Surah An-Najm #12 – Understanding Your Spiritual and Physical Heart

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The physical and spiritual dimensions of the universe are discussed in a series of segments, including the use of "has" in Arabic to describe people's beliefs and actions, the use of "has" in Arabic to describe the belief of the ProphetSAW Selim, and the use of "medicals in the media" to assert one's views. The discussion also touches on the idea of "has seen your face" in Arabic to describe the belief of the ProphetSAW Selim, and the use of "has" in Arabic to describe the belief of the Prophet.

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The heart of the prophets lie Selim was made so powerful it was made l fu ad, as if the ultimate kind of heart is the heart of the messenger. Salallahu Alaihe Salam, it's an incredible praise of the prophet Isaiah.

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When Najimy the

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man oneness or Hebrew woman out

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The translation of this is the hearts did not lie about what it's what he saw. The Hearts did not lie about what he saw strange phrase.

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But the heart doesn't see the eye seeds, isn't it.

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But he says the heart saw, I want you to understand here, the Quran is giving you a way of looking at reality that there are two realities, a scene reality and an unseen reality. Physics we'll call it the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. Now in quantum physics, we're talking about the unseen, and we call them dimensions. But we've called it a ball along. There's an unseen reality. And that unseen reality, the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, the ones that work here didn't work in that that's a different realm. You understand that? Right? So in the physical world, the fastest thing we can see traveling is light. And that takes billions of years, but from the unseen

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realm Gibreel can get here in a split of, you know, thought hotline, in a blink of an eye he can be here, you understand that? Yeah. So the way the unseen world works is not the way that the seen one works. Now.

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Allah describes human beings, as made up of two parts, a part that is seen and a part that is unseen, my body has seen the EKG scans, and the, you know, the different kinds of, you know, body recognition can actually show you what's the systems inside your body, the scene systems, but there's also another unseen part of me that no scan can capture. Right? That's the rule inside me. That's, that's my spiritual heart. So now, the heart. When I say the heart, there's this icon that comes in your head, right? Or there's a visual image of the biological heart with its chambers that comes in your mind. But there's, there's an unseen heart to that's not this one. That's not the

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biological heart that pumps blood. That's another heart that's not seen.

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There are eyes that are these eyes. But there's also what spiritual eyes, unseen eyes, there's ears, but there's also what? spiritual ears, there's a heart, the physical heart, spiritual heart, physical eyes, spiritualize, physical ears, spiritual ears. And a lot of times the Quran is talking about the spiritual heart. And what does he say to Makkah? Sadhguru welcome, embody dialect for here can HRT or worship because what's on your hearts became hard, even harder than stone and somebody comes to me other than these people, their heart didn't become like a stone that will have that would die.

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You know, their heart was still squishy.

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But Allah is not talking about their physical heart which heart is he talking about? spiritual heart. Now this hearts, the physical heart, pumps blood.

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Cool. Allah says long canouan Lie of Kahuna, BIA, they have hearts, but they don't understand what them they have hearts, but they don't understand what them right. Wait, wait, wait, wait. That's the brain. Why do you say the heart the Quran is unscientific? You betcha. The Quran is not scientific. The Quran is scientific. And it's also what spiritual when you start reading the Quran as a science textbook, you have a problem.

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Because you're you're looking at one dimension. The Quran has two dimensions the seen and the unseen. So he says they have hearts, they don't see what they don't understand what that he says the home art, you know, they have eyes, they don't see with them, but they do see Bucha and see is I wouldn't have sees but Allah says they have eyes they don't see with them, which is is he talking about? The spiritual lives, they have ears, but they don't hear about them. But sound waves go in, they hear the sounds of the Quran. They do hear, but they don't hear from the spiritual use. You understand? And by the way, the spiritual heart the spiritualize the spiritual ears are all the

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heart actually.

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It's actually all the heart. When someone's heart becomes hard, then they can't hear anything they can see. That's why Allah has taught them Allahu Allah, who Looby him was adopted in the shower. So the hearing and the seeing are mentioned but the heart is actually the thing that sealed and because the heart is seals the Hearing no longer benefits

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See no longer benefits you understanding this point, this concept okay? Now

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the prophesize for them is experiencing the seen world and the unseen world at the same time.

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We can't, we can only there are multiple curtains between the seen and the unseen. On Judgement day Allah will remove the curtain between the seen and the unseen. He says *a, Schaffner and calheta, aka Avasarala, Yama, Hadith, we have removed your veil, you can see clearly crystal clear no ironclad vision of asanoyama Hadith, the Prophet SAW Salem, the veil has already been lifted.

