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With more than a million Burmese muslims facing a genocide we ask what is our response as the muslim ummah of the world and how can I as an individual do something.


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We live in a shade rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen seda. Now Muhammad Ali he also big mine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful, the most kind I will create our sustainer a shadow Allah Allah Illallah is a witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah subhana wa tada and I sinned and we send our greetings and salutations our peace to a beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time, but Allah grant us to be amongst them. I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us in this world of Juma to forgive all our sins that have occurred in this past week. And Allah guide essence Oh man, the week to come through this walk

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of Gemma, we make a special to offer all the oppressed people of this dunya we make a special to offer those who are oppressed in Burma, and those who are priests throughout the world, whatever they color, whatever the religion, whatever they erase, Allah make it easy for them. Now let them a better and a better tomorrow than they have today. And may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our inaction, Allah subhanho wa Taala not hold us to account for the weakness in Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us safe. I mean,

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we all know in this past week, and from last week already many of the massages and the hilltop have been speaking about the plight of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Burma or Myanmar. And it's important for us to speak about these topical issues and even if you've heard about them, to hear about them again. And for those of us who have not heard about, we're not aware of what's happening. It is a faulty fire, it is a responsibility on every one of us to be aware of what's happening, to have a sense of feeling of urgency of at least sadness and to make dua, because this affects the oma. And these are things that affect us, as oma maybe does not affect you and me directly. But it

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affects all of us, as we are one family. It's a family member of ours that is being harmed. It is a brother of ours, a sister of ours. And also we learn from the examples of others to take note for us here in South Africa. And there's a lot of similarities between the people of the Muslim Rohingya of Burma and the Muslims living here in South Africa. So as an introduction, and I'm sure most of you know this, you are I'm sure you are aware of what's happening. But as an introduction for those of us who are just we've heard about what's happening, but we don't know the details. Mayan Mar is a country. It used to be called Burma. It's called Mayan Mar now, it sits between Bangladesh and

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Thailand. So all the people that traveled to Thailand, Phuket and all these places, it's in that region. So my borders basically two major neighbors of Thailand to its east and Bangladesh to its waste. It has a population of 51 million people meaning it's a country similar in size in terms of number two, South Africa, and 95 plus percent of the people are Buddhist, they follow the Buddhist religion. And there's a tiny minority, that is a Muslim minority, about 1 million Muslims living in Burma, more than 1 million Muslims living in Burma, they call the ro hinga. They are about two 3% of the population, which means it's very similar to us in South Africa, we are about 1 million people

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out of a population of 50 plus million non Muslims. Okay. So when you hear about the Rohingya,

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don't feel this as an external distinct group of people, very similar to us. And you will see that in fact, many ways they paralleled our history. But of course, things have become very difficult and different for them compared to us. So

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Furthermore, onto Obama, what do we know about the country, it was a colony of, of the British Empire like we were, and after World War 219 48, it got independence, the Burmese people were allowed to be on their own, and they had their own elections, and they had their own governments. It's a very poor, poor country. And there has been political instability since colonialism left like us. Like we had apartheid like we had other problems. When the colonizers left, they left the country in a mess. They took all the resources, they carved up the country in a way which didn't make sense. They put this group of people in charge of that group of people, they would divide the

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country in half. And this is exactly what they did in Burma, putting many different before when they got there, they were different kingdoms. And now they put them together in one country called Burma. And for the past, I would say 75 years, this country has still not been able to properly be free and democratic and move forward since for the past 75 years since the British left. There's been turmoil and crisis and basically the people who are

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ruling the country, in all intents and purposes, is a military dictatorship. So behind the scenes, the army is ruling Burma. And they've been ruling Burma, you know, unopposed. Sadly, up until 2015. Up until two years ago, its army accorded the military Giunta, they were ruling Burma. They allow that to be elections. And this lady Anson Suchi, who has been resisting military rule has been speaking out against the army pushing for democracy. They allowed them to have an elections and she won the elections. We know that she also won a Nobel Peace Prize for her work in Burma trying to resolve the conflict. So it's a deeply troubled country. And in respect scenes, you understand that

