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What Lau hyaluron Desikan la Hein and people on the internet for your patience and for your engagement. May Allah subhanaw taala reward you. This is another episode I will just repeat. Repeat briefly because I forgot to click the recording because after that the video will be uploaded elsewhere it is up locker for your patients. So we are talking today about da as our lifestyle. A che of mine, as I mentioned earlier said that without dua on a daily basis, there should be there must be something wrong with your heart. There must be something wrong with your Eman without engaging your heart in Duaa day in and day out, not just for a period of time during Friday say I

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mean I mean I mean after the Imam No no, you must engage your heart in on a specific time after every salon all all the timings in which the Prophet in which the prophet the Prophet saw Sam said the DUA most likely to be accepted, then there must be something wrong with your heart and will lie my brothers and sisters in Islam. When I heard those words from my chef, I thought he was exaggerating, I thought he was making it difficult for us only to discover the following 12 points that we will inshallah briefly discuss. Remember, my brothers and sisters who are watching, or they joined us a few minutes ago, if you could share the video with your friends with your family

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members, so that we can shout out all of us share that reward together. Number one most important point about DA is that it is the most important act of every banner.

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The most important act of worship in Islam is actually doing what is the evidence the prophets Allah said and said look at dua who will either do it is worship in another nation, he said what a dua da Mahoba a DA literally is it more milk means brain, the brain of a murderer is

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is dots power, meaning the essence the core of a ladder is worship. And why is that? Is that and why is that so important? Because Subhan Allah we were created to worship Allah, we Allah created us for nothing, no other purpose than to serve Him than to worship Him. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran OMA halacha to Jinnah. Well insert 11 Yah hoo, I have not created gem nor humankind's except to worship me. So I want you to focus on the link. Now. You were created to worship Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim said, dua is a bad God is worship. So if you do not worship Allah through the art, then you have failed your purpose in life, you have failed the purpose of your very existence.

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Subhanallah so this is how important guys second point, it is a means die is a means to get closer and closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And remember to write the following notes down, the closer you get to Allah. The closer you get to Jana in sha Allah, Allah, this is a basic rule. The more closer you get to Allah through worship, the closer you get to Jana in the lighter, the one thing the one thing that the believers yearn for, there is no ultimate hope for the believers other than getting to genital for those May Allah grant you and I genital for those say a menial of galantamine say I mean Albin. That's why the process I've set up crab Omega Kunal Abdullah, not be well who said that

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closer a slave of Allah become so close to Allah subhanaw taala is while he is prostrating now prostration on its own is great. But what makes prostration greater is that that's why the Prophet SAW Selim in the same narration said what the through a DUA, therefore in that position, increase, increase what increased dollar Subhanallah increase or don't just prostrate quickly and finish the salah quickly because you have got something else in this dunya you wanted to participate in, rather seize the opportunity of being in that position and call upon Allah subhana wa. That's why I must have us in the Quran. Or either Celica Eva the army, in the quarry, when My servants when my slaves

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ask you about Me, tell them I'm here. I'm close. How close between between your highest point of your body and the ground that you're standing in? That's how close you are to Allah subhanaw taala between the distance how close you are to Allah is the distance between your forehead, nose and forehead and the ground that you're standing on. Just go down, go down and place your forehead on the ground and glorify Allah, the greatest, the Most High and call upon him. That's the closest you could you could get to Allah That's why Allah subhanaw taala and this I said what odd without a die either Dan

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I will respond to the caller our response to the one who makes the ah, what is the condition if he makes the DA, if he calls upon me, number three

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do is a means of protection

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is a means of protection against destruction of all sorts. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran called Mariah will become a book on low lead or outcome. Tell them all Muhammad, Allah doesn't really care about you. Had you not been doing Doha? So Doha is the only one that is keeping us away from harm, keeping us away from punishment, keeping us away from destruction. Subhan Allah lobby, this is something very essential. Allah is telling us in the Quran that he doesn't really care. Be careful, He created you for your own benefit. So if you don't care about fulfilling your purpose by worshipping Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will turn in with his punishment. Allah will turn against you

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with his punishment, but had you not been and but if you continue doing that alone respond, Allah will protect Inshallah, number four, do it is your gateway to miracles. If you want to experience miracles in your life, do it is the key.

