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Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of helping others, including receiving proceeds from a funeral. They emphasize the need for good deeds to help those affected by the pandemic and offer guidance on how to achieve their goals. The importance of helping those affected by the pandemic is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness in the aftermath.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh this millennial Rahman Al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha wa salam ala ibird Hilah. Dino Stouffer, let's see Mr. Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira. My dear viewers, welcome to another episode in the series of best of the best and today's hadith is concerning the best of people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said in this hadith Hierro, NASCI and Pharaoh whom the nests the best of all, people are those who are of most benefit to others, those who benefit people most those who are most useful to others. Again, Hi, Ron, Nancy, and Federal Home leanness, as usual, when people hear the Bissell

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people right away, their mind will go to those who are very excessive in worship, praying at night and fasting every day or every other day. All of that is great. You know, the benefits and the good deeds are one of two types. In surah. Alas, the Almighty Allah said that all mankind are in loss

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in internal of your host, inland Madina, Munawwara you know, Saudi hottie except those who believed and did good righteous deeds, but have also been happy with our sub sub, and they enjoy one another to the truth and in June, one another two patients. So the good deeds are divided into two categories, some good deeds for the benefit of your own self, such as praying, fasting, performing Hajj, reading Quran, you know, night prayer. And there are other good deeds, which are to benefit others we call its NEFA. And its benefit is not limited to the doer, but it benefits the doer and others, it benefits the door as far as receiving their word good deeds, and it benefits others such

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as we can talk about literally countless benefits that a person can do to help others. You know, buy medication for somebody, assisting a blind person to cross the street, removing any hazardous material from the past of people and these practices or deeds are not like minor deeds, no. before Allah Almighty, they are actually great deeds, the prophets Allah Allah Allah selama said let run Amina and MA officiator what our intel called a haka. Be watching Pollock. Never, ever belittle any of the good deeds. Satan may make it seem fair to you, I don't have to do this because, you know, people we will think that I'm showing off or it will not be of any benefit to people. No, no, no, do

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not exclude any benefit that you can benefit people with any kind of help. Guess what the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, even meeting people and smiling to them. This smile is kind of help kind of benefit that you offer to people. They feel happy, they become optimistic. They feel that somebody is, you know, sharing with them. Glad Tidings good news, it makes their day as they say. So, some of the deeds which are beneficial for others, the reward is greater because it does not only benefit the doer, it benefits others as well. And that's why the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Hi Will Nessie and Pharaoh homeliness, the best of people before Allah are those who

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offer the most benefit to others, the most beneficial, the most useful people to others.

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Sometimes a person may not have anything to give, and doesn't have an access to offer in service to people by protecting them against the harm befalling them, by interceding for them, so that they can achieve their goal or target as long as it is legal and lawful. There is also a kind of help. Sometimes the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would receive people who are asking for donations or help he doesn't have any, but he says also on so go to this person and ask

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and tell him that the prophets Allah Allah Selim sent me to you, if you have anything to give me so he goes,

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and the other person has some surplus here. Take this. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam assayed, at Danville Halal clinic FRL because you guided somebody to something which is good for him or for others, you will be also a partner in their word, you will share their word, the greatest benefit that you can offer to people and help them when is being useful in the matters, which will bring them closer to the Creator. When guarantee them salvation on the Day of Judgment, which is a religious benefit. teaching people how to come and draw close to Allah, guiding people to repentance, asking people to quit sense. That's why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Allah blesses

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in the angels pray and all the creatures pray for those who teach people goodness. And Allah how Amala yukata who

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had the NAM la Johari how Hector who lives on Luna Hala mwah luminous Alhaj that is the greatest benefit ever. You know, when you buy food for somebody, it's a meal and it's gone, you will be rewarded for that. Thank you so much. But imagine you taught somebody how to pray. You taught somebody how to recite Quran correctly, you taught somebody have to work and earn. So this is an extended benefit as well. Allah Almighty said in Surah Al Hajj and number 77 orfan will hire Allah Allah come to flee when he commanded us to do what I will good

