Omer El-Hamdoon – D22 Du’aa for Allah’s Love

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The hosts of a video are discussing the importance of finding one's love for Allah Subhana and finding one's love for everything that brings them closer to his vision. They also discuss the importance of finding one's love for everything that brings them closer to his vision. They encourage viewers to practice these activities and use them in their daily lives.
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Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was I mean,

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we ended up programming shala with a DA

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the DA that we've chosen for you tonight is a DA, which the Prophet seisen and told us about. And he told us that this was the daughter of

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the dalai center.

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We learned many things from our data center. And this is one of those things that the prophets I sent him has passed on to us. And this is also very beautiful, because it is asking

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to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala it's asking about the closeness of Allah, how do we attain his love?

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So the DA is alumna in Yes. elka from back will help their menu hymnbook will help Quilliam alene to careone illa habeck, along Gianni

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from Becca hubback, Malaya. Molly was

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one FC woman l Maggie Barrett.

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Online Allah, I asked you, your love, Grant me your love, Lord, what if Allah loves you?

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But what else can you ask for? Allah loves you, He will give you whatever you want. Remember the Hadeeth Allah Subhana Allah says that my slave does not draw close to me with anything more than what is beloved to me, than what I have made obligatory on him, my slave does not draw closer to me with anything more beloved to me than that which I have obliged him to do. And my slave continues to draw close to me, until I with the extra deeds within a waffle, until I love him. But if I love him, I will be his sight with what he sees, I will be his hearing with which he hears, I will be his hand with which he strikes, I will be his foot with which he walks. And if he were to ask me, I would

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give him if he were to seek refuge of me, I would give him refuge allow it but this is, this is the prize of getting that pure love of Allah Subhana Medina.

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So we are seeking Allah is love. How do you seek Allah by being genuine, by being sincere, by really wanting our last panel Tyler's reward and anticipating him? And not only that, but we're asking though, taught us to ask for the love of Allah and the love of all who love Allah will help me because those people who love Allah are great people, isn't it? Those people who want to be close to Allah, they must be great people. Okay, those who who are genuine as well. So we want your love we want those love and we want the love of every action that's gonna bring us closer to your love. So make those good things close to us and that's why in the Quran Allah says well habla de la como Eman

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was a Yahoo follow because he made beloved to you and a man and he decorated it to you in your hearts. So that's a great opportunity as well. Isn't it so good actions every action that is going to bring us closer to your love. And then he says Oh Allah make your love meaning anticipating a lot more beloved to me than myself my family my wealth and even from the cold water. So very you know specific thing to say but

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it's as of halala if you want to reflect on that you probably find lots of reasons why he said that but no doubt for the person who is thirsty or the person who is a you know in the hot desert or does a cold water do As for how long here this time probably cold water wasn't even the water that we know is cold you know cold water. Now we know with all the ice and all the trimmings.

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But that time the cold water was basically water that was was you know maybe cooled with a different with the different mechanisms that they have like these, they had this special containers like made out of clay and so on. Anyway, the point being is that even the most specific things you know this very specific are the cold water, make my your love mobile off to even those more specific things that we all anticipate or desire, as well as a beautiful diet is seeking a lie seeking His love and try and come closer to our last panel.

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So try to memorize that and also use it in amongst the many drives that you have learnt in Sharla

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