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So he has now he has view of the scene and the what is otherwise unseen, he can see it, some of it, it's multiple curtains, some of them have been removed from the prophesy center. Now one of them that's been removed is his ability to see the angels.

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Now when you can see the angels, is that going to be from the physical eyes? Or is that going to be from the spiritual life? This is the question. Because that's not from the physical world that's from the spiritual world.

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So that it's not the end if it even if it is the Spirit, these physical eyes, it's not going to be functioning the same way they work in this material world, this world of cells and this world of atoms. It's not from this world, so beautifully. Allah combines the seen and the unseen when he says the heart didn't lie about what he saw.

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Because it's his spiritual experience that is now seeing something physical. It's actually not spiritual. For him. It's actually physical for him. In that sense, it's as it's just as real. It's just as real. So if this both of these dimensions are fused, I want you to understand how beautifully the Quran talks about the opposite of this. The opposite. The opposite is what what if you remove someone's curtain, but their heart still cannot see reality? Because they weren't a believer to begin with. Your heart wasn't ready for that reality. You know, when you're eating unhealthy food, right? And then all of a sudden you eat healthy food, but you're going to feel a

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stomach ache. I can't digest. You know why? Because your body is not used to the healthy when you're spiritually deprived. When you're spiritually bankrupt. And then you're showing the spiritual reality guess what, you have an allergic reaction. You can't accept it.

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The Prophet SAW Selim what he saw he accepted it why? Because his heart is already spiritually conditioned. You understand? Now look at the flip side when OFAC not only him Baba min Osama. Allah says about the kuffaar the disbelievers he says if we opened the door from the sky

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for Luffy here in June, and they started transcending up into the sky and traveling into the skies. If we opened up the intergalactic travel so they can see the unseen Lacan Wynonna Sukira Thomas Haruna Well, no Nicole mama spoon, they would have said, our eyes are drunk. Somebody did some spell on us.

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Even if they saw the unseen, they would want to reject it. They would reject it. Because they, their hearts aren't there, they can't withstand it. They're not tuned to it.

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You just because Allah if Allah just removed the unseen veil, so sometimes atheists come to me and say, Why, sorry. Why can't why? Oh, wow, that was loud. Okay. Why can I see the angels? Why can't I see the devils? You know, Allah is the answer to that. If you saw them, you wouldn't believe it. You see, you slipped in some drugs in my drink. I'm having a psychedelic episode. This is just in my subconscious. This was just a dream. This is a hallucination. That's what you would do. Allah says Allah Allah says Allah Allahu alayka kitab. And you could pass and if we sent a book down to you in pages that come floating down from the sky, imagine if pages of the Quran were coming floating from

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the sky for Lama su who we add him and they touch those pages with their own hands. The color Latina Cafaro in hada Illa Sahara mobian I guarantee the disbelievers would have said this is real obviously magic. It's really cool though.

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That's what they would have done.

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was also Scylla marketable, who are Damara? The heart didn't lie about what he saw. Look at the word Alfred. He didn't say his heart didn't lie. He said the heart didn't lie. This is not one command, which means the prophets heart was so perfect. Only his heart could have seen what it saw other human hearts were not capable of withstanding the experience of looking at Gibreel and his, the way he saw him, I want to give you an example. If you look at the sun, can you stare at the sun?

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How you think you can look at your bleeding made of news

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and not even physical node on top of that, like

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To view and now you're you can see, that requires a special kind of power and that power can only come from the heart, the heart of the prophesy. centum was made so powerful it was made ill to add, as if the ultimate kind of heart is the heart of the messenger. Salallahu Alaihe Salam, it's an incredible praise of the Prophet isodose people say, I want to praise the prophets. Listen, I want to make a new sheet. You ain't never gonna come up with a better new sheet and the ayat of the Quran to describe the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam the way he's talked about in the Quran, and he Sato salaam, somebody wants to love and admire the Messenger of Allah. Study for on man. Study Quran

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Maka, Kozub. Elsa do, Mara, Alfred, the experience of it, his heart could withstand it. He could tolerate it, Han Allah. You will notice here are ah, what he saw what he saw. Now the word saw in Arabic is Actually Actually

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before I go there, I'll just tell you now Allah in Arabic means two things to see. And to understand, to internalize just like an English. You say? Ah, I see.