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and hire what is good, if Allah will hire, do what is good, any kind of goodness, any kind of kindness, any kind of service that you offer people, or you offer to people like them to flee home in order to be successful. Then he said while addressing his profits in Surah, Al Anbiya, in an number 73. Wherever Heiner la him fairland hierarchy, he inspired his messengers and revealed to them to do the good deeds to do what is good, what is helpful in sorting. He said he commands the following. And Allah heya Morrow Bill hardily while SN Verily Allah commands Justice, and he said, What is SN? To be good to everyone to do good to those whom you know, and those whom you do not know

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even to cattle, even to animals? And guess what? One matter for whom in hiring any good you do. You will not be neglected. You will not be forgotten. Allah Almighty said Linda, Dina us and will feed her the dunya Hassan for those who did good in the life of the soul, they will be rewarded with Hassan. In another area it is explained Lee leadin Arsenal hosts now as yada so the Hassan the guru word or al hosted refers to paradise and even Allah has more, which is the quality of getting to see Allah Almighty in paradise in accidental ascend to the unphysical Surah Al Israa. And number seven, if you guys do good, this goodness, is to benefit your own selves. Cool no mouth off in sadhaka

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every kind deed is an act of charity from you upon yourself to benefit your own self. When a Buddha really ferry Radi Allahu Han heard from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him that we should give that much charity every morning to give thanks for the blessings of the joints which enabled us to move to function to get up to stand up to sit down to lie down to work. So the prophets Allah sellin listed some good deeds to do in order to match or give thanks for such blessing. So I was really Ferreira the Allah said Yeah, Rasul Allah, what if I don't have anything to give any charity while I sell an item? Well, we don't have any money. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, This is not

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limited to giving any charity as far as cash. He said Tesla Chaka tanto, yuckiness you saw that there is some thorns or hazardous material on the pestle people, you sit it on the side, you remove it from the pass of the people this was sadaqa a stone our a blind person is crossing the street and you help him out. This is an act of charity. Do you know that brothers and sisters that the prophets Allah Allah Allah is an MSA there was a man who's walking and a branch fell from a tree it cut the road of it obstructing the path of people. So he said let me remove it on the side of the road so that it will make it easy for people to cross fell off our hola hola. So ALLAH forgive him all his

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sins, and he admitted him to paradise to be

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He continued in sha Allah after we returned from a short break in a couple of minutes he stated.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. So today we're talking about the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hierro, Nancy and Pharaoh homeliness, the best of all people, or those who

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offer more or most benefit to others, those who are more beneficial to others. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam in one Hadith commanded the following, and the hadith is collected by Buhari a Muslim, it's a sound Hadith, he said, Men can be hydrati or he can allow if you had your day, whatever is helping one of his brothers, Allah will be in his help. Whoever delivers one of his brothers out of his hardship or difficulty, Allah Almighty will deliver him out of the hardship of the Day of Judgment. Whoever concedes the faults of a believer or Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults for him on the day of judgment. When a national mammals Norman had to use betta haka, who

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said, but Allah Who are the May Allah Surah, yo man does evil AKA, if a person is oppressed, and he's too weak to get and collect his right from little person. But you have the means you have connections, you have an access, so you decided to help this person. Maybe you don't even know him. But you know that this person is weak, this person is oppressed. So you go in order to support him and get back his life for him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said if you do so, Allah Almighty will keep firm your feet, on the Surat on the path, which you all know that all of us have to cross over hellfire. So some people will cross with the speed of the light, some people will cross running

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some people of course walking and some people will be shackled down and fall in * May Allah protect us again is that the Serato to invoke Allah Almighty to guide us for the straight path so that we will be able to access it easily on the Day of Judgment. It is very thin, it is very short. But those whom Allah loves the true believers will cross safely. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If you help somebody who's been oppressed, until you get back his light for him, Allah the Almighty will keep firm your feet on the path. On the day of judgment, He will deliver you out of this hardship. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded his companions with seven commands a year

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that will mareel visit in the SEC, you don't have to know that this person. You don't have to know the sick person personally. Maybe he is one of your neighbors whom you don't know personally. You haven't visited him one of the colleagues work or classmates or you go and visit a sick person so that you can make dua for him. May Allah cure him. It's a benefit to benefit the sick person with and to benefit yourself which Allah appreciates

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it devour Jeanette, we're told in the machine that there is a funeral, I don't have to know who died.