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this is political turmoil. She's ruling the country, in name, but the army is also very much in charge, and the army needs to keep its power. And the army basically controls the economy. Also, this country, as I said, is extremely poor. And you have a massive divide between the rich and the poor, one of the most in in equal kinds of unequal countries in the world Burma. So Africa is also one of the most unequal countries, you see the the parallel here between our country and they can very similar kind of story. So as we get to this 1.11 point 2 million minority Muslims, so there's about a million Muslims living in this poor country, which is full of turmoil. And they've been

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living in this state, they live close to the border with Bangladesh. So they live on the western side of Burma or Myanmar, on the border with Bangladesh. And they have been living in that area for hundreds and hundreds of years. This undisputed. Everyone knows that there's documented evidences that these How did Muslims get the same way Muslims got to South Africa, Muslims got to Indonesia, these were Indian. Obviously, there was no Pakistan, Bangladesh, the time the whole area was called India. These were Indian Muslims who came to Burma as business people, and they settle they and they actually rose up. So 300 years ago, Muslims entered Burma for trade purposes, no jihad, no army went

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invade. Not even a serious movement of the earth that I believe Gemma didn't convey to make people Muslim. normal, ordinary people came and settled. And they lived in the state between and those days, you didn't really have a boundary between Bangladesh and Burma, it was open jungle really. And people love the and settle the, and they've been there for 300 years, this tiny Muslim minority, the origins of Bengali, obviously, from India, like all of us sitting here, your origin is Malaysian your origin is India, Pakistan, Arabia. Ultimately, we all go back to Nevada. So hundreds of years ago, yes, these people might have come from Bangladesh, but they've been living and growing up in

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Burma for centuries. And they've even experienced, they were also quite prominent, some of them had powerful allies to Kings, they would assist and support the kings of Burma. And they were seen as people that are honest and trustworthy. And throughout the history, they were hardworking and decent people. And they had no problems living in Burma, and they lived peacefully with the Buddhist neighbors. Throughout this 300 years, we don't find any Muslims rising up fighting, calling for jihad, calling for an Islamic State, none of this stuff occurred with these people. Very similar to us. Yes, very similar to us Muslims living here in South Africa.

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So what happened, what caused all this problems as the military tries to keep power, and you find the same story in England, the same story in America, when a hardliner wants to keep power? How do they do it, they make an enemy, they must be an enemy, if you don't support me, if I'm not the if you don't make me your leader, your President, then the Muslims are going to overrun your country, then the whole country is going to be overrun by ISIS or the Arabs. And I need to be there to protect you that you 50 million Burmese, the small, tiny minority of Muslims, if you don't support us, they're going to overrun your country. So they've made this tiny Muslim group, the enemy and the

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scapegoat for them to hold and maintain power. And that's really the crux of the story. And you will see the same tactics, the same methods used in America, it's happening in Europe, it's happening all these far right, nationalist groups, Nazi parties, how come Nazi fascism is arrived, rising up in Europe again, because simple, they take ordinary people who are worried about the jobs and the family, and they make them skied. And if you don't put me in charge, and I stop people coming from Syria and Turkey and North Africa into our country, tomorrow, this country will be a Muslim country, and we're going to take our jobs and they're going to rape our women. And they are the worst of the

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worst. They want to bring Jihad here, even though they themselves don't believe it, but they use it as a scare tactic for power.

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So this country with its political turmoil, the Rohingya people are the perfect target to use for as a pawn to play in this game. So the military, what did they do? First thing they did, and this is always another so for the past 60 years.

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So before the military took over, the Rohingya people, as I said, loved and they had prominence in the country. They were respected. They were like their neighbors like we are. In fact, they had members of parliament in the parliament. They had political parties that want votes in the elections. But then overnight, the army could the country the army took over. And they released a list of who are the ethnic people of this country who can get citizenship. And they on that list, you didn't find the Rohingya people living there for 13 years. Basically, what I'm telling you is happening say tomorrow, Lhasa Maha Lama, this won't happen. And army takes over South Africa, the

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South African Defence Force takes over South Africa, and they should be issuing new IDs to everyone.