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Have you ever done that? Yeah. You could be talking to somebody on the phone, the lights are off and they say, You know what happened? This this happened? You're like, I see. You don't see anything that's dark. You're not on FaceTime. What do you see? What do you mean by I see,

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I understand I grasp now, the same thing happens in Arabic. This is why the prophet by the way, they the elephant story. Elephant of Rohan the elephant story that that happened before after the Prophet.

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Before the Prophet Allah says Allah. I'm Tara Eva, hon cabeus Having faith. Didn't you see how Allah dealt with the people of the field? The Prophet didn't see it? What is he saying there? Didn't you? What? Didn't you understand? Didn't you internalize? Didn't you fully grasp what happened with the people of the field?

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So rule ei in Arabic is used for seeing is also used for what? Understanding? The prophesy sort of didn't just see something. He also was

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he understood it. Anybody else who saw it would have been like, yeah, I've gone crazy.

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Yeah, I this is I'm insane.

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He saw it. And he understood it.

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And he saw it and he understood his role. He saw it and he understood what he has to do some Allahu alayhi salam, the position he has been put on the burden he has to carry and his and by the way, can you imagine the heaviest burden ever put on a human being? The burden that had to be delivered by legions of angels is about to be put on one single human being? Can you imagine the pressure of that burden, you would have to have some kind of heart to load that burden on top of you and still be able to carry it marketable for Damara.

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The heart of Our Messengers lies the Quran that a mountain couldn't bear his heart took

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the mountain would have exploded and his heart didn't deny it didn't shy away from it didn't cower from it. Remember the meanings of Carib didn't see convenience from it. Then run away from it. Oh my god. And then he says now this is atoma Runa. Who this is the I will close with I will get to 12 today.

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After tomorrow now who Isla Yara Are you going to doubt him about what he sees?

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How are you going to doubt him about what he sees? This is a list of words in Arabic that mean doubt that are all used in the Quran Shoba shobhaa is used in the Quran, Chuck is used Mirage is used lebas is used rave is used Rabbi Uribe Raven is used in terrarium tree which is from this route. You tomorrow now who media is used all different words, they all mean doubt, then what's going to be the difference? The difference is not going to be in the primary meaning the difference will be in the secondary meaning the crazy thing is you guys say I can just read a translation, it's fine. You're gonna read Chuck Schumer, Marriott, Mirage, Maria Lopez, and every and rave and all of their

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translations will say why doubt you're like, oh, same thing. It's not the same thing. They're all different because all of them have secondary meanings attached to the secondary meaning of media. The word that's being used in the CYA, are you doubting him is a specific kind of doubt when something is crystal clear. And then you add lies to it and assumptions to it and corrupted until people start getting confused about it. That's called video.

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So it was crystal clear to begin with. And then you started creating confusion in it and mixing it and polluting it. So the imagery of muddying the waters the water was clear, you kept throwing mud at it. This is what you're doing with what he sees. And by the way, this might even explain the Satanic Verse allegation.

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They hear they heard something clear, and they threw money in it, and Allah calls it out already. Are you going to be? Are you going to be muddying it? And are you going to be casting doubt in it in regards to what he sees, and notice, the previous IR was aura, the heart did not lie about what he saw, he saw the angel on the horizon what he saw, but now he says, Are you going to cast doubt on him over what he not what he saw, but what he sees, and also not just what he sees, what he understands,

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is deep.

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Allah is telling the disco far, you're gonna doubt him about what he not only sees he sees the angel, but those the way he sees reality, the way he sees life, the way he sees truth, the way he sees your false religion and cuts right through it, the way he sees through all of your excuses. The way that he sees, you know, no one can see the way that he sees his arguments are so crystal clear, and you are going to cast doubt on him. If I was to translate this in print I would put to you and like font size 24 And then him and font size 24. You are going to put doubt on him. In what GCS

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Have you known in Farsi, I learned a recent phrase, our HBV Have you seen your face?

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Oh, God, but OpenNI? Have you seen you know who you are? Who are you talking to know your role? You are going to cast doubt on him? What position? Are you standing on? What truth? Are you standing on? That you're going to put doubts on him? This is the mentality, I want every one of you to just take this idea this is lesson, put it in a little bit of your milk and drink it and live with it. Because when people try to try to give you doubts about your religion, of tomorrow, no, I love my Euro should be your attitude.

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Now I'm getting confused. I'm having doubts.

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This Listen to these words, are these words empowering or why?

