chapter two verse 47. He says that, don't you remember the favors which were bestowed on the children of Israel on Bani Israel?

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So all these verses of the Quran, if

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Prophet Muhammad knows Billa he was the author of the Quran, God forbid. Then why should he mention five verses in the Quran?

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