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The Boers, they will get the IDs, the Indian people will get the IDs, the cause of people, the Zulu people, but as will keep Malays no IDs for you, because you are all refugees coming from Malaysia, you're here illegally. overnight. That's what happened. These people citizenship was taken away from them overnight. Now, you're not a citizen of this country. You can't own property. You can make use of government facilities, you can't go to hospitals, you can't go to schools, you can't get education, you can't open a bank account, you can't get a job.

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And they made it even so much worse. They said that not only are they not citizens, they are all here illegally. They have smuggled themselves in from Bangladesh, people who grew up there who lived there all their lives. And for them to move. They need like in apartheid days, you need a permission to move from one place to another. They need permission. If they want to buy or sell a house, they need permission to get married. You must send a picture of your wife and yourself shaven you must shave yourself clean. And the woman must be without hijab send a picture of you and your wife to be to the governor. And he will give you permission you can get married or not. And if they except

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you're only allowed to have two kids, I don't know what happens if you exceed two three kids what they do, and that this is just a taste of what it was like for the Muslims living in Burma for the past 5060 years. And that is why the United Nations as corrupt and as weak and spineless as it is. It said in 2013 before the conflict, before the genocide when things before it really got bad. They said that the Rohingya people are without a doubt the most oppressed people on earth. The most oppressed people on earth is this group of people and surrounded by Allah all of us, every person has dunya will have to answer for that. We know it if we don't know what ignorance is not an excuse.

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There is a group of people who say la ilaha illAllah, that face our Qibla that makes sujood to Allah that loves our professor salon recites the Quran, and they cannot move, they cannot go to hospitals, they can't do anything. But the basic human rights entitled to every human being is being deprived of them. And we have done nothing to stop it. We have said nothing done nothing. Yes, the Muslim leadership, first and foremost, and then all of us in our tiny capacity. We haven't done anything. And we haven't known about this has been happening 6070 years. We haven't known we don't care, unfortunately, about Allah will have to answer for that. So this group of people, we said,

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they were living under these conditions, they tried, and they struggled peacefully, peacefully, to get international recognition, trying to get the government to give them some rights. Even though they have this heart, they living under these horrible conditions. They didn't pick up arms, they didn't fight to resist bomb buildings or anything like that, they maintain, but still you have a growing sense of Buddhist nationalism. So as, as I said, 2015, the army was forced to give the people elections, which means the army is losing power. And while they losing power, a way for them to keep power is to keep a crisis going. And they have basically supported Buddhist national. So

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there's a group of Buddhist monks, a group they call the Mahabharata party, right? The Mahabharata party. They are a group of extremists, like you could say extreme Buddhist monks calling for like a Jihad and extermination of Muslims. in universities watch these, you should watch these videos on YouTube. And you should see what they say. The argument is this, you know, they will say that the Muslims have lived peacefully, they said you can even learn quoting what this man is saying. You can't trust the dog. Today, he's going to feed him he's gonna eat but tomorrow he might bite you. So we should get rid of all of them. All of them. The women, the children, and they're all terrorists.

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They all like ISIS, they should all be kicked out of Burma exterminated. And this language that is being used. It's spreading in Burma and the army supporting it, creating more and more tension creating more and more hatred. They're spreading hatred amongst the people. They're blaming this small group of Muslims that have no

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Power nobility no rights as the cause of all the political instability and the real reason why this country is poor. Why, because you have corrupt people stealing from the country, you have a corrupt leadership that steal from the people leaving the majority poor. And the majority is gonna and I say this to our country, when you have a corrupt leadership, keeping the messes poor, depriving them of their rights, that frustration is going to boil over. And they don't care instead of doing the right thing and returning the wealth of the country. Instead, they focus the attention on another group say they the cause of it, for your frustration and anger, put it on this group of Muslims.