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Dua is the key that can actually open doors for opportunities that you never even dreamt off. Things that you have never even thought it would happen. And my brothers and sisters in Islam if you don't believe me, go back to my book my wheelchair, learn about the story of how I was paralyzed for over a year or nearly a year. And because of the power of DUA and faith and Allah subhanaw taala now I'm back up on my feet don't ask me how I was told by doctors that I will actually the chance for me to walk normally is nearly new. And it has to learn up back on my feet Al Hamdulillah why the Know Allah to Allah subhanaw taala Zachary Ali Salam, Zachary Ali salaam it is recorded. Paul are up be

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in New Ohana love morning New York Starla Ross who Shaybah while I'm a combi dua II cannot be shocked to hear that oh my lord in Allah will be in your hand a lot of moving meaning my bones became Regina. It's all washed Allah Rasool Chiba and the my my hair has grown great well I'm I can be the I cannot be superior but I have never been disappointed in calling you in the eye and calling upon you in the eye and supplicating never you never disappointed me. What was the response to this da? Allah gave him Yeah, hey Ali salaam his son was born from two elderly people one of them was barren. The mother was the mother of your house and was barren himself in the Quran has been

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recorded. Like how how will you know? How will you give me a child when Allah gave him the good news of Yeah, how is it how well cannot ignore it after but my wife is a very lady. Da da

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da da da da Allahu Akbar was a known is that there are Mahadevan wahana Lang naka de la la m. Jonah, Jonas Ali Salam when he went into the ocean, angry, you know, and who disobeyed Allah because Allah told him to go to one city but he refused. He went to another city. Well one not alone, not that there are right and he thought that Allah will let go Yanni Allah would not we love to respond

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to him until he was swarmed, by the way by now. But he called upon us in the darkness in the darkness of the night, the darkness of the ocean, the darkness of the belly of the whale three darkness is what I as a biller, what did he say in the doormat? What did he say in the dark and La ilaha illa? Anta Subhana Allah, in the Quran to mean of volume in La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak it in the container volume need, there is no God worthy to worship, to worship except you Allah indeed ours among the wrong doors. I was among the wrongdoers the people, I was among those who wronged themselves. Now listen, this is the bad. This is the dua of worshipping Allah. This is a dua not

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about to Allah save me from the belly of the whale. He didn't say that. We say there is no God worthy of worship except you that Allah Now idealized

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indeed, I was among the rules of the losers. But among the wrongdoers first job another the next ayah Allah says is telling us then we responded to him, one of Jay now whom you know him, and we saved him from his troubles work

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Valley can Mooji my name and this is the way how we save the believers. Allahu Akbar well Allah if we reflected on this alone, we should end the session here.

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What are they can only mean this is the way how we will save the believers through DUA and faith in Allah subhana wa. Number five dua is an indication of your Eman

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dua is an indication

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of your faith in Allah subhanaw taala that he exists. Dua is an indication that you know that Allah is listening to you do is an indication that you know that Allah subhanaw taala can respond to you Otherwise, why would you actually raise up your hand and call upon Allah subhanaw taala if you don't have faith in him, so it's an indication that you are a believer, whether you receive or the response immediately you're not that's not your job. Your job is to make dua Allah's job is to decide when to respond to that Doha number six dua is a science is a sign of your obedience to Allah subhanaw taala because part of Islam our religion is to obey Allah

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part of your you know the definition of standards submission, surrendering sincere sincerity and obedience to Allah Carlos Samara now upon we hear the command from Allah but we obeyed before anything else we must obey. That's what I was passing the Quran what the Oh meclizine Allahu deen and call upon him, why you're sincere to his religion call upon Him in Doha. This is now ALLAH is commanding you to make the art so when you make the lie, you're actually obeying Allah subhanaw taala will call our book on Although only a statue of Lacan, Allah subhanaw taala said, Call upon me so that I may respond to you Subhan Allah, Allah is commanding us to call upon Him. Now, Allah

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stilling us call upon me the only you know, make dua to me so that I can respond to your demand. So when you do so, it is a sign of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala Look at this. It is the lifestyle the trademark of the believers though. Number seven, do it is a sign of your humility.

