Stories from the Past #10 Ahmad and the Baker

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Hammond was amongst the well known, righteous and great scholars of Islam. Born in the year 164, after the hijra, and

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lived for 75 years, he is known for his knowledge. He is known for his intense narration of the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he has written this famous compilation wasn't a Dyneema which has I think, around 30,000 narrations or hadith is a great almost like encyclopedia really of Hadith, great work and known for his aim his knowledge and obviously one of the four there have a maximum of other herbal fiqa May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on him. He was a guy who was he was a guy who lived in

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in Baghdad a lot of the time, but obviously he also traveled to learn and study and he was a framer, famous friend and student of Imam Shafi. May Allah have mercy on both of them.

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The story that I wanted to narrate to you shows you the beauty of a star

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once Imam Ahmed no humble he wanted to spend the night in the masjid

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Masjid is a virtuous place it's one of the best beloved spots towards to Allah subhanho wa Taala from from the lands and he wanted to stay there, whether it's for at cough, whether it's for you know, praying in the night and so on. However,

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the God of the masjid wasn't having this now. You know, sometimes people want these kinds of no nobody's staying in the masjid today. Come on. msgid Decart not I'm sorry. So I said okay, let me just stay here then near the shoes I'll just you know, in the inside the masjid but it's near the shoe Ares and now you're not having and then obviously you didn't know who Imam Ahmed was.

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And didn't know his his his station he stayed status.

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he starts to pull at the color of Imam Muhammad to take him out of the Masters so he's pulling him he's dragging him literally out of the masjid out of the area with the you know, the entrance the porch to the masjid and this is why he's being dragged out. And this is at nighttime after Isha everything has, you know, people are gone to home and probably the streets are quite dark. There's a Baker, who notices this happening says what's going on here? So the guy says this guy wants to stay in the masjid and we're not allowing him to stay. So the bakers Look, why don't you come? Come and stay with me? You know? I don't mind. And mostly my husband wasn't you know, it was like this

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mystery was his local machine, you could otherwise you could have gone home, but it must have been far away. So he, he goes with this baker, and he stays the night now he notices that this baker throughout the night is doing stuff for increasing his default. And also, as he was preparing his dough, he was making stuff foreign. So he noticed that was something that you know, there was quite prominent amongst this, this this breakup.

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So he says to him

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you know, after they wake up and everything he said, I've noticed that you do a lot of stuff are

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by the way, they still have introduced themselves. Yeah, and this guy just he had, you know, sympathy for him. There's a man's old man who he thought would just needed a place to stay and he said what do you have you found your stuff for any fruit? He said yes, of course.

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Anytime I've asked a loss of habitat anytime I've made a dua Allah has answered my dog. You know, I've noticed that most of our loss pantile has always asked about except there is one dog that I have made which I haven't seen it yet. What is that? He said I wanted to see with my own eyes I wanted to see

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Imam Muhammad

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So Muhammad said he laughed he said I

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didn't know the way yes I not only have you seen me but I have been dragged to you by any I have been brought to you is almost like you know I don't have the will I've literally dragged for you to see me so even that do I was answered in a peculiar way Subhanallah and that's the power of its default no doubt so far.

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There's a great power in asking Allah forgiveness. Whether you just say something as simple as stuff Allah, or you say stuff all I love lean Allah the La ilaha illa

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Who will hire you to lay? Or any other types of story crusaders the fire alarm Antara de la isla Hi land Hello 21 Abdu koyna Allah dica or radical Mr Pyatt abou like him in MIT que la boo boo them before finally, if I know I have to do by language, there's different formats obviously for you increase that in your life, they're going to see some great things happening. There's a Hadith of the Prophet as I've said, millesimal is the father. Jack Allahu Allah homunculi him in Faraja Amin called the broken Maharajah what does that mean highflyer whoever adheres to SFR the father becomes his nature, that Allah will give him for every anxiety, he will give him a relief, the relief or

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anxiety, relief of stress.

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And he will give him for every matter where he finds that he has been constructed. He will give him an expansion he'll expand for him. And thirdly, he will provide from him from means that he's not aware of. So let's make learn from this lesson is a nice lesson. The beautiful message there and moral increase yours the fall come close to Allah Subhana Allah and do the dua of the believer is a great weapon. May Allah Subhana Allah accept from us and from you