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So they were eventually as you as you can see, since 2015, this landscape has gotten worse. In 2015 and 2016, there were riots in the state Rakhine State, that's where they live. It's called the Rakhine State, where the army went in a messy way to clean up or expel terrorists living in Burma. Living in this area, no terrorists are found no one is taken to court, what they do is they walk into a village, and they tell you, you leave the village, you have a few, you have two hours to pack up and leave, go to Bangladesh, we're gonna burn your entire village down. If you resist, well, we kill you, or even worse, and what they what has been happening now. It's not even the government

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themselves doing it. They have gangs of criminal gangs. And they tell them he is weapons, he has guns, he has weapons, go to that Muslim village, do whatever you want, to whom you want how you want, you've got a few hours, and then we're gonna burn that village down. And that's what's happening. And that is what has started happening since August. So in August 2017, was the sister of like a month a month ago, the army accused a group of Muslims of attacking police stations in in this area. And in response, they've said, we're going to expect basically we are going to expel the terrorists, but they've gone and they've, they've destroyed up until I think last week, it was half

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the villages in the area. So they add 1.11 point 2 million people living in that area. within one month, half a million of them were homeless kicked out half a million people. Think about this half a million people. We see you know, these officers on the TV and make it easy. We don't compare one group of people suffering to the other. We talk about 300 people lost their homes or 20 people lost their life. This is half a million people being expelled from the homes being kicked out their entire village burned down. You go to Bangladesh, because you're an illegal citizen people who grew up there and love them. And as I say, that's those who managed to escape. The reality is, what do

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you think they do? What do you think young, Angry Men do when they enter village?

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Watch the YouTube videos, the people that survived. They'll tell you the stories, the pictures coming out. children, babies thrown into fires, women being raped by countless men, the men being killed. And this is what's happening. I said this is and the crime is what what did they do if they also if you ask why are you doing this to me because you're a Muslim. The crime each and every one of us here are guilty of that crime. If you were the your kids were the it would happen the same way as a biller.

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That's what they saying to us as oma. We don't blame the Buddhist religion or Buddhism, the same way. Islamic extremism is not Islam was not Buddhism. But this is a group of people. It's power, corruption, evil that's doing this. And as I said, so the situation on the ground is that basically, half of the villages in this area have now been burned down. And we know this is happening because governments have taken satellite pictures. And they couldn't they can show you the fire of the religious burning. They will show you yesterday there was a village there are people living the tomato, all of it is gone along with the people went and those people are escaping. They will you

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know, they tell you stories. I had to decide what I need to take whether I take some food with me or I've lost everything my entire life is in this village. It's been burned down. I have nothing I'm coming to Bangladesh. Absolutely nothing but clothes on my back is all I have half a million people. That was last week. And the situation is continuing. It's still happening currently in Burma.

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So Bangladesh, which is a desperately poor country, one of the poorest countries on earth struggling with its own problems is having this influx of people coming in through the rivers on the roads as best they can struggling and the sad thing is as as as a Muslim oma Bangladesh 90% Muslim, officially they stance is we're not allowing you to come into our country. You belong in Burma.

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This Muslim people we're here to be law,

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so that you are Burmese you should be in Burma and Alhamdulillah Yes.

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reports that the army on the border of Bangladesh is not following the orders and allowing the people in

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the army of Bangladesh are turning a blind eye said we're only letting 10,000 people in, but hundreds of 1000s of people coming in on the other side and hamdulillah we have this. So these people come to Bangladesh with absolutely nothing risking their lives. Many of them died on the way you find. We finding bodies in the rivers, because they have these little boats, and they sailing to Bangladesh. Obviously these boats are overcrowded, people are dying. People are too sad to choose which of my kids I'm going to take with me along.

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So and the international community, so the world is speaking out, and the Burmese Government officially. And we should find the Burmese consulate, there's an embassy in South Africa, and they should be expelled. For us as all people we know the evils of oppression and racism. But this is racism.