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Dua is a sign of your humbleness and humility. You know that you can do everything or anything on your own you need someone you need Allah subhanaw taala to assist you. That's why Allah subhanaw taala said in the in the eye or color of Buddha only a steady block of Allah subhanaw taala said call upon me so that I may respond to your call in Medina stack be Runa I read it and I read it. Those who are arrogant, those who think of themselves as you know Hi, of themselves and they refuse to worship me look the word here is used. You know do I and a bother are used

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to be in the same thing synonymously

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Subhan Allah Allah Subhan Allah Allah Allah. So in Alladhina Stagg maroon identity those who are arrogant and they are resisting my worship, the other who said the coluna Johanna Doheny, they will enter Hellfire on arugula in complete humiliation.

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So when you when you call upon Allah, you are lowering your wings of humility to Allah subhanaw taala acknowledging that he is the one who can take you out of your difficulty. Number eight do our prevents Allah Subhana Allah is anger.

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Allah subhanaw taala saying, the Prophet saw Sam said Indeed, the one who does not ask Allah subhanaw taala the one who is not called upon Allah subhanaw taala Allah gets angry at him. So if you want to cause Allah's Anger upon you don't do that. Just live your day as if there is no end to this Don't just eat and drink and sleep just like any other creation, any creature will ever build. Number nine die is the only act that can change the color of Allah subhanaw taala if you want to change your color, your situation from being negative to the positive one to a successful July is your key because the Prophet SAW Samson dua or other yattalunga and ETA on the piano DUA and other

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resist one another until the Day of Judgment. Da is coming up to Allah going high to Allah subhanaw taala from a sincere heart and the cover is coming to take effect. But Doha because of its sincerity, the weight of its sincerity will push back the cover of almost on par. Can you imagine the destiny? Allah written something to happen to you do I can push that colorway? Allahu Akbar. Now show me how sincere your DUA is. Number 10. Do ha calling about Allah

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is loved by Allah is an act that Allah loves so much. Of course, if it is the most important act of of Riba, according to the Prophet SAW seller, then you must love the act. He must be in love there, Allah Subhana Allah the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Ask Allah subhanaw taala

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ask Allah subhanaw taala from His bounties, for indeed, Allah loves to be us. Allah loves to be called upon. So don't don't lose these opportunities, of rewards. You call upon Allah, whether Allah respond to or not, you're actually engaging yourself in activate in action Eva, that will be in Charlotte, Allah in the skill of your good deeds, so you haven't lost anything. You haven't lost anything. Even if you did not receive what you asked for. That's irrelevant, because you will receive that whether it is dunya, or in the Hereafter, in rewards and in ways that you never even asked for in ways that you've never even imagined. Number 11 Dua without doubt is the lifestyle of

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the believers. Now throughout the Quran, my brothers and sisters throughout the Quran, you see the angels making dua, the prophets making God and the righteous people are making dua D know the value of calling upon Allah the One who created them, the one who promise that he will respond to your da they believe wholeheartedly that that will be answered. How and when it's up to Allah subhana wa, in Nome known can who said it Oh, nothing higher up. Allah is describing the believers those people used to raise in doing goodness.

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Phil hotwire the owner Robin Moraga and he used to call upon us

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you know hoping in our rewards and also out of fear of the punishment what can we learn a harsh I mean, and used to be submissive to us used to follow our commands needs to always do what they've been commanded. And finally my brothers and sisters in Islam do it is a guarantee DA is guaranteed. Don't your DUA is guaranteed to be answered inshallah so long as it is sincere and so long that you do not ask for something haram, the prophets Allah Allah the assumption there is no person will ask Allah for anything, except that two things might happen. Number one, gives it to him, Allah will give you what you asked for, or number two keeps away and even equivalent evil away from you. In

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exchange of that request that you have asked for. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us the right understanding of our deen and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us a heart full of life to stay up all night in Doha, after every Salah in Doha, in our schedule in Doha, when it rains in Doha, when we visit the sick and the people who are in desperate need in Doha, when we travel in Doha, in all the situations in Mecca and Medina in Doha, I mean our bladder means is that a lot of height on that Allah subhanaw taala except from one and all please don't forget to share the video with everyone does that Allah Hydra don't forget to head to be aware Academy YouTube channel and subscribe so that

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you can inshallah receive more notifications about future events and videos. Desikan lol Hi Ron.

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As salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh