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So now when it comes down to like when a cat

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overestimate or you know Shakeology was not implemented came in handy, bla bla, and I mean, whatever one a lot of body mean, will aren't able to admit subpoena llamosa do sediment data cannot be Coto suica, Mohammed bin solahart, he was in the Mata and he was talking to seventh semen cathedra. You know, panela, we've been connecting a verse from the Quran to lessons for us. And

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I know that many of us have been following the news that came out of Minnesota, where we had a sigh of relief, where the officer who murdered George Floyd

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was actually charged, rightfully so with murder. And then at the same time, within that same time period, you have news that comes out of Columbus, Ohio, of a 15 year old girl, Lucky O'Brien, who was shot four times to death by an officer when she called the police actually to help her and instead was, was murdered herself. And it's like to kind of let you go from one thing to the other. And I wanted to actually talk about this from the perspective of an Iron Man actually.

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And I know that we address this from various angles. But it takes me back to how are you supposed to feel when you've you see something that resembles justice happen in this world? Now we know as believers we take comfort in the ultimate justice of Allah subhanaw taala the ultimate justice of along the day of judgment that not only that there will be no oppression, no injustice that will be tolerated today. Everything will be set right on the day of judgment in the last 30 or the peace up and along will be swift with His justice. But how do you deal with when you see what seems to be a semblance of justice and dislike Do you celebrate it? I mean, do you say it's all over? I mean, do

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you? Do you feel joy? How are you supposed to feel when you see these types of things? And I remember Odell Edwards, Jordan Edwards father, Jordan Edwards, who was 15 years old and shot in his car by officer Roy Oliver, who was a war veteran. And Allah knows if he shot people and add up to that never had a trial in this life. And I remember when when Jordan Edwards when that trial played out, and the sentencing of Roy Oliver was 15 years, 15 years for a 15 year old boy that was innocently killed, literally doing absolutely nothing. Nothing that would earn him that gunshot the way that it came to him. As father said, Yeah, but I don't get my son back. I don't get my son back.

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Okay, fine. You know, we're supposed to celebrate and hug and shout with joy. The there's some semblance of justice, but I don't get my son back. There are certain things you can account for. You know, I talked to you on Jefferson, the young lady that was shot in her home playing with her nephew,

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October 2019. I think it was October 2019. She was she serves a driveway with the masjid in Fort Worth. And she was literally playing video games with her nephew and an officer shot into the house as a result of a wellness check. And she was killed in front of her nephew. Since then, by the way, the trial has not even started yet. Like you think about in the wisdom of in the last study, or he saw the swiftness of justice. Sometimes the delay is torture. The trial hasn't even started yet. It's it's expected to start later this year, since her murder, and the trials, which has not been started, her father died. And then her mother died, both of them, you know, natural causes. But can

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you really just discount the impact that the the depth of the murder of their daughter had on them? There's no justice in that you can't account for that. There's not going to be a trial for her parents and the heartache that that's called the cause of the trauma that it caused her eight year old nephew that was playing video games with her when she was shocked that stuff is not going to be accounted for. Right? I mean, how do you even start to take that into account? And the first thing that came to mind that I wanted to speak about today was welcome, Phil, please fancy hire to and yeah, it would add up to beautiful verse. Allah says the increased loss, you have life, you have

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life. The sauce is actually retribution. It's retaliation. It's one portion of Islamic criminal law. And that is that as a departure from what was written upon, the Israelites have an eye for an eye and a light for life. Allah subhanaw taala gave us his thoughts and the sauce was that when there is murder, the family of the one that is murdered are given the full choice, either a life is taken for the life that was taken for them, or they can forgive and some sort of compensation is given to them. But the point is, it is for them and this should be applied equally so that people have a sense of justice that they have the right that it's in there.

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Hence the families, Allah look at the wisdom, it goes to the family, you have the right now, this is the person that murdered your loved one. You can either have their life taken as well, or you can forgive, and there's a reward for forgiveness, and you would be compensated as well in some other way. But the choice is yours, you're not blamed if you choose the option of essentially what would what would have amounted to a death penalty, right, or you are rewarded and praise if you chose to forgive and take some sort of compensation, but it's in your head and the word when it comes to the fancy higher, you have life and the people. They're written about the scholars talk about this

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verse. And they say that because number one, if there is a law that is applied across society that ensures fairness, and the sauce is applying for every single person, then that will serve as a deterrent from anyone that thinks they can get away with murder. And so there will literally be more life in society, because people will think twice, because in most societies, if you kill someone who belongs to those that have been reduced to a lower class on the basis of anything, right, like their, their race, or their tribe, or their, their being poor, or whatever it is, you know, in most societies, you can get away with it. But if it's applied across the board, that a person is going to

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think twice about it. And so it will be manner, it will be a form of forbidding injustice in the future. And what are people saying right now? Look, is there any doubt in anyone's mind that if George Floyd was not murdered on camera, that the verdict would have never happened?

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If someone was not recording it, if there weren't multiple people recording it, does anyone really think that any of this would have played out the way that it played out? I don't believe it would have played out that way. It would have been documented in the police records just like everyone else. Right? After a medic, I forgot how it was written after a medical incidents. an interaction with the police resulted in the death of a person Case Closed. Now many other people like that they had a case that came out a Muslim Mohammed Wayman, who was killed in the same way, as George Floyd in a very similar way. And he said, please Allah, and the officer said, Allah is not going to help

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you now. And he took his life. And that was a couple of years ago. But then the footage started to arise, then that offers officers still on the force. Both of them john, who was murdered here in Dallas, their street renaming after him on, you know, where he was where he was murdered. I mean, some of the same politicians that were standing there and that were clapping their hands are literally proponents of the same types of policies that lead to the repeated injustice is over and over and over again. And so it's it, it makes us think, because I know it's on my lawn, and we're supposed to be deriving some wisdom from the Quran as well. When a society does not have protocols

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in place to ensure that things are not repeated in the sense of injustice. There's no real life in that society. There's no blessing in that society. You just have to keep on hoping that someone's going to catch it on camera. And you have to keep on cope, hoping that it's not going to happen again. And again. And again. Again, that's not the way we're supposed to function. That's not the way that we were created. That's not normal, and it should not be tolerated. It shouldn't be like a football game, right? Every single time. Something happens, like let's hope that they pull it out in the end, and we get some sort of justice semblance of justice. In the end, you know, how many people

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have been killed. I mentioned the sister in New Orleans, Dr. jameela autoshot.

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Probably one of the worst police brutality incidents that I have ever heard of. The officer that killed her is still on the force in New Orleans, a Muslim woman that stopped a doctor to help a young boy that was hit by a car on his bike and an officer came in assumed assumed something about her and threw her on the ground and sat on her and then suffocated her and she was killed and she died in the back of a police police vehicle. There's no justice in this life. That's not how a normal society functions. That's not how Allah created us to function. And so it's like, Am I supposed to feel the conflicted feelings are warranted? Am I supposed to say that enough for a

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moment? And then well, another one. That's not how we're supposed to function. And so it's important for us to derive from that wisdom from the Quran, that unless you set a society right unless, unless there are things put in place and this was the beauty of how encompassing the message of the prophets of liason was was, it sets society right? Unless you set society right, you're gonna keep on having this over and over and over again. And you don't bring people back to life when you send since a murderer for a few years here or there and Allah knows we haven't even got to the sentencing. Yeah, so we take comfort in the Day of Judgment. For sure, as believers, what attacks

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have been Allah have often a nominal volume when Allah is not unaware, and the transgressors will face

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penalty and those that were victimized will have their their justice given to them not woman young, there is no oppression that's tolerated on the day of judgment in the law of Saudi Arabia he's up and a lot of swift in His justice, and we take wisdom, wisdom as well. From these these injunctions from the plan, that what you're supposed to bring is a sense of consistency and fairness so that people do not always feel suffocated by repeated in justices. And Subhanallah you know, and with this, I'm gonna have another disease Rahim Allah Tada. You know, the scholar has mentioned that when Ahmed bin Abdulaziz became the halifa, because of the justice that he saw across the board, wolves

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would not even attack sheep, under the feed off of ahmednagar disease, it brought so much blessing to the world that he was in that there is justice even being established across the animal. So we have to ask ourselves, like what role are we supposed to be playing in all of this? And how do we how do we move forward and deriving from that wisdom? And again, you know, relating some of these aspects with the nine planets how we approach societal affairs today, so May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be a source of comfort and goodness and justice to the societies that are around us. May Allah subhana wa tada comfort the families of the victims of injustice and give them some semblance

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of clarity and comfort in this life. May Allah subhana wa Tada, move us towards good May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to, to answer the call to that which gives us goodness, and to apply that in our own lives first, and then to bring that to the world around us a lot more. I mean, that's how I just by the way, Odell Edwards, his cousin, actually hurting a cat was in the measures a few months ago. So panel line this Masjid so these we are tied together in ways that we don't even realize. So please do pray for the families of people that are going through these types of ordeals as well as I can loneliness and I want to come on up cancel out accounts.