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Islamophobia. This is the worst of humanity. We know it. We've seen it our country where you have to be lucky and go down that road any day now. So anyone who brings up this kind of hatred should be expelled. They shouldn't be in our country. And the response the Burmese Government is, and it's a law. It's a joke. They're making a deliberate, you know, they're laughing at us. They have said that we versus an intern a fee. We are just fighting a few militants. They

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I don't know, they don't know. This is we don't know why basically half a million berm. Muslims are leaving Burma. And also what about the villages we see burning? So no, they burning it themselves? They burning their own villages. We don't know why they burn it. Messina. Let us see investigators in the UN let us in investigating to see no no no investigators allowed the lesson aid in we just want to see in food and water in not allowed to do that. After some pressure. And this is on BBC. A few on YouTube. Some journalists were allowed into Obama. So the army said we will allow you to bring some journalists in so we can show you who's burning the villages. And they will take you they

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will take the journalists. So you go to this village here. It's burnt. You ask the people who survived who wanted this, you know the Muslims banded. Okay, so this entire thing was staged. What they didn't count on was as they were going through this process, a village began burning on the road, they saw a village starting to burn. So the journalist jumped out of the vehicles, they went. And they found a gang of Buddhist nationals burning this village. So it's on YouTube, it's on BBC, they were caught in the act, that everything they doing is staged. It's meant that without a doubt this what they're doing. So much so that now the united nations have come up with a statement. And

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as I said, there's a spineless people that they've said, we now can say Surely, the head of the United Nations Human humanitarian organization, part of the UN Human Rights Commission, the head of it, he said, this is textbook ethnic cleansing, we see a genocide, this crimes against humanity in a year or two time probably when things settle down, only then will the true story come out, like in Rwanda, like in Bosnia, and they will ask we will we How did we allow this to happen? How in the you know, the 20 22nd century will 21st century How did we allow a genocide to occur? How do we allow an army to kill children and women just because of the religion? We are beyond that? No, it will only

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come out in response so

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many outspoken people, even the Dalai Lama, sort of the Grand Mufti of Buddhism, the head of Buddhism, condemned what's happening. Right. So the main shift of Buddhism see what's happening the is wrong. We know Archbishop Desmond Tutu, he wrote a letter directly to Anson Suchi many Nobel Peace Prize many people have seen what's happening is a genocide. I don't know. We the Muslims? Yes, we are. We are speaking. But our leadership, the King of Saudi Arabia, the ayatollah of Iran, where are these people? What are they doing busy with their own political infighting?

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Just a month, two months ago, half $1,500,000,000,000 used to buy weapons, Saudi Arabia, for what to fight whom?

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To find this question, where amount of money a million people is not that many people. We have over 25 Muslim countries, majority Muslim countries, it's like each Muslim country say 50,000 of you come we look after you.

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We look at the buildings and the opulence in Dubai and these countries we need to ask it's you can do that, but you can't give water and shelter to somebody as the questions that they will have to answer. So basically, our oma and we're proud to say we are one we are 25% of the world that from Morocco all the way to Pakistan to Indonesia is this unbroken chain of Muslim countries Mashallah look at the oma look at the oma What can we do? This is an indictment as to who really we are

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Sonoma, that is silence. Now Muslim leaders daily come out apart from Turkey that has made a firm stance, that still you might find Burmese. And within two weeks all countries will kick out of certain countries quickly, two weeks all of you leave, not something like that for Obama of the they kill basically 1000s that refugees kill, you know, a million Muslims.

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And on the ground in Bangladesh, we don't see the relief happening. Other parts of the world if there's a natural disaster overnight, you find the relief coming. Why? Because no one cares about this people, they're not important, their blood is meaningless. What benefit is there for us to help these people? Nothing doesn't benefit me. So why should I waste my time with it? That's the attitude basically, of those in power. And as I said, shame on countries like Indonesia, and Malaysia, we have seen boatloads of people coming to the country and we send them away, we only Go in, go back into the ocean, if you drown, you drown. We have our own problems to worry about shame.

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So how do we respond, leave the leadership model or replace them with a group that is better. Let us live a time where we can have leaders that we are proud of that we are that we are with we can that is worthy of being followed. And for those who are corrupt and evil, mala replace them with something but guide them or replace them. I mean, as for our response, as individuals, this is where we are going to be accountable for and by Allah, we are all going to be asked about this, you and me we're going to be asked, and our response cannot be? Well, I don't know, I couldn't do anything because, you know, Egypt to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, they didn't do anything. What can I

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do? The Obama way with Obama, he was the MJC. That's not gonna have answers and ask you and me What did you do?