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I don't have to know the person, whether it's he or she. They don't have to be relatives. We all are encouraged to attend the funeral prayer so we can make glad for this person. We ask Allah to accept our intercession for him so that he would receive salvation. And he'd have peace in his grave and salvation on the Day of Judgment. This meet allowed us you're in the bus, you're in the train, you're in hard, you're in umbra, you're in the classroom. Somebody I didn't even see him sneezed and said, Alhamdulillah he's Muslim. So I don't have to know this person personally. I should say your hammock Allah. May Allah have mercy on you that is his right upon you. abroad in Moxham. Somebody

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said wala he and he asks you to do something, then you should fulfill the oath. That is your duty. one nostril mas loom, helping the one who's oppressed. What you've shared is Salam and spreading the greeting of A salaam, whether you know people or not in the marketplace, everybody is Muslim, as salaam alaikum. You don't have to be friends. You don't have to be family members or related. Any Muslim

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is worthy of your greeting. F Shi Salam, Al M and our Alka Salam Allah man Arato manlam tarrif Mina Muslimeen This is what the messenger of Allah said, greet those whom you know those whom you do not know of Muslims by the greeting of A salaam alaikum. What is there a better day and people they should accept the invitation of others is really mad, there is a feast, there is a Kike compliment them go eat from their food, and make dua for them that will create and maintain love among the Muslim brothers and sisters in the community. It is very lovely to know that Al Jazeera Omen Jin Salah Herman, yeah, neither word will be of the same nature of the good deed that you've done. You

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knew that somebody was in dire need for financial help Suraj to help him, he gave him a loan, Allah Almighty will deliver you out of your hardship in the dunya and in the hereafter. Now it was time to pay and he's not able to pay, you give him a respite, that makes it more worthy for you to be delivered out of the hardship on the day of judgment. And the Prophet sallallahu selama said, If you give somebody a loan, and he pays it off, back, then he's asking you for another loan, and you give it to him again, that is equivalent to giving the same amount in a charity, even though you will collect your money back. It's just a loan, but it's a goodly loan. So you will be rewarded for it as

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if you have given him such money in a charity, walking, taking footsteps, because you know that somebody needs some help here or there. Each footstep that you take is an act of charity, even whether you achieved the target, you can help the person or not. And by the way, Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we don't look at it as you've done somebody a favor. No, rather you look at it. Thank you so much. You're the one who's done me a favor because you thought God of me you thought I can help you and I can assist you. And you as that help from me. Abdullah is not best, may Allah be pleased with him and his father said, somebody who I can never compensate him or pay him enough.

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Thank him enough or old enough, is a person whom he spent the whole night worried about one of his needs. And he's been thinking, Whom shall I ask? Who shall I go to? Then Allah has guided him to me. So he came to me anticipating that I'm the most befitting person to help him out to fulfill his need. I cannot pay him enough. Because of his good expectations of me. This is very amazing. It is certainly a like what we think that when people ask us for help, it's like a burden that you put on us and they should give a thanks and gratitude know, if you're doing so for Allah sake, and anticipate in the world only from Allah then you are the best of people. Jairo. NASCI and Pharaoh

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whom the nurse who said peace be upon him in the Hadith which is collected by Imam Muslim man in STATA I mean come and Yun Fat a horrible failure fat he who can afford to benefit any of his brothers by any means let him do so as a sound Hadith you knew somebody is sick so you want to recite Rukia upon him that's a benefit that you offer him you don't wait for him or his family to ask you. You know, Masha, Allah Yura half of we expect the URI citation may benefit the person you take the initiative.

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There are some students having the final tomorrow, and you are their senior, or the other teacher or you are their neighbor, and you can help him to guide them to some very interesting hands so that they pass the exam and score the highest score. Do that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, among the best deeds ever, is it Haruka soror Hala movement, making a believer happy, somebody who is hungry and starving and you give you food to satisfy his hunger, water to satisfy and conquer her thirst. This is indeed the vist of deeds as a Prophet sallallahu sallam, el Kasota Arata, you know that he has not bought clothes for his children for the past several years because he's broke. So

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you come before the Scholastic year begins and you buy school supplies and clothes for this person. You don't have to wait for him or her to ask you. That is the best of deeds are among the best of deeds are called itella who had or fulfilling any of their needs, brothers and sisters, May Allah guide us to at his best. And in sha Allah on the next episode, I leave you in the care of Allah. wa salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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