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The Prophet SAW Selim is the vision, his understanding, the view of the world that the Quran is giving is so powerful. How are you give me something that puts doubt in it?

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Give me something that puts doubt in and that's why we're I'm going to show you their scheme. What did I say media is to take something clear and put a doubt in it. What the kuffaar Did this style 1000 and a half years ago, they still do this today. They'll take one issue. And they'll twist it and they'll say and like there's they'll find one pain point that can be misused. Then they'll press on it and press on it and press on it and say Islam isn't true because of this. Look, Age of Aisha age of Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia, Russia, your life, Quran revolution. Yeah, but what about the age of eyeshadow?

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Now? Well, the aloha aina. They'll take one thing and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. And somebody will say, everything that I came to understand all of that truth can now disappear, vanish into thin air, because they came up with one allegation, which doesn't even hold water anyway.

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They came up with this allegation with the surah Oh, he likes not we're not in Arza. Now holding on to it, holding on to it, and hoping somebody will watch that YouTube video. And they'll have doubts about all of Islam, because they found this one thing that you bet you nobody has answers to that. for entertainment purposes. Sometimes I watch tick tock stuff that Allah

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and I follow a number of atheists I found I find a lot of entertainment personally, in listening to atheists, I found it I find it extremely entertaining. And sometimes they take shots at Muslims, which I'm waiting for. Not because I want to respond, because you know, I lemahieu Shahidullah cola you don't really need to feel the need to respond was entertaining to cook tomorrow in a whole another era. That's my attitude towards it. I listen to their arguments sometimes what they say about Islam, and it's so cool what they do. It's really cute.

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They'll take something there an idea or Hadith something they'll

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ugly misuse of it completely misrepresented and then disprove their misunderstanding.

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And now that they've disproven their misunderstanding, they've just proven Islam. And it works on many Muslim youth. Because you guys don't spend time learning your own religion. Don't learn your own book. So when they misrepresent your book, you're like, that's what he does say though, Ray.

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And then you start having doubts. And then you start arguing with your parents mom, only when Oh, you follow this religion. Watch this tick talker.

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And then your mom. She's a nice lady. She went to Amara

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and everything and she did her job and she fasted Ramadan mix you your thought and all of that. She's like what is this new fitna?

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But she never studied Quran either even though she's a devout Muslim, so she because she was Muslim because her parents were Muslim so she doesn't know how to answer it. So she takes him to the Imam. Well, luckily you have people like Jeff Yasir qadhi and others here but like she takes you to use some some woman in Bangladesh and Pakistan and Australia and England to take your local Imam he's asking these questions. I we need Rokia

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because this is clearly this guy he's got a gin on him.

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The only che the gin we have honest as the gin keeping us from reading Quran. That's the gin we have us just say our other bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime and start reading Quran and start contemplating Quran you know what they will do? It makes you watch strong.

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It crushes doubts. You laugh at people that are trying to cast doubt. It doesn't shake you up.

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You know when the Mirage happened, because we're going to read about the heavenly ascension tomorrow, right? Because this was the first meeting this meeting is on earth. The next meeting is going to be in the sky. When they heard about the meeting in the sky. Oh, so you believe in

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flying prophet. You had intergalactic travel? This is what you believe. And you're saying this is a logical faith.

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Now they're going to press into that. And you'll be like, Ah,

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I mean, maybe it's just like spiritual travel. Maybe it didn't really physically happen. And you start taking back steps because you feel like you're on the defensive because you have to try to give a logical response that meets the scientific criteria. Maybe it's just a you know, a subconscious journey. Maybe it was just a dream. All of these are attempts to do what to take the literal away from it so that it fits with the materialistic narrative. Because you want to deny the unseen the ability to journey in the unseen look at the language or ah, Yara Mazagon bizarre, marketable facade. Si Si Si Si, though he saw him on the horizon spiritually. He got up he came

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close, he came this close, he came even closer, is this. Is this figurative or this literal language? is literal language. And you're gonna take all of that and do mental gymnastics and say, no, no, no, this was a spiritual journey. But he was physically still home. He just mentally traveled.

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No, no, this was this was a journey.

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This happened and you have to develop confidence in why it happened. And that's inshallah to Allah what we're going to try and do tomorrow. Tomorrow is probably the hardest session for me but make dua I'm able to do justice to it. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Sorry for keeping you late. Actually, I'm not sorry at all. BarakAllahu li Walakum wa Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

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