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You can't say I didn't have any ability to do anything. Oh, I had no time. I was too busy. It's inconvenient. I had my holiday coming up. My busy work period is a people dying. When you when you go through these excuses. If you really are a member of the oma, then this is your actual blood brother being killed your actual sister being raped. Now, if that was happening, you had a brother in Burma and that was happening? What would your response be? Would you say? I'll wait for the international community to solve it. I'll wait for the orlimar to solve it. I'll make a few dollars. And that's it. It would really be your response. Would that be my response? If my mother was in

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Burma, and she was caught up in this, no, I would be going to the courts, I will be standing outside parliament, I would be going to the ambassador I would be flying to Burma that's that if we really had that man. So Allah grant us to get the we don't have it and we don't have it may Allah grant us to get the the province also enhances

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the parable of the soma in the affection and the mercy how it should be we know this Heidi even think about it, again, is like is a comparison of each part of a body. If one part is injured, the entire body suffers from the pain. And if you don't suffer from the pain, when you see this in Syria in Burma wave, it is really you're not part of this body. I am not part of this body, if it doesn't affect me when I see these things,

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when it's more important for me to check the School of the rugby match, or my account, my soccer team, or the lives of people in the reality show world if that is more important to me than this. And that's a question of my email. And my email is coming into question. The proficiencies will ever have you season evil changes with his hand and if you can't speak out against it and if you can't, with your heart and that's the lowest form we went at least you should hate it. You should cry over it. You should make it to our if the tears don't come if the doors don't come and you don't feel sad and broken inside. Then our Eman is deficient. Allah forgive us all of us.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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of one the prophets of this this is our load takes us out of this Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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how will we respond? In Surah Nisa,

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verse 75, this ayah

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What will our response be? When a group of people say Oh ALLAH is a group of people making dua take us out of the city of oppression. oppressive people and for point for us a protector from yourself and appoint from us a savior. Allah asked you what is wrong with you, Omar, this is in the Quran. Allah ask you what is wrong with you. When the weak and oppressed people are asking Allah save us. So we are you oma

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and the prophets This is when a people sees an oppressor but does nothing to stop him. Then all of them will be punished. All of us the sins of this what we see happening now. It will affect our businesses, our family, our politics, our future.

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Remember, as they said, they'll say this before, when I saw them taking away the Indians, I did nothing. When they took away the Malays they did nothing. When they took the black people away, they did nothing. So when they took me away, there was no one left to do anything. One by one, the enemies will start taking away as well but by but and we don't draw a line in some way. Eventually it's gonna come to you because as I said, you and I, we are guilty of that same crime of saying La ilaha illAllah. wiswe guilty is just a matter of time when they get to us.

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The prophet SAW Selim spoke about these times the nations about to call each other listen to this hadith.

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In Buhari, the nations are about to call each other and sit upon you, oh believers, just as dinner is set upon as animals start eating food from a plate. And the Sahaba said will it be because we are small in number that they will we be our countries torn apart or women torn apart? our honor, totally trampled on? Well, this happened because we are few in number, the prophecies No, at all on that day, you will be many. But you will be like foam, like the foam in the river, meaning the foam has no weight. It has no value, it gets pushed to the side. And that side even though it's a lot, it has no value of quantity, the quantity, the quantity of it has no quality in it. with zero, the

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actual worth of this 1.2 billion oma is almost worthless. That's what the prophet was saying. And Allah will remove the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies, your enemies will not fear you anymore. They will know they can do anything to you and your families and your religion. And there'll be nothing to stop them. Whether it is Burma, whether it is a valley, Stan, whether it is Palestine, they encroaching more and more Chechnya, Kashmir, they will not stop because they don't feel you. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about it? That's the question they're asking. And they'll be thrown out to them, and weakness into your heart. While Allah will

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throw fear into your hearts, you will become terrified, you will become weak. Someone said oh de su de la, what is one?

00:32:10--> 00:32:38

What is the cause of this? Why will this be thrown into our hearts because the promises and love of the dunya and hatred for death your focus will be your business, your family, your bank account, the car, you're going to drive, the next holiday you're going to plan, the clothes you wear the food you eat, these things will keep us busy. I'm so busy. And we are busy. And I'm so tired and we are tired but what focusing on that and that's why ultimately this will lead to our destruction.

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And lastly, the profits are seldom says and usually we think this is for the appraiser. Not just for the appraiser, the property this tomato in general to the Sahabi be afraid of the curse of the priest person. Because there's nothing between that da and Allah meaning allegedly, the answers that we make to other people of our brothers and sisters are oppressed and they're making do against us. Yeah, Allah, those of the mothers you've given wealth and power and freedom, and they don't use it correctly. May Allah curse them. May Allah protect us from that curse. Because there's nothing between us and that curse. So what can you do the Shemitah just to talk so you can feel bad, feel

00:33:20--> 00:33:56

bad and make dua hamdulillah May Allah grant us to feel so bad a lot tonight we all stand up into heptad you can make make dua as to let us feel better let's cry Allah and if we are Eman isn't the pleasing Allah, bring that demon back, remove this one from our hearts and remove it from our heart disease of the heart. And so I see the crisis isn't just in Burma, but it's a crisis for all of us. So how do we help feel the pain and if you don't feel the pain, make dua that you feel the pain and make the offer yourselves and for the people of the soma. Educate yourself as to what's happening. You should know what's why Kashmir is it's why there's a problem Kashmir why there's a problem in

00:33:56--> 00:34:31

Chechnya why there's a problem in Burma. Why? Because that's your mother and father and brother and sisters going through that. Read. You have access to the internet you have access to information, find out what's the reason behind it. Ask yourself what can I do? spread the message. Educate your family, let your kids know put political pressure Yes, we did a March I don't know what will come of it but we should continue putting the pressure I've checked on the website you've got the Burmese embassy bombed the inbox with filters and letters phone them night and day What are you doing? Ask our young our government leaders some people your political right one of our political leaders are

00:34:31--> 00:34:54

found cape Toko 786 voices the cape put the ambassador of Burma on the air when asked him questions What's he doing? We need to put them the any products from Burma there's not too many from them and hamdulillah but there's some clothing if we find out should not buy from these things. And then lastly, the little that we can do is donate some money. I know Islamic Relief is you can actually take down the website, Adam dad as well.

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And next week's collection inshallah the mosquito collect on behalf of Burma. So if you feel

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Yukon phone in Yukon. Bring your money to bring your money next week inshallah we will donate the money to the refugees in Burma. Only 500 Rand, you can buy, you can pay for your DSTV subscription, you can save a family, you can save a family with that money 500 and, and if it's even difficult This takes you can you can watch you can send a SMS for eight seven or eight lilla Taylor and will be sent for eight, seven or eight. We just want to send a text message. So next week inshallah we'll collect and please, you know, check the websites out. Because Allah Subhana Allah forgive us, Allah subhanaw taala help all the priests people in this dunya and in particular in Burma. Just a few

00:35:38--> 00:36:20

quick quick announcements. Next week Sunday. Next week, Sunday the 24th of September, they will be our Mahara March another year has ended Mahanama starting in so from 10am. Yet the Mahara module the kids of the area they finish up and they walk around the book up lovely bring your kids as well. The night before the Saturday night the night before so next week, Saturday night, we have our Nightmare on Elm Street Nightmare on Elm Street. There'll be the end of the world and the 10 major signs of pm and will lie we're close. Very very close 10 major signs of kiama it'll be off the Asia outside at the Burano center outdoors weather permitting inshallah, Nightmare on Elm Street everyone is allowed

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to attend might be a slight add stiction, maybe kids under 12. But in the 10 major signs of kiama. Please attend free attendance no cost to sokola hide or some loss agent Mohammed Ali, some saying hello. salaam aleikum wa barakato